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Fijne internationale #vrouwendag #WomensDay allemaal! Naast vandaag alle vrouwen in het zonnetje te zetten, en ze dankbaar te zijn voor alles wat ze je hebben bijgebracht, ook even je aandacht voor het volgende: 👇
De tech-wereld wordt nog altijd gedomineerd door mannen. Dat is een probleem, want de technologie die gemaakt wordt heeft (soms levensbepalende of levensbedreigende) gevolgen voor vrouwen. Bindende leestip voor vandaag van @CCriadoPerez :…
Ben jij een man? Dan zijn dit wat dingen die jij kunt doen om voor meer (gender)gelijkheid te zorgen binnen jouw organisatie. Via @betterallies (, volg hen! Een bingokaart met daarop de tekst die via deze link te leze
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中国劳工通讯祝福所有女性 #国际妇女节 快乐!在九张照片中,让我们一起回顾中国大陆女性劳动者的过去一年。
1/ 2022年8月,弦子诉朱军性骚扰案二审开庭。终因证据不足,维持驳回原告诉讼请求的原判。(图片来源:法新社)
2/ 2022年10月,Jingyao诉刘强东性侵案达成庭前协议后,支持Jingyao的人们在法庭前拉起横幅。(图片来源:女权之声 | 摄影:Feilin Gao)
3/ 关注性骚扰问题的独立记者黄雪琴系狱已五百余天,网民以“释放雪饼”为主题声援黄雪琴和劳工维权人士王建兵。(图片来源:Github )
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#Feminism ; Theory, Approach and Pros & Cons.
Contributions of Movements like #MeToo & #AuratMarch
Political Powerplay, Social Status OR recrafting of Social Fabric.
A Genuine Movement, A Paradox, OR a Hoax.
A Detailed Thread on the Downtown talk of this age.
Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms. Motivated by the quest for social justice, feminist inquiry provides a wide range of perspectives on social, cultural, economic, and
political phenomena. Yet despite many overall shared commitments, there are numerous differences among feminist philosophers regarding philosophical orientation, ontological commitments (such as the category of women), & what kind of political and moral remedies should be sought.
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🧵We are getting ready to listen to @glosswitch talking to @soniasodha at @Womans_Place_UK online launch of #Hags #WPUKHags - very exciting!

#WomensHistoryMonth #readwomen #BookTwitter #IWD2023 #InternationalWomensDay #WorldBookDay #booktwt Image
Victoria @glosswitch is talking first about how she got the idea for #Hags and how 2020 was named the 'Year of the Karen' and it struck her that middle-aged women were being demonised #WPUKHags
She is also talking about #feminism in the 90s as a member of #GenerationX and how she had thought that her generation would be different to her mother's generation. But then realising that our feminist experiences are the same throughout #HERstory #WPUKHags
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Why are all women controlled by the threat of male violence, and even if it’s #NotAllMen it’s enough to make all women act differently? A thread 🧵 👇

My 17 yr old niece gets the bus to work, college & the gym. She is young, blonde, pretty & kind. She has become a target…
…for predatory men. From comments, staring, ‘jokes’ & now the inevitable & classic ‘creepy man on bus’. It started as soon as she hit puberty & it’s only getting worse.

The other day a man sat next to her on an otherwise empty bus. This is not a neutral act. It is an act of…
…dominance & aggression. It is a man trapping a young woman for his own gratification. He demanded her attention. The bus driver did nothing. She was too scared to say anything & the bus driver didn’t seem to notice/care.

She stopped going to the gym & has quit her job…
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Women, like men, children old people etc are all programmable monkeys.

White women are especially programmable. They'll believe almost anything that society tells them to believe.
It turns out that organized societies that didn't die all ended up programming women with a TON of oppressive stuff. Guilt, shame, need for modesty, etc.
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Low testosterone is destroying an entire generation of men & nobody is talking about it. In the last 2 decades, levels have fallen over 50%.

We live in the most estrogenic environment in history and because of that everybody has hormonal issues. Image
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Teen Brides, Migrant Husbands and Religious Schooling
An Analysis of Young Women’s Experiences of Marriage and Schooling in Rural Bangladesh by Marzana Kamal free to download in Feminist Dissent 6 #Bangladesh #feminism…
Kamal challenges the optimism about the rapid growth in girls studying in madrassa schools . She contests the claim, backed by some western feminists that religious schools and early marriage facilitate rural women’s agency.
Her research looked at women in villages marrying migrant labourers working in the Gulf. Brides who attend madrassa schools tended to stop study after marriage, though many had hoped they could continue. Girls in secular schools tended to stay in education longer.
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while I was away, we apparently had both "bisexual women" & "dick energy" Discourses™. while I'm loath to weigh in directly (as both are complicated + I don't know all the specifics), this discusses unconscious meanings we project onto both (no-paywall):…
...& this related essay explains why conservatives gratuitously smear all #LGBTQ+ ppl "gr00mers" while simultaneously embracing actual gr00mers like Andrew Tate (hint: it's not about sexual exploitation/abuse, it's about stigma-contamination; no-paywall):…
...both these essays draw heavily from my latest book Sexed Up: How Society Sexualizes Us, and How We Can Fight Back. if you're interested in learning more, this chapter-by-chapter preview summarizes the book and all topics covered therein (no-paywall):…
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1. A tweet thread on over-medicalisation and over-medication under capitalism, based on my blog post on @biopoliticalph:
1. I’m surprised that there’s controversy over the claim that people are over-diagnosed and over-medicated in a laissez-faire capitalist society.
2. The medical establishment is part of a capitalist order that classifies and commodifies everything for profit, including human emotions and behaviours. Capitalism also suppresses dissent and resistance in order to maximise profit at the expense of workers’ needs and interests.
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Tulsi Gabbard — It’s no accident the number of transgender youth doubled in the last 5 years, and children mastectomies are up 389%. It’s a direct result of the radical ‘woke’ agenda being pushed on our kids by so-called “healthcare & media”

