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Everyone has a hilariously short and selective memory when it comes to policy.

Gather round children, and I'll explain the tragedy that's Ontario's electricity prices.

The story features a great cast of characters like the PC Party, and Enron.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #onpoli
Let's travel all the way back to 1998. This is when a PC led government passed "The Electricity Competition Act"

This gem deregulated energy prices in Ontario. The passing of the bill ended 94 years of zero-profit energy for the province. This guaranteed you will pay more. 2/9
Later that year, the Cons setup the Market Design Committee. The most powerful company represented in it was a company, little known outside of the energy sector - Enron.

Fun fact: Kinder-Morgan is the company formerly known as Enron Canada. 3/9
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1/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

Here's the supporting docs to my podcast interview with @canadianglen

The ORIGINAL exposé by Mercedes Stephenson on Global News concealed Conservative Party as source of the racist video depicting PMJT
2/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

That disingenuous story by Mercedes Stephenson was followed up by David Akin, also from Global News

That same afternoon, he told PMJT to step aside & quit the election so someone else could take over LPC…
3/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

Global News then dramatically edited its original story by Mercedes Stephenson, to finally admit they received the PMJT video from Conservative Party

But they concealed that significant edit too #Ethics
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Reading Adam King’s piece yesterday in The Conversation made be think about @BernieSanders’s workplace democracy plan and what a similar plan might look like in #cdnpoli…
@BernieSanders First, many of Bernie’s plans are uniquely American. #canlab does not have to worry about public medicare (already exists!) or right-to-work laws (don’t exist in #cdnpoli). Bernie’s plan is so radical in part because the situation for workers in the US is so bad.
@BernieSanders And some of Bernie's plan has been in place in #cdnpoli provs for decades: first contract arbitration; right of public workers to strike (#skpoli since 1944); banning replacement workers (#bcpoli & #qcpoli since 1990s); stopping companies from shifting ownership to avoid a union
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In February 2017, I stood in front of a crowd of 11,000 people in front of the US consulate and called the Prime minister of Canada: Justin Trudeau a “ liar, a hypocrite and a white supremacist terrorist” #onpoli #topoli #elxn2019
This rally against white supremacy and Islamaphobia was in response to the Muslim Ban of 7 Black and racialized Muslim countries from the US including Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Sudan.
The justification for this Muslim ban according to the Trump administration was to restrict entry in to the US by citizens of these countries due to “terrorist activity” and ‘public safety concerns’ to lower immigration for national security in the US…
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This is really starting to piss me off. #Trudeau literally created the most diverse cabinet in the history of #Canada, giving #POC the highest jobs in the country. He’s welcomed #Syrian refugees, he’s increased funding to #Indigenous people, he’s marched with #LGBTQ in #Pride...
...Parades. He’s supported #women’s rights, stood with #feminists & created the most gender balanced cabinet in the history of this country. His record on #humanrights, #multiculturalism & #diversity speaks a feck of a lot louder than some 20 year old photos. Wake up #canada!...
This is not #racism it is character assassination plain & simple. Don’t believe me? Look at Scheer’s record on #multiculturalism, #diversity & #inclusion. Look at the #whitenationalists, #bigots & #racists running in his campaign & ask yourself why they got a pass & JT doesn’t...
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In response to @MaximeBernier being invited to the leaders’ debates in October, the Liberal party stresses that the debate commission is independent. See full statement below 👇🏻 #cdnpoli #onpoli
From the Conservatives: “It’s no big surprise that Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debate panel used a Liberal-friendly pollster who attacks Andrew Scheer to ultimately justify Mr. Bernier’s attendance at the debate.”
Full statement here👇🏻 #cdnpoli #elxn43
From the NDP on Bernier’s attendance at the debates: “we still think that giving Maxime Bernier a national platform to spread hate and division in our country is wrong.” Full statement 👇🏻 #cdnpoli #elxn43
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The Ford government said it inherited a $15 billion deficit from the Wynne government for 2018-19. The final numbers are in, and the deficit was actually $7.4B. #onpoli…
Some fascinating tidbits in the public accounts about the health of the Ontario economy in fiscal 2018-19. Corporate tax revenue grew by $1B from 2017-18 because corporate profits grew 9.6%. #onpoli
Household disposal income increased 5.4% in 2018-19 from the previous year. The province’s revenue from personal income tax increased by $2.5B over 2017-18. #onpoli
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This student's story resonates so deeply with me because it echoes so much of my own lived experience.

