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1) If any of you railing against #Qanon reads this thread, I’d love for you to respond. I’m curious why it’s so imperative people come to “realize” that Q is a LARP? Have you followed Q? If not, how can you be an expert on this phenomenon? @LisaMei62
2) You need to educate yourselves, because I’ve seen wrong information reported about Q, like that @tracybeanz was somehow involved. @Jackposobiec. If Q is a cult, as suggested by @ScottAdamsSays, don’t cults usually demand a certain criteria? #Qanon
3) If one diverts from a cult criteria, aren’t there usually repercussions? What exactly is Q demanding of “cult members?” Why is giving us information for research a bad thing? #Qanon
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.@RepLouBarletta defends Republicans voting down additional spending for cybersecurity with pure disinformation: "What we found out in all this talk is that Russia wasn't able to interfere with our election... if they're not able to do it, why would you spend more money?
Congressman spreads disinformation to defend Republicans’ move to block election security funding…
.@RepLouBarletta says Russia hasn't had enough success interfering in elections to justify more security funding…
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.@PressSec is about to provide her second press briefing in as many days. Follow me for a video thread.
REPORTER: Trump says Russian interference is a hoax. Why should we believe you when you say it isn't?

WRAY: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
REPORTER: Is Russian interference in 2018 aimed at helping a particular party?

COATS: [a string of words that don't answer the question]
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This is a big lie. As we’ve known since last December, the FBI’s investigation of Trump campaign began when they were informed campaign officials knew about Russian hacking months before any emails were published on the internet. Trump is gaslighting.
Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican who was appointed FBI director by a Republican president and special counsel by a Republican deputy AG who was appointed to his position by Trump. #gaslighting
Mueller was appointed FBI director by George W Bush. Trump apparently thinks the fact he didn’t quit when Obama became president reflects his liberal bias.
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Let's look at Leakers
Chelsea Manning
Edward Snowden
Reality Winner
Jeffrey A. Sterling, ex-CIA
John Kiriakou, ex-CIA
Donald Sachtleben, ex-FBI explosives expert
Stephen Kim, ex-State Department contractor
Thomas A. Drake, ex-NSA
Shamai Leibowitz, ex-FBI linguist
all but Winner were prosecuted during @BarackObama's time in office.
Manning, Snowden, Winner all pretty well-known so I'm going to focus on the others for now.
Jeffrey Sterling…
John Kiriakou. Who now works for Sputnik 🙄…
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TRUMP: "Today the blast furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright, workers are back on the job and we're once again pouring new American steel into the spine of our country."
TRUMP: "We've got aluminum coming out good. We have steel coming out good."
Trump calls senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump "honey," kisses her on cheek
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This is a lie. The investigation of Trump campaign began in July ‘16, after stolen DNC emails were published by WikiLeaks, & an Australian diplomat came forward to report Trump adviser George Papadopoulos told him months earlier that Trump campaign knew about hacks. #Gaslighting
This is a lie. The FISA warrant application didn’t try to hide that dossier originated in political research, & Carter Page had already left Trump campaign when first one was approved by a GOP-appointed judge in October 2016.
Page admitted on national TV yesterday that he has advised the Kremlin, and was privy to discussions about removing US sanctions during his trip to Moscow in July 2016 — while he also served as a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser
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So I'm seeing a lot of folks bringing up Clinton and Obama with respect to Trump's latest #ExecutiveOrder. Setting aside the fact that doing so is blatant whataboutism, I want to talk about these assertions, because a lot of them are misconceptions.
First off - I see a lot of talk about how this is actually just enforcement of a law that Clinton signed in 1997. That is untrue on every front (except the year, I guess).
1997 refers to the settlement in the case Flores v. Reno. The settlement to this case established a number of conditions which the government was ordered to adhere to when detaining minors who had entered illegally.
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PART 6 second thread on Gaslighting. Starting with tactic five of gaslighting. THEIR ACTIONS DONT MATCH THEIR WORDS. #Gaslighting
How many times have we heard no can fix this but Donald J Trump, or I’m for the little people, the forgotten people. Let’s talk about what he’s done for the forgotten people.…
On the campaign trail Trump called for Universal Health Care. 500 days into his term 45 is whining how John McCain’s thumb cost him repealing the ACA and ripping healthcare from millions.…
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THREAD: Remember the claims by @realDonaldTrump & cronies that he'd sit for an interview w/Mueller⁉️

Trump LIED.🙄

Trump’s lawyers have **for months** tried to prevent Mueller from trying to force Trump to answer questions = #subpoena‼️ 1/…
In a letter to Mueller, Trump's lawyers claim that Trump "cannot be compelled" to testify.🙄

WRONG! Mueller can #subpoena Trump to FORCE him to testify **in front of the grand jury**.😎

Trump's lawyers CAN be w/him for an interview, but NOT for grand jury testimony.😉 2/
Trump's lawyers also claim Trump "could not possibly have committed obstruction b/c he has unfettered authority over all federal investigations."🤨

Yeah, just ask Nixon about that‼️3/

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At the risk of being called a party pooper, I'd like to remind #TheResistance that: 1. #TaxScamBill if anything GOP may now try to shove faster now, suppository style; 2. #NetNeutrality & #NationalMonuments are still in danger; 3. #infrastructure spending & many state services
have been cut to the bone; 4.#CorruptionMustDie & so does #nepotism, but both alive & well; 5. #NazisInAmerica & other hate group rampant, & there is no #GunControlNow or even serious discussion of it; 6. #StateDepartment is being decimated & deserted by many career ppl & that is
one of USA ramparts against isolation & a means to avoid wars; 7. worldwide US credibility, relevance & trustworthiness, even by staunch traditional allies, is at an all time low; 8. ppl whose only credentials are closeness to 45 are still in key positions & some have made wrong
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Some thoughts on #DanHannan's decision to launch a new 'Institute for Free Trade'. 1/x

Now first up, to be clear: though it has become less fashionable in last few years, I actually agree that freer trade is a good thing. 2/
In principle, freer trade raises prosperity for society at large: lower prices, competition, productivity gains, export opportunities etc 3/
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"Izaberite budućnost" - slogan SNS sadrži tehniku emocionalnog zlostavljanja koja izjeda vašu sposobnost da donosite odluke. #gaslighting
Budućnost je naime nešto ŠTO SLEDI SVAKAKO a sam slogan govori građanima da bez SNBS nema budućnosti u Srbiji. #gaslighting
Kada se tehnika #gaslighting primenjuje na velikom broju građana dovoljno je da neko ne vidi VELIKI PROBLEM u sloganu i efekat je tu.
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