This title is figurative and it connotes different meanings to different people and situations, but ultimately, it advises one to endeavour to live up to a preconceived standard.
There are a couple of instances that this statement is being used.
1. When in a team and everyone is working hard to meet team's goal, making researches, going the extra mile, but it is you that will not turn in a report at the right time, it is you that will be late to...'s meeting, it is you that will wander during team's strategy sessions, what you are doing is dampening the morale of the team. You have dropped the ball.
2. When there is a high hope, everyone is in a high spirit ,optimistic and enthusiastic then you walked in and your first statement is so filled with negativity and you just destroy all the excitement and optimism. You have dropped the ball.
You said you are being a realist, who sent you??? Keep your realism to yourself and allow those that are dreaming their own possibility go on.
Pessimism is not a virtue, being a realist is not a virtue either, go-getters are always full of joy and possesses positive mentality.
Coming from another angle on this. The fire many entered 2021 with is already going out and we are only just in the the fifth month of the year.
How come you are already letting go? How come you have started to default on the things you set out to do?
I thought you wanted to be better, I thought you wanted to have a better 2021 which made you take some decisions early on in the year, WHY THEN ARE YOU DROPPING THE BALL?
How dare you stop doing what you started doing for a positive change at the start of the year?
How dare you start to do what you stopped doing at the turn of the year?
We have only just started on the fifth step and you are already backing away?
And you said you want to win. Winning involves you to keep doing that thing till you actually break even.
Some started with a plan to read at least one book in a month but have stopped doing that in just four months... No now, no be so!
Some started applying for scholarships abroad and have burn out already when the testimony have not shown. Some started sending out proposals but have stopped because no leads have been generated yet. Some have sent out bids and contracts but stopped following up #Audacious
Some decided to pray more this year, study more, learn new skills, volunteer, start a business, write a book, write a script, sing a song, start a program, go back to school etc but only in four months, it seems they have thrown away all of that fire they entered the year with.
...They have dropped the ball.
Dropping the ball should not be you, dust up yourself and get back in the line again, you will do it all because you can actually do it.
I encourage you friends, do not go back to the old ways, focus and make the change. Do not lose steam now, the journey to your desired destination is still long, buckle up and #DontDropTheBall

See you next Sunday at 4pm as we take on another topic on AUDACIOUS.

#Audacious... For your peak performance daily.
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1 Dec 19
Good evening fam, Happy Sunday to you all. It's the 1st day of the last month of the year and coincidentally the first day of a New Week.

The last and first in the same sentence. #Audacious
Before I go on with today's short broadcast, I want to say a big Thank you to @beejayignite for that wonderful presentation on the topic #FinishingWell last time on #Audacious. If you missed it, please go over my timeline you will find it all there.
Today, I want to share on gratitude.
It is very easy for us to on a day like this when the reality that the year is almost over and you are yet to even get to half of the goals you set for the year to want to stoke up the flame of ingratitude, we just suddenly forget #Audacious
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3 Nov 19
I said your hurt was designed and you did not believe me. I didn't believe it myself. How can someone plan my hurt until it was executed.

People like me hate to hurt people and that is why we apologize everytime someone is displeased with us.
Hurt is hurt. You can not deny hurt when you are hurt. It is either you are hurt or not.
However, I state here today that no one is free from hurt. No one is immune against hurt.
You cannot be hurt and not know it. You cannot pretend you are hurt when you are not, your disposition will give you away.
Hurt is a deep cut on our emotions.

The dictionary define hurt as; to  cause emotional pain or anguish.

This cannot be peripheral
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26 May 19
Train up a child in the way that he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Children are at the best stage of moulding. Anyway you mould them at that developmental stage determine what you'll see of them afterwards.
There is a saying that when the fish is dried, it becomes difficult to bend. Hence, when they are still in their formative years, please do form them well.
Tomorrow is Children's Day and I want to wish every child out there a wonderful celebration.
But I also want we the parents to reflect on what the journey has been so far, how have we fared in the course of this journey?
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31 Mar 19
It's a Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and women in our lives world over.

#Audacious is appreciative of all the mothers in the world, you make the world better. Thank you
Today, let's quickly look at #SelfDoubt.
Of all types (so to speak) if doubts, the most dangerous is Self-doubt.

Doubt is: to be uncertain about (something): to believe that something may not be true or is unlikely: to have no confidence in (someone or something)
With the definition of doubt sorted, what is #SelfDoubt?

Simply put, Self-doubt means LACK OF SELF CONFIDENCE.

If everything is lacking in oneself, please let it not be self confidence, it can be demoralizing.
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17 Feb 19
We do so many things to ourselves that sabotages our own progress.

What are those things that mostly bring low your brilliant success? We call them SELF-DEFEATING PATTERN
Sometimes I like to watch kids playing with d building blocks toys. As innocent as these kids are, they just venture into a creative tendency that the adults find funny. I mean, these kids can build anything from those blocks, but we alws know where the weak link is. #Audacious
You know what, when these children are angry or tired, they just dismantle the creative piece they had.

Same applies to we adults, you build something meaningful and suddenly, you also pull it down.
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10 Feb 19

Especially for those had a terrible yesterday and probably going through a torrid today already, that past is always a contributing factor for tomorrow's existence.
Our experiences of yesterday have a way of turning our present reality into a mirror of itself if we don't guide against it.
More so, for those who had enviable yesterday, you often believe your tomorrow should be like your yesterday was. This is a danger that is imminent.
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