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NEW: Premier Doug Ford names 43 of his MPPs to be parliamentary assistants, which gives them each a $16,600 bump in pay above the standard MPP salary of $116,500.
Added to his 30-member cabinet, this means 73/83 PCs have extra duties & extra pay. #onpoli
By the way, salaries for all Ontario MPPs (whether backbenchers, parliamentary assistants, Leader of the Opposition or Premier) have been frozen since 2008. #onpoli…
Also, there remain opportunities for the other 10 PC MPPs not on this list to get pay bumps as well: the Speaker, deputy speakers, caucus chair, whip & chairs of legislative committees all get pay hikes too. #onpoli…
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Here it is, I've done what I can. @fordnation & @SylviaJonesMPP will receive a letter today, sent by way of legal counsel. See a copy below (as a 🧵). Step 1, appealing to @ONThealth to do the right thing. Open up #COVID19 vaccine boosters (4th dose) to all Ontarians 18y+ now.
Dear Hon. Ford and Hon. Jones,
I am writing to you as a family physician to formally ask you to open Covid-19 second boosters (fourth doses) to all Ontarians 18 years and older who received their previous dose at least 5 months ago. I am appealing to your sense of responsibility
for the wellbeing of your province. If it is already your plan to open up vaccine eligibility, thank you.

As you know, most healthcare workers – doctors, nurses, personal support workers, paramedics, pharmacists, and others on the front line in Ontario’s hospitals and in the
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My reply to the new Minister of Health’s appointment. #onhealth
You and colleagues were celebrating the opening of restaurants and other businesses and telling Ontario it was time to reopen as you ignored dire warnings of experts who were brought to tears and while the province was only starting vaccinations.
Let’s not forget that special orders had to be issued to avoid tent wards outside hospitals, orders that had untrained staff looking after patients. Let’s not forget that you and your colleagues were ordering policing and closed playgrounds instead of following experts’ advice.
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Another donor just gave more than twice as much as the Muzzo, yet it's Muzzo's name on the building. There goes that excuse, @MackenzieHealth. What other lies you got? Taxpayers paid the VAST majority of the costs for this hospital. #onpoli #onhealth…
Now, who are these undoubtedly lovely people...? And how far up @fordnation's ass are they? And which corrupt businesses do they run on the side? Because, if they want to clean up their name, @MackenzieHealth is always open for business, for some.
Vaughan based developers. Wow, shocker. Familiar with any of these @HBNGholborn properties? Image
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This woman’s 3 beautiful little children & her father were killed by selfish entitled drunk driving a-hole, Marco Muzzo, of billionaire Muzzo family (owners of #PembertonGroup, amongst other) & PC donors in tight with #DougFord’s gov’t. Her mother & grandmother were also injured.
Now, after living with the unimaginable grief since 2015, the father of Jennifer Neville-Lake’s precious children, has taken his own life. Marco Muzzo has now killed 5 people. Yet was granted full parole last year & aims to move back to where he caused so much destruction #ONpoli
There is a petition to have the Muzzo name removed from hospitals in Ontario.…

Remove Muzzo Name from Hospitals - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange #ONpoli #GTA #OntHealth
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Five years ago today, 9 months after I flagged his loss of speech to our family doctor, the boy was officially diagnosed with level 2 (moderate) autism. He’s still waiting for proper support for medically necessary therapy. #autism #onpoli
Because of the delay in accessing therapy because we thought the wait list at @CHEO was moving (it wasn’t because it was frozen by @fordnation) the boy’s diagnosis was changed to level 3 severe #autism #onpoli
Every single political party is to blame for his lack of access to therapy and help. #onpoli but @MacLeodLisa, @ToddSmithPC and @fordnation have a special place in hell for what they have done to vulnerable children #autism
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1/ Freeland details 8.9B in financial supports - 1.7B to the Canada Worker's Benefits, increasing OAS by 10%, providing $500 to low income earners, reducing child care by 50%, free dental coverage for families earning less than 90k,⬆️ benefits indexed to inflation#cdnpoli #onpoli
2/ She states that compared to 96% in the US. She states unemployment rate is 5.1%. She states young ppl, indigenous Canadians, newcomers & women have benefitted from this.
3/ She states if rebound is so strong why don't we feel very good? Why are Canadians so worried? She states everyone knows the answer it is inflation and it is harder for many Canadians to pay their bills
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Apollo Health & Beauty, one of Doug Ford's biggest Customers at his DECO Labels and Packaging business, was one of the top suppliers of PPE for the Ontario Government, with over $62M in orders in 2020 alone.

