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#Thread : the #humanitarian responses by #Muslim individuals n orgs during d #COVIDー19. This is not to please anyone but to put things on record. When hate has become d new normal, it becomes imperative to spread love n compassion. Mera paigham #Mohabbat hai jaha tak pahunche…
In #Bengaluru: Muslim Neighbours Step In To Help Bereaved Hindu Family via @BangaloreMirror

More here :
In #Indore : Muslim men carry a Hindu woman’s bier when relatives refused to help the family via @the_hindu

More here :
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#JUSTIN || 11 new #coronavirus cases recorded in #Telangana today. Total no of cases mounts to 1,096 of which 439 are active cases. 43 patients discharged today. Total deaths 29 and 628 patients discharged so far, said @TelanganaCMO @timesofindia
A Telangana worker has died of #COVID19 in #Dubai. Last rites were performed in Dubai itself. Death average is 2.64% in #Telangana: @TelanganaCMO
#Telangana's recovery rate is 57.3% higher than India's recovery rate of 27.40%. Telangana is close to flattening the #COVID19 curve. As per #Hyderabad based biotech companies, vaccine for #COVIDー19 may be out by August: @TelanganaCMO
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For sometime now, liberals in #Pakistan have been peddling the demise of Two Nation Theory that provides the basis of #Pakistani statehood.

One of them is an obtuse physicist Pervez Hoodboy whose pseudo philosophy deems the 1971 secession of East Pakistan as cause.

This proposition especially proves its own intellectually bankrupt, when its made while India is being ruled by #hindu nationalist #BJP.

Who’ve passed genocidal CAA & NRC laws to cancel citizenships of millions of #Indian #Muslims & when 8 million #Kashmiris are under siege.

Hoodboy claims that today’s Pakistan is only half the country envisioned by our founding fathers, therefore Two Nation Theory is dead.

Besides BJP’s #hindu nationalism itself proving the Two Nation Theory, let’s consider how it influenced Bengal’s struggle for independence.

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•Six Quarantine Facilities established at #Mumbai #Jaisalmer #Jodhpur #Hindon #Manesar & #Chennai being run by #ArmedForces in which 1737 persons have been quarantined, of which 403 have been discharged on being ascertained fit.(1/n)
•Additional 15 facilities for 7000 people kept as standby at #Babina #Jhansi #Barmer #Bhopal #Kolkata #Binaguri #Bathinda #Hyderabad #Deolali #Kanpur #Gorakhpur #Agra #Vishakapatnam #Kochi & #Chilka.(2/n)
•Dedicated #COVID19 facilities including High Dependency Units & ICUs being prepared in approximately 51 #ArmedForces hospitals across the country.(n/n)

Together we will fight #COVID19

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The amount of Social service works done by a particular community during the National Crisis of which there is mass propaganda and targeting harassment Is done for Political benifits.

#Covid_19 #Muslim

The Masajids are being Utilized at the time of need, during the National Crisis,


NGO in Bangalore working together preparing Food kits and distributing to the Poor and those who are in need.


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#COVID19 tests (First and second confirmatory tests), are free for all citizens. The country has enough testing capacity as only 10% of total capacity has been utilized per day so far.
An order has been placed for procurement of an additional 80,56,365 #N95 masks and Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers.
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The 24 year old techie from #Hyderabad, who tested positive for #COVID-19 went to Dubai, returned to Bengaluru on Feb 20, reached Hyderabad on February 22. After developing fever he consulted doctors including Apollo Hospital, Shiva_TH
When fever did not subside, he was admitting into Gandhi Hospital on March 1. After tests and cross checking with NIV, Pune he was declared positive for COVID-19
The TS Health Minister said that patient got in contact with at least 80 people including 20 staff of the corporate hospital, and 27 people in a bus. Total number of members in his family is yet to be known
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Pink not Red?

That leads us right back to India through Mylan, the EpiPen manufacturer who's product just happens to turn into Pink #Adrenochrome. Yes you read that right.

Any idea on how to transport Adrenochrome undetected through customs? Asking for a friend....


But me thinks she's about as deep-state as they come.

