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Here's a thought as we enter winter...
Norway has cheaper energy tarifs for those living in colder northern parts of the country. Meaning those in South pay slightly higher to balance this.
Could u ever imagine ppl in Southern England 'subsidising' Shetland/Highland energy bills?
I say 'subsidising' as that's exactly how many ppl in England wd view this; already believing they subsidise Scots.
Its precisely this stark contrast in perspective that I want to highlight. Something that is deemed fair & normal in Scandinavia is seen as radical scrounging in UK
This outlook also extends to infrastructure. Norway built a network of 900 tunnels & run ferries through the night, to keep rural & remote parts of the country connected. Literally cutting directly through mountains for miles to create commercial equality & opportunity.
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MSM coverage of the results is like watching a half dozen grown adults asking each other if anyone has any good news about democrats to report. They are only highlighting where Dems seem to be ahead and half the time the numbers contradict showing Republicans winning 😂😂😂 #MAGA
They are literally interrupting each other to be able to report a projected democrat win anywhere, even with 1% of the vote counted. It's absurd.
All I keep thinking is "Fake News. Turn off the show."
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump

Please direct .@SecNielsen to shut down all #FBI #JTTF operations run thru #DHS-funded #FusionCenters.

Please #InvestigateFusionCenters now for #terrorism & #racketeering with mercenary cells referred to as #PrivateIntelAgencies by #DOJ
(2) #FusionCenters operate with zero oversight and all personnel involved in ops run thru these facilities r engaged in horrific acts targeting innocent Americans while crony-owned #PrivateIntelAgencies r awarded federal monies to sadistically terrorize private citizens.
(3) #PrivateIntelAgencies employ vigilante citizens that .@SecNielsen's #DHS refers 2 as "#SurveillanceRolePlayers"

Positions of "dissident" citizens r relayed to these vigilantes & #PrivateIntelAgencies by #FusionCenter personnel 2 stalk, harass, assault & smear the "target"
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1. #Thread

🔥This week's episode of @BullCBS was a gaslighter to the max (pun intended)

- Marissa's husband cheated on her yrs ago
- Yrs later, when they remarried, he made certain promises to earn her trust again.

#RT - #Gaslighting - @Go_Carr_Go
2. @BullCBS - Gaslighter #Thread -

- He did not keep the promises he made
- He also lied about money & debt

But, when events of the story unfolded, she threw every moment of her time & reputation behind him & TAC threw their weight behind him too.

#Gaslighting - @Go_Carr_Go
3. @BullCBS - Gaslighter #thread

She shared important information with her boss, which could affect the case. -- She had the obligation to inform her friends and her job what might be happening so they knew what might be found by the prosecution. She was honest!

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.@PressSec begins her press briefing by reading a statement about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

"Anti-Semitism is a plague to humanity. We all have a duty to confront anti-Semitism in all its forms, everywhere and anywhere"

(Trump used an anti-Semitic dogwhisle on Saturday)
Sanders starts crying while mentioning Trump's Jewish family members -- the implication being he can't be anti-Semitic if he has Jewish family
REPORTER: What does Trump mean when he says he might 'tone up' his rhetoric?

SANDERS: "He's found moments to bring our country together & focus on things that all of us can support & all of us can condemn."

R: But he keeps attacking the media

S: Well stop criticizing him then
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During @foxandfriends interview with @PressSec that focused on "civility," @AinsleyEarhardt criticized Hillary Clinton & Maxine Waters by name, and decried Sanders being confronted in a restaurant -- but didn't even mention the string of bombs sent to prominent Dems. #gaslighting
SANDERS: "It is absolutely disgraceful that one of the first public statements we heard from CNN yesterday was to put the blame for this despicable act on the president & on me personally. The person that is responsible for [the bombs] is the person who made and created them."
SANDERS: "Look, *the president, I think, could not have been more presidential yesterday* when he spoke directly to the American people. He condemned this violence. The person who is responsible for this heinous act is the person who made and sent these suspicious packages."
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Trump's solo news conference is set to begin at 5pm ET. Nothing would surprise me. Follow along for a video thread.
COWORKER: Is Trump still doing that news conference today?

Trump will have many, many flags behind him.
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REPORTER: Why don't you have the FBI investigate Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh?

TRUMP: They don't really do that.

