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Continue till end,Let me show you what happens when people who can't even conduct Sandhyavandanam properly try to comment on Ashvamedha etc.
At first look at the historical aspect. First One is from Valmiki ramayana Balkanda /Chapter 14. Ashva was sacrificed there, Beloved Gitapress deliberately tried to made it "fruit" in their translation but it has nothing to do with ashvamedha. Here are the comnentaries
Yuddhishthira in Ashvamedic parva too did the same thing,Now let's back to the parts related to the post.
Again look how these people run away from everything calling it later addition😂
From Kumarila bhatt, Shabar swami, Jagadguru Shankracharya, Bhagvan ramanujacharya everyone supported Animal sacrifice where it is mentioned in Vedas(animal sacrifice does not mean meat eating)
Durgacharya in his vritti of Niruktam(right) explains this:-
नन्वत्र हन्यन्ते पशवश्छिद्यन्ते तृणवनस्पतयोऽय कथमहिंस्रः । उच्यते । अभ्युदय एव हि सः । एवं हिं श्रूयते
We kill Pashu and cut the Grains,plants then why is it Ahinsa? Because of अभ्युदय. This is confirmed by Veda too.
ex from Vedaas:-
While Horse was killed "न वा ऽ उ ऽ एतन् म्रियसे"( yajurveda २३/१६) is recited which means "O dear Horse without a doubt you can't be killed,you can't be destroyed".
"हिरण्यशरीर ऊर्ध्वः स्वर्गं लोकमेष्यतीत्यथ (Aitareya २/३) HE obtains the urdhvagami swarga
Vedic wisdom or Charvaka wisdom?? This is a famous quote of Charvaka Darshana(right). "If the animal of ज्योतिष्टोम obtains swarga then why don't you kill your father"?At first he must decide his siddhanta. Now the answer:-
(1)Vedas have viniyog for each thing e.g:- इषे त्वा ऊर्जे त्वा(यजु० १/१) for cutting शाखा. but We don't find the Viniyog for cutting oneself or Vidhi for obtaining swarga. Without Vidhi how can we do anything??
(२)Secondly some Yajnas containing Pashu Vadh अश्वमेध, ज्योतिष्टोम, सोमयाग all are काम्य Karma's one can choose to do them or not do it. Similarly If there was a viniyog for killing oneself and obtaining swarga then it depends upon him to conduct it or not.
We follow shastra vachan that mentions dying for nation or battle etc so there is no point in saying why don't you kill yourself. There is no method as such in Vedas.
Again People who aren't aware of Vaidiki Prakriyas make such childish claims. Yes these mantras prohibit killing of Pashus but this shows the level of "Vedic wisdom" he has.
This is related to अग्निचयन and further .In agnichayan there are 5 pashus as पुरुष, अश्व,गौ, अव (भेड़), यव these mantras belong to all these and not all pashus. 13/47 is not about "animals" it's about पुरुष as Shatpatha states "पुरुषस्य प्रथम मुत्सृजाति"(7/5/2/32).
Forget about animals Vedas have direct Vachan "न हिंस्यात सर्वभूतानि" But we still do cut plants for food and yajna. This topic is discussed in both Purva and Uttara Mimansa+++++
All these are उत्सर्ग वाक्य and "अग्निषोमीय पशुमालभेत"(for jyotishtoma) "वपाममभिजुहोति" (for ashvamedha) are "अपवाद" vaakyas. अपवाद vakyas does the बाध of उत्सर्ग. Both have diff fields.
Refer to the commentaries done by acharyas on Brahmsutra 3/1/25.
नञ् used in निषेध वाक्य are for निवर्तन. One thing is पुरुषार्थ निषेध other is क्रत्वर्थ निषेध. Example "न हिंस्यात" this पुरुषार्थ निषेध will be applicable in the places other than क्रतु (yajna.
We see verses condemning Pashu Vadha in Mahabharata and Bhagavtam too. In Mahabharta there is Ninda of Pashu Vadh in the very next chapter where Horse is sacrificed
All these are just for Hinsa that is obtained through राग.
मेध it can have these roots मिदृ मेदृ हिसायाम् , मेधृ संगमे च" So as he is saying why Only 3rd meaning is taken and calling from rishis and vedic acharyas as "crooked and ignorant"
Rishis and Digivijayi acharyas are crooked and ignorant but these arya samaji graudate is fine.😂
Not only third meaning is taken We take मेध not as Hinsa in गोमेध, पुरुषमेध,सर्वमेध. We have to take the meaning as per प्रकरण and विधि. It shows his ignorance whatever meaning of मेध is taken in अश्वमेध it is not going to do any change in vidhi. We don't do smthn just by name
For ashvamedha
वपाममभिजुहोति(१३/२/११/३) यदेन संज्ञपयन्ति" लोहित जुहोति"(१३/३/४/२), अश्वशफेन द्वितीयमाहुति जुहोति(४)" शूल्य हुत्वा देवताऽश्वाङ्गेभ्यो जुहोत्यमुष्मै ' ( का ० श्रौ ० २०/१८/४ ) In Shukla ajurveda (25/1-8) The ahutis with the various body parts of Horse are described
You can come with the imaginary and baseless translations of Dayananda, Cunning Books of Yuddhishthira Mimansaka.
We have answer for everything
Rishis and ishvara said and did same thing with Ashvamedha. Here rishi means "dayanand"??
You can guess his arya samaji brain He is calling "Brahmana texts" as rishi said,all sanatani samprdayas call Brahmanas as Vedas. They are the words of God not Rishis.
Again राष्ट्र° वो अश्वमेध means राज्य ही अश्वमेध है. What is written ahead is imaginary. Otherwise muslims and Christians too expanded their nations those Adharmis will be termed doing Ashvamedha Dharma.
Arya samaji articles have such BS
Freedom Fighter= Ashvamedha 😎👍🏻
In this prakran अश्वमेध is called राष्ट्र and हिरण्य (gold) is called ज्योति. The Knife blade of Ashva is of Gold Hence he keep the। ज्योति (स्वर्ण) in राष्ट्र(अश्वमेध). Everything ashvamedha is compared too is secondary the Vidhi is main.l(१३/२/२/१६).
The bottom line is leave the meaning and vidhi to gurukul students of traditional samprdayas. People without Guru parampra, Mixed arya samaji mind mustn't touch the subjects related to vedas. Leave them to mimansakas.