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Sir @HYDTP @CYBTRAFFIC to encourage citizens/commuters, would you be interested in conducting weekly/monthly contests on traffic/RTO rules & regulations? Where they will be asked to identify the pictures of the symbols of the rules, like ‘No overtaking’, ‘lane driving’ ..
... ‘school zone’ ‘White/yellow/broken lines on the road’ etc… (Sharing the same in the thread)…
From the correct answers, one will be picked randomly, and be rewarded.
(1) two tickets for a movie; of course, one ticket will make him go alone to the movie ;-) ....
... (2) or any gift voucher etc…
I think, you can use the money collected from e-challan for this 
This might help a little awareness for few at least.
You want to try this on all three social media platforms.
Also, you may want to try on tier 2 cities of #Telangana later...
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Youth throughout the country have shown up today in overwhelming numbers to stand for a democratic, secular & republic India
Any effort to divide them only makes them stronger.

Here is a thread of nationwide youth protests in solidarity with #BharatBandh today
Law students at Carter Road, Bandra, #Mumbai
Raipur, #Chhattisgarh
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Here are the thread collating #CAAPotests & Protests in Solidarity with JNU planned for 6th JANUARY from all over INDIA🇮🇳 & World

#JNUattack #JNUVioence #EmergencyinJNU #SOSJNU #JNUUnderAttack
#Oxford With JNU @ 12 noon
#Malegaon Protest Rally of WOMEN against CAA / NRC

6th Janury @ 2:30 pm
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The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or, as more commonly called, the RSS-was started in 1925 on the day of Vijayadashami. It was founded by: revered Doctor Shri Keshav Baliram Hedgewar.
#RSSTelangana #VijaySankalpShibir
@RSSorg @pradeepvupala @Varanasiboy_ @ayush4bharat @KarunaGopal1 @niveemetals @SriRamya21 @Surender_Wgl @nnrao72 @lokahitam One constant prayer all through the ages has been :
सर्वेपि सुखिनः संतु सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः
(Let everyone be happy, let everyone be free from all ills)
#RSSTelangana #VijaySankalpShibir
@RSSorg @pradeepvupala @Varanasiboy_ @ayush4bharat @KarunaGopal1 @niveemetals @SriRamya21 @Surender_Wgl @nnrao72 @lokahitam Our philosophy: Harmony-the highest state of society:
न राज्यं न च राजासीत्, न दण्डयो न च दाण्डिकः ।
धर्मेणैव प्रजाः सर्वा, रक्षन्ति स्म परस्परम् ॥
There is no state, no king, no penalty, no criminal. All protected 1 another by virtue of dharma
#RSSTelangana #VijaySankalpShibir
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Our Hon’ble @AndhraPradeshCM @ysjagan is very clear on Capital issue: 1) We want overall State Devel, 2) To this end we have announced de-centralised model of devel with #Kurnool, #Vizag & #Vijayawada all included - 1 @yvsubbareddymp @VSReddy_MP @BugganaR @YSRCParty #APCapitals
#Kurnool as judiciary Center is good & will develop #Rayalaseema region & since easy driving distance from #Hyderabad, AP clients will be able to get the best legal services from legal fraternity based in Hyd and slowly a second legal Center w jobs will develop in Kurnool -2
We remain committed to #Vijayawada / #Amaravati region. Our Govt w bring new Invsts in Inland Logistics, Medicine, Agri, Edu etc to Vja region & further develop these sectors here which have natural locational advantage here. Farmers & their lands will be our top priority here -3
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Telangana Police: All four people accused in the rape and murder of woman veterinarian in Telangana have been killed in an encounter with the police.

More details awaited.


Hyderabad vet rape-murder case: All 4 accused killed in encounter


#Encounter #Hyderabad #TelanganaPolice
Accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case killed in encounter: Top developments

More details here:

#Encounter #Hyderabad #TelanganaPolice #DishaCase
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#Hyderabad police issues 14-point advisory to women: (1/4)

1. Update family with travel details.
2. Share last location with family & friends, if possible.
3. Share picture of number plate, contact details of taxi/auto.

4. Check route if travelling to an unfamiliar place.
5. Always wait in crowded, well-lit areas.
6. Move from an isolated area to the nearest shop.
7. Always be ready to dial 100.

8. Download 'hawk eye', keep location on for the app all the time.
9. Ask commuters for help in suspicious circumstances.
10. If you are alone, call cops & pretend like you are talking to a kin.

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Thread 🚨: After the rape and murder of a Hyderabad Veterinarian, several right wing handles on #Twitter tried giving the incident a communal overtone. #Hyderabad #FakeNews @TwitterIndia (1/n)
BOOM spoke to @cyberabadpolice, investigating the case, who denied any communal angle to the incident and warned against sharing fake and communally sensitive posts. #Hyderabad #FakeNews (2/n)
@Payal_Rohatgi tweeted the details of the rape saying, "Hindu girl raped and murdered by rapists in Shadnagar of Hyderabad. Is Shadnagar a Muslim majority area?" #Hyderabad #FakeNews (3/n)
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It is a strange conundrum we face in India.

