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Dear Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains, plz take four minutes and read this important thread.

One of the many, many Adharmas out there that the Dharmic must avoid to reach the goal of one world under Dharma, is liberalism ie embracing new ideas blindly. 👇
I'm not completely against embracing new ideas. However, if embracing a new idea doesn't serve Dharma or its community ultimately, or in a worse case scenario, if that hurts Dharma and its community, then such an idea should be discarded.

Ex : interfaith romance and marriage. 👇
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Jain Temples in #Gerusoppa :

Once Institution to several basadis with exclusive architecture, hundreds of inscriptions, groups of temples & structure, owing to it's vast unexplored heritage & ruins, Gerusoppa is called 'Harappa of the Jains' @LostTemple7
#Jainism #Karnataka
Historical references states there were108 #Jain Basadis & now only five remaining.
Chaturmukha #basadi that exists even now is testimony to the art & architecture of ancient times has stood tall being d lone sentinel of the Rani Chennabhaira Devi’s forgotten empire.
Famous center of trade & commerce #Gerusoppa ruled by Saluva kingdom the Powerful intelligent Queen Rani Chenna Bhairadevi (1554-1603) knownas 'Pepper Queen'.
Her empire included Uttara-Dakshina Kannada, Goa, Malabar region & had 37 seaports efficiently crushed Portuguese twice!
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#Sarak jain's kids learning jainism in patshala.
Now tell me how many of you are sending ur kids to such patshala.
" ये पौधा है जो कल विशाल वृक्ष बनेगा "
Our donation is reaching into perfect hands
Despite of such difficulties they are taking efforts.🙌
#Jainism @truejainology
Watching this makes me feel so so good, don't have words to describe.
There ppl who are giving their time on the grass root level like dr kiriti bhushan ji, Immense respect for him 👌
All we can do is donate so that these people don't get separated from us again.
Contact number of person associated with the foundation
SP Jain +919818544939
Feel free to call
This foundation is taking care of them
jainam foundation regd(delhi)
acc no. *520101214000237* में जमा करा सकते हैं corporation bank
कबीर नगर branch
IFSC code है - CORP0002077
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#Jainism सम्मेद शिखर जी सम्पूर्ण वंदना।

1----गौतम गणधर ----35 चरण है
24 तीर्थंकरो के व 10 पारसनाथ भगवान के गणधर के सफेद वर्ण के है व गौतम गणधर के श्याम वर्ण के है
विशेषता इस कूट की विशेषता है कि यह स्थान पर्वत पर समतल भूमि पर है
इस कूट से एक साथ 9 टोंक के दर्शन और
होते है
पॉच टोंक दायी और व चार टोंक बाई और है
2----इस टोंक पर 35 चरण बने है
जिनमे 34श्वेत वर्ण के व एक श्याम वर्ण के है

2----कुंथुनाथ जी ---ज्ञानधर कूट ----श्याम वर्ण के चरण है
3---नमि नाथ जी ------मित्रधर कूट
शंयाम वर्ण के चरण है ----
4----अरहनाथ जी ----नाटक कूट ---
श्याम वर्ण के चरण है
इस कूट से एक कम एक अरब मुनि मोक्ष गये !
5----मल्लिनाथ जी ----संवल कूट। श्याम वर्ण के चरण है
इस कूट से 96करोड़ मुनि मोक्ष गये
6----श्रेयांस नाथ जी -----संकुल कूट --श्याम वर्ण के चरण
7----सुविध नाथ जी (पुष्पदंत जी) ------सुप्रभ कूट ---सफेद वर्ण के चरण
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They are Jains.
Yes the forgotten and neglected jains of our society.
Sarak 🙌
This video is from orrisa .
Where our jain brothers are teaching them about jainism and reintroducing them with religious beliefs.
They don't eat nonveg or kand mool ,if u ask them why
Thread Cont.
Why they don't eat .
They say they don't know why but their ancestors also never ate it so even they don't.
Many sarak jains don't even use words like kaatna (cut) maarna etc.
These are the strong religious sentiments which r deeply coded into them
which is making them follow it
Their gotra is from the name of tirthankars,
parshwnath , dharmnath n etc.
In a way they from the same lineage of the tirthankars.
But with time they are all left behind totally neglected by Jain samaj..
@vinayak_jain @JainMaggii @JainismWay @NishithJain11
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6. उत्तम संयम धर्म / Uttam Sanyam Dharm

A horse without a rein and a vehicle without a break cannot reach the final destination.