REPORTER: The FBI would if you asked them to!

TRUMP: Well, the senators should do it.
After throwing Sessions under the bus, TRUMP says Kavanaugh "is such an outstanding man" that's "it's hard for me to imagine anything happened."
Trump repeats, numerous times, his baseless claim that the U.S. was about to go to war before he took office. #gaslighting
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(1) Liam is either ignorant or grossly misinformed.

"#GangStalking" is street slang for state-organized terrorism run through #ThreatFusionCenters under the guise of "legitimate" counter-terrorism ops.

It is funded by the #DOJ & #Pentagon & is referred to as a ....
(2) #CMO or "Civilian Military Op" by the US Military itself.

In reality, "Gang Stalking" is a sophisticated, tech-enhanced targeting strategy utilized by the US Gov against anyone that the #DeepState and its agency minions have marked as potential "dissidents" AKA "terrorists."
(3) This extrajudicial targeting protocol is an AI-driven amalgamation of tactics derived from a variety of sources including the #Stasi, #KGB & China's anti-Falun Gong global targeting teams.

The goal of these operations is to subtly terrorize and traumatize the target(s).
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10 attacks Obama unleashed on Trump, GOP in midterm speech

💣"What happened to the Republican Party?"
💣"The politics of division and resentment and paranoia has unfortunately found a home in the Republican Party."
💣"Republicans who know better in Congress, and they're there -- they're quoted saying, 'Yeah, we know this is kind of crazy' -- are still bending over backwards to shield this behavior from scrutiny or accountability or consequence, seem utterly unwilling to find the backbone
to safeguard the institutions that make our democracy work."
💣 "They're not doing us a service by actively promoting 90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this White House, and saying 'Don't worry, we're preventing the other 10%.' That's not how things are supposed to
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Trump, speaking at rally in Montana, on Democratic opposition to Kavanaugh: "Sick. It's sick."
TRUMP: "Please welcome the person that we have such respect for, he is now leading in the polls... Matt Rosendale."

Hannity cuts away to talking heads instead of showing Rosendale's speech.
Trump on what will happen if Montana voters vote for Tester: "You are going to lose your 2nd amendment. You are going to lose your right to those guns. You are going to lose your 2nd amendment, so be careful... you are going to lose your Social Security so badly." #gaslighting
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Brett Kavanaugh is all smiles as his Senate hearing is about to begin. Follow me for a video thread.
.@KamalaHarris interrupts @ChuckGrassley's opening statement to object to fact that senators just received 42,000 documents about Kavanaugh just last night. @SenBlumenthal moves to adjourn the hearing! Protesters start shouting.

Total chaos.
.@SenBooker gets an ovation after he calls for Grassley to slow the process down.

"What is the rush? What are we trying to hide by not having the documents out? What is with the rush?"
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#WomeninSTEM get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments.

@shrewshrew and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time.


We will post one Reply Guy a day, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Starting with a very nice fella, full of helpful advice, with one big problem:

Reply Guy #1. THE LIFE COACH
People who get annoying replies can tag the dude with the appropriate Reply Guy from this thread, and save themselves a pointless debate. That’s the idea anyway.

And some guys seem to take it to heart when you point out that they’re being a cliché.

#MeTooSTEM #MeTooPhD
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Trump’s suggestion here that he’s not under investigation is a blatant attempt at gaslighting. We know for a fact he’s currently being investigated for obstruction of justice. His campaign has been under investigation for more than 2 years. This is a desperate attempt to confuse.
The Holt “tape” Trump is referring to here is interview in which he essentially copped to obstruction of justice by admitting he fired Comey b/c of the Russia investigation.

He said it without being prompted by Holt. This is another desperate attempt to snow people. #NotNormal
This is straight out of the authoritarian playbook — using disinformation to confuse the masses into submission. #gaslighting
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The Derp State is on Faux News
Jordan lies, says FBI used Carter Page FISA warrant to "spy" on Trump campaign.
(Page had already left Trump campaign before FISA warrant was granted by GOP-appointed judge in Oct 2016.)

