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The discussion on #MaaKaali is so petty & so silly. No wonder we humans have not been able to evolve much from our primates. You idiots are trying to define & give form to someone who is infinite & formless. No wonder the civilisation is in the brink of destruction. Take a look.. Image
(2/n) at the pond above. The earliest settlers in #Bengal were indigenous tribes belonging mostly to fishermen community. They prayed to nature in many forms. Then there were kings like Adi Sur & Sen Dynasty. They brought 5 Brahmins from Kannauj (UP) to perform yagnas....
(3/n) Ours was 1 such family. These Brahmins were given vast tracts of land to develop civilizations. These Brahmins became Zamindars and Rajas.
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The vedic ways were introduced. In those times Brahminical rituals and rites were...
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When Hindu Mahasabha & @BJP4Bengal guys get into street brawl at the house of #SyamaPrasadMukherjee on his birth anniversary doesn't really bode well for BJP in #Bengal. It's a not a weapon you can afford to hand over to your opponent. As SPMs family we are very very upset (1/2)
(2/2) with this childish behavior. It was not a political event. Keep your cheap politics to yourselves & your homes. Don't bring it to the hallowed halls of Sir Ashutosh Memorial Institute.
Understand the difference between "Deshnayak" & "Loknayak".
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@IndiaArtHistory Great thread @IndiaArtHistory. While most of what you penned down is absolutely true, Bidhan Chandra Roy was a dick. Sorry! Here's he with my GG father Raja Bhupendranath Mukherjee at our House in #Uttarpara. If you really wish to know the history on #Bengal from 840 AD ..(1/2) Image
@IndiaArtHistory (2/3) to its absolute downfall, suggest you read these blogs. Long reads but if you can read those in their entirety u will get the drift

Blog 2 of 4…

Blog 1 of 4…

Blog 3 of 4…
@IndiaArtHistory (3/3) Blog 4 of 4 - Rise of Left…

The Left came about because of the utter failure of @INCIndia very much in line of what we are seeing now. History repeats itself. In 1940s it was because of Gandhi-Nero now its because of Mano-Pappu. BC Roy is a cheat!
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BIG BREAKING: RSS steps in to arrest any further slide of saffron base in #WestBengal . Sangh has called a 1 day crucial meet in Delhi where all affiliates, orgs who work in Bengal are called for consultation. 3 members from BJP org have also been called.
Gen Sec (Org) Amitabha Chakraborty, State President Sukanta Majumder and Bengal Co Incharge Amit Malviya from BJP are asked to attend the meet by Sangh. But this isn't a BJP centric meet. Other saffron org will also be present.

RSS in the driver's seat? #WestBengal
UPDATE: Sources say, the meeting called by RSS was to coordinate and accelerate help for post poll violence victims in #Bengal. Many BJP and RSS cadres are still living away from their villages. This coordinated help is to reinstate faith among the cadres, the source adds.
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Tmrw BJP Prez JP Nadda embarks on a 2 day visit to Bengal. This comes when the BJP unit is disoriented, no cadre on ground and lack of trust amongst the BJP leaders.

Will Nadda be able to unite the fragmented BJP? Highly unlikely it seems.
Bengal State BJP leaders no longer trust the central BJP.
They all think that there is a "setting" btwn TMC & BJP.
Moreover Amit Shah's last month's comment - "fight your own battle", "Learn from Mamata" did not go down well with the party cadres
Re-plugging my Amit Shah story from his #Bengal visit in May…

