ON THE RECORD: #DerekChauvinTrial back in session. Quick record made about upcoming expert medical witnesses & eventual testimony of Henn Co Medical Examiner Dr Andrew Baker. Jury is seated. Our gavel-to-gavel trial coverage right here -- fox9.com/live
Dr. Martin Tobin, Chicago area Pulmonologist – Expert in how people breathe, the lungs. State retained expert. The medical evidence & testimony portion of this case is now underway. Expect a couple days worth of state witnesses. Defense will have their own. #DerekChauvinTrial
Interesting to point out Dr. Tobin has been an expert witness in medical malpractices cases. Both sides, medical professional as well as a patient. But this is his very 1st criminal case. He was not paid by the state. Volunteered to offer his expertise on #GeorgeFloyd death.
Dr Tobin has just told the jury he has concluded #GeorgeFloyd died from a low level of oxygen causing damage to his brain & eventually led to his heart stopping. Also described as "asphyxia." #DerekChauvinTrial
Dr. Tobin describing #GeorgeFloyd suffering from shallow breaths. Small breaths not able to carry enough air thru the lungs down to essential area in the bottom of the lungs where it gets rid of Carbon dioxide. Cites handcuffs, prone position the street, knees on back & neck.
State has just played Exhibit #949, an animation of the officers position on #GeorgeFloyd during the deadly arrest for Dr. Tobin to explain to the jury the impact on Floyd's breathing & ability to get oxygen. #DerekChauvinTrial
MUST SEE: Dr. Martin Tobin, Chicago area Pulmonologist & national breathing expert on #GeorgeFloyd cause of death.
MUST WATCH: Here is the state's animation of #GeorgeFloyd deadly arrest. Dr. Tobin explaining to the jury what's happening to Floyd's breathing as Floyd is pinned in a prone position, face down & handcuffed against the street. #DerekChauvinTrial @FOX9
GRAPHIC IMAGE: Dr. Tobin is walking the jury thru the anatomy of what was happening w/ #GeorgeFloyd breathing with #DerekChauvin knee on his neck and his face pinned to the street. #DerekChauvinTrial
Pulmonologist Dr. Martin Tobin: #GeorgeFloyd "was literally trying to breathe with his fingers and his knuckles." #DerekChauvinTrial @FOX9
Dr. Tobin w/ figures & calculations documenting significance of #DerekChauvin body pressure on #GeorgeFloyd neck & back. He has now been on the stand for more than an hour. The cut-away camera of defense table finds Eric Nelson taking lots of notes. Where does he begin his cross?
Note from courtroom pool: "When they showed photo of Floyd’s head & doctor was explaining the finger in your ear line, Exhibit 941, almost all of the jurors were doing it, along w/ Blackwell, when Nelson asked for a sidebar while the jurors chatted, looked around, took drinks"
Part 2 from courtroom pool reporter on the neck anatomy less from Dr. Tobin: "Then the judge told jurors they don’t have to do anything the witness instructs. When the doctor continued, **most of the jurors continued to do it to themselves**. #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd
Direct exam continues for Dr. Martin Tobin. Explaining to jury the breathing impact of officers keeping #GeorgeFloyd pinned in prone position for 9:29. He just explained why prone works for #COVID19 patients w/ pneumonia. Not for those w/ normal lung functions. #DerekChauvinTrial
Dr. Tobin has told the jury #GeorgeFloyd ended up with zero oxygen in his body as captured in video footage from the scene. NO OXYGEN. He then testifies by his calculations, #DerekChauvin kept his knee on Floyd's back & neck for another 3 minutes.
Dr. Martin Tobin was asked about #GeorgeFloyd underlying health issues. Dr. Tobin says a fully "healthy person" would have died if subjected to the exact same conditions Floyd faced on the street outside Cup Foods. #DerekChauvinTrial
Prosecutors asked Dr. Tobin about significance of #GeorgeFloyd final words, "I can't breathe." Dr. Tobin says it gave a false sense of security given belief that someone speaking means they're breathing. He believes Floyd suffered a fatal loss of oxygen to brain immediately after
Pulmonologist Dr. Martin Tobin has been on the witness stand for about 2 hours. Prosecution now asking about impact of fentanyl on #GeorgeFloyd respiratory rate. Dr. Tobin tells jury, the drug slows down a subject's respiratory rate by about 40%. #DerekChauvinTrial
ICYMI: Dr. Martin Tobin: "There is not an ounce of oxygen left in his body." #GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvinTrial @FOX9
Devastating moment in court as prosecution plays video of what Dr. Tobin believes is final moment of #GeorgeFloyd life. "1 second he's alive & 1 second he's no longer..that's the moment the life goes out of his body." Then reiterates Chauvin knee remains on neck for another 2:44.
And with that, the state wraps Dr. Tobin direct examination. Defense cross up next. But after a sidebar discussion with lawyers, Judge Cahill calls an extended lunch break. Court in recess. Back at 1:30pm central time. #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd @FOX9
DR. MARTIN TOBIN CROSS EXAMINATION: Court has resumed following the lunch break. Both Eric Nelson are drinking from their water bottles. Nelson offers cheers. And now we are off & running on cross... #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd
POOL REPORT: "I would say the jury paid very close attention to Dr. Tobin’s testimony, from start to finish, watching every video, chart or illustration, listening closely to his testimony, and taking notes at pertinent points. Tobin spoke directly to the jury most of the time."
"That's the moment life goes out of his body," dramatic testimony from state star witness, Dr. Martin Tobin, national pulmonology expert. #GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvinTrial @FOX9
After final xchange of Q's over fentanyl & cause of death between state, defense & Dr. Tobin, Tobin's testimony is complete. Only time will tell the damage he has done to Chauvin's case. Meantime, Judge Cahill calls 5 minute recess as Eric Nelson is struggling w/ his voice.
