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सर्वांनी नक्की‌ वाचा..
तुम्ही ऐकलच असेल की काल #Vodafone विरुद्ध भारत सरकार च्या केसचा निकाल आला आणि व्होडाफोनचे जवळपास 22,100 करोड रुपये वाचले.आज या धाग्यामध्ये आपण ती केस नक्की काय होती व आता सरकारने vodafone ला किती रुपये द्यायचे आहेत हे पाहुया..#म #मराठी #रिम Image
काल बातमी आली की Vodafone ने भारत सरकारविरुद्ध असलेली 22,100 करोड रू.ची केस आंतरराष्ट्रीय लवादामध्ये जिंकली.
सुरूवातीला एक संकल्पना स्पष्ट करू इच्छितो:-
'Capital gain and withholding tax‌' म्हणजे-
समजा तुम्ही 1 लाखाला सोनं खरेदी केल आणि भविष्यात तुम्ही ते 1.5 लाखाला विकत असचाल
तर जो 50 हजारचा अतिरिक्त लाभ तुम्हाला झालाय त्याच्यावरच्या कराला capital gain tax असे संबोधले जाते🙏
उदा.व्होडाफोनने 'हच' 50 करोडला खरेदी केले आणि हच ला capital gain झाल्यामुळे त्यांनी सरकारला 1 करोड tax द्यायचा आहे,तर व्होडाफोनने
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काल मी OBC reservation'मंडल आयोगा'चा थ्रेड लिहीला होता.वाचला नसेल तर ह्या थ्रेडच्या शेवटी त्याची लिंक दिलीय.आज त्याचा दुसरा भाग लिहीला आहे.आरक्षण लागु झाल्यावर देशात काय घडलं,दंगली,नवीन नेत्यांचा उदय,अडवाणी रथयात्रा,सरकार स्थापना, इंदिरा सहाणी खटला इ.
नक्की वाचा #म #मराठी Image
जसं व्हिपी सिंगने १५ ऑगस्टला OBC आरक्षणाची घोषणा केली तस देशभरामध्ये आणि खासकरून उत्तर भारतात याच्यावर तीव्र प्रतिक्रिया उमटल्या.👇
१)मंडल आयोगाने अहवाल बनवताना आधार म्हणुन १९३१ ची जनगणना वापरली ज्याला अनेकांनी विरोध केला.कारण १९३१ ला जो समाज मागास होता तो आता मागास असेलच अस नाही
**यादव समाज:-
पुर्वी यादव मागास होते पण देश स्वतंत्र झाल्यानंतर UP, Bihar मध्ये यादवांचा राजकीय प्रभाव भयंकर वाढला होता.पण मंडल आयोगानुसार यादव मागास आहेत.
**जाट समाज:-
राजस्थान,हरयाणामधील जाट समाज शैक्षणिकदृष्ट्या मागास असला तरी सामाजिकदृष्ट्या प्रचंड प्रभावशाली होता. Image
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If lies & deceit had a face then this man would be the best example of it as he is a master in it. A convicted person in many scams & who was unfortunately the FM of this country & who is out on bail, Chiddu still has the audacity & courage to speak ill of the government.(1/n)
The Rafael deal was fair & square in every aspects but they #Congress tried every means to make it a burning issue during the LS elections 2019 & corner the government but it bombed very badly & they were outnumbered. (2/n)
The #Rafale aircraft as of today has reached Bharat & has been formally inducted to the squadron, but still these people are trying to create a commotion & make a fuss.They should understand one thing clearly that their days are gone & no more can hold the nation to ransom. (3/n)
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Read the Congress manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Doodled in Read mark are the points to be noted. (1)
Point No.11 : @INCIndia had promised to repeal the Agricultural Produce Markets Committee Act and make trade in agricultural produce free from all restrictions. (2)
Point No.21 : Congress had also promised to replace the Essential Commodities Act by enabling a law that can be invoked only in case of emergencies. (3)
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#BREAKING —This thread is pertinent NOW. @DNCWarRoom has decided they are going to Blaine @POTUS for #FakeNews about total #COVID19 deaths ( the data is faulty due to @CDCgov directives on what data to collect)... This thread assigns a lot of the true blame..the rest, however, 1/
2/ Belongs to the funding by #Fauci of the @NIH of studies to CREATE the #chimeraVirus known as #Covid19 in #Wuhan — AFTER #Congress passed a bill to halt those studies at #UNC_ChapelHill because they were deemed too dangerous.
3/ #Fauci, #BillGates, @DNCWarRoom; @DNC, #CCP and the #DSbeaurocracy orchestrated the biggest financial scam in world history. #therapeuticPatents; #Vaccines; #PPE; #ventilators...with multiple targeted outcomes...kill off unproductive elderly; reduce world population...
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This is absolutely the most unkindest cut of all, inflicted on Cong by Sonia.

