#VTuber #ENVtuber #hkVtuber #VTuberUprising *Qilin's Manic ADD Ramble about tech upon seeing this meme.*
My sorry ass last December was experiencing the the pc dustdown of my life when extracting the #ZOTAC 1070 Mini from the 2011 HP Pavilion tower. For gpu thermal paste session.
Before installation in my first self built rig. I'm lucky the gpu is still essentially "prestine" cause my lack of intense gaming and no use of programs that would push it. Due to the fact it was in a pre-built with a weak cpu.
reddit.com/r/overclocking… done
Using this classic as my main graphics driver for the conceivable future. Memories of it being part of the last major teenage savings spent for "gamer" stuff. Razer Kraken Pro V2, Ornata Chroma, and Logitech G602 since there were no Razer mmo mouse in Best Buy stock that 2016🎄.
Last two are still being used in my rig. I have a immense hatred for #logitechg #logitech and other #gamingmice #gaming for the current state of double/triple click switch industry epidemic. Teenage me found the headset closed sound to not suit. Also fitting bad for big dome.
Even though I hate them for also contributing to the #gamingmice issue. A #Razer Naga Pro is getting here in a week or two. Let's see if it is currently truly a jack of all trades. #gaming
I found the Kraken Pro V2 headset closed sound to be poor and fitting bad on my big dome.
It was until 2020 spring restriction during Ottawa college life that led me saying fuck this! Uses part of living fund for #Philips SHP9500 and #MyVMODA Boom Pro. Slimming down a bit from less food that month. The Boom Pro and normal headset rather then "gamer" headset epidemic.
It's what I'm recommending to other gamers prospective on new audiogear alongside #audiophile recommended amps to power high end headphones.
For #Xbox #PlayStation #consolegang .
For #pcgaming #PCGamer who don't want to buy an actual good mic for some bizarre reason? Like does #shure #rode #røde #takstar #audiotechnica #bluemicrophones not mean anything to this eldtrich insane minority? #podcasting #podcast
For #mobilegaming because #rythemgame
Because I love the #MyVMODA Boom Pro for its immense wombo combo potential. Like literally my 24/7 daily audio drivers what I'm doing alongside a good #headphone like #philips #Sennheiser #AKG #sonyelectronics #massdrop #beyerdynamic #takstar #hifiman #planar
Because of how comfortable they are, I don't feel the need to try any other headset at the moment than the Philips SHP9500's for time being. I may purchase one from the folks in the previous post.
Alongside the #Røde Podmic, and #Behringer UMC22 will be my #pngtuber drivers.
Imagine if I had pets and was a heavy smoker and was doing the puffs without ventilation in the vicinity with of a pc sitting on carpet. 🤮🤮🤮
Insanity for computer hardware shortages and the conpanies are competing for "supply chain assets" like the land property for the manufacturing bays for chips for the robotic bits used to make said chip. Also water waste in manufacture/rare earth metals mines doing some harm.

• • •

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25 May
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Oh boy. Saber shared universe. Main character being the copyeditor to Touma's author. A sinful one if Vice is anything to go by.
/is a joke

But damn. As much as I enjoy and appreciate weaponplay. Want for actual writing depicted in a show.
Rider name amateur analysis. Not based on Japanese. Solely the English.

"Re" as a prefix means "back", or "again"; as in relation to "retell", and "recall".

Example: reject, regenerate, and revert.
"Vice" comes from the Latin word "vitium", meaning "failing or defect"
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