For those within the US who may be unaware due to propaganda: Harris’ comments towards Guatemalans are egregious because poverty in Latin America at large has been literally engineered by the United States in neo-colonialist campaigns, illegal actions, and human rights abuses.
Additionally, the United States has a surplus of vaccine currently that it is not distributing to globally underserved countries.…
The vaccine also could not be produced in other areas until extremely recently, largely due to the United States refusing to break vaccine patents — prioritizing private business above uncounted human lives.…
When I specifically say that poverty and destabilization in Latin America were *engineered* by the United States, I am not hyperbolizing. A major part of US resources have been devoted to covert operations in Latin America for more than a century.
This *very much includes* the current era. Here’s a brief timeline to give you some points to even *begin* researching this issue if you know little about it.…
The drug cartels of Latin America were created by the United States. Then the War On Drugs penalized those suffering from it.
Those suffering from corona, poverty and political turmoil created by the United States are now being turned away at the border.
Make no mistake — the United States uses other nations’ human rights abuses as casus belli for wars, it does not care about them inherently. It’s Americanism to care about “freedom” only when it gives us more power.

• • •

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More from @AlexPetrovnia

9 Jun
Ok I’m not sober rn but I’m realizing that I haven’t even begun processing the trauma I accumulated by being an undiagnosed neurodivergent person for 23 years.
Like. People took a kid who taught himself to read on a kids encyclopedia of natural history and read astrophysics textbooks and Beowulf for fun and convinced him to his core that he was legitimately incapable, unintelligent and a lost cause.
Idk man. All I ever wanted was to be a person worth listening to. And all academia ever did for me was convince me that wasn’t possible.
The fact that I’m even aware of this now is a very new development.
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8 Jun
This is a map of every US State that has considered anti-trans legislation in 2021. It’s June.
RT this 🧵 and read below how to help #ProtectTransKids.
Many of these laws are PASSING. We MUST ACT NOW. #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
The amount of people replying or quote tweeting this saying they’re so glad their state is “safe”, have MISSED THE POINT.
Call your reps and TELL THEM to enact trans protections this #Pride
Or this will be in your state next.
As a resident, KNOW what’s going on in your state and WHO to talk to about it. This tool can help.…
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2 Jun
This owl I saw at the zoo is a model.
This friend was still calibrating.
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2 Jun
Update on top surgery issues: I have been told that I’m being moved to a different surgical facility because the first surgery won’t allow me as a patient based on BMI. The surgery is tomorrow morning. I’m honestly livid.
Unclear so far whether or not my partner’s surgery has also been moved. We may now be getting our surgeries at different facilities. This could present serious transportation problems.
How is this even legal??
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2 Jun
Someone remind me not to expend my stress or energy on people who have no interest in nuance or understanding, please
It is so frustrating when the aggressively assimilationist takes come from other trans people, as well. Being accused of being a detriment to trans liberation at large for not catering wholly to cis interests is very frightening. I’m always afraid I could do better.
Also in slightly funnier news, this dude assumed I’d just come out and was like. “Let me know how you feel about this issues after passing a bit. I hope you can get a binder soon.” And I’m ???
The rage towards newly realized trans people continues to be a Bad Take.
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2 Jun
Cisqueers celebrating #Pride like nothing abnormal is happening: trans people see you. We see you abandoning us. We hear your silence. It is suffocating us. We are dying.

Please say something.
Twitter hashtags won’t save us from the trans genocide currently going on in the United States.
Please, please, contact your representatives HERE and TELL THEM that you want protections for trans people in your state. Your inaction costs lives.
More anti-trans legislation has been ENACTED INTO LAW this year in the United States than in the past ten years combined.…
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