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#nationalflagadoptionday: On this day in 1947, #nationalflag of India was adopted by Constituent Assembly; Real #History of #IndianFlag and significance of #Tricolour; How Flag evolved over decades:
#Thread #FlagAdoptionDay #NationalFlagDay #flagadoptionday2021
#Indian #Tricolor, designed by #pingalivenkayya, became India's official flag on July 21, 1947. Several designs were scraped before Tricolor accepted by people of country. Final design #IndianNationalFlagAdoptionDay, hoisted by #PrimeMinister Nehru on August 16, 1947 at Red Fort,
Had history of several decades preceding #Independence.
Indian Tricolour is matter of pride for country. Symbol of #Unity, #diversity, #Courage and patriotism. Representation of country, its spirit, power and majesty, comprises 4 colors - #saffron, white, #green and blue.
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#FactCheck of various "Propaganda Cartoons".

Inflation - Average 4.74% from 2014-2020, lowest in last 6 decades.

Unemployment - Yes, it increased because of Delhi - 45.6%, TN - 28%, Rajasthan - 27.6%.

GDP - India's GDP is low but performance under NDA is still better than UPA.
Supreme Court questioned Modi govt on Vaccine supply & differential pricing and its Ok. Point to be noted that it was States who asked for Decentralization of Vaccines. Supreme Court didn't ordered to Modi government to provide FREE Vaccines to States, but Modi did.
Several propaganda cartoons blaming Modi for Covid-19 situation floating around. 'Health' is States subject in India. fact remains, India has registered lowest Covid-19 De∆ths amongst major countries. De∆th rate in non-BJP States are highest, but entire blame is on Modi.
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If you look back last 12 months you will notice that the acceptance of Ayurveda has increased many folds and this a major worry for Pharma Lobby

From Hydroxychloroquine to Remdesivir, the Allopathic was just busy in hit and trial method
whereas if you see Ayurveda from day one Haldi, ajwain, rock salt, steam and Kada are doing great

Even the homeopathy had shown wonders in few drops

The icing on the cake was Indian covaxin, which today by far is the best vaccine for KOVID
So naturally, if you hit a Trillion-dollar Industry, the reaction will be strong

I am personally not against any medical system all have a role to play but at the same time must say that
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#MamataBanerjee is Arrogant &Unmindful of Welfare of People of #Bengal

Today,PM landed at Kalaikunda airbase after doing aerial survey in #Odisha&Bengal

When PM arrived to attend meet, there was no one from Bengal Govt&Mamata has audacity to talk of #Federalism?

Both CM #MamataBanerjee&Chief Secretary of West Bengal were present in same premises&yet they did not receive PM

#PM,Governor&Union ministers patiently waited for half an hour for #WestBengal representatives to turn up

@MamataOfficial is a deplorable leader,consumed by hubris👎
Suddenly Mamata Banerjee,in her arrogance,stormed in&handed bunch of papers on cyclone impact to PM&said she is leaving as she has other meets lined up

If this was not shocking enough, #MamataBanerjee even did not allow officers of Bengal Govt to make a presentation
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1. A must read thread to understand #WestBengalViolence

Statistical projections were done on two sets of given data.
I: Average voter turnout as per ECI was 75%
II: Religious demography of #WestBengal as extrapolated from 2011 Census data i.e WB has 67% Hindus, 31% Muslims &
2. 2%—other faiths.

Thru' statistical projections frm given data & certain assumptions regarding factors whr exact data were not available, % of votes casted appeared to be distributed as follows.

Hindus 45%,Muslims 29%
&Others 1%—Total 75% (approx voter turnout—ECI) #Bengal
3. Out of all Hindu voters of #WestBengal,
—41.6% voted to BJP
—10.9% to TMC
—14.6% to LEFTs, Congress, ISF, Independent, NOTA etc. combined

—32.8% stayed away from voting altogether.
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What went wrong for @MamataOfficial in #Nandigram ? Interestingly @AITCofficial swept #Bengal. It did pretty well in #Medinipur region. Still she lost in Nandigram which is against the trend of the election. I am trying to analyze the mistakes in strategy by her. 1/n
Now to fight election u need to read game theory. U need to predict what could be the opposition move. #Subhendu could only win election by polarizing voters in religious line. He can't defeat @MamataOfficial by any other means. 2/n
In such a context, @MamataOfficial made a tactical error. She made #AbuSufiyan as her election agent at #Nandigram . Also she was dependent on #AbuTaher. Both these leaders have muscle power. It made the election polarized. #AbuSufiyan is not considered as non corrupt. 3/n
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A thread of the #FakeNews regarding post-poll violence in #Bengal

1. TMC goons dancing with guns and weapons?

Fact Checked by @QuintFactCheck…

Fact Checked by @AltNews…
2. Fake images and videos of old riots from different parts of the country shown as post poll violence in Bengal.