It is clear that अश्वमेध ashva is killed.
He is high on "ऋग्वेदादिभाष्यभूमिका" Look how these half educated people are giving descisions. Mahidhara has provided references from Brahmanas and Sutras while doing his commentary. He is not Uncivilized like Dayananda. Claims rel to chap 23 are cleared many times
Again He is calling Vedic acharyas as Idiots. Viniyog of these mantras is written in Shatpath १३/२/८ They say it to the horse. After it's death Horse denotes "प्रजापति" Hence they are for horse. If he had read the first mantra of Brihadaranyaka it is cleared there

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9 Jun
Childish Talks Again.
Again he is quoting Puranas in competition with Vedas. Let's continue till end to understand this. I can quote puranas that mentions animal sacrifice(quoted) but let's start from basic.

I have explained this whole thing already in thread but still.
Mimansa स्मृत्याधिकरण (१/३/३) The authority of Smriti vachan is not valid if it goes against Vedas.
या वेदबाह्याः स्मृतयो याश्च काश्च कुदृष्टयः ।(Manu १२/९५)
Vyas smriti १/४ describes Vedas>>>Smritis>>puranas. Former blocks later.
An entry level gurukula student know such basics
This Manu- Vachan can solve all problems.
"तस्माद्यज्ञे वधोSवध:" in yajnas वध is अवध. Similarly Devi Bhagvat ३/२६/३३ "for yajnas Pashu Hinsa is not Hinsa" So half of problems gone.

Don't try to misinterpret medhatithi or cry about Adulteration. This one is from Kulluka Bhashya.
Read 7 tweets
9 Jun
Lol this is the best you came up with 😂😂 Changing topic from Ashvamedha to Mahidhara
Anyways Okay Continue till end.
Here Mahidhara explains the meaning of words in 22 almost similar words are used in 23. So people can note them. Dayanand uses derivate meaning which is not valid.
Now continue
Ashvamedha is सर्ववाचात्मक as stated in Shukla yajurveda shatpath brahmana,All type of Speeches are made there. During Yajna the meaning of mantra is not Spoken.
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3 Jun
Impotent political Hindus instead of answering or doing something stirct against these degenrates,they try to Validate their $exuality using our sanatana dharma.

Continue with this thread , I'll clarify some(almost all claims) related to L¢B£Q& Hinduism.
Before clearing all their claims lets understand some basics .
• Vedas have Injuctions only for male and female couples ( विवाह सूक्त ) , Only masculine and feminine terms are used . there is no place for inter$exual marriage . It's completely against Vedas .
• Manusmriti,Narad smriti,Vishnu Smriti
Describes strict punishment for a man having sex with man , or a women having sex with a virgin girl,Two virgins having.
Punishment:- To outcaste them ,cut their fingers (even if not Literal it's a sin) Manusmriti 8 / 369-370,11 / 174
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25 May
These are some verses Bhagvatam 7/3/17++ and very starting of next chapter. Second one is from Valmiki Ramayana Balkanda.

brahma gave boon to Hirankashyap,Brahma gave boon to ravana. Even a rishi could give boon what do you mean by "just a consultant"?
His line that "Dharma is higher than Gods"
Gods were respected because they followed Dharma?
Okay then your God is bound by some pre existing morality he is not omnipotent and he is not the always existing then?

In bhagvadgita 18/66 सर्वान धर्मान परित्यज्य।all the rituals etc
Again Just to surge the life in rayta wing many people came with stupid logic "Padma puran mentions Shiva as Giving boon to him"
Okay so?,There is Kalpa-Bheda. From this we can't reject that Brahma gace boon
In vishnu purana too "ब्रह्मणो वरदर्पितः" is used.
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23 May
🌸Some Basic quotes from Swami Karpatri Ji which can help everyone +can be understood easily 🌸
Retweet your favorite ones
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22 May
🌺+A thread about the interpolation propaganda used by avedic sects and peak escapists+🌺
Continue with me till the end,It is going to be a long thread...
Average RW Hindu will not study under an acharya he'll rather make unnecessary noise. The texts will be called out of date or adulterated.

Those who proclaim the adulteration in scriptures will be called as gurus and Scriptural+hard working people will be called names.
This is the reason why Hindu society is falling and this is why Hindu society will fall further. When things are not understood, they declare them as adulterated

🌺Ask these to people who cry about interpolation in texts when it doesn't match their ideology:-
Read 17 tweets

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