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Want to feel silenced, patronised and dismissed more than ever? No worries, just get #pregnant, give #birth and become a #mother. This is why I’m more convinced than ever that we need #feminism. A thread - admittedly of mostly first world problems but still…
As a professional woman operating in a western capitalist society I have felt my share of #sexism. Despite my relative power of conviction and ability to speak up for myself I am not immune to the… let’s say somewhat unfriendly conditions that most women have to deal with.
I thought that I knew what everyday casual and systemic #sexism was until I got pregnant, gave birth and became a mother. Bad shit after that tends to become much more pronounced. There are of course exceptions - but surprisingly I come across more assholes now.
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You know what? I think it's time for another thread of awesome indie roleplaying games that new designers ought to pick up. RT and add your own suggestions!
Dread, by @Epidiah is the foremost example of a game that uses the interface to convey theme & tone. You use a Jenga tower to convey horror movie tension. It's glorious and can be grabbed over at…
If you want to see how a brilliant designer can adapt mechanics to suit different themes? Star Crossed by @muscularpikachu and @bullypulpit_hq transforms horror sensibilities into stories of forbidden romance.…
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Thread for #Poet #Vaali

இவருக்கு நிகரான ஒரு கவிஞரும் இல்லை பாடலாசிரியரும் இல்லை..

வாலி எனும் மாயக்காரன்.
உலக நீதி 👇👇

புத்தன் இயேசு காந்தி பிறந்தது பூமியில் எதற்காக
தோழா ஏழை நமக்காக
கங்கை யமுனை காவிரி வைகை ஓடுவது எதற்காக
நாளும் உழைத்து தாகம் எடுத்த தோழர்கள் நமக்காக
அம்மா 👇👇

அபிராமி சிவகாமி கருமாயி மகமாயி
திருக்கோயில் தெய்வங்கள் நீதானம்மா
அன்னைக்கு அன்றாடம் அபிஷேகம் அலங்காரம்
புரிகின்ற சிறுத்தொண்டன் நான்தானம்மா
பொருளோடு புகழ் வேண்டும் மகனல்ல தாயே உன்
அருள் வேண்டும் எனக்கென்றும் அது போதுமே
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So this is America’s Sweetheart 🙄 #JuliaRoberts they got to her young 😞
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When you're asked to talk about a social issue such as #gender and #diversity, don't use it as a platform to promote your own organization, especially if you're an org that has no specific gender focus. A thread based on a recent experience at an #InternetGovernance (IG) event.
Recently, at an IG event I was speaking at, a co-speaker on my panel on "gender and diversity in IG" made her entire talk about how the org she represents is a gender-friendly space, instead of tackling any of the clearly pressing gendered issues that plague the Internet today.
This org had done a "gender diversity" survey which the rep said showed that there were "no pressing gender concerns" at the org. Their report states that "Most agree that all genders are treated
fairly and equally in the [organization's] community." Link:…
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@Beth_Alize a couple of thoughts / resources that might interest you re: feminism and gender narcissism.

In my book, based on a 19 year marriage to a woman with expert-confirmed narcissistic personality traits, I argued that covert narcissism is a feminine form of the disorder.
As far as I can tell, this was a unique suggestion in narcissism theory. This Mars-Venus interpretation is very intuitive and leads to a simple model that has a strong Occam’s razor appeal. DM if interested, I have a free extra copy I can send you.…
I also noted essentially similar traits in the feminists who persecuted me throughout my divorce. I again saw this inadvertently documented in every book/paper I read critical of feminism, though these authors did not recognize this. (Excellent books by @CHSommers)
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Live tweeting re-watch of #MainPremKiDiwaniHoon henceforth to be referred to as #MPKDH

First 5 minutes, and this college clearly never had a #POSH training because a student has plopped into a professor's lap and the professor is telling the girls they'll clear the exams
And of course the #electricguitar is connected to

When I see a puppy
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I am NOT a feminist!

I am however a supporter of equity feminism. As a man, I have never had to have a woman's experience of anything. I can't pretend to be something I don't understand. This was explained to me by an 82 year old 2nd wave feminist in Canada.
The argument goes, I can support women who fight for feminism, be there for them & even do what is even required to help if needed or even asked for. But the nuance is, I am still not a woman. And as a man living in a male dominant world, I would never have a woman's experience.
It's a very well constructed argument. And empowering to women, because a man is then not allowed to highjack a woman's own label of her own struggles for her equality in a world skewed in men's favor. #feminism
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Here is my rant of the day:
Why is @FeminismInIndia a sham ?