Since then much of the water has flown in Bengal

Nadda has a long road to traverse in Bengal
For 2024 the BJP is on a very shaky ground in Bengal
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Many know where Bengal’s bravest son, #SubhasChandraBose - Netaji – lived in #Calcutta, as he famously escaped house arrest from his home at Elgin Road, in 1940. But not many know where Netaji’s ancestral home or ‘Desh-er-bari’ is. 1/10
Now called ‘Subhasgram’ in honour of #Netaji, it is just 25 km south of #Kolkata, in a village formerly known as Kodalia. Simple and elegant, the two-storey homestead is being restored. 2/10
Among Netaji’s ancestors was Mahipati Bose, who was granted a jagir by the Sultan of #Bengal, Hussain Shah, near the Bose ancestral home in the early 16th century. His grandson Gopinath Bose was also granted a jagir in Purandarpur, named after his title ‘Purandar Khan’. 3/10
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Can a lip-smacking chicken #curry be used as a tool for #revolution? Believe it or not but Rash Behari Bose, an #Indian revolutionary, did just that while on the run in #Tokyo. Bose was born #OnThisDay in 1886. 1/8
#food #cuisine #recipes Image
During the early 20th century, the #British in #India were feeling the heat as there was an upsurge in revolutionary activities during India's #freedomstruggle. A revolutionary from #Bengal, Bose played an important part in the movement. 2/8
He was involved in the assassination attempt on Lord Hardinge in 1912 and the failed Ghadar Mutiny of 1915. He escaped to #Japan and lived there under an assumed name and identity. 3/8
#Indianhistory #history Image
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A thread on the #Bengal situation right now.
In Malda, defiant Hindus allege that local police officials are pressuring them to get converted to Islam.
In Murshidabad, bombs were hurled on a Hari Naam Sankirtan rally.
Malda: 52% Muslim
Murshidabad: 67% Muslim
Why was the Hari Naam Sankirtan yatra allegedly stopped, bombed hurled, shots fired?
Apparently objection was raised because it was passing through a “Muslim area”. We have seen how overground jihad enablers in media and social media are trying to normalise that term. #Bengal
Look at #Bengal. Listen to bombs and gunshots.
TMC enables this to please votebank and terrorise opponents.
BJP stages dharna, candlelight vigils and asks why are the liberals silent.
Centres twiddles thumb.
Dhimmis clueless about the ground pontificate about ‘ganga-jamuni’.
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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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Unakoti : It is a historical and archaeological Hindu pilgrimage center located in Kailashahar subdivision of #Unakoti district, 178KM away from #Agartala, capital of #Tripura, a state of India. There are 99lakh, 99 thousand, 999 idols dedicated to #LordShiva.
#incredibleindia Image
Which were built in the 7th – 9th century AD, or even earlier, during the reign of the #Pala_dynasty in #Bengal and neighboring regions. On the basis of the number of idols, this place got the name "Unakoti" because Image
according to the language here 'Koti' means 'crore' and 'Una' means 'one less'. According to #Hindu_mythology, Lord Shiva once spent a night here on his way to #Kashi to rest with 99,99,999 gods and goddesses. And he told all the deities to get up before sunrise and Image
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BREAKING: Calcutta High Court registers suo moto case in the incident of Rampurhat, Birbhum district where several homes were set ablaze. Chief Justice bench to hear the case today at 2pm. #BengalBurnings
Allegedly, following killing of TMC leader Bahadur Shaikh at Bogtui village in Birbhum district, several houses were set ablaze in Rampurhat in which eight people, including women & children, were charred to death @ISalilTiwari reports
🚨Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court Prakash Srivastava & Justice Rajarshi Bharadwaj expected to shortly assemble & take up its Suo Motu Case registered in light of the gruesome murders where homes were set ablaze & bodies were charred beyond recognition #BengalBurnings
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Geetoshree #SandhyaMukhopadhyay (সন্ধ্যা মুখোপাধ্যায়)) passed away at the age of 90 on 15 February 2022. She was the doyen of Bengali playback music and a household name in both Bengals.
Sandhya, was she was popularly known, was born in Dhakuria, Calcutta, on 4 October 1931 to Narendranath Mukherjee, a railway official, and Hemprova Devi. She was the youngest of six children.
By her teen years she was already being trained in Hindustani Classical Music under the tutelage of Pandits A. T. Kannan and Chinmoy Lahiri.
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I marvel at the dishonesty of those who say Lord Ram is a north Indian god alien to #Bengal culture. I will place some facts. You judge.
* Bengal’s biggest spiritual guru Gadadhar Chattopadhyay takes the name Ramkrishna Paramhansa.
* Iconic reformer: Ram Mohan Roy.
* Bengal’s most famous sculptor: Ramkinkar Baij.
* Ramrajatala is in Howrah. Has a 300-year-old Ram temple built by zamindar Ayodhya Ram Choudhury where local worship the deity for 3 months every year.
* Serampore or Srirampur is one of the oldest cities. #Ram #Bengal
* Sita Kund near Ayodhya hill is in Purulia district in #Bengal. It’s believed #Ram and #Sita came there during exile. Sita felt thirsty. Ram pierced earth with an arrow. A spring gushed out. Tribals named it Sita Kund.
* Bengal’s Patachitra paintings have Ramayan scenes.
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The Bengal-Nagpur Railway (BNR) was one of India's major railway companies that operated from 1888 to 1952. It's assets were largely inherited by the Indian Railway's South Eastern Railway Zone. #Bengal #Nagpur #Railway Image
In 1887, BNR was set up with a registered office at Gresham House (now Tower 42), Old Broad Street, London. Trevredyn Rashleigh Wynne was appointed Chairman and V.E.D. Jarrad its Agent (General Manager) in India. ImageImageImage
BNR entered into an agreement the Government of India to take over the Chhattisgarh State Railway and convert the Nagpur-Rajnandgaon stretch into a broad gauge (BG) network, lay a new 480-mile long BG network to Asansol located on East Indian Railway (EIR) network in 1887. Image
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The change in land tenure under Nawab Alivardi Khan of Bengal and then East India Company under Robert Clive created a landed gentry in #Bengal. During the 18th and 19th century the saw the construction of European manor houses and palaces all across the Bengal. #History
The Belvedere House is believed to have been built by Mir Jafar in the 1760s and was 'gifted' to EIC Governor General Warren Hastings as his residence. Today it housed the National Library of India.
Raj Bhavan, Kolkata is currently the official West Bengal Governor residence. Built in 1799 by Gov--General Richard Wellesley, older brother of Arthur Duke of Wellington as the seat of British rule in India. Also the first building in India to be installed with a lift in 1860.
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Self Goals on internal security. A thread