@BillHemmer can't keep up with Jordan's fevered conspiracy-mongering, asks him to slow down
Jordan absurdly accuses Hillary Clinton of colluding with Russia to run a hacking and propaganda operation against her own campaign. #gaslighting
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1) If any of you railing against #Qanon reads this thread, I’d love for you to respond. I’m curious why it’s so imperative people come to “realize” that Q is a LARP? Have you followed Q? If not, how can you be an expert on this phenomenon? @LisaMei62
2) You need to educate yourselves, because I’ve seen wrong information reported about Q, like that @tracybeanz was somehow involved. @Jackposobiec. If Q is a cult, as suggested by @ScottAdamsSays, don’t cults usually demand a certain criteria? #Qanon
3) If one diverts from a cult criteria, aren’t there usually repercussions? What exactly is Q demanding of “cult members?” Why is giving us information for research a bad thing? #Qanon
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11 signs that the government is gaslighting all citizens in India with #Aadhaar.

Do READ this and think about it! 👇…
2/ #Aadhaar is system, govt & pvt co. are using to enslave Indians by gaslighting. #Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. Govt has
brainwashed us to question our OWN identity. Am I who I say I am?
3/ Since gaslighting is a tactic of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders, the goal of using #Aadhaar as a #gaslighting tool is by now pretty clear. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn't realize how much they've been brainwashed.
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.@RepLouBarletta defends Republicans voting down additional spending for cybersecurity with pure disinformation: "What we found out in all this talk is that Russia wasn't able to interfere with our election... if they're not able to do it, why would you spend more money?
Congressman spreads disinformation to defend Republicans’ move to block election security funding…
.@RepLouBarletta says Russia hasn't had enough success interfering in elections to justify more security funding…
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.@PressSec is about to provide her second press briefing in as many days. Follow me for a video thread.
REPORTER: Trump says Russian interference is a hoax. Why should we believe you when you say it isn't?

WRAY: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
REPORTER: Is Russian interference in 2018 aimed at helping a particular party?

COATS: [a string of words that don't answer the question]
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This is a big lie. As we’ve known since last December, the FBI’s investigation of Trump campaign began when they were informed campaign officials knew about Russian hacking months before any emails were published on the internet. Trump is gaslighting.
Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican who was appointed FBI director by a Republican president and special counsel by a Republican deputy AG who was appointed to his position by Trump. #gaslighting
Mueller was appointed FBI director by George W Bush. Trump apparently thinks the fact he didn’t quit when Obama became president reflects his liberal bias.
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Let's look at Leakers
Chelsea Manning
Edward Snowden
Reality Winner
Jeffrey A. Sterling, ex-CIA
John Kiriakou, ex-CIA
Donald Sachtleben, ex-FBI explosives expert
Stephen Kim, ex-State Department contractor
Thomas A. Drake, ex-NSA
Shamai Leibowitz, ex-FBI linguist
all but Winner were prosecuted during @BarackObama's time in office.
Manning, Snowden, Winner all pretty well-known so I'm going to focus on the others for now.
Jeffrey Sterling…
John Kiriakou. Who now works for Sputnik 🙄…
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TRUMP: "Today the blast furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright, workers are back on the job and we're once again pouring new American steel into the spine of our country."
TRUMP: "We've got aluminum coming out good. We have steel coming out good."
Trump calls senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump "honey," kisses her on cheek
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This is a lie. The investigation of Trump campaign began in July ‘16, after stolen DNC emails were published by WikiLeaks, & an Australian diplomat came forward to report Trump adviser George Papadopoulos told him months earlier that Trump campaign knew about hacks. #Gaslighting
This is a lie. The FISA warrant application didn’t try to hide that dossier originated in political research, & Carter Page had already left Trump campaign when first one was approved by a GOP-appointed judge in October 2016.
Page admitted on national TV yesterday that he has advised the Kremlin, and was privy to discussions about removing US sanctions during his trip to Moscow in July 2016 — while he also served as a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser
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So I'm seeing a lot of folks bringing up Clinton and Obama with respect to Trump's latest #ExecutiveOrder. Setting aside the fact that doing so is blatant whataboutism, I want to talk about these assertions, because a lot of them are misconceptions.
First off - I see a lot of talk about how this is actually just enforcement of a law that Clinton signed in 1997. That is untrue on every front (except the year, I guess).
1997 refers to the settlement in the case Flores v. Reno. The settlement to this case established a number of conditions which the government was ordered to adhere to when detaining minors who had entered illegally.
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