1) I was raised by a #feminist father. He went out of his way to make sure I get the best education possible even though we are refugees in our own country. Yes, I am a victim of #terrorism in #Kashmir.

1 of n
2) I was never treated differently than my brother. You know why ? Because we are #Kashmirihindus and we treat everyone equally.
3) I presided over yagnas because I was the eldest child of the family. My gender had no bearing on that.
4) I was sent to a gurukul style school

5) I was sent to schools that taught me Shrimad bhagwat Geeta in addition to #kalaripayattu (ancient Indian martial art) for my protection.
Why ? Because my father din want me to fall prey to #islamicterrorists of #kashmir and get raped or murdered. He wanted me safe.

3 of n
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The Moral Superiority Complex exhibited in this feminist article is stunning. It's Either u with #feminism or else u are a misogynist.If u r a woman who thinks independently & comes to a non feministic conclusion then u have internalized misogyny.1/n…
In other words accept what we say or else we will brand u as Evil.Nothing more misogynistic than that unwarranted presupposition.
Fallacies in the article:
1)"public is in the hands of feminists"-this line doesn't mean that no bad things will happen to Females,but rather 2/n
points​ to the fact that majority of media,Bollywood, politicians etc r feminists​ who influences public. At least they don't oppose feminism in public.
2)"cases that couldn't be proved don't mean all women lie"- It's true that Absence of Evidence is not an Evidence for Absence.
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THREAD / Reasons why #FEMINISM is #misogyny, pt. I. Condemned by the Church in Arcanum 1880, in Casti Connubii 1930 and in Humanae Vitae 1968. #CatholicTwitter #AgainstFeminism
(I will not address here the Feminism of Vladimir Lenin, nor the so-called “New Feminism” of martyr St. Teresa Benedicta and JPII. I will confine myself to American Feminism in its 1-3rd waves particularly starting with the Declaration of Sentiments 1848)
(Moreover, since this is a historical argument, there are always outliers and exceptions to dominant cultural mores. Idiosyncratic counter examples will not address these points, nor will anything less than rational debate.)
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Women are making more noise in Manchester!

Preach Posie!!

#MakeMoreNoise #feminism #WomenTalk
“Men are men, are men, are men, are men amen” PP
“The law is being used, not to protect people but to silence people. @WeAreFairCop and @MForstater are standing up, we need more people to stand up”

#MAKEMORENOISE #Feminism #GenderCritical
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#SundayRead by Eyala is back by popular demand (well, kinda: @Asmaaouu asked and I'd never dare say no to her).

As usual, this week I've read a ton of articles about women's rights and #feminism (especially in Africa) this week. Let me share 5 pieces that stood out for me.
In the seven years I lived in #Senegal I often wondered, where are the queer women? I figured they were being silenced, but this intriguing piece by @africasacountry suggests that queer women's silence may be a strategic choice.

#amreading #SundayRead
The sisters @MAKEDAComms wrote about how social media is affecting the #feminist struggle in Africa. We stan a PR firm that delivers products and contributes to the movement's strategic thinking!

#amreading #SundayRead…
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Fraser contends with liberal feminism’s troubling convergence with #capitalism, and the ways in which #feminism can provide a veneer of liberation for a system of relentless…
The gendered separation of #social reproduction from #economic production constitutes the principal institutional basis for women’s subordination in #capitalist societies.
When a society simultaneously withdraws public support for social reproduction and conscripts the chief providers of it into long and grueling hours of paid work, it depletes the very social capacities on which it depends. The result is a “crisis of care”
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Women and girls are a marginalized group oppressed by males and require single-sex protections and accomodations. This is a sex based right we intend to fight for and uphold. Absolutely nothing fundamentalist TRAs say or do will stop women from protecting ourselves from men.
Anyone wishing to take single-sex spaces and inclusive opportunities away from female people is a misogynist with an agenda. You can hate feminists all you want, but this has always been our fight- and we will never give up. #SexNotGender #StopFemaleErasure #AbolishGender
We fight to liberate all women and girls from the patriarchy. And when we are liberated, we will continue to fight to uphold our liberation. We. Will. Never. Stop. #feminism #RadFem #GenderCritical #DamnRight
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Ready for #DigitalSherlocks@DFRLab
Nos da la bienvenida a #digitalSherlock @GrahamBrookie del @DFRLab, un programa que promete. Les iré contando por aquí! #desinformación
What’s a Stake: Democracy: los cambios tecnológicos son muy disruptivos para la sociedad y ello es riesgoso. Llevamos una década de retroceso democrático... Hay retos, pero hay que abordar el futuro con confianza,?dice @DamonMacWilson
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Poo boy decided to try to get my pages taken down rather than make good on his promise to answer questions. Too bad, I'd love for one of these trans activists to actually give a truthful response to that one.