(thread 🧵) Image

Doug Ford's relationship with Apollo Heath & Beauty goes back decades.

Rob Ford and Doug Ford were on hand to open Apollo's new facility in 2012, and they also got flagged with conflicts of interest for trying to lobby for tax breaks for Apollo at City Hall. ImageImage

As Premier, Doug Ford also had secret meetings with the CEO of Apollo Health & Beauty Image
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My latest for @pressprogress:

Manitoba gov't gave $50 million worth of COVID-19 emergency contracts to a group of companies linked to a secretive religious sect.

A number of the companies operate out of the same building near Wpg’s airport.… #mbpoli
BC based oil company Klondike Lubricants, whose founders are members of the Plymouth Brethren, received a $2 million PPE contract from the Ontario gov't in addition to a 70k contract in Manitoba. #mbpoli #onpoli…
Plymouth Brethren members have a history of secretive political campaigns, despite the PB policy that members do not vote.

Brethren members donated thousands to a 3rd party org that ran attack ads against the federal Liberals in 2019. #mbpoli #cdnpoli…
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🧵My quick thoughts on Dr. Moore's statement today.
“With high vaccination rates and Ontario’s COVID-19 situation continuing to improve, most of the province’s remaining provincial masking requirements, including public transit, will expire"
#onpoli #onhealth #covid19
"high vaccination rates"
First, what matters is THREE doses and even then most Ontarian's have limited and waning protection against infection. "Fully vaccinated" based on two doses is harmful and misleading. UKHSA vaccine surveillance report
Most age groups under 60 have inadequate third dose coverage. Only 60.4% of adults have had a third dose. And only 36.5% of children have had a second dose. The high vaccination rationale is vacuous.
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The Ontario Science table says "rapid antigen tests can more reliably detect infectious cases of the Omicron variant in combined oral-nasal initially swabbing both cheeks, followed by the back of the tongue or throat, and then both nostrils," as the test used as is
is no longer effective and the dual oral-nasal test to be reliable must be done often, best daily. Then if you see a bar that means you do have covid, no further testing required. Meaning deaths are soaring, follow every public guideline used for covid and in addition do this new
dual test daily to avoid fast spread by the asymptomatic. Things are bad but @MOHKFLA refuses to mandate thinking Ontarians have common sense to take these pre-cautionary steps themselves #onpoli @OntariosDoctors @fordnation @celliottability @CTVNews @cnnbrk @CBC @BrooksFallis
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🧵June 8, 2022 update on selected Ontario #covid19 trends.
1. Hospitalizations are down -200 (-27.7%) from last week and now stand at 522 👏. ICU is down -10.2% to 114. 40.6% of hospitalizations are "for" covid (vs "with").
#covid19ontario #onhealth #onpoli Image
2. The 7 day average of reported new deaths dropped significantly to 4.9 per day from 12.3 last week 🙏. This is in line with the continued drop in wastewater signal over recent weeks and the ~ 3 week lag in deaths.
#onhealth #onpoli #covid19ontario Image
3. Those select groups like HCWs who are eligible for PCR tests are continuing to show declining test positivity. The weekly pooled estimate is now 7.2%.
#onhealth #covid19ontario Image
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Another #KlondikePapers link between Doug Ford's government and the Plymouth Brethren Church

In addition to Klondike Lubricants, there is another PBCC business Tillsonburg Tube

MPP Ernie Hardeman announced $300,000 in funding for this company in March 2022
NOTE: I just saw that I wasn't the first to capture this connection
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And there you have it. The one thing we can all agree on with our fearless leader, #justinsane ... this #justinflation is only just beginning.… Image
From the prices we are paying at the pumps to every single thing I'm seeing at the grocery stores, it's definitely impacting what my family is able to do ... how about you? @theJagmeetSingh @NDP @CBCPolitics @ctvqp @CTV_PowerPlay @globalnews @mtlgazette… Image
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Just in case you hadn't noticed from the endless TV ads, Ontario has now launched its iGaming market.

