1/ Big Update Thread for OwnYourLabs

If you didn't already know, @siobhan_huggins and I launched OwnYourLabs.com last year as a means of ordering private blood work directly. (Feel free to visit the site and for our short intro video)

We have some cool news to share...
2/ In the last few months we've been growing... *a lot*

When we started this originally, it was to help others not only get the labs, but to help encourage them to contribute their anonymized data to help #CitizenScience by given a special discount for opting in (at checkout)...
3/ A few months ago we overhauled the site to include all the features we've been wanting all along (advanced searching/sorting, single page lists, multi-add, bundles, etc)

But even better, checkout is now more streamlined for the anonymous data submission (for those opting in).
4/ Anyway, we now have several fold more orders needing fulfillment and this means @siobhan_huggins will be effectively working for OYL full time to meet this demand. Thus, OYL will now be paying her for her time.
5/ This might seem a bit obvious, ofc, but we've long devoted 100% of proceeds from OYL to CitizenScienceFoundation.org and said we'd let everyone know if that changes -- well, this is that moment. As always, we value transparency (and we hope you do too!)
6/ We'll still be devoting a portion of OYL proceeds to the CSF and given the current circumstances, the total quantity is actually in excess of what it was pre-growth given the new surge.

Regardless, we're adapting to these changes and we're excited for the next steps...
7/ Lastly -- we're working on a doctor integration program with OYL (in beta). Many docs have approached us who use a more concierge model for their clinics and thus we're currently working on this for our platform. We hope it makes everything easier for them and their patients.

• • •

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18 May
1/ #ListeningThread for @PeterAttiaMD's new podcast with @DrSarahHallberg

Full disclosure, I have tremendous respect for Sarah and all the incredible mountains she has moved in nutrition and health, not to mention just being an incredible human being.

2/ Oh boy -- just 1 minute in and Peter is asking Sarah about dietary fat vs observed composition in vivo! I have a feeling I'm really going to like this episode...
3/ Sarah: "Fatty acids play a critical role, study after study, in cardiovascular risk." -- Love this line...

(Though I'd add a few caveats with regard to lipid profile, but more on that another time)
Read 17 tweets
24 Apr
1/ Reminder: "Lean Mass Hyper-responder" is literally defined as a combination of LDL ≥ 200, HDL ≥ 80, and Triglycerides ≤ 70.

In other words -- by definition -- #LMHRs are not hypertriglyceridemic (high triglycerides). They are the opposite. (See CholesterolCode.com/lmhr)
2/ For example, in the first of this case series a woman is identified as hypertriglyceridemic (triglycerides of 1109). This is if 15 fold higher than the TG max cap of #LMHR.

3/ Moreover, we actually addressed this particular case of hypertriglyceridemia in our Letter to the Editor of this very case series. In fact, it's how we set up the question on what to consider when triglycerides are low instead

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17 Apr
1/ It’s ironic, I came across an email I wrote almost 3 years ago when I was first pushing for a “Study on atherosclerosis in LMHRs”. For that first 1.5 years I tried to raise interest and money from inside the system. Some of these details I’ll go into with the book eventually..
2/ Not at all calling anyone out — just noting that it took me a while to realize it was likely a dead end.

For almost all of them, the answer to this question was already known: High LDL LMHR = high atherosclerosis

(And FWIW, it’s possible they’re right— we’ll soon see...)
3/ Then I had the crazy idea to start a charity and announce at #LowCarbHouston in Oct 2019 that we’re going to just try to straight up raise the money to do this study through crowdfunding.

And you know what?

The community stepped up.
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15 Apr
I saw this paper linked by @BioLayne (hat tip!) in a twitter discussion and had to stop and read most of it. Basically SFA vs PUFA infused muffin RCT. There's quite a lot of interesting data within. And it's publicly available, btw (no firewall)...

... The lipid profile changes for the SFA group are unsurprising to me, ofc. But I was surprised they went with ALT as the proxy for "liver fat accumulation". Relative change 53%, but I didn't find the absolute values listed for ALT between groups? Maybe in the supplement...?
... They had a subgroup of 10 (5 of each) where the did PET-MRIs (need more of this in studies) to detect "change in hepatic palmitate uptake" -- which tends to be a stronger proxy for liver fat accumulation, but it showed no association.
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14 Apr
Presentation Polls

1/ Your current LDL cholesterol is:

(All units are mg/dL)
2/ Your current HDL cholesterol is:
3/ Your current triglyceride (TG) level is:
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9 Apr
1/ Whether in agreement or not, @DBelardoMD's statement does represent the existing position of mainstream medicine, particularly lipidology. (Tho she's adding a bit more "color" to it, ofc :) )

My retweets like these are to further generate cross exposure to other voices...
2/ ... Think of it as working toward breaking down some of the echo-chamber-ism.

If you follow me, you're going to get this on a regular basis because I feel hearing every side is important (I have many friends who are LDL skeptics who definitely don't agree with me on this!)
3/ And while we're at it -- here's a list of people I've had excellent, cordial conversations with who are likewise concerned about high LDL whether LMHR or not:

Listen to them as well -- I do...
Read 5 tweets

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