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"On the swearing-in day of @Charnjit_channi as CM, Mr Rawats’s statement that “elections will be fought under Sidhu”, is baffling. It’s likely to undermine CM’s authority but also negate the very ‘raison d’être’ of his selection for this position": #Congress leader @sunilkjakhar
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#JustIn: As per reports, #AmarinderSingh has told #SoniaGandhi ahead of key #MLA meet that he "can't continue in Congress with this kind of humiliation."

Stay tuned for more updates.

#IndianPolitics #News Image
#JustIn: #Punjab CM Captain #AmarinderSingh calls a meeting of party MLAs at 2 pm: ANI Sources

Stay tuned for more updates.

#Congress #ChiefMinsiterOfPunjab Image
#PunjabCongress rift: CM #AmarinderSingh convenes meeting of party MLAs, 'refuses to be humiliated more'

#Congress #ChiefMinsiterOfPunjab…
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Dear Lawmakers @POTUS @RonWyden @SpeakerPelosi Hundreds of us biotech investors, innovators, patient advocates, & NIH academics representing >40k US jobs, >600 drugs in trials, & >$200B invested propose solutions to affordability that preserve R&D. 1/…
This is grassroots, not PhRMA. We offer solutions! We support real negotiation: play products off one another to get better prices. Help patients by lowering what insurance can demand OOP for medicines they need. And save by ensuring all drugs go generic w/o undue delay. 2/
But you must not redefine the word “negotiation” to mean that government can just dictate the price of a new drug & force a company to accept it under threat of a ruinous tax. That’s not negotiation, even if you like calling it that. That’s a repudiation of basic economics. 3/
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2/ Liberty-loving Americans following the
#Fauci-#WuhanLab scandal knew this was true, but now we have proof. 
According to a bombshell report from The Intercept, Dr. Anthony Fauci's agency directly funded bat coronavirus research at the #WuhanLab….
3/ In testimony before #Congress, #Fauci adamantly denied funding the lab that gave us #COVID-19, but these documents show that he appears to have lied.

#NationalReview breaks down the shocking (or not so shocking) revelation:
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श्रीमान @rautsanjay61 विचारतायत की, नेहरूंशी वैर का? राऊतांनी विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मी या थ्रेडमध्ये देतोय,
नेहरूंनी त्यांच्या कारकीर्दीत अभिव्यक्ती स्वातंत्र्याची आणि लोकशाही मूल्यांची अनेकदा गळचेपी केली. त्याची ही काही उदाहरणे (१/n)
नेहरूंनी केंद्रीय कायदामंत्री #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांना डावलून गोपालस्वामी अय्यंगार यांच्या हातून कलम ३७०चा मसुदा तयार करून घेतला आणि लोकसभेत बळजबरीने मंजूरही करून घेतला. देशाच्या कायदामंत्र्याला डावलून घटनादुरुस्ती झाल्याची ही भारतातली एकमेव घटना आहे. (२/n)
कलम ३७० हे भारत आणि भारतीयांवर अन्याय करणारे आहे असे #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांचे ठाम मत होते. कारण, नेहरूंनी जम्मू-काश्मीर विधानसभेला अमर्याद अधिकार देऊ केले होते. (३/n)
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“The religion of Atharva Veda is that of a primitive man to whom,
the world is full of shapeless ghosts & spirits.”
-- #SarvepalliRadhakrishnan
Indian philosophy, vol 1, Page 119

Look who we’ve been made to worship!
“The process of God making in the factory of man’s minds can not be so clearly seen anywhere else,
as in Rig Veda.” - #SarvepalliRadhakrishnan
Indian philosophy, Vol 1, p 73

@INCIndia ruined us!!

@AshokShrivasta6 @KapilMishra_IND @EduMinOfIndia
“Man’s never ceasing effort to rise above level of beast,
finds striking illustrations in India.”
Indian philosophy, Vol 2, page 766.

And we were made to place him on the highest pedestal by #Congress !

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#SupremeCourt to continue hearing plea by former #Congress leader Sajjan Kumar for interim bail on health grounds. Kumar is currently serving life imprisonment in a 1984 anti-Sikh #riots case.

