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The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race, gender, sex and disability discrimination.

1st target #Pain management
2nd target Gender Affirming Care
3rd target #Abortion
What will they target next?

#StopCriminalizingPatientCenteredCare The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race
Misinformation & propaganda is being disseminated by the government and still floods the media. The #Gaslighting of America has been extremely effective.…
Individuals with incurable chronic illnesses, #RareDiseases #Disabilities that involve severe pain as a component are being deprived of appropriate medical treatment.
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🔶 On utilise ce terme pour désigner du harcèlement psychologique ayant recours au mensonge, au déni, à l'omission sélective ou à la déformation de faits dans le but de tirer profit de l'anxiété et de la confusion ainsi générées
#trauma #violencesverbales #violenceagainstwomen
🔶 Le gaslighting désigne une forme d'abus mental dans lequel un individu manipule la réalité pour faire douter sa victime de ses perceptions et de sa santé mentale. C'est une façon de priver la victime de gaslighting de libre-arbitre.
#domesticviolence #victimes #Violences
🔶 L'essayiste Patricia Evans a listé 7 "signes d'avertissement" du gaslighting
•Dissimuler des infos à la victime
•Contrer/déformer ses affirmations
•Minimiser l'info émise par la victime
•Violences verbales & moqueries
•Affaiblir socialement
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Speaking of ‘toxic twitter’ is this appropriate conduct? This is the last time I will engage with this manipulative person. Blocking. It’s just noise to deflect from the fact that BC’s covid response has been an abject failure, data manipulated to hide that fact, 1/ #BCPoli
playing the victim.
The real victims are BCers who have been infected needlessly, suffered long term consequences or died as a result. And their loved ones.
And for what? Politics? Ideology? Which has prolonged and made the pandemic worse. #Shame #BCPoli #Gaslighting 3/
The damage that has been done to trust in public health. Search unbiased journalists such as Penny Daflos to judge for yourself. BC has become an outlier, an object of derision amongst respected experts, some of which this person insults and as a result suspends their account 4/
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Hallo alle zusammen. Ich möchte den heuteigen Tag mal dazu benutzen mich folgender Fragestellung zu widmen. Was ist #Gaslighting und was hast dies mit dem Thema der Cannabis-Legalisierung zu tun. (1/20)
Um uns diesem Thema zu widmen möchte ich zunächst darlegen, was Gaslighting ist. Dazu bietet Wikipedia eine ganz gute Definition: (2/20)
Als Gaslighting (Kompositum aus englisch gas und lighting, deutsch: ‚Gasbeleuchtung‘, in diesem Zusammenhang aber auch im Deutschen als Gaslighting bezeichnet) wird in der Psychologie eine Form von psychischer Gewalt beziehungsweise Missbrauch bezeichnet, (3/20)
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1/ Important thread.

Why UK government failure to acknowledge & invest in #LongCovid will have irreparable health & economic consequences. 🧵

@Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @LSHTM @markjit @AnnaVassall
2/ In April 2021, #LongCovidKids hand delivered letters to Prime Minister, @BorisJohnson, requesting investment & treatment for #LongCovid.
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Finds krass traurig dass jetzt, da @JKSteinberger und viele andere tolle Sozialwissenschaftler:innen das Demand-Narrativ der Fossilkonzerne selbst im IPCC WG III Bericht debunkt haben, dieses Narrativ von progressiver Seite her propagiert und künstlich am Leben gehalten wird.
Was steht eigentlich in diesem WGIII Report?

"To enhance well-being, people demand
services & not primary energy & physical resources per se. Focusing on demand for services &
the different social/political roles people play broadens the participation in climate action."
Wenn aktuell die Mehrheit in dieser Gesellschaft mehr bis viel mehr Klimaschutz verlangt, ist die Frage: Was steht zwischen dem jetzt und dem viel mehr Klimaschutz?

Der unumstößliche Unwille zur tatsächlichen Veränderung? Oder vielleicht noch viele andere veränderbare Faktoren?
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#Diskurs #Neoliberalism

Sehr geehrte @jagodamarinic auf @dlfkultur hat heute eine Stipendiatin aus #Frankreich die Nichtwaehler des Herrn #Macron als "irrational" diffamiert & die Bezeichnung von Arroganz bei Macron als "Unterstellung" diskreditiert
In einer Podcast - Folge von
#LakonischElegant wurde durch Menschen mit Expertise aus #Frankreich dargelegt, daß dieser Ruf der #Arroganz keineswegs aus der Luft gegriffen wurde & daher als #Resonanz zu verstehen ist.

So hat #Macron #Armutsbetroffene als "Die Zahnlosen" verhöhnt
#Warum ich dies schreibe?

Aktuell hat eine "#Ernährungsexpertin" der @spdbt in #Deutschland #Armutsbetroffene als #Menschen mit falscher "Einstellung" kategorisiert, sollten Sie Hunger leiden.