Checked By @QuintFactCheck…
3. Video from Odisha falsely shown as TMC mobs attacking police

Checked by @QuintFactCheck…

Checked by @AltNews…
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As someone who is patriotic and cares deeply about India, I think Modiji is the best possible person right now to lead the country. Having said that, I also believe that this govt isn't doing all that great and here are some suggestions from my end 1/n
A) This Govt's communication sucks. I mean really. They all chimpus jumping around from studio to studio delivering homilies. Stop all that. Take a leaf out of the US' way of doing things. Have a press officer and hold daily press briefings. Even more important in a pandemic. 2/n
B) Do a mea culpa about the COVID handling. Accept that the govt bungled. There is enough blame to go around to state govts and the citizens, but as a mature govt., accept that you dropped the ball. That will actually make people trust you more. 3/n
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#Fundraisers non Metro, Rural Projects #COVID19 #IndiaTogether
here is a list of fundraisers that are raising funds outside metros. Have a look at them, and see if you want to support them.
Do ping me if you want a Fundraiser to be added to this.
Covid Response For Remote Villages In Bihar, India
India COVID-19 Relief: Help #Dhanbad With O2 Concentrators #jharkhand…
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North Dumdum. Will the central leaders do anything? #Bengal
Burrabazar yesterday, I’m told.
Even this woman’s shop was not spared by the victory-lappers.…
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Spare 2 mins :- A thread 👇

People who think #BJP lost it badly & trolling, let me tell you. In all 4 states & #Puducherry, BJP only gained vote share, seats & victory as well. On a personal front, I am happy with the performance, but what makes me sad is only for #Bengal (1/8)
Not coz we lost it, but for the khela that's started & will happen in next 5 yrs. The life of karyakartas & #Hindus is at huge risk & will be lost, which already begun. Shudder to think what they are going through. All this in Hindustan. Hindus now forced to leave #Bengal (2/8)
Almost all #TMC guys celebrating the win, live in other states for their livelihood. Imagine what the goons would do across country where #BJP is not in power. Hindus will never unite. It will be foolish to think & speak on their unity. #Congress & others just want BJP not to win
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Bengal vs Gujarat: An analysis.
On average, a child born in #Bengal can expect to live almost two years longer than one born in Gujarat (SRS estimates). The infant mortality rate in Gujarat is 40% higher than that in Bengal (NFHS 5). #BengalElection2021
Fewer than one in ten of #Bengal's population suffer from extreme privacy deprivation - having to sleep in the same room with at least four other people. More than one in five people are privacy deprived in Gujarat (NFHS 5). #BengalElection2021
Only about 71% of rural households have access to a toilet facility in Gujarat; 85% do so in #Bengal (NFHS 5). #BengalElection2021
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#SethHarchandraiVishandas was called father of #Karachi. He was first local Karachi resident to be President of Karachi Municipality in 1911. He was a member of Congress and a Freedom fighter. He was a secular #Hindu #Pakistan
#Karachi as we know it as a major city in Islamic State of #Pakistan was built by him and he is also often called Father of Karachi. He was behind setting up City’s first Power Plant and earning name City of Lights.
He was as opposed to #Hindu -#Muslim politics like any Hindu today which supports TMC or secular gang and took strong position against Ghar Wapsi being led by Fringe elements like Swami Shraddhanand. A great man, he built first city roads making it modern city like Modi is doing
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Thread: 1/3

8 Crore business establishments went on a one day strike against #GST

1 Million #BankEmployee went on a two day #BankStrike against privatization of public sector banks.
12 Lakh #FarmersProtests are sitting at 3 entry points of Delhi since last 110+ days & #300DeathsAtProtest have lost their lives during this protest.

One mass murderer @narendramodi refuses to listen. He campaigns in #Bengal in the name of democracy
while quelling all dissent anywhere in the country. He wants to win #BengalElection2021 at any cost, even if it means fomenting trouble, riots, hate and bigotry.

And when he loses Bengal (which I believe he will), @JPNadda will take the blame....
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বাংলা নিজের মেয়েদের নিরাপত্তা চায়।
#Bengal wants safety & security of Bengal's Daughters.
#পিসি_যাও #DeleteTMC
We #BJP wants #SonarBangla
@MafujaKhatunBJP ImageImage
যে কোনো পার্টির টিকিট পেতে গেলে সিরিয়াল বা ওয়েব সিরিজে যে কোনো রকমের (নোংরামি সহ) অভিনয় করুন।।
আর মারধোর গালমন্দ খেয়ে রাজনীতি করে কি লাভ।
CC to all Political Parties
@tathagata2 @swapan55 @Sujan_Speak @saileenas @DinTri @FirhadHakim @adhirrcinc @JasBJP @Torture78 Image
এসব কি শুনছি!
#রুজীরা নয়, #অঙ্কিতা_ভট্টাচার্য্য নাকি #অভিষেক_ব্যানার্জি র আসল স্ত্রী আর রুজীরা নাকি একজন সোনা পাচারকারী।
আরো শুনলাম, অভিষেক নাকি পিসির নিজের ছেলে?
মিথ্যে হলে অঙ্কিতা ভট্টাচার্য্য এর বিরুদ্ধ কেস করছেন না কেন #পিসি_ভাইপো?
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Rangoli is an #Indian traditional or folk art, which is generally created on the floor on some festive occasions. The Indian scriptures and puranas can be attributed for the emergence of this creative rangoli art.
This ancient #Indian art is believed to be originated from the Indian state #Maharashtra, from where it get gradually dispersed in the rest of the country.

