When you retweet PCC “shadow ministers” denigrating the PM for not removing General Vance after the Admiral Norman fiasco that cons turned into a scandal, you don’t get to follow me or view my information. You get blocked.

Yes I meticulously vet followers. Image
People who pretend to have progressive values are political saboteurs.

Kind of like Vance was appointed as a saboteur to sexual abuse reform in the Canadian military. And Admiral Norman sabotaged LPC cabinet confidentiality within 30 days of LPC taking office.
Harper appointed several conservative loyalists in top bureaucrat positions.

Military, RCMP, Corrections, Procurement, INAC, CSIS, etc.

Many of these appointees have demonstrated insubordination and resistance to LPC approved policy changes.

It’s a national security threat.
Trump used the same strategy. Appointing agents of chaos to undermine institutions from within.

Harper has always been more strategic & stealthy than the brash and bombastic malignant narcissist Donald Trump.

Trump wanted the public to witness his corrupt actions openly.
Remember, Trump was not CNP’s first choice for the Republican Presidential candidate.

@anelsona details the deal that was struck between CNP and Trump in her book Shadow Network. CNP had wanted Ted Cruz as their candidate. Trump hijacked those plans using a populist appeal.
Harper installed loyalists in key positions to surreptitiously resist LPC governance. Preferring covert action and denial when called out.

A model of political reform which Jason Kenney and UCP have adopted in Alberta under the guidance of Harper.

Denial is Kenney’s motto.
There have been several examples of insubordination in the federal bureaucracy.
•Corrections refusing to implement ban on solitary confinement
•RCMP refusing to address systemic sexual harassment and racism.
•CSIS continuing to collect personal data on innocent Canadians.
But no mainstream media attention except to criticize LPC.

Union leaders documented this process, but the narrative was undermined & discounted. They had dared to challenge Harper.

Many had grave concerns about Harper’s misuse of the public service.

Harper used appointments to incrementally dismantle democratic institutions from the inside.

It is a well documented Seven Mountains Mandate strategy. Dominionist Christian subterfuge.

Gain power in key positions and undermine democratic process from inside. Reshape culture. ImageImageImageImage
But few want to face that reality. Sounds too much like a conspiracy theory.

But we’ve all just witnessed Trump doing the exact same thing, representing the same type of Dominionist Christian Nationalists, in the US. The only difference is Trump openly bragged about it.
Harper didn’t brag. He carefully shaped his brand as a centre right conservative, but his actions were as destructive and ruinous to Canadian democratic institutions as Trump’s have been in the US.

Because Harper is a radical paleolibertarian, not a centrist conservative.
You want to know why LPC didn’t remove Vance? Because the public’s perception of Vance was positive and trusting. How partisan would it appear if PMJT had replaced every Harper appointed leader in the federal bureaucracy?
That’s the problem with public perception. Public support is required to clean house & purge loyalists.

But Canadians have thus far refused to acknowledge CPC is a Dominionist Christian Nationalist front group masquerading as a political party.

It sounds too “paranoid.”
Remember, Harper had 10 years to purge the bureaucracy of trustworthy non partisan leaders and lower level bureaucrats and install partisan loyalists who are realigning the bureaucracy to far right privilege. I witnessed this strategy from the inside. I was a federal bureaucrat.
Read the attached article. It’s accurate and is actually non partisan and objective regarding the attack on democracy.

Trump was an obvious bulldozer. Harper was and still is a strategic saboteur.
Jason Kenney and Doug Ford are similar political saboteurs seeking to dismantle democracy from the inside. Both were installed using Dominionist Christian and fossil fuel dark money. As described in Jane Mayer’s @JaneMayerNYer book Dark Money.
Similarly described in @kathsstewart Katherine Stewart’s book The Power Worshippers.

This has been researched, documented and published by several very credible investigative journalists.

Journalists forced to work as independents bc MSM has been co-opted by the far right.
I’ve been warning Canadians that Conservatives are not attempting to govern as a democratic political party for 3.5 years.

They’re destroying democracy by installing Ordered Liberty and Guided Democracy.
theimaginativeconservative.org/2017/10/edmund… ImageImageImageImage
The same form of governance used in China & Russia to maintain power & control in perpetuity.

Recently adopted by former democratic nations, Hungary (Orban), Turkey (Erdogan), Georgia (Georgian Dream).

