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Once, we lived in the land of crocodiles...…
in Spanish "El mito creador de Timor Leste es el cocodrilo, básicamente estimulado por la forma del cocodrilo que tiene la isla" Source:…
More here:… "The Boy and the Crocodile: The Legend of East Timor," illustrated by children from Familia Hope Orphanage East Timor (Cover image courtesy of Familia Hope).
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Jozef & Wiktoria Ulma risked their lives to help Jews during the #Holocaust. On 24 March 1944 the German police discovered the Jews in hiding.

The Jewish family was shot, as was the entire Ulma family - parents & 6 children. Wiktoria was 7 months pregnant.
March 24 - the anniversary of the murder of the Ulma family - is today in Poland the National Day of Remembrance of Poles who saved Jews during German occupiation. See this thread to learn 11 stories of #Righteous linked with #Auschwitz.
#Auschwitz prisoner Jerzy Radwanek helped many Jews in the camp.…
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Auschwitz steht bis heute als Symbol für die unfassbare Monstrosität der faschistischen Vernichtungspolitik. In das Konzentrations- und Vernichtungslager #Auschwitz wurden vom Sommer 1940 bis Januar 1945 über 1,3 Mio. Menschen aus ganz Europa, Jüdinnen und Juden, 1/8
Sinti*zze und Rom*nja, politische Gegner*innen und andere Ausgegrenzte verschleppt, mindestens 1,1 Mio. wurden in den Gaskammern, durch Erschießungen oder durch „Vernichtung durch Arbeit“ für den IG Farben Konzern und andere Rüstungsbetriebe ermordet. 2/8
#OnThisDay: Am Vormittag des 27. Januar 1945 erreichte die 322. Infanteriedivision d 60. Armee der 1. Ukrainischen Front zuerst das Hauptlager von Monowitz. Einheiten der Waffen-SS u der Wehrmacht leisteten noch militärischen Widerstand, so dass über 230 sowjetische Soldaten 3/8
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V2 Version für mein #Applet zu #VerstecktesAnwachsen ist online.

Wenn wir es nicht schaffen, die Verdopplungszeit von #Omicron auf mehr als 3 Tage auszudehnen(*),
dann hätten wir in den nächsten 40 Tagen rund 30Mio Infektionen, 5* so viel wie in 22 Monaten zuvor.
(*) Unter Annahme, dass aktuell 0,8% #Omikron, und dass aktuelle Maßnahmen für 9% Rückgang Delta reichen.
Andere Werte ausprobieren:

0,2% #Omicron wird vom @rki_de als Anteil für KW47 angegeben. Seither wohl 2 Verdopplungszeiten, daher: wohl 0.8%. ➡️
Natürlich ist mein "Modell" nur ein sehr schlichtes, eher kurzfristig für "ab wann dominant" als für einen Ausblick in der Nähe von "die meisten in D haben's gehabt" nutzbar. Zumal ja (irgendwann) Politik dochmal reagieren muss /müsste.
Bei @dpaessler gibt's heute nachmittag➡️
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#ENGELBERT_MVENG(23 Avril 1995) #Cameroun #Cameroon

Né dans une famille presbytérienne mais baptisé dans l’Église catholique, E. Mveng a reçu une éducation chrétienne de ses parents.
Son intelligence est remarquée par le Père Herbard qui l’envoie au Pré-Séminaire d’Éfok (Cameroun) de 1943 à 1944.
L’étape suivante l’a conduit au Petit Séminaire d’Akono (1944-1949).

Après une année d’études au Grand-Séminaire de Yaoundé,
il y est admis comme stagiaire où il a enseigné le latin et le grec. Désireux de s'engager dans la vie religieuse, E. Mveng veut d’abord se faire trappiste. Mais il en est dissuadé par Mgr Graffin, qui l’informa de la présence des Jésuites au Congo belge.
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Come Clean
2 Simple words, "I'm Sorry" ..

Sorry = YOU ALL get what you want & the SWITCH gets #FLIPped .

Why it took this long is beyond me.

He who is free of sin, cast the first stone.
Do you know how many stones have been thrown?
Been Looking, for A long time ..
Just as the ones I Love looked at me.

Looking glass sure seems like A type of "Stalking" in A way, No? ..

Only difference between the good guys & the bad guys looking through the glass is, evil uses it against humanity & the light (REAL LIGHT)
does it to help guide or TEACH humanity how yo change their ways doing things the right way & not the corrupt cruel ways so many have chosen to act ..

EVERYTHING was seen.
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Neues aus der Reihe der #NMFG (Nicht-Mathe-Fähigen-Gesellschaften)..
Wieder wird öffentlichkeitswirksam und bei politischen Sitzungen auf das #DGPI Survey verwiesen.. Wieder werden anekdotische Zahlen in den Raum geworfen.
(Thread 🧵➡️)
Im "aktuellen" Update (Stand 29.08.2021) tauchen mal wieder einige Unstimmigkeiten auf, die mich an den Mathekompetenzen der Verantwortlichen zweifeln lassen.…
Zumindest am Kompetenzbereich "Mit symbolischen, formalen und technischen Elementen der Mathematik umgehen", wieder im Bereich "bis zur 6.ten Klasse". (Vgl. "<" vs. ">" im gestrigen Thread)
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Thokozani Ogogo No Mkhulu👏

Indeed there is a difference below stated.