When she knew that she was going to US for 10 days now, along with Raga for her medical check up, why should she go out of her way to remove all the
Senior Old Guard Cong Leaders from their posts, to make the party totally impotent and rudderless. Can a single lady close the curtains on the years of efforts of Cong.
Cong may never be able to rise from this fall. Is Sonia quite keen to drive in the last nail, to hide all the issues,so that no one has any access to any of its past misdeeds that can trigger an internal black mail.
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Pharmacy Benefit Managers have undoubtedly created barriers 4 patients w #ChronicPain #intractablepain #PalliativeCare #RareDiseases w medical necessity for #opioid analgesics. Citing CDC GLs & going even further. This ex shows 67% decrease in Rxs.…
All PBMs do something of this nature & plans vary. They should look for & prevent abuse & fraud, but as outlined in their own literature on policy, Benecard is absolutely interfering btw Drs & patients by using CDC GLs & unilateral decisions on what is appropriate for a patient.
Per CDC, based on their clarification of intent of #opioid guidelines; these policies meet definition of misapplication & misinterpretation. Being as @CDCgov @CDCInjury neglects to intervene in official capacity; PBMs, #healthcare insurance companies will continue this practice.
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People might criticize #Congress and its leadership for the miserable numbers when it comes to seats the party has won in recent years. But nobody can deny @INCIndia is the only one party that is truly national and centrist like #RahulGandhi.
Numbers don't tell the real story. Actions speak louder than words.

Congress in Bihar joined issues in #JusticeForSSR and demanded #CBIforSSR.

Moving eastward, Congress in West Bengal hit the roads in support of 'Bengali Brahmin' girl Rhea Chakraborty.
Rhea has been wronged by CBI, #Modi, #Israel and #America among #KangnaRanaut. Hence Congress is agitating for restoration of Bengali pride.

Moving westward, Congress is in alliance with #ShivSena, which is trying to save innocent drug peddling suspect #RheaChakraborthy.
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#Thread - 1/17
Do u guys know that it was India who developed the 1st "Supersonic Fighter Aircraft" in whole Asia back in 1964? Though it wasn't a very successful project, but when I tell u the reasons behind it, u guys are going to be shocked.

The name of the Aircraft was..
"HAL HF-24 Marut" & it was supposed to achieve the speed of Mach 2 but it could only achieve a speed of Mach 1 as Marut never got a suitable engine matching its specification.

Have you guys ever thought of why India can't make airplanes, guns, night vision binoculars,..
not even bulletproof jackets, etc but we can make the best satellite & best missiles in the world?