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1/🧵 True Medicine #LongCOVID
In #COVID & beyond, TRUE medicine, which is to say true healing ❤️‍🩹,  adapts itself to each suffering patient.
It’s the opposite of #gaslighting someone because her disease doesn't “fit” our model when she (eg) fails POTS criteria.

2/ Our healing must have the character of MERCY, which means we #doctors & #nurses will bend our love to fit the shape of each suffering patient.

Only then can we lift her up.

It may means admitting we don't know what to do now other than listen more.

#Medtwitter #NurseTwitter
3/ I am drawn in by my patient's weakness, perhaps because I see even greater weakness in myself.
The person in front of me needs the help I can provide by mustering #compassion, the same compassion I seek from others for MY foibles, deficits & inabilities.
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I introduced the chair of the UK Public Covid-19 Inquiry to what the government has left me with of my wife & mother. 💔⚰️⚱️ #CovidInquiyNow #KatiePersinger Image
Yes those are the ashes of my loved ones.
I only had 5 minutes to talk and was aware others have just as important reality’s they are living the scope of this is huge and twitter just doesn’t cover what I have to say. 5 minutes 10 minutes or even an hour doesn’t cover the vast impact Covid-19 has had.
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I am so fucking sick of every conservative politician & every conservative pundit who got the message to “make this Trudeau’s problem”! We all need a bullshit radar because this is full on #Gaslighting
Does this absolve the Liberal govt from responsibility for that has happened? No! They clearly underestimated the risk & overestimated provincial & municipal capabilities to deal with the situation.
But at the end of the day, we need to acknowledge that this was not (is not) ending without federal intervention.
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Aus aktuellem Anlass: Wenn ihr weiterhin vorsichtig seid, Maske aufbehaltet, auch wenn scheinbar alle den Kopf in den Sand stecken: Lasst euch nicht einreden, ihr wärt ängstlich, das sei psychologisch relevant oder gar eine Angststörung. Auch wenn in einem SRF-Artikel /1
eine Psychologin findet, es sei jetzt Zeit, trotz Rekordinzidenzen das Zusammensein mit anderen nicht mehr als etwas Gefährliches anzusehen. Dieses Framing ist hinterhältig und widerlich; das Zusammensein mit anderen *ist* bei diesen Fallzahlen gefährlich. Das ist Fakt. /2
Rationale Angst ist sinnvoll, da sie uns motiviert, Gefahr zu vermeiden. Und vor einem Virus, das #LongCovid verursachen kann, Angst zu haben, ist komplett normal und vernünftig. Corona ist immer noch gefährlich. Egal, ob wir es nicht mehr als gefährlich ansehen. /3
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One thing I have seen weaponized against those who are marginalized and have experienced harm at those in positions of ‘leadership’ is the anger expressed. So very easy for #physicians, #researchers, #therapists, #counselors to point to the anger & exclaim ‘see how unbalanced 1/
this person is?’, ‘see how ill they are?’. When people are in positions where they have been harmed, where they have watched loved ones be harmed & it continues re of their voices, of their pleas for help, when those that are ‘suppose’ to help ignore the harms & gaslight 2/
#anger, to me, is a normal response. Yet many professionals use this instead to illustrate how ‘unstable’ a person or community is. NEVER do I condone threats or physical harm to anyone yet I have seen the #gaslighting of a group of or individual that has been viscerally 3
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#Narcissism thread 🧵 15 (more) questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether someone is a #narcissist
1. Do they devalue, diminish, demonise or harshly judge you or act as the righteous ‘authority’ figure with you regardless of their age, status or employment? 🚩
Are they #superior? For e.g. A non lawyer preaching to a lawyer about law. 2. Are they #defensive? Do they seem only interested in trying to prove that they are right & you are wrong, in a defensive mode? 🚩They are #competitive not co-operative. Co-operation is a must #healthy
3. Do they demand #attention from you? For e.g., insisting on having the conversation when it’s convenient for them only &/or use emotional #manipulation to ensure conversation happens on ‘their’ terms? They may not answer the question, go off topic, deflect, defensive, accuse 🚩
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1. #Narcissism Thread: What is the quickest way to tell if someone is a #narcissist? 🚩Raise a concern with them. Hands down this works Every. Single. Time. #Narcissists are unable to manage conflict. By conflict, I mean be cooperative & problem solve concerns or disagreements
2. I mean being held accountable or addressing a concern with the genuine interest in resolving it. Resolving issues are important to healthy relationships, #trust boundaries & safety. When issues remain unresolved between #Psychology #abused
3. Couples, family members, groups, organisations, it leads to #resentment, #anger & #contempt. This is why: Say you raise an issue with your partner that’s of a concern to you. Your partner disagrees 🚩 & it doesn’t seem like she is listening to you. 🚩You keep trying to express
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Everyone in #Texas
is dead by now ❗

6 april 2021 ⬇️


No #lockdowns or #facemasks
for a month,
cases down by half.…
1. - C O V I D - doden

2 jaar #gaslighting door zwetsers, zwammers, leuteraars, papegaaiende BNers, medische beroepsleugenaars en VacciNazi-politici❗

#coviddoden - Italië en USA
2. - C O V I D - doden

2 jaar #gaslighting door zwetsers, zwammers, leuteraars, papegaaiende BNers, medische beroepsleugenaars en #VacciNazi-politici❗

#coviddoden - #RIVM
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Nearly 2 years ago, on 31st Jan 2020, there was a dinner at Brown’s Hotel in London, organised by Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson. The assembled guests were jokingly labelled as The Brexit Batallion.