Previously, the court had asked CBI to verify his medical condition.
Hearing begins.

Sr. Adv. Ranjit Kumar commences arguments for Sajjan Kumar
Kumar refers to letter by Dr. Ranjit Sood which refers to abdominal complexities suffered by Kumar.

He has lost lot of weight. He is losing Sodium.
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क्या आप सभी भाईयों और बहनों को इनके बारे में कुछ पता है?

1) इमरजेंसी के समय 18 ट्रक हीरे जवारात व सोना आमेर से निकालकर किधर कर दिया इंदिरा गाँधी ने पता है क्या?
2) इंदिरा के बाद सोनिया ने भी बगैर जाँच के बहुत बक्से airpot के जरिये गायब करा दिए थे...
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इसके बारे में पता है क्या?
3)जब राजीव और इन्दिरा प्रधानमंत्री थे, तब बक्से के बक्से भरकर रोज-ब-रोज प्रधानमंत्री निवास से सुरक्षा गार्ड चेन्नई के हवाई अड्डे पर इटली जाने वाले हवाई जहाजों में क्या ले जाते थे?
एक तो हमेशा उन बक्सों को रोम के लिये बुक किया जाता था, एयर इंडिया और
अलिटालिया एयरलाईन्स को ही जिम्मा सौंपा जाता था और दूसरी बात यह कि कस्टम्स पर उन बक्सों की कोई जाँच नहीं होती थी।
☝️अर्जुन सिंह:- जो कि मुख्यमंत्री भी रह चुका है ,इस मामले में विशेष रुचि लेते थे। कुछ भारतीय कलाकृतियाँ, पुरातन वस्तुयें, पिछवाई पेंटिंग्स, शहतूश शॉलें, सिक्के आदि
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“If and when Afghanistan collapses, rapid air evacuations will be necessary. History provides a model for how the U.S. should move forward…We should do the same now for our allies in Afghanistan, while there is still time.”…
“Should collapse come in Afghanistan, it will happen faster than Washington can respond…it will engender a rapid evacuation that, given Afghanistan’s unique place in the world & our geopolitical relations with its neighbors, must occur via air.”…
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1/n Looking for what to read during your morning coffee?

See this 🧵🔥

#txlege #congress #COVID19 #Coolidge #VMT #energy #welfare #Biden
2/n A SNAP Judgment with Little Thought

An explanation of the costly effects of increased dependence on govt instead of earning independence & depending more on family, friends, and civil society that will give you a hand up rather than a handout.… @TPPF
3/n A “Vehicle Miles Traveled” Tax is a Bad Idea

The new VMT tax is a part of the “infrastructure” bill by #Congress and is just another way to socially engineer people’s behavior while growing the federal govt.

Just say no!… @TPPF
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- Govt approves Zydus Cadila's COVID-19 vaccine for adults, teens
- Taliban search India, others’ consulates
- How’s the josh? High, ma’am
- 13 killed after truck hits pothole & flips
- Why can’t state govt share docus, HC asks

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Govt approves Zydus Cadila's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use for adults and children above 12 yrs

#COVID19 #COVID19India #ZyCovD #ZydusCadila #COVID19Vaccination…
Taliban searches foreign embassies, including India’s: All you need to know

#Afghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis #Taliban #Kabul…
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State-level jobs report will be released today. @BLS_gov @TXWorkforce

Key to watch is how about half of states that rejected the federal unemployment bonus compare with other nearly half that hasn’t.

#Texas @GregAbbott_TX correctly rejected it starting June 26. #txlege @TPPF
States that have ended the federal unemployment bonus (rate 1.14%) had a 4.7% faster job creation rate last month than those that didn’t (1.09%).

Econ 101: Incentives matter.

#bls @BLS_gov @TXWorkforce @TPPF #txlege
Year over year: Texas’ job growth rate was 6% through July compared with California’s 5.5%, Florida’s 4.2%, and New York’s 7% (was hit harder by the pandemic shutdowns earlier than the others).

