@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones Are you that daft you even need it explained?
On water use for eg?
Poore is a vegan, & an associate of 'pre-emptive activism' company with big corporate clients. The study masqueraded as big data but was only 0.02% of farms globally, and was gathered from internet studies,
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones rather than observation. Huge areas were left out completely and there was no rigorous method to compare like with like. It's bad science. As for the exports v imports argument, LOOKING at actual differences in the specific farming/markets/food is more enlightening. So, for eg
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones China has moved from an agricultural society to a heavily industrialized society over last few decades & continues relentless losing 1.5 million hectares of pasture a yr - not far off the size of Wales. This has also caused pressure on its grassland wildlife too of course, if you
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones actually care about wildlife/environment you will take note. This industrialization for consumption has been driven by global corporates, whose model has always been producing tat to keep you going back to the well regularly rather than products made to last. This would never
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones have been accepted 60 years ago by actual discerning consumers, until advent of marketing men & rise of global corporates selling you new new new, and encouraging that disposable consumption, & with it plastics etc, and anything cheap regardless of eco or exploited labour cost.
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones The big problem with all corporate structures are they reward profits without regard for long term, so eg buyers would every time try to cut costs in their supply chain & increase the amount of tat for repeat sales. Look eg IKEA & H&M both WEF associated yet both broke model
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones of sustainable made to last furniture & fashion respectively. They are in all sorts of Orwellian doublethink now pretending recycling is the answer of course, it isn't. Plastic is still plastic; plywood is still plywood. Then there was palm oil, a product that was in very little
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones of our food like cakes biscuits & cosmetics years ago because everything as made using tallow & butter co produce of livestock which needed no extra land resource exploitation and made a superior product. So yet another problem caused by global corporates rather than the consumer
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones So with all this land & resources reaching crisis point, they have nowhere to go to exploit more for their models. So meat: scapegoat. The WEF elite, fund 'science' that confirms their bias, & it's a FARCE, & completely fraudulent accountancy. Here is why threadreaderapp.com/thread/1387378…
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones So, livestock produces co produce galore that IS sustainable, is mostly on pasture, and shared with biodiversity. IT is the ANSWER to problems, not the problem. So back to the import export point you raised. China because of all that lost pasture is reliant on soya for their pigs
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones so that is imported from Brazil which we know is problematic and the cause of deforestation there too. It was NEVER the cattle in Brazil, this was a false claim, now largely debunked. Brazil has enough existing pasture to increase their beef production (de Silva et al). Cattle
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones are only used to trample/fertilize ready for plantation crops after deforestation, and they don't eat soya. So BEEF raised on pasture, from Brazil or UK COULD provide a FAR more sustainable answer to China's food supply issues than soya for their own pigs. So got that? Pasture
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones raised meat is VERY sustainable, contrary to the narrative, WITHOUT deforestation: we and Brazil etc HAVE the pastures; other nations have livestock on marginal land unsuitable for crops too. USA & Australia need tweak to regen ag in parts but they will get there.
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones So see the @BBC have been engaged in essentially a pack of lies re using Poore & Liz Bonin doc, devoid of balance and analysis of the pasture systems that actually sustain the VAST majority of cattle/sheep & have this valuable co produce & co-existing with nature. It is OBVIOUS
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC to those of us who have always been engaged in dealing with global pastoral production, genuine sustainability, & to farmers, & ecologists that have been warning of the monocrops, habitat destruction, pesticides and chem fertilizers. If we could encourage China to go back to
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC focusing on quality esp given their silk heritage (which also eeds) and relationship with Mongolian cashmere (also feeds) but don't expect the likes of H&M to change anytime soon they'd rather carry on selling cheap crap. So in the mean time, UK meat exported there will HELP in
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC a small way to alleviate their reliance on that soya. As for imports to the UK of 'plant based' food, when these rogues are engaged in that push, you should KNOW that there's reason for it and caring about the planet ain't it. More about Wellcome, also of course funding the
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC 'science' behind lockdowns and whose portfolio has been boosted by it, are a rotten organization engaged in fossil fuel investment and funded EATLancet, when they became one of the biggest arable farmers in the UK
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC Then of course you have Gates involved , significantly funding BBC, & The Guardian as well as 'science' like 'Our World in Data' & this just scratches surface his web of influence pushing plant based/fake meat & his imperialist green revolution in Africa
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC More on that here

So now back to those food imports. Here, the difference between pasture based livestock and the rural communities & cultural/economic autonomy they support, and that corporate model again based on slavery & eco degradation
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC The destruction of habitat is obvious large scale, and slavery is everywhere for plantation agriculture & monocrops. But for the tech elite, their AI, robotics, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, and profits, plant based is the only way for them to go. Only consumers can stop
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC it but with them controlling media/science , scale of money involved esp re disruptive market investments, and the useful idiots of the vegan movement, plus insidious influence of Adventism, elitist Indian vegetarianism that leaves their people starving etc etc it
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC will be a difficult fight but I think despite all the propaganda from the WEF spivs, the British consumers KNOWS ll this instinctively. No sheep or cattle farming ever dried up and entire sea (Aral), burned an area of forest the size of Belgium for mega rice that doesn't grow,
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC kills birds & bees/insect of an apocalyptic scale, uses slave labour, and for what? The CRAP in centre of supermarket aisles, nutritionally deficient, fruit and veg out of season tasteless &....even kills marine life & created such a dystopian landscape was used in Bladerunner.
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC By contrast this is landscape where I am from: big food producing area, sheep, dairy rich biodiversity (land also shared tourism, forest, equestrianism fishing etc) little change from Wordworth's celebration of it, only pressure on it is when farmers give up: becomes urbanized.
@paulwarmo @Bentonbag @1GarethWynJones @BBC So if you think that somehow eco damaging to planet, while all the monocrops out of season imported veg, fake milk palm oil etc eco friendly I think you need new brain. Fortunately vast majority British public aren't as batty as ignorant virtue signalling brainwashed hipsters