Modi has maneuvered us into a very difficult position. Demonitisation was a great, gutsy move that gave hardship but was accepted because Modi had "Street Cred". Was seen as strong &fair. It went through very smoothly

But his Street Cred has evaporated now

His weakness from Dec 2019 has shown voters that he cannot back up his own policies despite 303 seats - CAA on hold for example despite being law of land

But there is a bigger problem. He is no longer seen as fair

Handling of #Palghar #Bengal #anuragpoddar #Lakhimpur have shown deep bias against the so called majority community

A leader can get away with being incompetent and weak for sometime. But not weak and biased. That destroys credibility

It also deeply damages police and adm

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India's richest person from whom the #British & #Mughals used to borrow money. Before British rule, our country used to be 'Sone ki Chidiya' due to our rich kings & princely states whose treasuries were full. There was no poverty.
There were such people in India in the 17th-18th century to whom the Mughals & British Empire kept bowing their heads for money. One such household was the 'Jagat Seth' Gharana of Murshidabad, #Bengal. They were originally from #Rajasthan
Jagat Seth was a title given to Fatehchand ji in 1723 AD by Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah. Since then this entire gharana became famous as 'Jagat Seth'. It was considered to be the richest banker's house of those times.
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A #story of an #afternoon of 1971 #Bengal.
A beautiful,fair glowing skinned,#generalclass, #traditional, #Hinduwoman used to live with her #husband (who used to work in railways) and her 15yrs old #son & 4 years old #Daughter.
She was also a prime worshipper of Maa Durga...
Some years ago, when her #son was of 13 yrs, he started showing his interest in #Politics and started being with #hinduextremists.
He also started going to #akharas,for #gym work and #shastravidya.
Onto which he was #punished by not given #food for a #day by...
his mother, as she wanted him to be an #Engineer and become #rich.
The son left his interest, and started #studying in guidence of his #mother.
It was the time of #Bangladeshliberation #war, when he went to a nearby #Temple with his mother and #sister one #evening ...
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So, insulting ब्राह्मण community and a brave क्षत्रिय king are absolutely ok.