Purely going by statistics India seems to be better than many developed countries in terms of #Rape.

But the misoginy is so evident.

We r going through transition where women experience more 1/n

#Priyanka #Hyderabad #JusticeForRoja
freedom to work yet the ordinary Indian man has yet to come to terms with it.

Calling women 'whores', 'How much?' R still prevalent.

This disease is not uncommon across the world yet it only gets reported widely in India due to our sensationalist media.

We have to 2/n
While cases like this deserve all the attention one should remember that we r still majorly misogynistic n patriarchical.

Only way to get out of the malice is when women venture outside n this becomes commonplace.

And to deny that mass media n movies have no influence 3/n
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One lady was killed when a car reportedly driving at high speed, fell off the newly inaugurated Biodiversity flyover in the IT area of #Hyderabad.
This camera shows the impact of the falling car on the people standing below. #biodiversityflyover #cyberabad #hyderabad @FilterKaapiLive
It is obvious the car is driving at very high speed....Two, it is a sharp bend where you necessarily need to slow down. Video shows the red car falling off. @FilterKaapiLive #biodiversityFlyover #cyberabad #hyderabad
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Perhaps the best example of #AmalgamationArchitecture and the cultural inclusiveness of #Hyderabad under the Nizam is #OsmaniaUniversity Arts College founded in 1918. It's the 1st Indian university to have Urdu (a modern language) as medium of instruction (as opposed to Persian).
Under the last Nizam, Osman Ali Pasha, #Hyderabad was thriving as a center of learning, innovation and technological advancement, free from the dark shadow of colonialism that gripped most of the Subcontinent. Hyderabad was quite insulated from India...
...and developed its own culture, architectural styles, cuisine, and most importantly, language. People from India were referred to as Hindustani and so was their language. The language of Hyderabad was Dakhani (of Deccan), which is very distinct from Hindi or Urdu...
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Architecture is not just about buildings, it’s about society, culture, psychology, politics, landscape, the environment, economics, engineering, mathematics, art, craft, materiality, technology, impact, and projecting the future. It’s about people, place and time.
#Architecture tells a story:of #people who inhabit it,of its #place in context,of #times it's seen.This house is symbolic of use,history,culture,style.Was it always this color?Was it built at once or incrementally?Is it unified or divided inside?So much to peel, layer by layer...
#Vernacular architecture is the architecture born of a place, deeply rooted to the context, created using local materials and age-old technology passed down through generations. The courtyard houses of India are a vernacular archetype for residential architecture...
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Have you noticed something about the two mosques I talked about? The Charminar and the Mecca Masjid. They're very different from the common perception of what a mosque is supposed to look like, aren't they? Lofty bulbous domes, minarets, crescents, maybe painted green and white?
...Yet these two mosques have no domes or tall towering minarets that symbolize a mosque. Let's look at a few other heritage mosques around #Hyderabad. Here are a few images of Qutb Shahi mosques around the city...
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...first a warning: if you're the kind who gets yourself offended because you didn't get a joke, you may want to go read something else for the next couple of days.
(I also have a pretty controversial eponymous magazine.) But trust me, I'm not an anti-national!
I’m an architect with a BArch from CSIIT Secunderabad (the twin city that Hyderabad absorbed) and an MArch in Architecture + Urbanism from the Design Research Lab at the Architectural Association, London. Though my practice is very much driven by technology and experimentation... passion also remains deeply-rooted in history and built heritage. Studying architecture in Hyderabad was a unique learning experience that was as valuable outside of the studio (if not more so) as within...
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The 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health @UnionConference begins tomorrow in #Hyderabad, a major event in #TB and #lunghealth . I am not going- here is a short #thread why.
This is despite being part of an accepted symposium on #coercion and #TB
@UnionConference The reason is the ridiculously expensive registration fees for the conference. For a meeting which focuses majorly on #TB, a disease of poverty, and being held in a #LMIC location, it is atrocious to charge such fees. Even at the discounted rates for #LMICs, it is very EXPENSIVE
@UnionConference I do not have a salaried position which offers such registration fees through the institution, or grant money to cover such fees. I am not going to spend such amounts of money, even if its an important event, as a matter of principle. It is deeply disturbing that this is usual.
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