• • •

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5 May
@waiterich @TyRBeal @matthewhayek @NutritionMadeS3 @NicholasDCarter @brentloken @jessfanzo Once more, this is pseudoscience constructed without regard for other human consumerism all in battle for same resources. Land use, eg destroying China's pasture at rate of 1.5 million a yr is what is driving their soya feed for pigs, and its for WASTEFUL models of business which ImageImageImageImage
@waiterich @TyRBeal @matthewhayek @NutritionMadeS3 @NicholasDCarter @brentloken @jessfanzo we did perfectly well with until a few decades ago. Indeed livestock while they may use up a lot of land, it is often marginal or sparing pastures to recover, and shared with the most robust biodiversity next to the rotten evils of monocrops pesticides, chemical fertilizers & ImageImageImageImage
@waiterich @TyRBeal @matthewhayek @NutritionMadeS3 @NicholasDCarter @brentloken @jessfanzo extra resources need for them whereas livestock provided tallow butter wool leather etc from same the MOST sustainable/bioddegradable. I have no clue how you sleep at night Richard not taking this on board, and weaving a construct which thankfully the public can see right through ImageImageImageImage
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A thread on pop culture warnings of the tech elite.

What part of T.H.R.U.S.H. didn't people get was villainous?

"Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity"

Unfortunately there's no Kuryakin or Solo to save us we have to do it...
The Borg, in Star Trek: a glimpse in to hive mentality of drone cyborgs serving the collective. Of course a network of geeks who really didn't like Ayn Rand, & love big tech, would rather you forget this as they appear to have & attempt to justify it....
Resistance is NOT Futile
Then another warning from Start Trek: the 'plant based' narrative mob don't like being questioned....
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28 Apr
Idea of 'food systems' is a false construct purposely deigned to stitch up meat. 'Scientific' FRAUD. Livestock MUCH more. Here sheep fur coat 1939 fed 2k people at time,+30-80 wool garments/carpet; tallow lanolin etc. Saved generations fossil fuel heat still in use. Synthetics by
contrast produce NO food, and are driving fashion industry's considerable 10% emissions. Only thing near as good as wool is hemp & again not durable (It's sacking) or quality, & does not feed. Cotton doesn't either, & indeed the Aral Sea was responsible in just 20 yrs for
eradicating of an important local food source & 24 endemic species of fish extinct. Crops that are for food, generally do not clothe (at least without use plastic added). Neither synthetic/crop clothing as durable as animal sources, thus you need constant replacement production,
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27 Apr
@docmartincohen @StartsWithABang But can't even tell you the football results, & sneers at those who take interest in such things. Whole manner can be elitist who thinks their authority is unquestionable, yet prone to making the most basic mistakes, & even engage in fraud for either money or pure conceit
@docmartincohen @StartsWithABang or worse still, beliveing their lie is justified in pursuit of some nebulous 'greater good' without appreciating the harm it can do and scornful of those that warn. Lockown science a clear example of this, as was the huge death toll contributed to by refusal to consider
@docmartincohen @StartsWithABang fever hospital protocol tried & tested for an experiment. That is sheer arrogance, and it FAILED yet still they push it oblivious to the huge amount of counter evidence, and the opinion of now well over 50k scientists and health professionals signatory to Great Barrington Dec.
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26 Apr
@oatly @CotswoldLadyB Patently FALSE.
1.Cattle herd Brazil increased as deforestation decreased.
2.Very little feed 4 cattle.
3.90% Brazil's cattle pasture fed & beef production can be increased reducing emissions via such without deforestation (de Silva et al)
4.63% soya UK human use little👇
@oatly @CotswoldLadyB little cattle (Sus Food Trust)
5. Much cattle feed waste(FAO confirmed) as is pig feed but Oatly know all about that massive crop waste unsuitable human use
6. Pig/poultry main soya feed use: reason China losing 1.5 mill hectares yr pasture for tech, fast fashion etc 👇
@oatly @CotswoldLadyB consumerist industrialization, This is why it is pseudoscientific deceit to talk about 'food systems' isolated from other consumerism, which causes pasture loss & need for soya feed for pigs etc & of course some of that consumerism is DUE to move away from leather, wool etc co 👇
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26 Apr
@fleroy1974 @hairyhillfarmer Don't forget to add in the move from livestock provided co produce such as wool leather etc to fast fashion tat not durable so massive production for stuff that doesn't last a yr, or insulate (wool/sheepskin considerable fossil fuel heat saving pp). Because its hard to calculate,
@fleroy1974 @hairyhillfarmer doesn't man it's not hugely important. So eg this coat has lasted since 1939 (fed 2k people at time) + produced 30-80 wool garments life shearings. Millions were made affordable practical & warm little cleaning if ever required, many have lasted they are not rare; ladies
@fleroy1974 @hairyhillfarmer wore them as housecoats & threw over bed in cold weather. By contrast the average life on a fast fashion store coat now is 1 yr. So if we say, the mouton coat lasts 80 yrs, that saves cost of manufacture 80 coats synthetic made from crude oil same time. This is responsible for
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