More:… #jobsreport @BLS_gov @TXWorkforce @GregAbbott_TX @TPPF
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I am currently working with 28 people on the ground trying to get to #HamidKarzai airport—1/3 are kids under 12. They are US citizens, legal permanent residents or immediate family members of USCs. The situation on the ground is NOT as it’s being reported:
The Taliban is reporting that they are not stopping foreign nationals from accessing the airport: WRONG.

There are crowds of thousands and, per one of my people: [translated] “There were taliban pushing people away and not letting anyone through, even with a US passport.”
The US Military & Embassy are reporting the airport is fully secure and they’re getting 500-600 people out per hour: MISLEADING.

US Forces have control of one side of the airport, but the civilian side is completely Taliban-controlled and they’re not letting people through.
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#Bombendrohung am #Capitol:
Die Polizei des US-Kapitols untersucht ein verdächtiges Fahrzeug auf eine mögliche Bombe. US-Medienberichten zufolge wurden mehrere Gebäude des Parlamentskomplexes vorsorglich evakuiert.
#USA #Kapitol #Washington…
DC: US #Capitol Police responding to an incident outside Library of #Congress #Washington #USA
Time Square in New York City wegen Bombendrohung ebenfalls evakuiert!
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We issued the following statement this a.m. on the @UHC-@zackcooperYale-@Yale #surprisemedicalbill "research" scandal.

Read here ➡️

To ensure that forthcoming #NoSurprisesAct regs are implemented fairly and to protect #patients nationwide, we will...
...continue to shine a bright light on this trickery.

According to our President Christopher Sheeron, "We have long believed that this #Yale study, and several others that have shaped this debate over the past several years, was blatantly concocted out of the public eye by...
...insurers. Rose Adams' unveiling of this nasty truth is welcomed enthusiastically by #patients, #hospitals, #physicians, and many others who are sick of the #health #insurance industry's dirty tricks.

"As regulators at #HHS, #CMS, and other federal agencies continue...
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- Oppn says ‘outsiders’ brought into RS to thrash its MPs
- First Delta Plus death in city
- Thackeray to attend Sonia’s virtual meet with oppn leaders
- Twitter locks Cong handle

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Study from home to continue: Reopening of schools on August 17 put on hold amid fears third wave of COVID-19 in Maharashtra
- @SanjayJog7 reports

#COVID19 #COVID19India #Maharashtra #education…
Opposition says 'outsiders’ brought into Rajya Sabha to thrash its MPs; Piyush Goyal, Anurag Thakur condemn 'unruly scenes'

#RajyaSabha #MonsoonSession #ParliamentMonsoonSession @PiyushGoyal @ianuragthakur…
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⚠️ GROSS COI REVEALED: In an extraordinary and fantastically written investigative report, @theintercept's @rose_n_adams unveils how @UHC co-opted @zackcooperYale's #surprisemedicalbill study, all while #Congress embraced it as "academic" and "unbiased" work to write #SMB law.
1⃣ This lays bare how #UnitedHealth has manipulated #surprisebill "research" to enrich itself at the expense of all #patients and the frontline #medical providers risking their lives over the past few years of #Covid.

2⃣ The study was foundational in the #SMB debate, and...
...Congress was duped. We believe that Congressional #investigations are now warranted by the #House and #Senate #Judiciary Committees. @HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryDems

3⃣ This work from Prof. #Cooper and his @Yale team was cited *10 TIMES* in the first #regulation issued by...
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What can cause the market to crash 70%+? I've been thinking more and more about this question as almost nobody, except @DaveHcontrarian, thinks it's a possibility.

Important thread⬇️for anyone invested in $BTC $ETH $SPY $QQQ #FANG or any other risk asset.
Let's start off by saying that I am in no way giving advice on what to do to prepare for a potential crash in the markets.

