"You know who's not canceled? The endless parade of conservative pundits and politicians complaining about 'cancel culture.' You know who is canceled? George Floyd is canceled." Turn off the gaslight. #ConservativeCancelCulture is real. 1/12
"Cancel culture" is a meaningless term, @mmfa editor @ParkerMolloy writes. But "For conservatives, that meaninglessness is a feature, not a bug," I note. "Those words mean whatever a right-wing accuser needs them to mean in the moment": 2/12
But there are two constraints on what "cancel culture" means: that it's new & comes only from the left. The truth is exactly the opposite: #ConservativeCancelCulture #gaslighting 3/12
Just a few highlights of #ConservativeCancelCulture in US history (Notice how often Blacks & immigrants the ones being cancelled? Coincidence? Not so much!): 4/12
But the term "cancel culture" is new. And @CAMcGrady explains how the white grievence usage is so tellingly at odds with its black-coined meaning: 5/12
In bills suppressing voting rights (361 bills/47 states) & BLM-style protests (81 bills/34 states)
#ConservativeCancelCulture has gone wild this year. But education attacks date back to William F. Buckley's first book, as @FAIRmediawatch noted: 6/12
The abrupt suspension of 52 class sections at Boise State University in March--affecting 1300 students over a rumored accusation--was a wild over-reaction years in the making. PoliSci prof @donmoyn saw it coming at UW Madison, wrote 2017 NYT warning: 7/12 nytimes.com/2017/01/09/opi…
Here's some of what @donmoyn told me about what led him to write that op-ed: 8/12
"Attacking universities became a staple of the far right, propelled by an entire ecosystem of media funded by donors like the Koch or DeVos families," @donmoyn told me, but worse was the mainstream acceptance: 9/12
Conservative free speech controversies are primarily trolling by a handful of provocateurs: 10/12
But that's not the only form trolling takes, as @alicesperi reported for @theintercept: 11/12
These are just some highlights. Read the whole story here: #ConservativeCancelCulture #gaslighting

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Trump's 2nd unifying strategy is American exceptionalism: 3/9
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