This piece is woefully insufficient in assessing what @60Minutes let transpire and delivered as 'journalism'.
Describing what they did as ''missing the mark'', and describing it as a ''sloppy moment'' completely excuses the malpractice they committed in going after DeSantis.
The 'Pay for Play' is a serious accusation, insinuating a company bribed a government leader.
Not only did the show fail to provide evidence, it did not even describe the benefit the company allegedly received. They implied criminal behavior in the absence of a crime
While @60Minutes claims they edited the presser discussion for time and ''clarity'', they did not clarify -- they altered the response from DeSantis entirely. He explained in the answer why Publix was a first retailer choice; the show never explained the detail.
This was further exposed in another portion of the segment. Featured was an individual in a rural area, 25 miles from a Publix, with no transportation. That person was much closer to a CVS, which DOES supply vaccines. Publix was an early partner, it is not the ONLY partner.
Other people were asked to appear on camera. @60Minutes claims they tried to get State Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz on camera. Timing, and Covid, were blamed when he was available later. The show did not interview him on Zoom; they did for a Desantis critic.
This does not excuse the show from refusing to use the information he gave. Both Moskowitz and @60Minutes attest they spoke multiple times. Moskowitz told the producers the Publix claim was false, and he explained the process in detail. His details were not reported on.
As Moskowitz says; "Did you see the perspective that the person in charge of the Covid response told them how Publix was selected in their agency and that the contribution story was garbage? They ran with pay to play when I told them it was done by my agency and why and how.''
After effusive praise for the show @Poynter arrives at the conclusion ''This doesn’t ruin the “60 Minutes” brand, but this was not one of the show’s finer moments.''
You can only arrive at this conclusion if you do not take a sober analysis concerning what @60Minutes executed.
On Sunday @60Minutes
- Deceptively edited video
- Accused criminal behavior without proof
- Failed to establish a criminal act
- Ignored provided testimony from multiple sources
- Selectively granted access to interviewees
- Bypassed information given at the Governor's presser
Looking over the list of deeply questionable acts - of journalism ethics violations - and concluding @60Minutes merely had ''a sloppy moment'', it reveals a prior desire to exonerate the show before looking over the actions.
This was not a slip of the pen, it was malpractice.

• • •

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4 Oct 20
The press subsisted for years on President Trump allegedly involved with Russia. Deals with a foreign enemy, profiting while a threat to our nation, and tight with Putin while servicing a communist nation.
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- Biden's friend former Senator Chris Dodd was President of Motion Picture Assoc. of America. Dodd praised Biden for Hollywood getting sweetheart deals with China.
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The DVD-level poster speaks volumes.
#ShatteredMovie Image
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This 2007 thriller was once called ''Butterfly On A Wheel''. They dropped that clunker for a wholly generic title.
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28 Apr 20
My recruiter never told me about the realities - of course he didn't. He made Wuhan sound like an exotic place. But before you knew it we were hunkered, but thankfully my roommate was a veteran of H1N1 - he saw the trouble coming.

Early into the siege the supply line were cut off. We lost Charmin Hill first, then they blocked access to Cottonelle Valley. We heard from Dollar General there could be some needed rations. They were 1-ply, but we took what we could carry

We were isolated by an offensive. One by one access routes were blockaded; beach heads, the forests, even most food supply lines. It soon became apparent this was done to make grocers intentional choke points. We had little choice; Keebler rations were needed
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26 Jun 19
With Democrats stampeding in my area for their big debate tonight they are clamoring around for photo-ops. The Homestead Detention Center is the favorite stop, of course.
I'm going to do something here the Democrats are not interested in -- presenting FACTS about the location.
The Homestead Immigration facility is a favorite stop because it is the second largest in the nation that houses immigrant youths.
It was exactly one year ago when I covered Bill Nelson and Debbie Wasserman making a "surprise" visit to the facility.
I used the quotation marks for "surprise", because tellingly this unannounced visit managed to attract dozens of electronic media who just happened to be on site that morning.…
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