NEXT WITNESS: State calls Dr. Daniel Isenschmid, from the NMS Laboratory in Pennsylvania. His lab did the #GeorgeFloyd autopsy blood work & testing. This may be an opportunity for state to blunt the defense on level of drugs in Floyd system following his death. #ChauvinTrial
MOMENTS AGO: Dr. Martin Tobin on fentanyl & #GeorgeFloyd cause of death. Tobin says a victim of a fentanyl OD goes into a coma. Prosecutor: Was Mr. Floyd ever in a coma? No." #DerekChauvinTrial
FENTANYL TESTIMONY: #DerekChauvin defense attorney Eric Nelson cross examining Dr. Daniel Isenschmid, NMS Laboratory on the issue of fentanyl & its major metabolite norfentanyl in #GeorgeFloyd postmortem blood work. #DerekChauvinTrial @FOX9
FINAL WITNESS OF DAY: Dr. William Smock, Emergency room physician from Louisville, KY. Judge Cahill just told the jury Dr Smock will be the final witness of the day. He apparently has a flight home tonight. Cahill hinted his testimony might continue until 5:15pm central. @FOX9
Dr Smock is paid state witness. He testified that #GeorgeFloyd died from "positional asphyxia." Or in simple terms, Floyd had "no oxygen in his body." Another expert declaring a cause of death before the official Medical Examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker provides his findings to jury.
RIGHT NOW: Dr. Smock eliminating all of these elements of "Excited Delirium" diagnosis. Another proactive effort by prosecutors to crush an argument #DerekChauvin defense is making in the case. Former officer Lane asked about possibility of Excited Delirium while Floyd is pinned.
COURTROOM POOL: During aftn testimony, while playing video of Floyd crying out “Mama,” his niece Tiffany Hall puts her hand on her head, avoids watching video, moves her hand to her mouth, breathes heavily, then appears to cry, dabbing eyes w/ tissues as Floyd says “I can’t move”

• • •

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7 Apr
BCA Special Agent James Reyerson, lead investigator on the case just testified he heard #GeorgeFloyd say in this video that "I ate too many drugs." #DerekChauvinTrial
SA Reyerson has changed his opinion after listening to a longer clip of this body camera moment. He tells the jury, he now believes #GeorgeFloyd said, "I ain't do no drugs." NOT, "I ate too many drugs." #DerekChauvinTrial
SA Reyerson testimony is now complete. Onto the 2nd BCA witness in the case, McKenzie Anderson. She was the crime scene lead on death of #GeorgeFloyd investigation. Continued #DerekChauvinTrial coverage live right now on @FOX9.
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7 Apr
BACK IN SESSION: Without any formal explanation of yesterday's abrupt end, #DerekChauvinTrial is back in session. LAPD Sgt Jody Stiger resumes his testimony. If looking for a quick listen, I joined NPR's Up First podcast early this AM to discuss the case.
Prosecutor Steve Schleicher having Sgt. Jody Stiger walk the jury thru video screenshots of #DerekChauvin knee on #GeorgeFloyd neck area. Says knee positioning did NOT change during the full 9 minute & 29 seconds of the restraint even after the ambulance arrived. @FOX9
Sgt. Stiger points out a "pain compliance technique" where officers squeeze a subject's hand to get compliance as #DerekChauvin is seemingly captured here with a handcuffed & prone #GeorgeFloyd. #DerekChauvinTrial
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6 Apr
RIGHT NOW: Tune into @FOX9 for ongoing #DerekChauvinTrial coverage. Motion hearing underway for Moriess Hall, #GeorgeFloyd companion. His atty says Hall has no immunity, no protection and thus plans to invoke his 5th amendment right against self incrimination. Image
Morries Hall's attorney particularly concerned about a 3rd degree murder charge given his potential testimony about #GeorgeFloyd drug use in relation to Floyd's death. #DerekChauvinTrial
SPOTTED AT THE COURTHOUSE: Our pool reporter says on the skyway level of the Gov Center, Benjamin Crump & Rev. Al Sharpton were seen w/ some members of the Floyd family waiting for an elevator. Gwen Carr, the mother of the late Eric Garner, was also there just behind Sharpton.
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5 Apr
Getting ready for week 2 of witness testimony in #DerekChauvinTrial. A reminder where we left off Friday w/ testimony of long-time #Mpls police Lt Richard Zimmerman. Today, expecting Chief Medaria Arradondo on the stand. He has called what happened to #GeorgeFloyd "murder."
Judge Cahill is back on the record. We are certainly lacking details. But Cahill has ruled there was "no jury misconduct" after speaking to the panel w/ audio & video shut off. So we'll figure out what that was about. But certainly some drama already this AM. #DerekChauvinTrial
State has just informed the court it has two (2) use of force experts above & beyond several officials w/ #Mpls police department. Judge Cahill expressed some frustration with that idea. Explaining at this point, it feels like piling on. #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd
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24 Apr 19
Crystal police Lt Derrick Hacker wrapped up his state use of force testimony about 2:30pm. Questioning by defense contentious at times. But Lt. Hacker didn't budge in his conclusions -- Noor & partner Matthew Harrity made mistakes & #JustineDamond should still be alive.#NoorTrial
State now has perhaps their final witness on the stand. Former Charlottesville, VA Police Chief Timothy Longo. Longo brings police policy & administrative experience to the table. He told jury, it is the 1st time he has testified for the gov't against an officer. #NoorTrial
State expert Timothy Longo remains on stand as #Noortrial ended testimony today. He will be cross-examined by the defense tomorrow morning. Court resumes at 11am. Remember a juror has a job interview. So they are giving the juror time to take care of their business.
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