Hang in with me for a bit of a thread:
Growing up in poverty - as the daughter of a single mom with a disability - I learned very early on that the easiest bill not to pay when you need groceries or new shoes is the phone/internet bill.
I remember how the unopened past due bills would collect on the bookshelf month after month. When I was about 12 or 13 I remember asking my mom why she never opened the envelopes.
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Today was my son’s #FirstDayOfSchool Instead of the public school down the street I drove him 40 minutes to a private school for children with disabilities. With a ratio of 30:2 (30 four year olds!) with NO supports public education is out of the question. #CutsHurtKids
The past week has been hard. On Thursday I spoke with the public school and told them that no, my son would not be attending the school with the rest of his community. Today I drove in the opposite direction of the children that would have been in my sons class
I do not feel he could be safely supported with only 2 adults for the entire class. He has ASD, PICA, is non-verbal, is not toilet trained and a flight risk. There are two other high needs kids in his class, 27 other NT kids and no EA. #CutsHurtKids
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1/ For those of you who don't support the PCs but have been wondering how "Sarah" got your number, here's a PSA:
2/ The list comes from the Canadian Numbering Administrator & it's publicly available. People accessing this list receive the area code + first three digits of a phone number. For example, 647-484-XXXX. After that, it's guesswork: 0000, 0001,etc. That's why even Jagmeet got this:
3/ As the robocaller dials all possible combinations of the last 4 digits, a computer waits for your response. If you respond at all, they now know that your number is real and that information gets put into their database.
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Since July I've written 47 posts analyzing Sidewalk Labs' plans for Toronto, with my final post (barring some new twist) coming on Friday. So it's an appropriate time for some reflections.
#ONpoli #TOpoli #smartcities #cdnpoli…
I'm not sure that Torontonians realize the extent to which other countries are following, often in disbelief, the ongoing #Quayside debacle (which is what it is by any objective measure).
Over the past yr I've made several presentations in Europe to smart-city and internet scholars re Quayside. To a person they expressed disbelief that any of this, from the shoddy RFP to the Potemkin consultations to playing fast and loose with data definitions, is even happening.
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Thread: Noticed a pattern in the recent spate of parachuted Conservative candidates for the upcoming Federal Election. It seems that they all share strong pro-life views. Just a coincidence? Decide for yourself. #Ableg #Cdnpoli #Canpoli #Onpoli #BCpoli #Mbpoli #Saskpoli 1/5
George Canyon – Parachuted to Central Nova Scotia. Strong Religious background. Has performed at many churches and pro-life events. 2/5 #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
Nelly Shin – Parachuted to Port Moody-Coquitlam in B.C. from Ontario. Strong anti-abortion stance. 3/5 #BCpoli #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
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A short thread about #cdnmedia the role of journalism (as I see it) and partisanship in Canada. #cdnpoli

Here we have a prominent Ottawa journalist denouncing his union head for taking an anti-Conservative position in the upcoming federal election.
I get it, and I understand it. The media - and "journalists" in particular - have an important role to play in a free and democratic society, particularly in the lead up to an election. Their role is to inform the public.
Ideally, they should be cutting through political rhetoric and party spin, and providing context, so that voters can make their own judgements.
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1. To ignore what #AndrewScheer represents, is to ignore the serious threat Canada is facing in this coming election. & it is a serious threat. Let's begin with a past tweet from Scheer. #cdnpoli #Brexit
Why is this #Scheer #Brexit tweet important? Because by all markers assessed by experts in the field, Brexit was a malign influence operation, fueled by #DarkMoney.… #cdnpoli
3. Russia has played a major role in helping to elect right wing chaos agents: Trump, #BorisJohnson, #ViktorOrban & others across Europe. In 2015 the US treasury department estimated $300B is laundered annually into the US via a variety of #DarkMoney sources.
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A thread on the Conservative Way! You’d think by reading Twitter that @JustinTrudeau purchased a $50,000 custom van, cut OSAP in half, axed student fees that support countless groups, clubs and initiatives in universities, put 26,000 children on an indefinite waitlist...2 #onpoli
... fired 3,000 teachers, cut billions in healthcare, cut minimum wage, hired countless friends for cushy appointments, slashed funding to rape crisis centres in lieu of funding for horse racing, killed 50 million trees, axed 200 green incentives...3 #onpoli #cdnpoli
.....slashed $6B in revenues from Cap & Trade, paid $100 million to rip up a HydroOne contract, another $30million to fight the Feds, created Ontario News Now to produce his own propaganda, paid $80,000 to redo the Ontario brand because of his own homophobia...4 #onpoli #cdnpoli
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1/ Suppose we woke up tomorrow morning feeling 100% optimistic and satisfied in the @fordnation government’s promise for the Ontario Autism Program. The anger is gone, the trust is there, and come April 2020, our kids will begin transitioning into a Needs Based Program. Cool.
2/ For the first time in a year we wouldn’t feel compelled to protest, rally or advocate constantly for the well-being of our kids. I bet it would feel good, just to trust, to relax, to appreciate what we’ve been promised.

Let’s sit with that for a moment.

3/ Ok. Now what?

⏰If your child is on the list, you’ll wait for a call. Or a letter in the mail. If you had a waitlist rank before April 1, it doesn’t mean much anymore.

