Remember, there are two parts to the C19 origin story, "where and when did it occur". Having reasonably ascertained "where" (lab leak), the question unanswered is "when". Perhaps, its time to make an educated guess. 1/
It seems clear in retrospect that our public health communities have attempted to spread C19 infection over two "flu" seasons to build herd immunity. Then show up with a below average vaccine at the end and claim victory. 2/
If correct, then arguably the Chinese might have done the same thing (although with lockdowns as the dramatic end point). Working backwards, this would place the "when" of C19 origin somewhere in late 2018 and early 2019. 3/
Now where have I heard that idea before? End.

• • •

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6 Jun
A poignant tweet simply read "Viruses kill but lockdowns murder". It highlights that as lockdowns are planned policy, the deaths associated with them are premeditated. Canada, like many countries needs to be prepared for this upcoming and disturbing discussion. 1/
It is stunning clear from the literature and comparator nations like Sweden that lockdowns didn't save lives. They did hasten the death of many through suicide, self harm, lack of medical care and diminished quality of life. 2/
Be aware that scientists are sifting through the all cause mortality data and early signs aren't pretty. We need to be prepared for the possible that lockdowns caused more deaths than the virus itself. Thus is the power of panic. 3/
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1 Jun
I know that real science doesn't matter anymore, but anyways....
This Nature paper shows that mild C19 infections enables robust, long term programming of bone marrow memory cells to produce C19 antibodies when needed. Imagine that, everything is normal and as expected. 1/
So lets recap, we have hundreds of papers clearly demonstrating a strong, diverse and long lasting immune response to C19. 90 percent of Canadians even had pre existing co- immunity. Both together ensured that C19 infection was never a major threat to Canadians. 2/
This was of course plainly obvious from the demographic findings collected over the last 15 months. No doubt public health will ignore this mountain of data as it fumbles along with its poorly conceived vaccination process. 3/
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31 May
Your weekly reminder that you are in the midst of the largest social policy failure in Canadian history. This week, it's a reading assignment, a remarkable piece of work from Julius Ruechel. 1/…
Grab two coffees and about 60 mins of time to work through this treatise. Quantitative and analytical, with 40 figures/exhibits, the reading is indepth, intense and damming. It lays out in detail not just the misdirection but the negligence behind the C19 response. 2/
The argument is simple and credible. The actions of senior bureaucrats and MOHs have exposed gov't to charges of gross negligence leading to harm and death. The treatise follows in a series of steps. 3/
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25 May
A weekly reminder that you're in the midst of the worst social policy failure in Canadian history. Yes, it's alarming to watch especially in the absence of corrective action. Dreadful leadership plays a role but there is a larger structurally dynamic as well. 1/
That dynamic centers on the perpetual debate as how best to solve large societal problems. That argument pivots between two poles, that being a centralized or decentralized solution. Canada's constitutional design is purposely leveraged towards decentralized solutions. 2/
Despite this structural preference, Canada's C19 response has been centrally driven. The federal and provincial gov'ts (Ontario) consolidated power within cabinent and decision making bodies including PHAC, Ontario public health and the Ontario Science Table. 3/
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22 May
A rigorous investigation of Canada's C19 response and the murky operations of PHAC has become evident to those both inside and outside gov't. By any stretch of the imagination, the C19 response was a self inflicted wound and monumental policy failure. 1/
A royal commission fully funded to do deep investigative work is critical. It must be led by someone with a stellar track record of jurisprudence, integrity and independence. I suggest Beverly McLachlin, Canada's former chief justice. 2/
No stone should be left unturned as this debacle should never be repeated. This commission will need to define and provide policy solutions for PHAC's long stream of administrative/scientific failures. Two elements stand out. 3/
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17 May
I remember a MP named Sven Robinson. Young, passionate and openly gay when that was a liability. At a party, he walked away with a piece of jewelry, a flight of fancy. A week later, he rose in parliament, admitted his error and resigned. It was simple, he had broken trust. 1/
It was an act that left an indelible mark on a younger version of me. It framed my view of what it meant to be a public figure. It instilled faith in the political process and reminded me how seriously public officials took their actions and responsibilities. 2/
Here, some 30 years later, many Canadians sit with their trust in gov't shattered by a public health community that has been disturbing incorrect and inflexible. It has walled itself off and retreated into ideology and archane theory. 3/
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