As someone who has worked for 4-5 years on the ground as a journalist, let me confess getting 2-3 quotes for the line of argument you want to create through a report is NOT DIFFICULT.

People often see what they want to, and start believing that as a Universal truth.

This is what exactly happened with most parachuted journalists. @sagarikaghose "found" a Hindu hotel and thought Hindutva is taking over Bengal. She also suggested Didi has not yet matured in politics that's her tragedy😂😂😂

Wonder who needs to mature now.

Similarly, @vargheseKgeorge thought it not so easy for @MamataOfficial to counter anti-incumbency with Bengali sub-nationalism.

Result TMC got 48% votes, second highest in the state (in 1972 INC got 49%).

The least said about @sajjanjnu better. He might have been right on some occasions in predicting elections. But certainly from day 1, it was clear his knowledge of Bengal society and politics is shallow than an average journalist, and he projected himself as an Analyst.

But the biggest culprit in this is was @thewire_in. Other media can be pliant and take orders from BJP High Command. I wonder why @thewire_in and @svaradarajan would allow this. This despite the fact that they have a sensible reporter on the ground in Kolkata in @onlineGhosh.
Sample this, in early March @sajjanjnu, released his so-called qualitative analysis where he visited all 294 seats in just 75 days for “qualitative” analysis – that is almost 4 constituencies in a day, besides traveling, resting, and answering to the call of nature.

Sajjan Kumar claimed BJP is clearly winning and later stood by in even Exit Polls.…

Anyone, with slight knowledge of Bengal, would tell you it was all propaganda aimed at helping to create narratives in favor of the BJP.

When NO media gave it much attention in first week, @AjoyAshirwad of @thewire_in interviews in detail @sajjanjnu for over 45 mins

The article/video is mischievously titled "Why Mamata Banerjee May Not Score a Hat-Trick in the West Bengal Assembly Polls". The so-called analyst (a former ABVP worker in his JNU days), is given free hand to explain how TMC is losing.
Ajoy did this interview before he came to Bengal for reporting. He later comes to Bengal to report from the ground already forming an opinion that the BJP is losing, thanks to his friend from JNU days.

See a sample of stories he did.

I mention Ajoy here as he has issued a public statement (wrote on FB a long post) apologizing how he went wrong in his analysis.

Well, why should we believe it was not all intentional.

.@thewire_in similarly gave spaces to some "freelance journalist" who have worked in past for a certain political party, and now double as freelance journalist cum political analyst. What is surprising is that Wire has given them a "Press card".

In short, @thewire_in helped in building a particular line of narrative, which is clear now, was all propaganda whether intentionally or intentionally.

What is interesting is that from Ajoy, to Verghese George to Sajjan Kumar to many other freelancers are all from the same JNU Stable.

I will try to continue this thread in the coming day.

• • •

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