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Situasi perampokan di Alfamart Jatake Kadusirung, Pagedangan, Kabupaten Tangerang,

Selasa (19/4/2022) pukul 23.40 WIB para pelaku dan pihak kepolisian saling baku tembak.

Alhamdulilah, kejadian perampokan disertai penyanderaan karyawan di Alfamart Jatake Kadusirung, Pagedangan, Kabupaten Tangerang, sudah berhasil ditangani oleh petugas kepolisian, Rabu (20/4/2022) sekitar pukul 00.30 WIB.
Situasi sudah kondusif, tidak ada korban jiwa, dan semua sandera keluar dalam kondisi selamat.

Sementara para pelaku masih berada di dalam Alfamart bersama petugas, menunggu bubarnya massa agar tidak terjadi pengeroyokan, untuk bisa digiring ke dalam mobil petugas kepolisian.
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Let me tell you a story about “orphan patients”. I’ve been tracking the #NB wait list for a family doctor or NP since 2016 via published news reports. In recent months, things have fallen off a cliff. Here’s the deal 🧵:
The Patient Connect list launched in 2013. The list grew steadily for a few years. I think the growth had less to do with ⬆️orphaned patients, and more to do with creating a list. A stable and growing list probably was a good thing, as people signed up.
According to the province, the list has a lot of churn. People get added to the list and leave it fairly quickly; most people are orphaned for a couple of years, not five or ten. Net numbers are important to track; are we improving or getting worse?
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OK! Let’s update things. I just went for a walk around. The red arrows are police advancements. The have taken the intersection of Rideau and Sussex, but little else. The black scribbles are fronts put up by protesters. Thread…
Quebec riot police are the front line. The trucks behind them have been taken by police.
But you can also see there’s a big line of protesters, with trucks, and some more barriers they have in place.
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For those watching at home, I’ve made a map. The red arrows are current police advancements. The black line is where some protesters have now fallen back to to build a barricade. That black rectangle is where the two #NB’ers from Grand Manan were parked, but have now gone home.
This is the wall that’s being built.
Meanwhile, the epicentre stage is still going.
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I have been on the Hill for the last hour and a half walking around, so here's a thread on what's going on, so far...
First, I don’t live in the core, so it took a long time to get to ground zero. Road blocks everywhere. One police check even turning back a guy with Parliamentary Press Gallery credentials. So you just go to the next perimeter point and hope for a friendlier cop.
Several large paddy wagons are positioned on secondary streets. Police on every corner.
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I'm on Parliament Hill and I have some breaking news...

BREAKING: ‘I’ve got to go’ NBers leaving Ottawa convoy… #NB
Peter Doull, a retired trucker from Grand Manan who spent 37 years on the highway and the last 21 days parked in front of Parliament Hill, and his son, James Doull, a diesel mechanic and fisherman, say they're leaving today.

They say it's due to a “family emergency."
“It’s critical, I’ve got to go,” Doull said, declining to elaborate. “It is what it is.
“I think we accomplished what we wanted to. But I think there still will be people who will try to stay here weeks on end.”
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OK! Story filed. Let’s go do another protest walk through.

Missed it? Here’s my story on Trudeau kicking off the Emergencies Act debate:… #NB
Oh boy, immediately greeted by this guy on Bank Street. “They call my Mr. Freedom,” he says. He says he’s from Niagara.
Definitely a larger police presence today. But they’re largely just doing that, being a presence, walking here and there, stopping, milling about. This Bank and Wellington Streets.
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New Brunswick reporter on the ground here in Ottawa with an update thread. Police are again handing out letters to those part of the convoy.
In front of the Senate building there are more police and a new fence.
One of the trucks from #NB has now moved to horizontally block Elgin and Wellington Streets.
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Women's month💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🛀🛀🛀🛌🛌🛌🛌

Manual for beginners in spirit journey

1) #Callings/ubizo

It's the frequency of spiritual divinity from universe (spirit) to child (soul) regarding your purpose in life
#Remember purposes vary