This is surprising, isn't it? Well, it's none other than #Congress who made India impotent & kept India disabled w.r.t. development of defense equipment & never allowed..
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It's condemnable the way Punjab govt has handled #COVIDー19, with @capt_amarinder trying to manage it through remote from the comfort of his farmhouse. CM's #MissionFateh is mere propaganda. Punjab is losing 100 lives a day & has surpassed Maharashtra & Gujarat in fatality rate. Image
#Congress govt's own health advisor Dr KK Talwar has indicted it for not conducting contact tracing & failure to manage micro-containment zones. Health minister @BalbirSinghMLA should take responsibility instead of attributing the high mortality rate to Punjabis' lifestyle.
CM needs to take the bull by its horns to contain the damage. All critical care centers must be upgraded immediately. The poor must be treated without charge; testing & #plasma treatment must be stepped up to win back people's trust in govt med institutes to reduce fatality rate.
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मित्रांनो, काल मी कंगनाला दिलेल्या सुरक्षेबाबत व भारतात VIP ला दिली जाणारी सुरक्षा यासंदर्भात थ्रेड लिहीला होता..आज पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांच्या संरक्षण यंत्रणेवर किती खर्च होतो,मागच्या वर्षी तो किती होता..नक्की सामान्य जनतेचा किती पैसा सुरक्षेला जातो ह्याबद्दल..#म #मराठी #धागा Image
काल मी सांगितल्याप्रमाणे SPG(Special Protection Group) ही‌ रक्षा फक्त पंतप्रधान व माजी पंतप्रधान आणि त्यांच्या कुटुंबीयांना दिली जाते.SPG मध्ये एकुण ३००० commando आहेत.ते सर्व ज्युदो,कराटे आधुनिक हत्यारे वापरण्यात अतिशय निष्णात असतात.
तुम्हाला ऐकुन धक्का बसेल पण SPG वर Image
२०२०-२१ च्या अर्थसंकल्पात पंतप्रधानांच्या सुरक्षेसाठी वर्षाला '५९२.५ कोटी' रू ची तरतूद केली आहे म्हणजे दिवसाचा खर्च हा जवळपास
'१.६२ कोटी' रू आहे.हा मागील वर्षीपेक्षा १० टक्के ज्यादा खर्च आहे.(५४०.१६ कोटी रू) एवढा अवाढव्य खर्च आपल्या पंतप्रधानवर होतो आणि सर्वात आश्चर्यकारक गोष्ट
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मुंबई PoK तुलनेमुळे कंगनाला संपुर्ण राज्याचा द्वेष पत्करावा लागला व त्यामुळे कंगना राणावत ला केंद्र सरकारने 'Y+' श्रेणी सुरक्षा दिली हे आपल्या सर्वांना माहित आहे.आजच्या थ्रेडमध्ये भारतात एकुण किती सुरक्षा प्रकार अस्तित्वात आहेत व त्यांच्याबद्दल थोडीशी माहिती जाणून घेऊया! #म #धागा ImageImage
एखादा व्यक्ती वलयांकित असेल,अति महत्त्वाचा असेल,समाजामध्ये एखाद्या प्रतिष्ठीत पदावर अथवा वेगळ्या उंचीवर असेल (थोडक्यात VIP) तर अशा व्यक्तीला जीवनाला धोका असु शकतो ह्या कारणाने भारतामध्ये एकुण ५ प्रकारच्या सुरक्षा श्रेणी दिल्या जातात.
'X,Y,Z,Z+ आणि SPG' Image
'X' श्रेणी:- ही सर्वात प्राथमिक श्रेणी असुन ह्या श्रेणीमध्ये २ सुरक्षा रक्षक दिले जातात.ह्यामध्ये एकही commando दिला जात नाही फक्त दोन सशस्त्र पोलीस दिले जातात. Image
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कड़वी_सच्चाई #economy