There is Umdawe we #Nhlanga most reverted to Inzunza (Njunju)

There Umdawe Called #Mfukwa in many relevance this is a ndawu spirit that is traded in. Eg one goes to ElMorcambique at Tete, Mamboni, Image
Nyembani or Ngorogouza & attain such spirit to work with it.

There is An Ndawu spirit called #Mdliwa this is a spirit of an Ndawu descendant that was brutally murderd in order to serve a certain purpose or none then returns as a spirit of mdliwa (O wa dliwa)
NB : Mdliwa & Mfukwa most believe it's the same. But it's not, yet have the same side effects.

Lastly Mdashana (An ndawu that died at a young age) this is Similar to Umnono.
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Women's month💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🛀🛀🛀🛌🛌🛌🛌

Manual for beginners in spirit journey

1) #Callings/ubizo

It's the frequency of spiritual divinity from universe (spirit) to child (soul) regarding your purpose in life
#Remember purposes vary

/ Sangoma





/Dreamer & solver of problems verbally

2) #gift/neo/isipho

It's the baby spirit gifted to you by universe. It might not be so much that you need to twasa or open it, Nooooo it might just be a normal presence or might be huge presence of spirit frequency

in short gift means spirit presence
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Jozef & Wiktoria Ulma risked their lives to help Jews during the #Holocaust. On 24 March 1944 the German police discovered the Jews in hiding.

The Jewish family was shot, as was the entire Ulma family - parents & 6 children. Wiktoria was 7 months pregnant.
March 24 - the anniversary of the murder of the Ulma family - is today in Poland the National Day of Remembrance of Poles who saved Jews during German occupiation. See this thread to learn 11 stories of #Righteous linked with #Auschwitz.
#Auschwitz prisoner Jerzy Radwanek helped many Jews in the camp.…
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The President of South Africa.

"There are no killings of White Farmers in #SouthAfrica"

Proverbs 26:28
"A lying tongue hates it's victims, and a flattering mouth works ruins"
Statistics on #FarmMurders and #FarmAttacks confirm an average of 510 attacks and 56 murders per year. That is more than one farmer murdered a week.
"The cowards are scared
Shoot shoot
Shoot shoot
The cowards are scared
Shoot shoot
Shoot shoot
Shoot the Boer
Shoot the Boer
Shoot the Boer
Shoot the Boer."

"Kill the farmer, the Boer
Kill the farmer, the Boer"

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This is not a pop @NicolaSturgeon any more than @BorisJohnson, but the argument that it's too soon to make comparisons is wearing thin.

1.6M cases (pop. 67.9M)
85.7 deaths/100k

S. Korea
34k cases (pop. 51.6M)
1.0 deaths/100k


The UK has a death toll that is 86 times that of South Korea and 34% f those deaths happened after 1 June 2020.

Date chose as that's when the first lockdown ended.

Well... Started to end...

Comparing and learning could have started well before then - there were definitely lessons to be learned when our death toll stood at around 40x South Korea's.
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Why is it becoming harder to #remember things you have recently read? New work… out in @nature from Anthony Wagner's group @Stanford explore how multi-media #multitasking impacts a specific axis of #attention that in turn, impacts our #memory📱🧠🧵1/11 Image
When we're reading a book and simultaneously checking our #twitter or #finsta feeds, we're not actually multitasking - we're task-switching! We switch our focus from one goal to another, interrupting our train of thought and scattering our #attention 2/11 Image
Researchers are beginning to understand that #attention prepares us to perform actions that align with our #goals. But if we're switching tasks all the time (reading a book while scrolling on finsta), that means our goals are also shifting! How does that affect our #memory? 3/11
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The world is controlled by a satanic elite.

My research/experience has confirmed this. To talk about politics is meaningless. It is truly sad to see people asleep. Everyone is focusing on the matrix. If I'm dismissive, it's because I don't care to eat fake steak. #annuitcoeptis
Funny how the satanic elite perfectly describes the conspiracy to discredit it. These are not coincidences.
There's a reason why the Egyptians worshiped the snake, cat and dog head. Some call them "Jinns" the ones that can take the form of the reptile. 🦎…
I am using this tread to tackle all angles of the level of control that the satanic elite has on this world. Exposing their tools, method, and form of slavery over humanity.

Money/debt is the first level of control.