Installed, but ousted from power by Ukraine (Yanukovich), US (Trump).
These nations have installed bureaucratic loyalists & changed federal policies that favour ultra far right privilege, even if left wing parties are elected. Nancy Maclean @NancyMacLean5 described this model’s initial development in Chile’s military coup in 1973 lead by Pinochet. Image
Several nations have had various forms of Ordered Liberty and Guided Democracy thrust on them. Was this a planned refinement of “lite” autocracy favouring the far right?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, India, Brazil, Israel?
This political model of perpetual far right power and control, irrespective of who is actually in government, using loyalist bureaucrats, and corrupted institutions, has been metastasizing across the globe.

Mostly ignored by Mainstream Media.
There is evidence of centralized coordination and assistance to install these religiously fundamentalist and radicalized far right “guided” democracies.

The International Democratic Union (IDU) has supported many “guided” democratic transitions expanding freedom & free markets.
The IDU has many tentacles across the globe, expanding guided democracy and ordered liberty to perpetually privilege the wealthy developers of fossil fuels and religiously ultra far right faithful.

Harper is the Chairman of IDU.

idu.org/members/ ImageImageImageImage
Across the globe, radicalized extremists, using propagation of fundamentalist religious dogma & libertarian ideology are installing guided democracy.

Worried yet? You should be.

Still think Ford & Kenney are incompetent? Think again. They are adept at manipulating perception. ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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3 May
What a surprise, Garnett Genuis is propagating a popular far right myth that Nazis were socialists.

Dehumanizing all who have philosophical leanings towards equality and the common good.

Equating the preference for universal healthcare with the creators of the Holocaust.
Sorry Garnett, Nazi’s were NOT socialists. In fact the first people they murdered in concentration camps were communists and socialists. Martin Niemoller made a famous speech which Christian homeschooling may have glossed over. Image
History is well documented. Pushing a book by a prominent Republican revisionist of history whose effort to establish a mythical past about American exceptionalism is characteristic of fascist behaviour.

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I’m on a blocking party. Grabbing a coffee and having fun sending trolls and bots to the dustbin.

Nothing like a swarm of hateful cons to demonstrate a coordinated disinformation campaign is afoot.

Told ya they’re panicking.
Along with panicked bullying to intimidate dissent and clarity, the presence of disinformation is as thick as mud.

User generated content is not being regulated. That would be an infringement of freedom.

Instead, owners of the media (the platforms) are to be held accountable.
Just like radio and television are regulated by the owners of the corporations who access their respective public utilities.

That way it’s safe to let children watch TreeHouse channel because consumers know the programming will be appropriate for the age range of viewers.
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The far right is panicking.

Bill C-10 is meant to reduce disinformation. Not censor legitimate opinion.

It’s also aimed at broadcasters, not independent individuals.

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Yeah Guilbeault!
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30 Apr
I’m happy that some readers are sifting through past threads.

This one is quite apt considering Chief Adam Allen’s revelations regarding Ft. Mac state of emergency.

I’m puzzled by the public’s reaction. Initial shock and then immediately into passive obedience.
The incremental moves towards callous disregard has caused the public to numb to the abject cruelty and negligent policy of UCP.

It’s stunning to me but predictable.

If you’ve ever wondered how Nazi’s committed the Holocaust with nary a complaint from the public, this is how.
Desensitization to violence is a process, but it isn’t difficult to create.

Shock is common when we witness uncharacteristic violence.

Violence is supposed to be rare & typically is, in a stable democracy.

Incrementalist violence is referred to as the frog in a boiling pot.
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I find it interesting that most people seek simple universal ethical rules that define right and wrong.

Killing is bad. Stealing is bad. Lying is bad.

Simple. So all examples of these behaviours are wrong behaviour.
Except life isn’t simple. It’s complex. So simple universal rules don’t adequately define right and wrong.

War is sometimes required and that involves killing to protect others.

Who hasn’t rationalized copying copyrighted material without permission? It’s stealing.
And who wouldn’t lie to protect someone’s feelings. Candor is not always appropriate.
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If you ever need proof Kenney and UCP don’t care about the science, observe.

Lockdowns are the only tool we have to eliminate covid.

Kenney is advocating we not try. Just “learn to live with it.”

Where have we heard that before?
So who do we listen to? The physicians who tell us to lockdown?

Or the physicians who tell us to live with it?

There are over 500,000 dead people in the US that clearly make this an easy decision.
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