Quick lesson on the cost of poor vaccination priorities.

Vaccinating the wrong person in Ontario costs up to $5,000 per vaccine.

Sounds absurd, right? Let's run through some quick napkin math on why that might be an underestimate.

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2/ The economy is shut down because of a very specific demographic of people are impacted by widespread outbreaks — essential workers (less healthcare).

Teachers, grocery clerks, food processors, warehouse employees, and restaurant employees.

Shutting down is expensive.
3/ Ontario is spending $186 billion on COVID related programs, like floating small businesses over the next year.

That averages $0.5 billion per day. Then there's federal programs like CRB, EI+, etc.. Then add the lost revenue for businesses, and the cost of financing it...
4/ The debt the government is going to have to borrow to keep people going, also incurs interest until at least 2031.

It's a fair estimate, the cost of a shutdown is ~$1.5 billion per day, but let's be optimistic and say it's just a billion.

$1 billion per day.
5/ Now, back to those vaccines. Ontario's vaccinating about 100k people day now that it's shut down. They're in hyperdrive, almost 40% more than yesterday.

Even at that pace, it takes 90 days to just the first shot in all of the population. First. Shot.
6/ You're thinking the more shots in the arm, the better! Well, if that guy on Bay Street gets it, and then works at home anyway — that doesn't help the economy open any faster.

Only vaccinating necessary people that are forced to have close contact opens the economy faster.
7/ For every 100,000 people that need it, and are displaced, the economy opens up one day later — pushing recovery one day further.

That's about a billion dollars per day, conservatively. Or about $10,000 per displaced shot. Extra shots may throttle by half? So $5k/shot?
8/ Once again, this is just napkin math — it might be higher, it might be lower.

Either way, it's pretty fucking pricey when you consider the economic costs of screwing it up.
9/ It totally gets worse if you think about it too. The median person pays like, $15k/year in taxes.

Imagine a third of your money going to vaccine the wrong person that year? You could have had a lot of nice shit for that money.

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<thread> 👇🧵
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