Ada apa dengan PKP? Find out how MCO has affected the bottom 10% of Malaysia's B40.

Please RT for awareness so Rakyat can know who are those in most need and where we should direct a chunk of our energy + resources to.

Full report at the end of the thread.

Previous survey rounds of #FamiliesOnTheEdge by @UNICEF and @UNFPA found that low-income families are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Female-headed households and households headed by persons with disabilities reported the deepest negative impacts.
Unemployment among heads of participant households has fallen since December 2020 to 12%. However, the unemployment rate among female heads of households (HoH) stands at 16% - roughly three times higher than the national average. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
The respondents have low levels of access to employment-based social security and social protection. Government assistance is critical to household wellbeing. Direct social assistance from the government now makes up 11% of overall household income. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
With not much social safety net, many respondents rely on pawn services, government and NGO aids (cash or food and goods) and unfortunately, loans from unlicenced creditors. There seems to be a continued reliance on government and NGO assistance. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
Children living in low-income families have trouble with effective home learning. Many parents report that online learning is ineffective. Only 35% of households had access to an appropriate device (computer or tablet). #FamiliesOnTheEdge
About 1 in 5 of the respondents are depressed, higher among female HoH. Many women have become physically and emotionally exhausted over the past year. Parents continue to worry about their children's education, and whether they can provide food for the family. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
Loss of/reduced income causes prudent spending on food. Even though food expenditure reduced, there is a surge in health-related expenses (+70%). A few respondents who are caregivers suffer from chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension) themselves. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
The respondents are largely pessimistic about the foreseeable future. 8 in 10 respondents believe their financial situation will remain the same or further deteriorate in the next six months. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
Children have suffered enormously as a result of the indirect effects of COVID-19. Children in low-income families suffered the most. Cheaper and less healthy diets risk the prospect of further worsening Malaysia's malnutrition challenges. #FamiliesOnTheEdge
You can read the full #FamiliesOnTheEdge report here:…

I also urge that you read the Recommendations provided in the report. Policymakers should pay close attention -- work towards establishing holistic policies to assist those who fall through the cracks.
Saya akan berusaha untuk menerjemahkan thread ini ke dalam BM secepat mungkin 🙏

• • •

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12 May
Me: This K-Drama I just finished is the best K-Drama I've ever watched... 😢

My friends, my family, and my husband: Every K-Drama you watch is the best K-Drama you've ever watched.
The K-Drama in question, #Reply1988 ❤️ Image
Choi Taek looking real different these days 😳 ImageImage
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23 Jul 18
Is pre-marital sex a more urgent issue than child marriage?
It's true that abstinence prevents STDs and sex-related issues. If all these things come from sex, then we just get rid of the sex, right? However, it's not as simple as that.

People are bound to have sex someday. Some married couples aren't even educated about sex.
Abstinence being taught (as a moral behaviour) is absolutely okay. But saying that enforcing abstinence (through law) will solve all problems is false. There will always be people going around the law. Also, the more affected groups will probably be the lower-income citizens.
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20 Jul 18

Child marriage is still practised in some regions with support from its societies. Some parents encourage their sons to practise it, and may even allow girls into it to protect family honour or to reduce the burden of sustaining them.
1. Repeated and overlapping pregnancies and nursing periods before the girl’s body is fully developed may lead to a condition called nutritional depletion.
2. Maternal mortality rates are high among young mothers, as is the incidence of premature births and some other diseases that afflict the urinary tract and reproductive system of young mothers.
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28 Jun 18
I wish we would stop indulging in the imagined nostalgia of "The Golden Age of Islam".

If those luminaries were alive today, they'd be considered deviant by your standards.

In fact, Al-Ghazali played role in the decline by saying that 'falsafa' was incompatible with Islam.
He did this because he believed the philosophies and scientific discoveries that were propagated by his counterparts were not Islamic.

He shut them down in "The Incoherence of Philosophers" in an attempt to steer civilisation back to Islam. He succeeded.
The "golden age" had nothing to do with the religion. Their achievements were not meant to propagate tenets of Islam.

A lot of people equated their achievements as Islamic, like we still do today, thus why Al-Ghazali came in to separate one from the other.
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20 Jun 18
What is promoting zina? "You should have sex before marriage!"

What is NOT promoting zina? "We cannot dictate people's choices to have sex before/after marriage, but they should learn safe sex to avoid STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and coercion/manipulation."
I've been getting tweets like these saying that teaching safe sex is basically teaching "safe zina".

The main problem here is that one group focuses on the word "zina", while another is focused on the word "safe".

I understand that religion plays a huge role in the lives of Muslims so naturally they think enforcing abstinence is the way to tackle these issues.

Unfortunately, teaching/enforcing abstinence does not solve these problems. People will always find a way around it.
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14 Jun 18
After Patriots Asia wrote an article about the liberal youth of Malaysia on Twitter, ISMA, GPS, and PEMBINA start popping up by the horde on this platform.

ISMA has created numerous subgroups on Facebook to help with virality of posts. They're bringing that to Twitter now.
Let me tell you about religious groups like ISMA: They don't care about Islam being a religion of peace, they care about Islam being a religion of power.

They're not here to invite people into religion, they're here to empower the fundamentalists that already exist.
The last thing you'd find is ISMA saying that God accepts and forgives, that Islam promotes harmonious living, that Muslims are supposed to be kind.

You'll find them condemning anyone who is not aligned with them and using the power of political religion to justify themselves.
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