THREAD 🧵 on the gaming sites that have been licensed by the province so far, and their MANY links to money laundering and other crimes... thanks, Doug Ford!!!

There are now 24 gambling sites launched, with about 15 total companies running them. Most of these operators are established international casino and sports betting platforms newly licensed for Ontario.

iGaming Company #1: 888

This is UK-based operator, and has been fined multiple times for money laundering and "social responsibility" failings.
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Once again, @TwitterCanada has shut off replies & retweets to one of my tweets. No explanation given. I see horrible tweets, hate-filled, disinformation & so on, that Twitter allows unabated. So why is a tweet like this being shut down? #cdnmedia #cdnpoli #ONpoli
Oops, I cut off the screenshots showing retweets & replies shut off. You can see it in this image.
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Much ink has been spilled in recent weeks over union endorsements for Ford's Conservatives in Ontario - and what that may mean for the future of labour politics in Canada. Here's a 🧵.

#canlab #onpoli #cdnpoli
For context, the 8 construction unions that endorsed Ford have a combined membership that represents less than 5% of Ontario's total union membership. The NDP secured support from a broader range of much larger public and private sector unions.
But what made the PC endorsements newsworthy was their novelty (with the exception of LIUNA which also supported Ford in 2018). Remember that construction unions emerged as a key opponent of the Ontario PCs from 1999 to 2014, through the Working Families Coalition.
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Some thoughts about #OntarioElection:
1. By making the election about nothing, Doug Ford used voter apathy to his advantage. He ran a peek-a-boo campaign that hid what Ontarians disliked about him. They minimized his negatives. Record low turnout always benefits Conservatives.
2. Great ideas and platforms do not matter if you are unable to effectively communicate them and build on them.

3. The Liberals were unable to build momentum and the media choose sides and built a narrative on Doug Ford being a changed man. I have never felt more failed by MSM.
3. The NDP ran for second place. They were never in it to form government. It was a sad and listless campaign that was too focused on negativity. This was Andrea Horwath’s 4th campaign as leader. Ontarians decided long ago she wasn’t Premier material. She has to go. #onpoli
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Doug Ford should give a huge thank-you to the @OntLiberal party for helping to ensure this victory for his second majority tonight.

@StevenDelDuca campaigned hard against the @OntarioNDP right to the very end.

#onpoli  #ONelxn  #OntarioVotes #OntarioElection2022 Source:
I had a hunch that this was going on when I saw all the calls for strategic voting—which often just confuses progressively minded voters.

Small-C, conservative-lite, Liberals, will nver solve the problems created by big-C Conservatives.

Consider: of those who thought Ford was a great/good/OK premier, 13%/10%/33% of respondents were Liberal voters.

h/t to @christoaivalis.
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If you haven’t voted today, make sure you go vote.
and before you do, check out this list of stuff Doug Ford got done in the past 4 yrs

a thread;
#onpoli #onelxn #OntarioVotes
Healthcare cuts & overworked nurses. Doug Ford's govt. passed Bill 124, limiting nurse's wage increases to 1%

#onpoli #onelxn #OntarioVotes

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The provincial election in Ontario is Thursday, June 2.

Before casting your vote, explore these highlights from The Globe's breakdown of what you need to know about the PC, NDP, Liberal and Green's platforms. ⬇ #onpoli
🏡 Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives on housing:

• The PCs have committed to adding 1.5 million new homes in the province over the next 10 years.
⚕️ Doug Ford's PCs on health care:

• As government, the party introduced A Plan to Stay Open with a focus on building more health care infrastructure and expanding the work force to ensure Ontario is better prepared for future emergencies.
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ONTARIO ELECTION THREAD: I've never liked majority gov'ts. When 25% of the electorate vote 38% for a party who gets 100% control, geez that's frustrating. What’s even more disappointing is that so many are still voting to re-elect our current provincial gov't to a majority. 1/19
Why are so many NOT holding Doug Ford accountable for all the bungling, buffoonery and cruelty? In the past 4 years, they have failed to listen, failed to plan, and failed to care. There are so many reasons to vote them out. 2/19
1) PANDEMIC HANDLING The sad rollercoaster and flip-flop of acting too late, then not having enough support during lockdowns, then easing things too early, ignoring science and then going back into lockdowns. The province’s vaccine rollout was chaotic. 3/19
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