A short🧵 Image
When I first heard about this I was intrigued to see who had been invited. Some of the names we’re familiar to me, but many of them were not. I’ve been meaning to look into this for some time. Now I have. Let me share with you what I’ve found out. #GaslitNation ImageImage
As that Orwell bloke pointed out, if you want to control a population, it helps to control the narrative. If all we see & hear, from multiple sources, is the same information, then it can only reinforce the feeling that “it must be right” & a majority will go along with it.
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23/x - 2:13 "τελος πάντων...δεν ξέρω αν έχει σημασία (+eye block + hand barrier), θα το μάθετε έτσι και αλλιώς...αλλά...αποφάσισε...για λόγους που ακόμα και τώρα που σας μιλάω (2:20 - digital flexion) δεν έχω καταλάβει και δεν γνωρίζω..αποφάσισε (smile again?) να δημοσιοποίησει
24/x ..(μεγάλο hesitancy μετά το δημοσιοποιήσει - ΠΛΗΡΗΣ ΑΠΟΥΣΙΑ της "ΛΕΠΤΟΜΕΡΕΙΑΣ" ΟΤΙ ΕΓΙΝΕ ΧΩΡΙΣ ΤΗΝ ΣΥΓΚΑΤΑΘΕΣΗ/ ΣΥΝΕΝΕΣΗ)"...εεεε...πορνογραφικό υλικό του ίδιου (attempt to balance the act - "he was also in the #revengeporn) και της κοπέλας αυτής...που τα...που ήταν σε σχέση
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1/x (thread) Ενω πέφτουμε από τα σύννεφα (#not) με την αποτρόπαια και αηδιαστική πράξη (#revenge #porn) του #σταθης_παναγιωτοπουλος, πάμε να δούμε κατά πόσο (και για ποιον) `λυπάται` ο #Κανακης του #radioarvyla στην σημερινή εκπομπή
disclaimer 1:Τα παρακάτω δεν αποτελούν επιστημονική/τεκμηριωμένη γνώμη παρα μόνο προσπάθεια ανάγνωσης της γλώσσας σώματος και της λεκτικής επικοινωνίας του συνεντευξιαζόμενου
disclaimer2: η προσπάθεια αυτή παραθέτει ορισμένες παρατηρήσεις και τις αξιολογει σε μία κλίμακα παραπλανητικής συμπεριφοράς.Οι αντιδράσεις κάθε ανθρώπου,είναι μοναδικές και ενδέχεται να παρεκλίννουν από τις αναμενόμενες
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There is only one problem with this propoganda - this is the same thing they claimed when they had their minion, Fauci, lie to the world and claim #NoTreatment for the most common virus known to man. People trusted and believed one vaccine dose and immunity for life.
But now your lies and deception are starting to catch up with you and so #VaccinesByForce are all you have left.

BREAKING NEWS: Anyone complicit in the #VaccineOnly solution to the #PandemicEndemicOperation, we see you, we're recordig your actions and your days are numbered.
When you want to setup a meeting to discuss how to move forward on that #PublicDebate just reach out and connect and we'll make it happen. 12/08/21.

As part of your prep work and to try and make it a little more fair, the next image will allow you to contemplate how to explain..
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When you attempt to vaccinate once a pandemic level has been reached you only guarantee that you will create variants and thus crate an endemic, an annual return of never-ending variants.Fauci knows this and has done this on purpose. 1/X
If he claims it was not on purpose then he is grossly incompetent and guilty of #MedicalMalpractice, #MalfeseanceOfDuty with #MaliciousIntent because he violated our #AntiTrustLaws by #ConfiscatingAndProhibiting #HCQ from the market. It is illegal to manipulate a competitive...
product, in order to force the market to use your product. Not only has he removed #HCQ but he has supported other corrupt "expert" colluding to strongly recommended against #IVM a nobel prize winning drug that is #SaferThanAspirin and 30+ years of use and recent - 2015... 1/X
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Nanu, plötzlich kommt die Bundeswehr! In den früheren, höheren Wellen wurde sie nicht gebraucht.

Mit Militär-Symbolik und #Omicron wird die Angst erneut geschürt. 1/3 Image
Ich finde das deutsche #Gaslighting fast so lächerlich wie das chinesische: 2/3
Zu allem Überfluss setzt die Ampel jetzt einen General an die Spitze des völlig überflüssigen "Corona Krisenstabs", der wohl ein Sammelbecken der Panikmacher wird. 3/3…
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