#bjp और #congress की आर्थिक नीतियों में रत्ती भर भी अंतर मालूम नही पड़ता. क्रियान्वयन में भिन्नता अवश्य हो सकती है.
भविष्य में सुरक्षा सेवाओं और अत्यावश्यक प्रशासनिक सेवाओं के अलावा और कहीं सरकारी नौकरियाँ बचने की सम्भावना अत्यंत क्षीण है.
अतः भविष्य का मुख्य मुद्दा होगा असंगठित क्षेत्रों को संगठित करना, और बग़ैर corporate सहभागिता के इसका व्यावहारिक हल सम्भव नही है, मसलन टैक्सी ड्राइविंग को ओला और उबर ने संगठित बनाने का प्रयास किया है, जिससे चालकों के न्यूनतम वेतन/श्रम मूल्य का निर्धारण हुआ है .
आवश्यकता है उभर रहे निजी क्षेत्रों में श्रम क़ानून का पारदर्शी implementation. इसने logistics/delivery/ शिक्षण/medical सेवाएँ इत्यादि शामिल हैं.
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Scientists who have died during #CONGRESS rule
1 ) Homi J Bhabha 24 January 1966
Reason Plane crash at Mount Blanc , Alps
Gregory Douglas revealed CIA was responsible for assassinating Homi Bhabha no investigation done
2 ) Vikram Sarabhai 30th December 1971
Hailed as the father of India’s space programme, was found dead in a hotel room in Kovalam. He had shown no signs of illness the previous evening and died rather mysteriously. His cremation was performed without even an autopsy.
3 ) Lokanathan Mahalingam Jun 12, 2009 He was working at the Kaiga atomic power station in Karnataka, apparently went out for a morning walk & never returned. His body was found 5 days later. Why was the scientist’s body cremated before the DNA tests were released?
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#ஸ்வீடன் ல் நடப்பது என்ன? #Sweeden
இயற்கையழகு, வளங்கள் நிறைந்த அவர்கள் வரலாற்றில் வன்முறையைக் காணாத அமைதியான ஐரோப்பிய நாடு ஸ்வீடன். கிறிஸ்தவ அடிப்படைவாதமும் அற்ற நாடு. தற்போது இஸ்லாமியர்களின் வன்முறையால் பெரிதும் பாதிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. இதற்குக் காரணம் மற்ற நாடுகளில் உள்ளது போல்
அதிகாரத்தில் இருக்கும் அந்நாட்டு அரசியல்வாதிகளின் சுயநலமே. ஸ்வீடன் 1930ம் ஆண்டிலிருந்து ஒரே ஒரு கட்சியால் (SDP - Social Democratic Party) ஆளப்பட்டு வருகிறது. 8 எதிர்க்கட்சிகள் இருந்தாலும் அவை சிறிய கட்சிகள். SDP நம் நாட்டு #காங்கிரஸ் #Congress கட்சி மாதிரியானது. 1970-ஆம் வருடம்
வரை ஸ்வீடனில் வாழ்ந்தவர்களில் 99% அந்நாட்டின் பூர்வ குடிகளான வெள்ளையர்கள். 1970 காலகட்டத்தில் ஸ்வீடனுக்கு அதிபரான ஒலாஃப் பால்மே தன்னைக் உலக விஷயம் தெரிந்த, பெரியதொரு லிபரலாக எண்ணிக் கொண்டு செய்த செயல்களே ஸ்வீடனின் இன்றைய துயர நிலை துவங்கக் காரணமானது.
ஸ்வீடனில் எல்லோரும் ஒரே
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In India the government has too much power, and it uses its power for the sole purpose of increasing its power #congress #bjp #Politics #PoliticalPawns #RheaChakroborty #RIPRajdeep #RIPRajdeepSardesai #ArrestRhea #ArrestRheaChakroborty #JusticeForSSR
I used to believe that the Indian people were responsible for their own problems. But it's clear to me now that it's because govt after govt treated them like children who don't know what's good for themselves that they've lost all initiative and become dependent on the state
We've become addicted to the belief that some great person will come and solve our problems. Some Avatar of God, rahul Gandhi or Modi or kejriwal. And our psychological well-being depends on some holy book or guru or motivational speaker
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The three Ordinances about the marketing of agri produce will have no bearing on the existing policy of procurement by govt agencies at the #MSP. This assurance has come in an official communication to us from Union Agri min @nstomar, after our deliberations at the highest level. Image
The communique states that govt & APMC will continue to have regulatory powers within trade areas & impose mandi fees & other charges as per the state statues as is the practice now. The state APMC Act & institutions established under such statutes will also continue to operate.
The GOI's written commitment, which PM @narendramodi has assured to reflect in the legislation also, is a slap on the faces of mischievous elements pretending to be champions of farmers. They all are in fact sponsored by Pb CM @capt_amarinder & #Congress party to mislead farmers.
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एक अत्यंत ऐतिहासिक कार घरातील ज्येष्ठ मॅडम चालवत असतात. अचानक एका वळणावर गुळगुळीत रस्ता संपतो अन जागोजागी खड्डे असलेला रस्ता सुरु होतो.
तरीही कार मध्ये मागच्या सीटवर बसलेले प्रवासी प्रत्येक तासाला न कंटाळता ड्रायव्हिंग चे कौतुक करत असतात.
एका प्रसंगाला मॅडम ड्रायव्हिंग ला कंटाळतात अन बाजुच्या सीटवर बसलेल्या आपल्या तरुण मुलाला ड्रायव्हिंग करायला सांगतात.
(खरेतर मागे बसलेल्या प्रवाश्यांमध्ये उत्कृष्ट ड्रायव्हर असतात.)