/ Sangoma





/Dreamer & solver of problems verbally

2) #gift/neo/isipho

It's the baby spirit gifted to you by universe. It might not be so much that you need to twasa or open it, Nooooo it might just be a normal presence or might be huge presence of spirit frequency

in short gift means spirit presence
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It's as old as love,,,,,it's real, almost in all homes it has happened once or more, but fortunately others never know it happened since it was hidden 

Kuvuki is no cheating forest,,,,,it's King & his Wives klaaarrrr

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People don't cheat cos they scared of you, noooooo it's simply cos they love themselves & you too much😚


once that too much love is missing then flames start,,,it's over,,,
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Others just cheat with or without love presence,,,it's a profession, they are graduates


Respect yurself & you'll be respected,,,, as you respect the other👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Don't be selfish cos you'll be shown what's done by Masters Underground, you will cry😪
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Montagabend gab es in #NB und Weisdin an der #B96 einen Polizeieinsatz. Hintergrund des Einsatzes in Weisdin war die Durchsetzung des Einreiseverbotes eines Versammlungsleiters sowie weiterer Personen nach MV. Dazu wurde ein Bus gestoppt.

Alle Infos dazu:
#UPDATE 0850

Wegen der Einhaltung der Lenk- u Ruhezeiten durfte der Busfahrer bis heute früh nicht fahren. Trotz Verfügung haben die betroffenen Personen unser Bundesland MV bisher noch nicht verlassen. Die Beamten sind derzeit vor Ort u führen erste Gespräche.

#update 1209

Wir warten derzeit darauf, dass Entscheidungen getroffen werden.

Wir sind weiter in #Neustrelitz vor Ort.
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NB Legislature was supposed to start at 10. But MLA’s are not on their seats.

There is another COVID update planned for 2:30. #nb @CTVAtlantic
The house is adjourning.

Government House leader Glen Savoie wishes his colleagues from the northern region the best:
"...Hoping that the worst doesn't happen and that we can contain the spread of this virus."

The house could be adjourned now until Sept.15.

Roger Melanson, Liberal MLA, speaks on behalf of his colleagues from the north:
"The virus is still in New Brunswick. We've got to follow the directions of public health and we've got to be very careful."
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According to the CFIB, 54% of New Brunswick and PEI businesses have fully opened, the largest share in the country. Nova Scotia, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador considered “the least open economies.” @CTVAtlantic
Compare that to last week.
In NB, on May 19, that number was 44%.
Phase Yellow began on Friday, with the reopening of hair salons, barbers and spas. #nb
NS: 29%
NL: 20%
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NB Update:
No new cases for a 13th day.
116/118 cases have recovered.
525 tests have been processed over last 24 hours.
That's the largest amount of tests in a single day (according to my notes).

Today marks one week since NB households have been allowed to add one more household to their bubble.

Also, one week since some other restrictions were loosened.

Officials have said they expect to see cases in the next week, because of the loosened restrictions.
Calls to 811 have increased.
If you have 2 symptoms, call.
-onset of fatigue
-onset of muscle pain
-loss of sense of taste/loss of sense of smell
-in children, purple markings on fingers/toes
-a new cough/worsening chronic cough
-sore throat
-runny nose
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Fredericton news:

The Fredericton Canada Day Committee has announced it will not be hosting Canada Day Celebrations this year, including musical entertainment, family activities and the fireworks display.

Higgs announced Friday that all large gatherings, including festivals and concerts, will not be allowed to go ahead for this rest of this year.

Committee says its concerned about the impact to local musical artists and vendors.
The committee says it's "exploring ways of hosting some non-traditional celebrations that might present a way to support this sector and provide some entertainment for the community."

