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1/ The latest out of #Izyum has led to further investigations into Russian atrocities in #Ukraine. What is the American #Congress doing? A 🧵
2/ In my article for @TheWilsonCenter and @kennaninstitute, I examine how Congress is weighing options as Russia continues its unjust war in Ukraine:…
3/ Currently, #Estonia, #Latvia, #Lithuania, #Czechia, #Canada, #Ireland, and #Ukraine have accused #Russia of inciting genocide in Ukraine. This is consistent with the conclusions made by sone leading experts and scholars:…
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#DuratmaGandhi to #TraitorNehru to robot Man Mohan Singh, #Congress kept devising & passing such unconstitutional, loaded Acts ie Anti-Riot Act by Sonia. What were #BJP lawmakers doing, what were ppl doing - voting same Anti-#Hindu bigots in the name of #Secularism #ScrapWaqfAct
@ARanganathan72 says, 'Today Waqf says Hindus can use the land but tomorrow they won't, this is what happened with Gyanvapi'

If there are issues with the ownership of Waqf properties, it can be taken to the court: @touseefakhan

#EXCLUSIVE | Days before the 2014 elections, the UPA govt 'gifts' 123 prime properties in Delhi to Waqf.

"Please refer to the telephonic request", @navikakumar takes us through the details of the 'secret note'.
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The @WhiteHouse #monkeypox #MPX briefing was mostly very good news. New cases reports are way down across most of the US, and globally. But in the last week the demographics shifted, from a predominately white male outbreak to:
- 38% black men
- 25% Hispanic
- 26% white
About 540,000 doses of #Jynneos #vaccine have been admin'ed in USA, and some men are now getting their 2nd doses -- which are essential for effective protection.
But there is a mismatch.
While 38% of new cases are black men, only 12% of vax uptake is in that group.
The @CDCgov is shifting from from education/#vaccination campaigns at large gay pride events, to smaller, targeted efforts aimed at less-served groups.
Meanwhile, CDC says MPX "travels with" other STDs & #HIV -- 61% of diagnosed #monkeypox cases are co-infected.
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The 1st terror attack in #Mumbai happened on 14 September 1946. The fallout of these unfortunate events also have a link with two iconic figures in #Maharashtra-Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre and Prabodhankar Thackeray, father of #ShivSena chief Bal Thackeray #history #MumbaiPolice
1946: India was on the boil due to communal tensions & the impending partition of the sub-continent. Mumbai too had seen communal riots take place, allegedly sparked off by the Muslim League.
14 September 1946: Two men who were travelling in a taxi from Bhuleshwar to Dhobi Talao opened fire from a sten gun at Kalbadevi. They killed seven people and injured 20. They had hired a taxi driven by Nariman Basta near Byculla station.
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An important conversation on Capitol Hill for the fight against #humantrafficking - 13 NGOs & 8 congressional offices met yesterday to discuss the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) & begin conversation about legislative priorities in the next #Congress. Image
As #TVPRA nears the finish line, @IJM is thankful for the hard work of #House & #Senate staff on a vital reauthorization of anti-trafficking policy & programs. Special thanks to Anne Basham & @Hopeforjustice for organizing this unifying event.
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#Congress hopes that lakhs of people will attend the protest rally, besides party workers from the neighbouring states of #Delhi and party leaders from all over #India.

'Mehngai par halla bol' Live updates:…
All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary, K.C. Venugopal said, "We can proudly say that we are the party, which is fighting against this most painful price rise issue all over the country. From 2021 onwards consistently, continuously, we are staging this protest."
#Congress to hold mass protest rally against #inflation in #Delhi today
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Nehru’s legacy:

India’s first working PM (India’s first PM, provisional, was Netaji) Jawaharlal #Nehru , who remained PM of our poverty stricken country for 17 years consecutively, could call to his credit only a single AIIMS, an ISRO, a BARC, a few IITs & a handful…1/9
of money guzzling Public Sector Enterprises (white elephants) to maintain whom Indian tax payers had to pay through their noses. This is the legacy that #Congress party, Gandhis & their acolytes tom-tom about. Is it really worth it, forget bragging about it?? Shameful !!…2/9
A nation neck deep in poverty & illiteracy, in the first 17 plus years were denied food, roads, health, poverty alleviation programmes, housing, toilets, drinking water and electrification. In the name of education, there were these hand full of institutions developed…3/9
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If the last 24hrs are any indication, there's a small sign that #Congress has started gaining ground.
Not only was TV media reporting on them yesterday, but this is front-page in TOI today.
It starts with the media.
More the people get to hear #RahulGandhi and #PriyankaGandhi, more they'll be able to judge for themselves whether these are leaders they want to have.
Many ppl STILL retain the image of "Pappu" propagated so successfully by BJP pre-2014.
Let ppl see more of today's #RahulGandhi.
Ofc there's a core BJP supporter group which will always vote BJP.
But there are many who vote BJP cos they believe #Congress has lost it.
THESE are the ppl who can be made to re-think, cos they're open-minded enough to give Cong a chance again.
But first they have to believe.
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It's hard to engage in any conversation with family in India for long before it turns to politics. Despite all the complaints about how bad things are, the refrain is always "There is no Alternative (TINA) - to Mr Modi". "No one else can possibly win 272 seats in 2024'
#MamtaBanerjee is a maverick firebrand, #Kejriwal is a charlatan, #Congress is a spent force, focused on family, other regional parties are limited to their regions - And therefore, TINA.
But look at the divisive policies, the lack of jobs, inflation, I say. "Yes but TINA!!!"
So now you know why there is this extreme relentless pursuit of every opposition leader esp from @INCIndia, the #ED raids, the #SocialMedia abuse and the character assassination.
It is all in aid of creating this entrenched self-fulfilling opinion in the minds of people - TINA.
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#RajivGandhi was barely 40 when he became Prime Minister of #India. #Politics was not his first choice as a career and yet Rajiv, an airline #pilot, found himself in the hot seat after his mother, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated in October 1984, when she was PM. 1/13
#IndiaAt75 Image
When Rajiv took over, he had a clean personal and political image. He was non-controversial. His initiation to #politics had taken place on the death of his brother Sanjay. In 1981, Rajiv stood for election from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh and won a seat in the Lok Sabha. 2/13
#Terrorism was already raging in Punjab, and in the midst of the 1984 election campaign, #India was hit by the world’s worst industrial disaster. On 3rd December, a poisonous gas leak from American multinational Union Carbide killed 2,000 people in Bhopal. 3/12
#ModernIndia Image
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So I posted yesterday the video of the shooting done by #Vogue with #Zelensky. It had thousands of views & many outraged reactions. I've read #ZelenskyVogue so you don't have to. A thread. Basically in social psychology, it's called #brand affiliation. We are talking about an/1
elaborate set up done by people like me #spindoctors #profilers #PR #stratcom experts. #Zelensky himself is an actor, so nothing is left unattended neglected in shaping his image, from clothes to his unshaven look, set up of the photo sessions. His metamorphosis from the nice/2
entertainer for #Ukraine television to #wartime #president is a deliberate, crafted process. Experts are continuously looking for ways to adjust his image to new circumstances, by affiliation, linking it to other symbols, because at the end of the day people get tired of every/3
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

Add your #news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 @BhartiRajbir

#thread : post 1 / n
#thread 2/n
#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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Peggy Schiller (D-FL) files a lawsuit against fired geographer Rebekah Jones (I-MD, D-FL), alleging that Jones is not eligible to run for office as a Democrat, as she was registered as an independent in Maryland less than 365 days before the FL primary.

Pages 1-4 ImageImageImageImage
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Pages 9-12 ImageImageImageImage
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E100 - 27th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

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#StateAssembly 2021 meetings: #Punjab, #Haryana among poor performers with only 14 meetings in a year

In 2021, 29 state Assemblies met for an average of just 21 days
KL (61),Odi (43) KA (40) Trip (11), PJ(14), HA (14), UK (14), & DL (16)…
#5GSpectrumAuction underway; 4 companies in fray for airwaves worth Rs 4.3 lakh crore
Billionaire #Ambani’s Reliance Jio, Bharti #Airtel, #Vodafone Idea & a unit of billionaire #Adani’s flagship Adani Enterprises are in race to bid for #5G spectrum…
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E98

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread.

#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 #thread
#Delhi CM #ArvindKejriwal on Sunday said the Delhi government has made arrangements to set up a separate isolation ward at the LNJP Hospital for patients infected with #Monkeypox.…
Mr. #arvindKejriwal tweeted, “The patient is stable and recovering. There is no need to panic. The situation is under control. We have made a separate isolation ward at LNJP. Our best team is on the case to prevent the spread and protect Delhiites.”

#aap #news #thread
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🧵 Group project presentations begin today for the 2022 SFI Complex Systems Summer School! We will share bits and pieces over the next two days...

#CSSS #ComplexSystems
First talk this morning by a team including @JenniferKBriggs @gatesdupont @maikemorrison @davidogara_ @simon_rella Ian Harryman & Haoyuan Luo on their contagion model ("Hopefully you'll see this published later" may as well be the official slogan of this summer school)
Our next group considers online #pornography a strangely under-examined domain for quantitative research & wants to bring #digitalhumanities approaches & multilayer network analysis to bear on it. @gulsahakcakir @AnaVybor @thomas_bssnt @prt_thibault @simon_rella

Take their poll:
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Journey of Sardar: From Gandhi hater to his biggest soldier

We know the partnership of Sardar and Gandhi in our Independence movement but do you know what Vallabhbhai Patel said about Gandhi and his Satyagraha or Ahimsa when he met him for the first time?