मुलगा गोंधळतो कारण त्याला जायचे कुठे हेच माहित नसते.
मॅडम म्हणतात मी सांगते तुला. तु फक्त ड्रायव्हिंग कर. अखेर आग्रहाने त्यालाच ड्रायव्हिंग सीटवर बसवले जाते. मागच्या सीटवरील प्रवासी नेहमीप्रमाणे मॅडम च्या म्हणण्याला आपली अनुमति मोठ्या उत्साहाने देउन टाकतात.

आता प्रवास चालू होतो. अन अत्यंत खडतर रस्ता चालू होतो.
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Morning! 5 with Fitz

1 - Algos will sell (a bit) but don't let that fool you
2 - $AAPL $TLSA > my targets
3 - #Congress > what a joke!
4 - Move over #Nasdaq, #hongkong tech's here
5 - @MotoGP - one of the most amazing finishes you will ever see

In to win!!

Good morning and trust you had a fabulous weekend!

Big open this morning but likely to fade a bit. Don't let that fool you. Algos are programmed to sell a little when they hit new highs.

Stay the course, focus ... "best not rest!"

2 - $AAPL $TSLA and more - my targets on each and why

Super fun @Varneyco this morning on @foxbusiness 😀

There will be ups & downs but the real bet is digitizing your life and information, not selling widgets

#intowin #investing #trading…
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#JustIn | #SoniaGandhi in letter to Congress: Request CWC to begin deliberations to set in place process to replace me as interim president.
#CWCMeet | KC Venugopal slams dissenters, asks "why was the letter leaked?"

Live updates here:…
#CWCMeet | Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says #SoniaGandhi must remain chief for full session: sources

More here:…
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One thing you must bear in mind is that, the Maharashtra gov is watching CBI moves and social media with a microscope and pulling their PR machinery accordingly whenever they feel threatened... #SushantCase #CandidMeena

A simple example is when two Mumbai police landed up at sushants residence yday before the CBI came in, they said they had come to drink water. Its amusing they did not get water any where else. Watch and sibscribe #CandidMeena
Two scenes were shown one on news channels yday repeatedly, one which showed Sandeep Singh at the back entrance of Cooper hospital where Sushants dead body was lying. He was acting in a very agitated manner, while still controlling things..subscribe
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Hey neutral fact-checker @AltNews @free_thinker. Please do #FactCheck on various claims of #Congress office bearer @abhijitsapkal1 that #Modi is selling everything like PSU's Railways, BPCL, LIC, Air India, banks; as he claimed. @factchecknet @FactCheckIndia Image
Hey fact-Checker @AltNews @free_thinker. Why are you not conducting #FactCheck on various claims of #FakeGandhi's. Request you to do fact-check on these 2 claims in particular; 'Highest Unemployment in 45 Year' & '12 Crs JOB loss' (With Authentic Reports) @factchecknet Image
Hey @AltNews @free_thinker, these two #Congress'i i'diots @SalmanNizami_ & @SaralPatel are telling that #Chinese tourist has entered #PangongTso lake. Pls conduct a quick #FactCheck that how much portion of 'Pangong Tso' was handed over to #China by 'Haraamkhor" #Nehru in 1962. Image
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It is birth anniversary of the original #RaGa. #RajivGandhi was born on 20th August. I am inspired to write this after looking at Congress relaunching Rahul in Rajiv mood with a new wig and new set of artificial dentures.
#Part1 Image
Rajiv wasn't just original RaGa. He was the original Pappu too. What Rahul is doing today for the BJP, Rajiv began that process in 1985. He laid the foundation stone for the phenomenal growth of #BJP from two seats to 330 plus.
The trinity of Father, son and Holy Ghost; RaGa, RaGa and #SoGa have practically handed BJP over to India and India over to BJP.

With #ShahBano, #Ayodhya, #IPKF and #Bofors, Rajiv was the Haley's in Blunderland.
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“We can’t put ourselves, our children and our families at risk. Would you rather live and temporarily postpone your education or go to school & die? If it’s a choice between going back to school or living, I’ll live, thank you very much.”
by @AlanRMacLeod…
"Yet this response to the crisis was not well received by some users on social media, who felt that given her considerable political power, she was in a position to offer the public far more than symbolic assistance"… #NancyPelosi #Congress #stimulus
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