#NB #Fredericton
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News from Harvest Jazz and Blues committee:

Harvest's 30th anniversary celebration will not take place this September.
"....with today’s announcement from the Province of New Brunswick - and out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our community of musicians, volunteers, partners, and patrons - Harvest’s 30th anniversary will be postponed to 2021."
. @BrentStaeben , the Festival’s Director of Music

“After last year’s record-setting extravaganza, we had curated a bigger, deeper and wider array of talent that aimed to meet the expectations we raised sky high last
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"Welcome to the new normal"

Dr. Russell begins today's press conference, with news that there are no new cases again today (for a 7th straight day).

She says she's strongly recommending people where non-medical masks when out in public.
Somethings are about the change, she says.
But encourages:
-hand washing
-clean services
-wear masks
-physical distancing in public
-don't touch your face.
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NB Update:
No new cases
260 tests processed over last 24 hours
104 recovered
14 active cases

@CTVAtlantic #NB
Dr. Jennifer Russell says doctors and nurses have not had to choose which patient will get a respirator - but warns they may still have to.

She says there will be another wave.
This is not the end, she says.

Dr. Russell says maintaining physical distancing, washing hands, and staying home - is saving lives.
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NB Update:
-no new cases
-5 in hospital
-1 in ICU
-311 tests done over last 24 hours

Dr. Russell says public health is continuing to look for more cases -
Encouraging anyone who have 2 symptoms, call 811.
Department of Health is launching a portal to access test results.
So instead of waiting for a phone call, you can look it up online -
You will still get a phone call, but likely get the results faster through the portal.
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NB Update: No new cases
117 NBers have come down with the virus
80 of them have recovered
37 active cases
6 in hospital
3 in ICU

#NB @CTVAtlantic
"Our health care facilities have not been overwhelmed."

She says 586 tests have been done over last 24 hours, highest one-day count to date.
Update to this (GNB website just updated)-
83 have recovered
34 remain active
5 are in hospital
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#NB Update:
No new cases
Total cases: 116
"We are moving in the right direction, but we have not reached out destination."

Dr. Russell is encouraging NBers to keep doing what you're doing. Wash your hands, limit leaving your home, keep your distance when you do.
She says there have been a lot of NBers who have reached out, asking how they can help.

People or businesses have inquired about donating their stock of medical equipment.
She says this has touched her heart.

"There will be a strict process to vet protective gear."
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Two new cases in NB today, bringing the total to 114.

Both in zone 2 (SJ Region), one aged 60-69, other 70-79.

Of 114:
66 are travel-related
36 are close contacts
7 considered community transmission (1 more than yesterday) 5 under investigation

More hospitalizations -
7 are now in hospital
3 in the ICU

In a statement, Premier Blaine Higgs said they are “closely monitoring the response to COVID-19 in nursing homes as the situation evolves.”

“Protecting the health and well-being of the employees and the residents is a top priority.”
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Truro-based @Stanfields1856 announces two contracts for manufacture of isolation gowns for front-line health care workers. Federal government contract to supply 2.6 million gowns worth $24 million. #NS government contract for 480,000 gowns worth $4.32 million.
Fabric being sourced from Truro-based Intertape Polymer, and gowns were designed based on one given to the company by ER doctor living in the community. Jon Stanfield calling this a, "Made in Truro solution for Canada." Gowns have been approved by @GovCanHealth
Majority of workers at the company were laid off on March 16. Bringing back 72 sewers, and will start producing gowns later this week. Could hire up to 108 more. Currently negotiating with other Canadian manufacturing partners in #NB, #Quebec and #ON to help with orders.
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NB Update today involves five people -
Premier Blaine Higgs goes first. He's announcing a pandemic task force - coordinated with and support by NB EMO.
Horizon, Vitalite, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health will be included.
Minister of Health Ted Flemming speaks next - he describes the new task force as "military-like" - the key being speed. Making decisions fast. Staying ahead of the virus.
"We don't know if this is going to be a level 3, a level 4, a level 5 hurricane...we need to plan for worst and hope and pray for the best."
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