Nigeria has Officially joined Indian App KOO after Twitter Ban.

On 5 June, Nigerian government
officially put an indefinite BAN on Twitter
restricting it from operating in Nigeria after
platform deleted tweets made by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.…
Former President Donald Trump backs Nigeria’s Twitter ban and says he should have done the same as president

“More COUNTRIES should ban Twitter and Facebook for not allowing free and open speech — all voices should be heard.…

After imposing a BAN on Twitter in the country,Nigeria joined India's Koo app

The Government of Nigeria said Twitter has made an approach for dialogue in a bid to resolve the issues that led to its suspension in West African country…
Nigeria's Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed said he got a message from the micro-blogging platform on Wednesday morning, seeking a dialogue with the government.

"They (Twitter) are now ready to hold senior-level discussions with us," he told reporters in Abuja.
By the one and only Prashant Dhawan sir!

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12 Mar
How Nalanda was destroyed?
As per secular 9th std. History textbook = Accidental fire.
White washing Islamic crimes!

There is a book by SL Bhyrappa -'Aavarana: The Veil'.
This is an eye opener.
If we make our kids read this, 50% of the job is done.…
Indira gandhi removed him from text book committee because he wanted to write the truth instead of 'Romila Thapars fiction history'

How were we SO DUMB, reading only the Romila Thapars & Irfan Habibs.


We must patronize true historians now and rediscover ourselves!
But now they have left enough precedence for social media and get logically, clinically, factually roasted for their hypocrisy.

Once exposed, history is recorded permanently.

Distorians like Romila Thapars, Irfan Habibs CANNOT manipulate anymore.
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10 Mar
"Paid expert" who?

If Yudhiṣṭhira was a "2000-year-old fictional character" inspired by King Ashoka as Romila Thapar's & Devdutts of this world claim, how did Chanakya(320 BC)
the minister of Ashoka's grandfather,mention Yudhiṣṭhira in his Arthaśāstra?

Any ans devdutt Myth? Image
In Chapter 8 of Arthaśāstra, Kautilya compares hunting to gambling. Kautilya says gambling is a bigger vice than hunting and recounts "the history of Yudhiṣṭhira" who lost everything in gambling From Arthashastra 8.1 (English translation by Shamsastry). Image
If Yudhiṣṭhira was just "character of an Epic created 2000 years ago"
how did Pāṇini mention Yudhiṣṭhira in Aṣṭādhyāyī (8.3.95) dating back to atleast 2400 years?
How did Sātavāhanas mention him in inscriptions dating back to 2100 years?
Dropped ur brain somewhere?
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20 Nov 20
We're going to talk about a really INCONVENIENT TRUTH:
You cant be a Non-Vegan Environmentalist!

If you care about Climate Change,You should STOP EATING MEAT

Number 1 leading cause of #ClimateCrisis & #GlobalWarming is MEAT ind.
then doesn't that need to be number 1 focus?
MEAT industry is the leading cause of deforestation,water consumption & pollution.

It is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry!

It is a primary driver of rain-forest destruction,species extinction.

And virtually every other environmental ill.
One quarter-pound MEAT hamburger requires over 660 gallons of water to produce.

Here, I've been taking these short showers trying to save water, and to find out :

"Eating 1 MEAT burger = 2 months showering"
(based on taking a 4-minute daily shower with a 2.5 gpm shower head)
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18 Nov 20
Scientific education was existed from Ancient times.

Nalanda & Takshashila - Center of learning

Ancient Bharat🇮🇳 was home to two of the world’s first cities, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro And now Rakhigarhi.

- These cities had stone buildings, multiply stories, and sewage systems!
- Ancient Bharat🇮🇳 was one of the very first civilizations to use algebra and calculus.

- Aryabhatta also created a decimal system that revolutionized arithmetic, algebra & trigonometry;

- Discovered that - earth moves around the sun & moon orbits the earth;
- Sushruta (सुश्रुतसंहिता), who some call “The Father of Surgery and Ophthalmology” not only wrote a complete volume of ophthalmologic diseases which included signs, symptoms, prognosis, & interventions but he also performed some of the very first cataract surgeries in the world.
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12 Nov 20
What "I love animals" means to many

For us
The primary rule in #Hinduism #Jainism & #Buddhism is करुणा
The idea that human being don’t kill ANY life-forms for food.
We don't kill/use living entities for pleasure
#Thread Image
Anusasana Parva -

Bhishma "a person of cleansed soul should be compassionate to all living creatures..."

And the first of all dharma is “ahiṃsā” (non-violence) - this starts with food.

(The idea that human being don’t kill any life-forms for FOOD.)
करुणा✨means more than just being nice.

Being kind to all living entities, not just to humans, but also to animals, birds, insects, etc..

This is because the living entity, depending on its consciousness, can take a material body in any one of the 8,400,000 species of life.
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15 Oct 20
Lets face some Facts!

1947 Communal riots in Bengal | 5000-10000 Killed, Ruling party happened to be Congress

1969 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad | More than 512 Killed in the city.
3000 to 15000 range in the entire state.
Riots for 6 months, Ruling party happened to be Congress
Oct 1984 | Communal riots in Delhi | 2733 Killed |
Ruling party Congress |

Almost 100% casualty were Sikhs, which makes this a Rajiv Gandhi led genocide on India's minorities.

Followed by “Big Tree falls” justification too from the Prime Minister!
1964 Communal riots in Rourkela & Jamshedpur | 2000 Killed | Ruling party Congress

August 1980 | Moradabad Communal riots | Approx 2000 Killed | Ruling Party Congress

October 1989 | Bhagalpur, Bihar riots | 800 to 2000 killed | Ruling party Congress
Read 7 tweets

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