Who is Professor Dr J. Jeyaranjan? Chairman of SDPC (Tamilnadu State Planning Commission). He is presented as an accomplished economist. Sun TV has a profile, but it does not go deeper.

Now I do not care who the duly elected #D govt appoints to what position.

I am concerned about the celebrations in #ATB (Anti-TBrahmin) core #D circles.. that he is some kind of intellectual nemesis who makes Brahmins squeal (word is Kathara..கதறல்)
Dr J.Jeyaranjan got his MSc from Madurai Kamaraj in Maths in 81.. then a PhD from MIDS (Madras Inst Dev Studies) in 1995. MIDS is a Dravidian research institution.
As an economist and an academic - which he is presented as - what has been his impact ? You can check semantic scholar. Remember MIDS has all the resources to produce world class output. No one can oppress there..
So we have a h-Index of 5. For an economist with 35 yrs of research. Again #D can argue that he works for the subaltern, but you can be a scholar AND work for the subaltern. Most development economists work for 'subaltern' anyway.
His first paper , seen as influential is "Work Caste and Competing Masculinities" is a just a narrative or a 'story of lived experience' - the Mudal**r women in a particular area were sexually attracted to D men.
what real economists h-Index looks like. Here is Raguram Rajan.

A h-Index of 20 is considered good, 10 is rookie. 5 is nothing. RR would be exceptional
So #D have a completely different yardstick of how an 'economist and intellectual' ought to be measured.
Could it be a B-index ..

Again: I have no issues in them appointing anyone or using any measure of academics. Do not defame of spread canards about TB or Katharal. /e

• • •

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8 Jun
so I embed Kulukkai videos (popular dravidian youtube channel) They disable embedding feature for their videos. how closely they watch. Image
not the first time. I linked to a youtube video - an interview with Dravidian intellectual Suba Vee which had tens of thousands of views. They made the video private.. it was telecast in mainstream with a legit interviewer. #D Image
This was my article about it -- the upshot was this.

"If you break Periyar statue ..
we can break Tbrahmins houses (agraharathai

note 👉 it is not 'we will break Savarkar statue in return"

Read 7 tweets
3 Jun
Okay, seeing blank faces. Here is how the fallacy works in Dravidian - if you work in "Policy" or "India Liberal Intelligentsia" this is go above your head. Hence you will dismiss as 'silly'.

Maalan -> came from Uzbek
Babur -> came from Uzbek

same? purpose of this?
This is to 'reduce' Maalan to Babar. This logic is actually a danger to muslims, but Drav do it anyway.

Similar to reducing UVeSa to Bishop Caldwell.. both are foreigners contributing to Tamil.
This fallacy ignores the "Time" aspect. Dont contest the steppe part. EVEN if Maalan (A #NonDravidianStock ) and Babur are from same place. Maalan came 3000 years ahead of Babur, or 2500 or whatever. So there are two aspects

1. first possession
2. civilization development
Read 9 tweets
2 Jun
hmm... Imagine that Left+Congress went to ZERO in WB and lost KL big and broke the anti-incumbency pattern. They arent crying. BJP guys groan they went from 0 to 77.

Today I think CON is just a vehicle for #IOI/#D. Maybe that vehicle can speak better through TMC/DMK/Shivasena
Cannot overstate this phenom! You can see the dramatic difference in attitude of Mitrons who are crushed at a poll loss. WB/KL scarcely made a dent even for a minute. They are in high spirits because the backend can talk and project power though others.
Another phenom I found hard to explain - many CON Losses are dramatic, that is inconsistent with the normal decay you will find in purely democratic process.

BJP slides, CON wipes out.

Eg in Delhi for 10 yrs not a single MLA from a 15 yr reign . all lost deposits < 4% voteshr
Read 8 tweets
29 May
பார்ப்பனர்கள் ஒண்ணுமே சொல்லல, இருந்தாலும் த்ரவிட டீக்கடைக்கு வாய் நமநமங்குமாம் -" ஒன்றிய அரசு" சொற்றாடல் தமிழ் பார்ப்பனர்களுக்குப் பிடிக்கவில்லையாம்.. உங்களுக்கு வேற மாதிரி பேசவே தெரியாது.

கேட்டால் @Swamy39 வாய்சவடாலுக்கு அவர் ஜாதிய வெச்சு பதில் அடியாம்.
உங்களுக்கு (திராவிட/பார்ப்பன-அல்லாதோர்) பிடித்தது பார்ப்பனர்களுக்குப் பிடித்திருக்க வாய்ப்பே இல்லை!!

உங்கள் உலக கண்ணோட்டம் இதுவாக இருப்பின் உங்களுடன் யாருமே அறிவுப்பூர்வமா நிதானமா பகுத்தறிவுடன் பேச முடியாதே? நானும் இந்த நாடகத்தில் எனக்காக நீங்க வகுத்த பார்ட்டை சொல்லவேண்டுமே.
ஒன்றிய அரசு -> என்பது தவறே. கூட்டரசு என்று பொருள்.

உங்கள் அய்யா பிடீஆர் சொல்வதும் தவறே.. மத்திய அரசுக்கும் மாநில அரசுக்கும் தனித்தனி வாக்காளர்கள் (ஒரே வாக்காளர் வெவ்வேறு தேர்தல்) தனி தகுதிகளும் உள்ளன. இதான் நமது அரசியல் அமைப்பு.
Read 5 tweets
29 May
Look at this #DravidianTamil hate book sold under the Amazon category "New Age and Spirituality" .. who will bother to double check it? Americans? Hindi? Kannada ? Mallu people?

So to an outsider (non Tamil) the book cover looks like some type of "new age spirituality" ..an occult ritual perhaps? hmm.. should we check further? why? Is this really possible in 21st century? lets keep it.
I mean India has 'argumentative' .. thousands of thinktnks and dynamic "liberal intelligentsia" in Delhi ? i mean would they not speak. So lets keep it. some one says the title is ஆரிய பார்ப்பனரின் அளவிறந்த கொட்டங்கள் – The uncontrolled antics of Ariyan Brahmins. thats odd? lies?
Read 5 tweets
28 May
Vairamuthu matter.. tread with caution Tbrahmins.

Once again we *arent in a liberal social order* in #D

Dhanya (TNM),Kuyil,KL actresses and other nonbrahmin elites will escape.. Dravidians will take this message to every street corner.

he has same followers as me. NOT fringe.
i have ss - dozens of such messages. Rescind of ONM award is nothing to Vaimu. Drav can give him 100s of awards but the dravidians will milk this for decades. It will be forgotten nonbrahmin women also got harassed or that nonb controlled TNM frontended this.
the whole thing could be a trap. Let them dravidian-stock celebrate whoever they want with award. who are we (nondravidians) to question that?

Clear the allegations fall short of police/law action..so no option left. If there are nonbrahmin girls affected let them frontend it.
Read 5 tweets

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