That's why the pyramid exists. 👁️

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The Beautiful Transfer of Loyal Energy⭐
I was watching this video by SantaSurfing. I felt the fire within My Being fill with Love, Joy and Happiness. I received her intention in the images chosen. Santa is showing US How Loyal @POTUS Is To #God To #Country & To #ThePeople. Image
#Remember #Patriots to search within self and feel what those images do to your heart and Soul; Your Spirit Within. I love that feeling inside. Warm like fireflies/fluttery like butterflies🦋 💚🔥💫Energy is The Spark To Our Very Beings, its just if (You) spark it🌱💖 Image
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#QuarantineWatchParty #onlyfans #news #newnormal
Let me share some things with you, I'll do my best to put it into words,and Let those the Creator of all Reality our Heavenly Father should have to see, see. Today we're going to talk about #Letters and stuff. #alphabetsoup
Let's look at a more controversial Alphabet, #Hebrew, where we even get the English word above from, Aleph Beth. Remember #children #Layers meanings within meanings #hmmyeeealright
So what letters stand out to you? Tha's nice, those which I noticed most are T-taw, Q-Qoph, And W - Waw or is that a Y, why oh me oh my? #WhyWomenKill #Youtube #Y
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#SBA issues new regulations, FAQs, and other guidance on #PPP each week, leaving many #smallbiz with their heads spinning. Until 6/1, I'm taking questions via Twitter on #forgiveness, #audits, and other #PPP issues to help make sense of it. Comment or DM with your questions . . .
Check in each day for more #PPPAnswers. I can't guarantee that I'll get to everyone's #PPP questions, but we'll tackle as many as we can!

#Remember, don't submit confidential information. These Q/As don't constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship . . .
Issues with #PPP applications, #forgiveness, and #audits can be complex and fact-specific. Before you decide to act on any information provided in these Q/As or on twitter, please seek professional advice.
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I hear Birds. And it’s 7:18 am on [ 🦊 ] I’m not Q << no Comms > outside LOL 😂 yaw BUTT HURT over [ AS ] << so What. #IAMQ TOO. WE FAM STILL. NO DIVISION JUST BIENG HONEST. ARE WE NOT ALL A LITTLE Q.uestionable ! Lol. #WhenDoBirdsSing
Does 7:18 am = Qdrop 781. Going through the military q op. program. I was like am I under something or can I justbfake news. I mean you do see all the crumbs holding into 🍞 being dished out back 2the mass 2bconsumed the way it is. We know some1 was singing like a canary
When I was watching the news and I heard the birds chirp I looked at the clock and I was like my eyes are wide open. 🦅 song >>?? Who knows. But the dominoes are falling in the map is lining up. 🚢 🚢 🚢 Titanic events are occurring
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Avui farà una setmana que vam haver de quedar-nos a casa. Quatre dies abans del decret. Havia anat prenent nota d'alguns detalls i, per fi, he pogut reunir un moment per passar a net alguns gargots que vaig esbossar...


#coronavirus #diaridequarentena
El segon dia de la nostra quarantena familiar, dimarts de la setmana passada. Érem joves i innocents...
#coronavirus #diaridequarentena
I arribo al nostre tercer dia en quarantena: dimecres passat. Vam començar a adonar-nos que allò no seria qüestió de dos dies...
#coronavirus #diaridequarentena
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Young male, 30’s, came with an enlarged neck node

(Well that’s all the history that I got)

#pathology #HemePath #lymphnode ImageImageImage
The node had a vague nodular pattern with a mottled look.

There were scattered large mono, bi, multincleate cells

RS cells: CD30+ EBV+ &
CD20-,CD2-, CD45-/+
in a mixed inflammatory cell background with areas of necrosis ImageImageImageImage
Easy-peasy Hodgkin lymphoma, nodular sclerosis syncytial variant

But, there was this other odd area ... Image
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A quarter of a million people with psychosocial disabilities were killed, nearly half a million sterilised - the majority among them those diagnosed with schizophrenia, a label that automatically devalued worth based on eugenics propaganda.
#NeverAgain #HolocaustMemorialDay
Studies indicate that between 1939 to 1955, an estimate of 220 000 - 269 000 people (equalling 73% to 100% of individuals with schizophrenia in Germany) were marked as "untermenschen, or subhuman", categorized as expendable and exterminated.
Meticulously documented post - war records estimated savings "gained" from the killing of mentally ill patients of state funded metal institutions.
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#BREAKING: DOJ winds down Clinton-related inquiry championed by Trump, after finding NOTHING of consequence.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was tasked with reviewing the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

The GOP will want to bury this story. Don't let them.…
#REMEMBER: After pressure from Trump, right-wing media, and Republicans...former-AG Sessions appointed John Huber, U.S. Attorney in Utah, to probe the Clinton Foundation and "Uranium One" conspiracy theories.

We now know he found nothing of consequence.

#REMEMBER: In a related effort to re-investigate Hillary Clinton, a politically-driven investigation against Trump's perceived adversaries...

In Oct., the State Dept quietly ended yet another probe into Hillary's email server.

They found no wrong-doing.
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