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Manual for beginners in spirit journey

1) #Callings/ubizo

It's the frequency of spiritual divinity from universe (spirit) to child (soul) regarding your purpose in life
#Remember purposes vary

/ Sangoma





/Dreamer & solver of problems verbally

2) #gift/neo/isipho

It's the baby spirit gifted to you by universe. It might not be so much that you need to twasa or open it, Nooooo it might just be a normal presence or might be huge presence of spirit frequency

in short gift means spirit presence
whereas calling means purpose to serve.🙏


Your gift is to serve prophecy/ubungoma  calling/isipho sakho sobizo lomoya/ubungoma,,,,,,#neo yahao kea pitso yabongaka/bothuela
3) #ukungenwaidlozi/hokenwakebadimo

Some of the patients are sick as a result of their parents denying the gift & refusing to serve their calling as such, it (spirit) then looks for appropriate child amongst their siblings to settle & work its powers.
this one is different cos it didn't birth with a gift calling, but it came by circumstance(as a result of denial by parents)

4) #spiritchild/ngwanabadimo/umntanedlozi
This child is born with idlozi, by idlozi, it is idlozi

Their birthday & growing up is just funny&complicated
it's the  head of the whole family in everything!

It's actually idlozi in everything, walk, talk, behaviour, everything!
this one was a decision even before pregnancy that this one must happen!

maaayeee the most mysterious child to never be understood cos it's idlozi in person!
These people vibrate very very high Spiritually

If ubiziwe you must answer or you'll be punished terribly with mishaps or non progress or social mess or love troubles etc. if you dream or see something about a person & not tell them, you may die or get sick
as the spirit heals through you healing others(calling purpose)

If you're just gifted but not called to be a diviner you will just vibrate & see things as you live your normal life. You may even pass messages to others  (most people are gifted but very few are called)✊
If ungenwe idlozi/ha okenwa kebadimo then you must do what it says so it can work through you & revive it's presence in its home.


The child of spirit called, who birthed with/by spirit has a very difficult life but later it opens up to a freeway
of amabhambham /nice goodies.🎁

Spirit child cannot live a social life cos they are told from smallest years to never play with the body nor socialise a lot nor play recklesly socially. all children of this type are told as young, mostly below 15 yrs (extreme purity time zone
& others below 20yrs (mild purity time zone) problem is kids don't mind their young age dreams but it's where all was detailed about the future 

Spiritchild is an extreme introvert, even though they're out going, but very calculated time or else the body will send messages
of discomfort, it wants to relax alone in the house with spirit🤗

Gifted child can be anything, introvert or extrovert with little body changes

1) Spirit child  who vibrates highest will never have sex or will have little sex,,,,,the craving can be there but the activity won't be there😳

Align spirit with soul (emotionally & mentally)
Eat home cooked meals mostly traditional

Phahl/apray lots  by rivers, forests, mountains etc

Avoid tension, arguments, quarrels, hate etc, no negative energy

Avoid using yur body(sex) for selfish benefits

Stop sleeping around cos you crave sex that day or you crush on someone
Always think of auras & spirit & yur purity in whatever you do

2)) spirit child with highest frequency will definitely suffer dryness, low oestrogen, hormonal imbalance, very tight bottom, loss of sexual interest, random change of sexual interest from low to high & high to low,
sex hate etc😳

3 Spirit child with highest frequency will suffer extreme poor or no erection 😳they can stop their sexual thoughts & no cravings yet they can open themselves into cravings again🤗

4. Spirit child has the highest energy above any person in life,
but it's controlled by spirit as it is channelled to appropriate places where needed,,,,,,these people can romp you to death when the energy lifts up cos now it's two in one(person+spirit energy),,,,,pasop they can break your bed😲😳😚
5)) Spirit child can easily fall pregnant or make someone pregnant easily yet they can also struggle to get kids till due spiritual processes are done & their journey are adhered to fully!!!
6) true spirit children are sex blocked, they must only snack their partners. but still others are sex opened but guarded to never indulge in dirty sex activities (mostly the opened ones are pure on the journey with spirit & the blocked ones aren't pure on journey with spirit)
7) Partner mismatch is also an irritation & creates blockages to spirit child's life, they struggle to receive blessings breakthroughs cos of this person whom the spirit don't want near their child cos this person must never eat the spirit blessings of their child....😲😳
true spirit children in pure love receive most ever blessings & their life is above everything as long they stay pure with each other & pure with spirit✊

8) true spirit child will struggle to locate spirit lover until they are pure on journey but more often by then age is not
on their side & they lost hope & interest😲😳

9) It's true, everyone has spirit lover somewhere but how, where, when to locate the person. Others are married & other lovers must go into isithembu especially those from Royal spiritual homes!!!
10) other spirit children must first marry their Ancestries through appeasal rituals cos they belong to Ancestries, (especially those with umfukwa-angry umndawe killed by your family) otherwise 😥😥😥😥😥
11) other spirit children can only find peace & sexual unblock & breakthroughs once they locate & marry their spirit child lovers.😲

A high frequency child must marry a high frequency child to reap spirit showers. thus coming together of royals in social kingship &
divine kingdomship 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼but only if both live in purity for each other & spirit then they'll be blessed in abundance

Lifestyles of today disturb spirit flow😭😭

Characters of nowadays are evil to spirit😭😭

Political correctness of today kill spirit connections😭😭
dying of traditions & cultures fades & away the roots & leaves of spirit tree😭😭😭

Social medias with all its porn & online sex craze is killing the pure fibre of spirit

Sex tools bought at markets disturb the balance of mind & soul in relevance to spirit flow😭😭
Aaayiiii is too much for today,,,but remember, you can't flame fire with ice block,,,,put Petrol & Diesel & watch explosion 🔥💥 💥🌪️

Vhana vhashu

Ndzaaaaaaa 👏🏼 fire 🔥💥 💥🌪️🌊☠️👻

Bakba Mandisi

• • •

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IsiNtu & Womb Purification: 

When we are unable to carry a pregnancy to term, for whatever reason, the soul of the baby can be either stuck in the mother's aura causing a significant amount of distress, shame, & fragmentation; Image
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1.Why Woman Is Called Unclean During Her Monthly Period?

Women were called unclean by the men(patriarchial dracos) who took over the leadership of the world from women 

They wanted to make the women forget who they are & make them feel inferior & stigmatized.
On the truth when a woman is on her menses 

She accumulates more powers of her inner feminine essence 

She bonds with the moon at that time 

And the energy of her goddess is activated 

Not just that. Her womb chakra is active at such time (men don't have it)
And when this happens 

She becomes so strong that if a man did charms on his body for protection or whatever reasons, the moment she touch him the charm will die or destroyed 

If she enters a shrine 

All negative entitys will vanish & lots of charms there will become dormant
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Dreams are messages from our souls, our Ancestors, the universe. They are warning signs, instructions of rituals we need to perform for our Ancestors or our right of passage. And many other reasons. Which is why it is important that one dream, Image
if you aren't remembering your dreams it means you're being blocked/blocking yourself - you need to take the necessary steps(cleansing)

Through dreaming one can realize they have the calling. In their dreams they can see things the naked eye wouldn't
& the mind can not make sense of. The "called" then makes a decision to see a healer who can interpret their dreams & unpack their lives, events & experiences such as relationship issues, illnesses, loss of money, loss of jobs, mood swings & feeling like someone has cast
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