Rangoli is named differently in different Indian states like in #SouthIndia it is called #Kolam, Madana in #Rajasthan.
Chowkpurna is the name of rangoli in #NorthernIndia,Alpana in #Bengal, Aripana in #Bihar & so on.

According to the earliest disquisition or treatise on #Indian painting, named Chitra Lakshana, a king and his kingdom were extremely grieved on the death of the high priest's son.
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Have been watching the evolution of @DilipGhoshBJP with admiration. Over the last four years he has really come of age and emerged as a leader to reckon with in #WestBengal vindicating his selection as @BJP4Bengal President. #ModiInBengal #Haldia #WestBengalElection2021
2/n PM #NarendraModi takes stage - referring to the #UttarakhandAvalanche drawing a link between the source of the Ganga in #Uttarakhand and its meeting with the sea near #Haldia. #ModiInBengal #WestBengalElection2021
3/n As per @DilipGhoshBJP the gathering is around 3 lakhs from the 3 districts of erstwhile undivided #Medinipur. Impressive mobilisation. Certainly @SuvenduWB's entry would have made a big difference. #ModiInBengal #Haldia #WestBengalElection2021
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#JyotiBasu is the mass murderer that India overlooked...

In mid-1979, around 40,000 eager, starving and frantic #Bengalis took cover on the island of Marichjhapi in the Sunderbans of #WestBengal.
They were #Hindu exiles who had fled abuse in East #Pakistan, which had as of late become #Bangladesh. The Govt of West #Bengal had would not assume any liability for them, constraining them to escape into the thick woods of the Sunderbans.
At that point, toward the finish of January 1979, they came. The West Bengal Police showed up in dispatch boats and assumed responsibility for the organization of streams that made up the Hooghly waterway delta. The island was currently totally encircled.
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#Thread: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - The first PM India Deserved

The early 20th century was an important period for the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Several mass leaders joined the freedom struggle during this period.

One such leader was #NetajiSubhasChandraBose.

Lokmanya Tilak’s death in 1920 lead to the rise of Mohandas #Gandhi, Jawaharlal #Nehru, Sardar Patel, Netaji Bose, etc. within the Indian National #Congress.

Subhas Chandra Bose belonged from an influential and wealthy family in Calcutta.

He went to London in 1919 to fulfil the promise he made to his father to appear for the ICS examination.

He excelled in the ICS examination securing the 4th rank. But soon in 1921, he resigned from it and came back to #India as he did not want to work for the #British.

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A copypasta campaign in India is targeting politically-sensitive tags #TMCHataoBanglaBachao & #KrishokSurokhaAbhijan on Twitter. I captured data over the past week for analysis.

Report:… CC @TwitterSafety

Here's some findings in this #OSINT thread 🧵👇
It's clear there is coordinated activity here. Scores of pro-BJP/Pro-Modi accounts operate in a network to spam packets of text (copypasta method)

Example: the tag #TMCHataoBanglaBachao with the text “Bengal has been suffering from last 10 years. The TMC regime has built..."
And another related campaign, using the tag #KrishokSurokhaAbhijan with the text: "নতুন কৃষি আইনের দ্বারা কৃষিজ পণ্য বিক্রি করা হবে আরও সহজ। বিজেপি সরকার আনছে কৃষক সুরক্ষা অভিযান।"
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Remembering the tremendous mark left by the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of the #Epiphany in their century+ of service to #Bengal, esp. #Behala in #Calcutta, #Kolkata, & #Barisha. Privileged 2 spend a year with them. #SrFlorence became a media star, but it was her lepers she loved.1/ paradisal compound on other side of Diamond Harbour Rd, with its ‘tank’ used by all 4 washing & swimming, mercurial Fr Theodore Mathieson oversaw top classical music training, giving orphans jobs in Army band & Bollywood, & solo cellist Anup Biswas 2/
...Anup preserves the tradition Fr Mathieson created via the musical trust. The #OxfordMission maintains the Behala legacy via an Administrator. The cross is a small copy of the chapel cross, showing the resurrected Christ the community lived & showed 4th joyfully 2 so many.p 3/
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#TheBigFight | "BJP is trying to destabilise the government in #Bengal. They have brought in money and people with dubious records": Prof Omprakash Mishra, Spokesperson, TMC
#TheBigFight | "There is a deliberate attempt to introduce violence and communalism in #Bengal": Jawahar Sircar, Former CEO, Prasar Bharati
#TheBigFight | "Violence is in the nature of Bengal politics": Smita Prakash, Editor, ANI
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