I am only giving my thoughts on what could happen that would lead to a massive correction and how I would not be surprised if it did.
Let's take a step back and look at the current environment:
-> Retail speculation at all time highs, look at any highly leveraged stock with worthless equity and madness going on in #crypto land and #NFTs
-> #liquidity near alltime highs, consumers flush with cash from stimmys
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- Trains for fully jabbed? Good news, hints Aaditya
- India, China armies complete disengagement at Gogra point
- Schools in state to reopen on August 17, says edu minister

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Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Bronze lost, a billion hearts won over: Indian women's hockey team signs off 4th after narrow loss to Great Britain

#TokyoOlympics2021 #TokyoOlympics #TeamIndia #Tokyo2021 #Olympics #Hockey #HockeyIndiaTeam #IndianHockey #INDvsGBR…
Maharashtra govt will take decision in next two days to allow fully jabbed citizens on Mumbai locals: Minister Aaditya Thackeray
- @SanjayJog7 reports

#COVID19 #COVID19India #Maharashtra #Mumbai @AUThackeray @WesternRly @Central_Railway…
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Deposing #RajivGandhi and renaming the #KhelRatna award after #MajorDhyanChand is a) a classic dead cat, b) hypocritical, and c) a cheap shot. Yes, it honours one of India’s greats, but it is no political masterstroke.

#PVNarasimhaRao did it with far greater finesse … 1/
a) It is a classic #deadcat as described by @LyntonKCrosby – a sensational topic thrown in to divert attention away from more damaging topics (of which there are many). This is a standard tactic now, especially among neopopulists. So, no real surprise there

... 2/
@LyntonKCrosby b) Hypocritical, because, among other things, it comes less than six months after the #Motera stadium was renamed after #PMNarendraModi. Oh come on

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🧵#OurAMA joined over 400 prominent physician, #healthcare and #technology stakeholder groups on a letter urging Congressional leadership to pass legislation that would permanently continue many of the current #telehealth flexibilities enacted at beginning of the #COVID19 PHE.
2/ @aafp @ACPinternists @FAHhospitals
@ConnectwCare @AmericanTelemed @CTATech @HealthIsMobile @Zoom video conferencing were among the diverse collection of cosigners pushing federal lawmakers to address the impending “#telehealth cliff.”
3/ Expanded #telehealth flexibilities have proven to be a lifeline for countless patients trying to retain access to their physician during the #pandemic.
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#TejashwiYadav, who proved his political mettle in the recent Bihar polls by spearheading a high-voltage campaign against the BJP-JD(U) in the absence of father Lalu Prasad, has been emphatic in his call for a Congress-led joint Opposition to take on the BJP.
If you raise ground issues, people support you. The Chief Minister would mock us and say how will we give 10 lakh jobs, and then his own ally promised 19 lakh jobs: @yadavtejashwi Image
We gave him ( #NitishKumar ) one chance, and he did what he is known for. During the Union #Cabinetexpansion, he again did a U-turn. His words hold no value. We don’t have a machine to detect that if he joins us, he will not do a U-turn again: Tejashwi Yadav Image
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Justices S S Shinde & N J Jamadar to pronounce verdict in plea filed by #Maharashtra govt challenging 2 Paras of the FIR filed by #CBI against former home minister @AnilDeshmukhNCP. These paras pertain to the reinstatement of #SachinWaze n....
... the probe against IPS #RashmiShukla over her report claiming that there was huge 'political interference' in police transfers and postings in the state.
Sr Adv Rafiq Dada for State has argued that it is an attempt to destabilize the MVA govt of #ShivSena #NCP #Congress
The bench is also going to pronounce verdict in the plea filed by former home minister @AnilDeshmukhNCP seeking to quash the FIR filed by the #CBI in the alleged Rs 100 corruption case.
Sr Adv Amit Desai for Deshmukh has argued there is no evidence to prosecute his client.
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🧵AMA to #Congress:

•Do not extend 2% #Medicare sequester as a spending offset in soon-to-be considered #infrastructure package.

•Do not divert scarce health-related offsets to meet objectives unrelated to healthcare.

Physicians already face steep Medicare fiscal challenges.
2/ AMA expresses “deepening alarm concerning the growing financial instability of the Medicare physician payment system.”

“Not only does Congress seem indifferent to the confluence of fiscal uncertainties confronting physician practices at the end of this year, but…”
3/ “…lawmakers’ pursuit of policies to extend the current Medicare sequester that, in effect, will require physicians and health systems to pay for
hard infrastructure amplifies our ongoing concerns.”
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