In 1988, in a column for the San Francisco Examiner, ex-Ramparts editor Warren Hinckle alleged that, according to his intelligence sources, Al Sharpton had been "a CIA contract agent who was involved in destabilizing the Manley regime in Jamaica."
Sharpton's role as an FBI informant in the '80s is of course widely known and well-documented. In 2014, The Smoking Gun released several files relating to his snitching on the mob, which you can read here.…
Al Sharpton's FBI involvement almost certainly wasn't limited to getting drug trafficking mafia guys locked up. According to police and activist sources, he also tried to help the feds capture Black Panther member Assata Shakur while she was on the run.…
The police source further said that Al Sharpton was trying to help the feds nab other black radicals, like Mutulu Shakur, who was eventually apprehended.…
As to whether Hinckle's allegation that Sharpton was CIA, there's nothing proving it. But Sharpton does have some interesting (and very early) connections in Jamaica.
Sharpton, a boy wonder ordained at the age of nine. At age 10, Sharpton took a tour of the Caribbean with his mentor, Bishop F.D. Washington. They traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, where Sharpton met Marcus Garvey's widow, with whom he would keep up a correspondence.
According to David P. Rowe, Sharpton traveled to Jamaica in 1974 with Muhammad Ali as part of a delegation of the Nation of Islam that also included Louis Farrakhan. As part of the trip, Ali met with then PM Michael Manley.…
I will note that I can't corroborate Sharpton being on this trip in any other source. The NOI's newspaper, Muhammad Speaks, has extensive coverage and doesn't mention Sharpton, though that's not definitive given that it's covered as an official NOI trip.…
Michael Manley's government was most certainly destabilized by the CIA, which backed the cocaine-trafficking "Shower Posse" that put the anti-communist Edward Seaga in power and helped establish Jamaica as an important node in the CIA's global drug trade.…
Sharpton would later be photographed with Seaga (amusingly misidentified as "Edward Seahawks") in 1987, when Sharpton, Ali, and more went down to Kingston for a big soiree in honor of Don King (whom Sharpton snitched on btw).
But this isn't really dispositive of a relationship with Seaga, as Sharpton was also photographed at the same event with Seaga's antagonist, Michael Manley.…
*misidentified as "Ed Seahawks," rather

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10 Mar
In one of his best works, "George W. Bush, Harken Energy, and Jackson Stephens, c. 1979 – 91," Mark Lombardi mapped out W's connections to BCCI, the Bin Ladens, and more through the prism of W's shady series of oil companies. But there's one figure Lombardi left out: George Soros
Harken bought out W's fledgling Spectrum 7, appointing W to Harken's board of directors. Harken's biggest backer was Soros, and after the deal, Harken became the exclusive manager of Soros Oil.…
Though Harken would ultimately crash and burn, both Soros and W would make out like bandits. For his part, W infamously unloaded his stock for above-market value just before Harken's massive losses were made public, which naturally crashed its stock price.
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#OTD in 1965, four people were arrested in a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and the Washington Monument. Three were members of the Black Liberation Front and the other was a Quebecois separatist who supplied explosives. Image
According to the NYPD cop who infiltrated the plot, one of the Black Liberation Front conspirators, Walter Augustus Bowe, referred to the Statue of Liberty as "that damned old bitch." Image
The plot was supposedly hatched after one of the BLF members, Robert Steele Collier, met with Che Guevara when he was in New York for Castro's UN speech. Image
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Given a genome sequence, any lab with the right materials and equipment can synthetically re-create a virus. This is a simple but, I think, fairly significant point that's been a bit under-explored among covid-origins watchers.…
This technology is not new. It's been around in one form or another since the late '70s. The first successful infectious clone, of the bacteriophage QB, was completed in 1978.…
In 1981, in one of the earliest successful viral cloning experiments, a lab produced an infectious clone of poliovirus. This was done by Vincent Racaniello, now host of the popular podcast This Week In Virology and a prominent lab-origin "debunker."…
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KKK member Gary Thomas Rowe murdered Viola Liuzzo & an unidentified black man, beat the shit out Freedom Riders, and committed multiple bombings in Birmingham, including the 16th Street Baptist Church, all while being paid by the FBI, which protected him for the rest of his life.
Here's a clip of paid FBI provocateur Gary Thomas Rowe testifying to the Church Committee that the 1961 mob attack on a busload of Freedom Riders was done with the advance knowledge of the FBI and was in fact *organized* by the Birmingham police.
Birmingham police sergeant Tom Cook to the Klan: "You can beat ’em, bomb ’em, kill ’em, I don't give a shit.…You can assure every Klansman in the country that no one will be arrested. We don’t ever want another Freedom Rider coming through Alabama again."…
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lmao why does Trump impeachment attorney Michael van der Veen have an alligator skin background on his law firm's website?…
Dude's from Pennsylvania, so it's not some Florida thing as I first expected
Whoa, this is bizarre. Trump's impeachment attorney van der Veen filed suit last year against Trump (as well as the USPS & postmaster general Louis DeJoy) alleging a deliberate slowdown of the mail system in Pennsylvania to disenfranchise mail-in voters.…
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12 Nov 20
Michael Osterholm, who's now been appointed to Biden's COVID-19 team, was a consultant to the Bush administration's "investigation" into the 2001 anthrax attacks who helped downplay the possibility that the attacks were conducted by a government insider.… Image
On the day of the first anthrax attack, Osterholm was quoted in a CNN article, pumping up the threat of a smallpox attack. Smallpox, of course, was the weapon at the center of the Operation Dark Winter bio-terror simulation conducted earlier that year.… Image
Last year, Osterholm was the primary expert cited in a Washington Post article attempting to debunk Kris Newby's book, Bitten, which investigates the origins of Lyme disease in the US bio-weapons program. The article contained a revealing disclosure.… Image
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