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Do non-binary people belong in women’s organisations? I think yes -- if they want to be. This is a thread about why… 🧵

1/ Many non-binary people were assigned female at birth (afab) and in many cases lived as a woman for 20, 30 or more years before realising they were non-binary. They have usually experienced all of the same challenges as women. Some have had children...
2/ So non-binary people who were assigned female at birth will often already have spent much of their life in, and feel deeply at home in the women-led battle against patriarchy.

What about non-binary people who were not assigned female at birth?
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This is something I’ve wanted to say to well-meaning liberal white women who are in senior positions for a while. I’m saying it now because my voice has been freed after winning the book award recently.
Dear liberal white women: I know that often you try to support and promote women of color as part of your commitment to #antiracism. It is great that you do this, but:
You need to understand that women of color are not a monolith, and that white supremacy in many institutions makes some women of color fight against others women of color to gain the attention, validation and praise of senior white people.
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A sensational court case where a woman fought for her right to define her private life. This case is from the 1880s and not very different from today. Swipe through to read about Rukhmabai’s fight against sexism and sanskaar ke rules!

#DadajivsRukhmabai #Feminism #SocialReform
It all started when she was 11 and wanted to continue studying!

#ChildMarriage #BetiKoPadhneDo
When rule breaking feels like a sin, the High Court gets brought in!

#DadajiVsRukhmabai #HighCourtCase
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Despite how math curricula tend to present real-world challenges as universal and neutral, representations of reality in these problems are based on
#mathed #mtbos 🧵
though oftentimes implicit
assumptions, social values, and priorities
💰❤️‍🩹 🌎
Q: How well do conventional views of mathematical literacy (and translations of those
visions to curricula) take up girls and women – their experiences, promise, knowledge and ways of knowing?
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Being a Terf.. is it worth it? 💜🤍💚
A short Thread
1/ My sister gave birth in the early hours, I’d had a weird feeling before bed that night, a bit sick. It was probably too much chocolate but I always said it was sympathy pains. My niece, I’ll call P, was perfect & when I
2/ first held her I felt an overwhelming amount of love for this tiny perfect little thing. I doted on her, saw her most days, helped my sister as much as my days would allow. P was the apple of the eye and I was her favourite person.
When her brother was born 2 years later I
3/ had the full set. I proudly announced I didn’t want kids myself as they would never be as perfect as them. P and her brother, call him T were loved more than anything in the world. My nephew was clingy to my sister but I started to take him out on our own and we soon bonded
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To counter some of the disappointing & predictable responses to heroic #protests in #Iran, incl in #academia, I share my recent essay which calls on academics to avoid undercutting dissident #feminist voices, incl those of #Muslim heritage

(Long) Thread British Asian women demonstrating in support of the writer @
Concepts like Orientalism & Islamophobia, originally responding to realities of past & present subordination, are now sometimes used by Western critical intellectuals to discipline those who exercise their equal right to be critical of their own contexts..
while deeply committed to those contexts..

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आधुनिक भारतीय मध्यम वर्गीय स्त्रीवाद हा स्वैराचाराला डोक्यावर घेऊन नाचतो. यात दहा-बारा लफडी करणे, घरी कधीही येणे, व्यसनं करणे (कारण पुरुष करतात), कुणाचंही नियंत्रण नको असा काहीसा अर्थ आजच्या पिढीत दिसत आहे.
#Feminism #Culture #Values #Bharat #Hindu #Hinditva #Samskar #Sanskriti
पुरुषांच्या पिढ्यांपिढ्या लढाया करून, पैसे कमवून दमल्या, खपल्या खरं आजवर कुठल्याही पुरुषानं स्वतःला मी आत्मनिर्भर, स्वतंत्र म्हणजेच आजच्या भाषेत इंडिपेनडंट मॅन असल्याचं म्हटलेलं कुठं पाहिलं नाही. स्त्रियांच्या बाबतीत हे मला बऱ्याचवेळा आढळलं.
पुरुष धुतल्या तांदळाइतके स्वच्छ असतात असा माझा दावा नाही. तरी मी माझं वैयक्तिक इतकंच सांगू शकतो की मी स्वतःला धुतलं तर मी तांदळासारखा स्वच्छ होईन इतकी माझी पातळी नक्कीच आहे.🤣असो तो मुद्दा नाही आहे. पण मला कुणी विचारलं तर भारतीय स्त्रीवादाला सुधा मूर्ती सारख्या स्त्रीचा आदर्श
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WoLF submitted public comments to the US Department of Education's proposed Title IX regulations.

#SexNotGender #TitleIX… Image
Written by one of our Advisory Council members, our comments express our deep concern about how these proposed rules will harm women and girls.

#SexNotGender #TitleIX
Since 1972, Congress has interpreted "sex" under #TitleIX as allowing differential treatment based on sex in some settings, including single-sex athletics, toilets, locker rooms, & showers. These exist to ensure women have safe, equal access to educ. opportunities. #SexNotGender
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