Also, ok is creating a derogatory term "Hyper Hindu".
SS of the same tweet, in case I get blocked from Shefali ji.
So, upper caste in #Bengal is responsible for oppression of Hindus as per @AparBharat ... and this is not a casteist slur as per @ShefVaidya ji.

Insulting Brahmanas of MP, Brave king from UP and million dollar tweet on upper cast of Bengal ... Everything is OK.
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1/Only criminal mind can revive the memory of a tragedy for a GREAT NATION who profoundly traumatized by the invasion of West #Terrorists.
It’s expected @mfa_russia to appropriately punish the ignorant @RusEmbIran not to dance to West agents’ tune/cia mi6& learn moral principles ImageImageImageImage
2/History is full of #HumanRights violation by PSYCHOTIC barbaric leaders
Psychological tests& #Psychotherapy must be considered as an essential& mandatory rule for leadership, otherwise they must know the consequences of going through the..
#India #Bengal
3/prehistoric obsolete policy would be FATAL!
Even MENTAL RETARD persons are fully aware of the geopolitical changes in the region! #IRAN
The #MiddleEast irresponsible leaders/West-puppets, are the source of their Nations’ misery.
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#nationalflagadoptionday: On this day in 1947, #nationalflag of India was adopted by Constituent Assembly; Real #History of #IndianFlag and significance of #Tricolour; How Flag evolved over decades:
#Thread #FlagAdoptionDay #NationalFlagDay #flagadoptionday2021
#Indian #Tricolor, designed by #pingalivenkayya, became India's official flag on July 21, 1947. Several designs were scraped before Tricolor accepted by people of country. Final design #IndianNationalFlagAdoptionDay, hoisted by #PrimeMinister Nehru on August 16, 1947 at Red Fort,
Had history of several decades preceding #Independence.
Indian Tricolour is matter of pride for country. Symbol of #Unity, #diversity, #Courage and patriotism. Representation of country, its spirit, power and majesty, comprises 4 colors - #saffron, white, #green and blue.
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#FactCheck of various "Propaganda Cartoons".

Inflation - Average 4.74% from 2014-2020, lowest in last 6 decades.

Unemployment - Yes, it increased because of Delhi - 45.6%, TN - 28%, Rajasthan - 27.6%.

GDP - India's GDP is low but performance under NDA is still better than UPA.
Supreme Court questioned Modi govt on Vaccine supply & differential pricing and its Ok. Point to be noted that it was States who asked for Decentralization of Vaccines. Supreme Court didn't ordered to Modi government to provide FREE Vaccines to States, but Modi did.
Several propaganda cartoons blaming Modi for Covid-19 situation floating around. 'Health' is States subject in India. fact remains, India has registered lowest Covid-19 De∆ths amongst major countries. De∆th rate in non-BJP States are highest, but entire blame is on Modi.
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If you look back last 12 months you will notice that the acceptance of Ayurveda has increased many folds and this a major worry for Pharma Lobby

From Hydroxychloroquine to Remdesivir, the Allopathic was just busy in hit and trial method
whereas if you see Ayurveda from day one Haldi, ajwain, rock salt, steam and Kada are doing great

Even the homeopathy had shown wonders in few drops

The icing on the cake was Indian covaxin, which today by far is the best vaccine for KOVID
So naturally, if you hit a Trillion-dollar Industry, the reaction will be strong

I am personally not against any medical system all have a role to play but at the same time must say that
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