#NotAFeeling #NotYourCostume #TranswomenAreMen #PeakTrans #Feminism
The TRA trolls have set their sights on me and are trying to get me banned from all the internets.
They got the post taken down on fb, soi f you like this meme you may want to save it while you can.
It's interesting, innit, how literally showing their own words is considered...
(cont.) scary and harmful...
He posted his "ask me anything" on my page btw, so I just took him up on the offer.
Anyway, these misogynists are trying to add me to the long list of feminists they've silenced, so if I disappear for a while, you'll know why.

#WarOnWomen #Silencing
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One of the major breakdowns in communication between #Muslim #feminists and critics thereof is the implicit misconception that the latter have not or do not face issues around women's rights. This is largely due to yet another misconception: 1/6
the inaccurate claim that critics of feminism do not believe there is a need to fight for women's rights.

Having said it innumerable times, it remains a point that falls on deaf ears: to be critical of feminism is neither a lack of empathy, nor a dismissal of 2/6
the plight of women within the ummah. Across the global Muslim community, there are female critics of feminism who suffer injustices and who fight for their rights in ways that align with Islam. 3/6
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9. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
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I’ve been researching female agency in anticolonial resistance and it’s an extremely interesting subject… I’ll be publishing on this in due course but can’t help sharing some pics here… (ongoing thread)
#anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire
Firstly, Josina Muthemba Machel (1945-71), an important figure in the anticolonial struggle against the Portuguese in #Mozambique. #anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire #machel #josinamachel
In 1964, at 18 yrs old, Josina Machel fled the country with the aim of joining the FRELIMO resistance movement in Tanzania, but was arrested and returned to Mozambique. She was imprisoned for five months.
#anticolonial #resistance #femaleagency #empire
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#MadisonWI elects it’s first lesbian mayor and it’s first all-woman school board tonight. Proud to have each of these elected officials. Excited for Madison’s queer feminist future, perhaps it will be one that actually begins to address the massive racial issues in the city.
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Feminism Is Not Here To Help Men.
As a feminist one of the question I get frequently from men whenever I'm talking about feminism is "does it also speak up for men"?...

first I'm going to say, why do you have to be so fucking selfish, like you don't need to directly benefit from Justice to speak up against injustice, do you? And patriarchy on its own is injustice against women...
so why do you want this to be about you before you identify with it?

And now to answer your question, NO.

Feminism is not here to help you.

I know you've heard that feminism is about equality of both sex, which undoubtedly is true...
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"After all these testimonies, including those particularly informative, Gerald Butts and the Deputy Minister of Justice, Nathalie Drouin, we understand a little better what happened in the pseudo-scandal that disrupts the politico-media class from English Canada." #cdnpoli 1/22
"Certainly, nothing in this affair required Prime Minister Trudeau to do his act of contrition, as claimed by the most enthusiastic commentators of the English-language media." 2/22
"It is rather those who raised a statue to Jody Wilson-Raybould who should do their examination of conscience."
Lysiane Gagnon being the voice of reason in this tsunami of media misdirection. 3/22…
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@thecadclub retweeted an article about #Putin praising Russian women for STAYING BEAUTIFUL and taking care of the home.

Then I read this article.

Clear as day to me.



What is expected of women?

Let's ask Putin:

“You manage everything at work and at home, whilst staying beautiful, bright, and charming”


First, be beautiful, bright and charming.

All men know that. Only Western societies live in denial
Even the WOMEN agree:

"When women are young, they value their appearance most of all, but by their thirties they give in to the dominant norms and admit that the most important quality in a woman is being a good homemaker."

Be hot when you're young. Be supportive later.
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