⏰A private therapy centre calls and has an opening for your child. Should you take it? Should you pass
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/1 Con free speech warriors are the most ironic free speech warriors.

#UCP #abpoli #CPC #pcpo #cdnpoli #onpoli
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Typical note from my students in July.

1 - My #OSAP got cut
2 - Parents can't help
3 - I work 2 jobs, not enough $
4 - I have to drop out
5 - I'm scared
6 - Can you help me?

This is on you @fordnation @OntarioPCParty

@csaguelph @CSAHS_UoG @uofg @CFSFCEE #education
Every Goddamn time I go to campus this summer for office hours, I listen to students that have had their academic plans and future destroyed by @fordnation and the @OntarioPCParty

They've absolutely no shot now because equity of opportunity has been ripped away.
Now, do you know what crushes my soul first as a father teacher? The types of jobs they are considering to pay for school.

Stripper, hooker, massage parlour - THAT'S NOT HOW YOU F-CKING PAY FOR SCHOOL.

@fordnation - What would you have me tell these kids? @LWaler thoughts?
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If in Ontario, and your child is diagnosed with Autism, you will need:

1. Savings. If you’re hoping to purchase the bare minimum of health care services for your child.

2. Credit. Because savings will run out in a matter of months, if not weeks.
3. Collateral. As therapy can span years. Selling a car or remortgaging a home so your child can learn basic life skills is a reality.

4. Six-figure salaries. And even this isn’t the answer; no one has an extra $80k lying around to pay for clinically recommended services.
5. Family with Money. If you’re lucky, your support system will come to the rescue to help out for a month or two.

6. Time. Because @fordnation and governments that came before felt that a 2, 3, 4+ year wait for service, that is intended to be delivered in early years,
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So late last night, I was notified that #FireBillHogg was trending in #onpoli. Who's Bill Hogg? Well, let's start from the beginning.
Bill Hogg was an unknown to the PC party. In 2016, Hogg, a former Aurora municipal councillor, decided he would seek the PC party nomination in the Newmarket-Aurora riding. I also was seeking that nomination. #FireBillHogg
Hogg networked extensively (with the riding president as his ambassador), with PC movers and shakers. He met lots of key players, thanks to former Newmarket-Aurora riding president Derek Murray and former PC MPP Frank Klees. Both endorsed him as MPP. #FireBillHogg
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1/ Today, the autism community is desperately scrambling to their mailboxes hoping that the post(wo)man may deliver a cheque. Others are taking to social media looking for clarity: is their child on a waitlist? How do they check? Do they need to reapply? Are they waiting on a
2/ letter? Is their cheque lost in the mail? While others are receiving cheques, without direction, a start date, list of eligible services or a phone number to call.

On July 7, one quarter of the way through the 2019-2020 fiscal year, 260 families have received their Budgets.
3/ Cheques have only started arriving in the past week, after having been promised to begin reaching families April 1, and response rate in application is reportedly low.

Today, the community is faced with the implementation of a flat rate, age based policy no different than
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We tracked down "Sue."

The texts from Ontario Strong, BC Strong and more are being run by the same political advertisers at the heart of the 2011 robocall scandal #onpoli #canpoli #bcpoli…
They did not respond to requests for comment saying who is paying for the mass campaign.

But they did unveil the "Canada Strong and Proud" network, which looks poised to do a lot of the same type of advertising in the fall election
Experts say it's a sign our updates to election law simply can't keep up with technology — or the tricks advertisers use to hide their funding sources

tl;dr the internet is a scary place
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Thank you for the Qs. Several clarifications:

1) my Plan credibly calculates that in 5 years there will be no Waitlist (as opposed to waiting for 5 years to clear the waitlist). Within 5 years a newly diagnosed child will enter needs based therapy right away. #onpoli
2)No benchmarks. Comprehensive ABA (IBI) is maintained, but capped at 30 hour per week. Anything over may be physically impossible. No other restrictions

3)I want to fully treat as many kids as possible. We re-direct the admin expenses of the Regionals in to DF therapy!#onpoli
Thank you for the considerable interest. Let's allow the Ministry and Autism Panel quickly figure out a way forward, as they design an effective and viable needs based OAP. #onpoli Happy Canada Day to all of you!
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[1] As many know, I'm a neuropsychologist working with homeless persons with cognitive disabilities in Toronto (and to some extent in other parts of the province). I want to share my early concerns for the 2019-2020 season. First, Seaton House is closing…
[2] This was underway for some times & the city has spent a lot of time and energy planning for this. The building is old and not a place anyone should call home, though some have lived there for 20 years. It housed some of the most ill people... 600 residents need a new home.
[3] New shelters needed to be created & others expanded. These shelters, scattered throughout the city such as Scarborough do not have the medical, psychiatric and neuropsychological expertise needed to support these medically complex patients. OHTs will need to plan for this.
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