[THREAD 🧵] Image
The story begins when Vallabhbhai Patel heard about a leader, Mahatma Gandhi his reaction to this was “We already have too many mahatmas” & when he heard that the Mahatma believed that India can gain Independence from Satyagraha and Ahimsa, Patel laughed and made others laugh.
Even more with his ridicule of the “crank” and sarcasm about Gandhi's “brilliant ideas.”

Patel also laughed when Gandhi and Vallabhbhai Patel met for the first time. When Gandhiji reached Gujarat Club (where Vallabhbhai used to play bridge) Mavlankar, who had been watching...+
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On 24 June, @MohdAbuzarCh & @nikita_jain15 reported how after taking over part of sprawling Doloo Tea Estate for a new airport in #Silchar, #Assam, govt & management said no jobs would be lost.
Now, the estate has been locked.
In a notice pasted at the gates, the management said the estate was being shut “due to complete lawlessness” & “delay reporting (sic)”. No workers would be entitled to any benefits, such as food rations & wages, said the notice in English, which most workers cannot read
“... plucking round could not be maintained and the management of Daloo Tea estate has suffered an irreparable loss in terms of quantity and quality of tea produced,” read the notice. An MoU was signed in March between 3 unions & estate owners.
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In 2 books, Manoj Mitta revealed how investigators ignored evidence of State complicity in 1984 anti-#Sikh riots & 2002 #GujaratRiots.
As #SupremeCourt lauds SIT that exonerated Modi, Mitta’s 2014 book puts forth the questions it did not ask
Modi was allowed to distance himself from police failure to prevent 2002 #GujaratRiots, despite SIT evidence of police presence at siege of #GulbergSociety and related wireless communications 2/6
SIT acknowledged #GulbergSociety was set ablaze & many killed there by 3.45 pm. It recorded that #Modi had, meanwhile, held meetings with his officials tracking the violence as it unfolded and issuing instructions
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Manoj Mitta revealed how investigators ignored evidence of State complicity in 1984 anti-#Sikh riots & 2002 #GujaratRiots. As #SupremeCourt lauds SIT that exonerated Modi, Mitta’s 2014 book reveals what it didn’t do. 1/6…
Modi was allowed to distance himself from police failure to prevent 2002 #GujaratRiots, despite SIT evidence of police presence at siege of #GulbergSociety and related wireless communications. 2/6
SIT acknowledged #GulbergSociety was set ablaze & many killed there by 3.45 pm. It recorded that #Modi had, meanwhile, held meetings with his officials tracking the violence as it unfolded and issuing instructions. 3/6
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IndiraGandhi imposed #Emergency on this day.
Lakhs suffered and amongst them, one was Snehalatha Reddy.

A well known Actress,
She was put behind the bars in alleged Baroda Dynamite Case, wasn't even in the final Chargesheet, yet kept as Prisoner, tortured beyond limits from
2nd May 1976 to 15 Jan 1977.

Died 5 days after release on Parole due to chronic Asthma and Lung Infection.
One of the First Victims of Emergency 1975.

She was brutally assaulted & abused by Congress Goons in prison.

Madhu Dandavate in his prison memories writes,
"I Can Hear The Screams Of Snehalatha In The Middle Of The Night From Her Cell"

When Congress talks about Killing the spirit of Democracy and Constitution, they forget the lady who died due to their policies and true Tyranny.

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While the Jan6 hearing is underway, other members of #Congress released dox proving that #Trump admin delayed actions to control #COVID19 because they were pushing bogus "herd immunity" schemes.
2/ "The embrace of this strategy enabled #Trump Admin officials to justify forgoing meaningful action to curb the spread of the virus when no #Vaccines were available & treatments were limited, likely contributing to many preventable deaths in the fall & winter of 2020-21."
MORE Image
3/ "senior officials in the previous Admin embraced a dangerous & discredited herd immunity via mass infection strategy promoted by non-expert advisers like Dr. Scott Atlas & recklessly allowed the #coronavirus to infect Americans before vaccines were widely available."
MORE Image
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1] Seems like debates over the structuring of CCC, just won't go away.

At face value, these conversations are political manure, that will certainly help grow our democracy.

Politically also, these conversations reinforces the position of CCC as the ultimate alternative.
2] Writing an article attached below, I did opinion that it would be naivety of the highest order, for CCC to behave, and for its supporters to equally demand that it behaves, as if Zimbabwe is a normal democracy.

Doing so, will only lead to its demise .…
3] #PoliticalIdeology

I always laugh when I read that CCC has no political #Ideology.

By definition, an #ideology is a set #ideas; #beliefs; #values; and #opinions, providing #actionplans, for #public #policy making.

These spell out the party's overal #political #action.
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