Similarly, a mind without self-restraint cannot reach the goal of liberation.

# उत्तम_ संयम _धर्म Image
निमित्त के अभाव से संयम नहीं होता, उपादान के अभाव से संयम होता है।

This means that mere avoiding or absence of external attraction/ temptations cannot result in achieving self-restraint, to achieve self-restraint, we need to control our desires/ passions.

#दसलक्षण_महापर्व Image
Short animated story to emphasize the importance of "Uttam Sanyam Dharm" in kids. Here is the link :

#उत्तम_ संयम _धर्म
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Day 6
उत्तम संयम धर्मं

Self-Restraint – UTTAM SANYAM meaning Supreme Self-control i)Restraining from injury to life – Jains go to great lengths, compared to other world religions, to protect life.
#Jainism Image
This encompasses all living beings, from one-sensed onwards. The purpose of not eating root vegetables is that they contain countless one-sensed beings termed ‘nigod’. During Paryushan the Jains also do not eat green vegetables to reduce harm to the lower sensed beings. Image
ii) Self-restraint from desires or passions – These lead to pain and are therefore to be avoided.
i) Restraining injury to the self – This has been elaborated upon in Nischay Kshma Dharma.
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T 278

Lala Deen Dayal (1844 - 1905) was born in Meerut in a Jain family of jewellers. He is considered as a pioneer of Indian photography. Nizam of Hyderabad appointed him as his court photographer & conferred upon him the title of "Raja".


#Jainism #Unknownjains
He set up his first studio in Indore in 1868. Later he set up studios in Hyderabad and Bombay. He took more than 6000 photographs. In 2006 Indian Govt issued a stamp to honour him.

The below photograph is of the ceiling of Jain Temple at Chittorgarh taken in 1882.


Lala Deen Dayal was appointed as the photographer to the Viceroy of India in 1885. In 1905-06, he accompanied the Royal tour of the Prince & Princess of Wales.

The below photograph is of Jain Idols in TinTal Cave of Ellora taken in 1889.


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Day 2
उत्तम मार्दव ।
Supreme humility.

A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you Arrogant.
Such is the importance of being humble.
#दस_लक्षण #jains #Jainism #jain Image
Humility’ or ‘Not to be Proud’ is the character of this Dharma. To think that all my worldly glamour, my own body, higher caste, strength, worldly knowledge etc. will definitely destroy one or the other day then why to be proud of these?
Thus considering all the worldly possessions like a dream one becomes fully humble or modest to proceed long on the eternal path of liberation.
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दस लक्षण पर्व पर हम ये सोचें की हमारे जीवन में धर्म की सुबह कैसी हो?
इस पर्व में अपनी आत्मा की खोज करें
कैसे करें:
1.बाह्य आचरण से
2.अंतरंग परिणामों की निर्मलता (1/2) Image
धर्म को केवल सुनने या पढ़ने के मानसिकता न रखें: सुनना नहीं गुणना(आत्मसात करना) धर्म है

कर्म हमारे जीवन में उस गेंद की तरह हैं जो हमने पूर्व में फेंकी है, ज्ञानी उसे झेलता है ना की चोटिल होता है ..(2/2)

#23 Aug-1Sep
#दसलक्षण_महापर्व Image
Uttam Kshama/ उत्तम क्षमा धर्म
*क्षमा क्या है: क्रोध का अभाव ही क्षमा है
*क्षमा उत्तम कैसे हो: ख्याति, पूजा, लाभ या स्वार्थ की भावना से नहीं बल्कि सहज भाव से, आत्मकल्याण की दृष्टि से हो (1/2)

#23 Aug-1Sep
# उत्तम_क्षमा_धर्म Image
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जो जन्म लेता लेता है उसका मरण निश्चित है और यह जीवन की एक अनिवार्य घटना है। मरते समय अपने भावों को सम्हालते हुए, कषाय को भी देह के साथ त्यागना ही सल्लेखना का उद्देश्य है। सल्लेखना के साथ मरण करने वाला शीघ्र ही मोक्ष प्राप्त करता है।
#जय_जिनेन्द्र #Jainism #जिनवाणी एक मुनि सल्लेखना के समय सेव...
सल्लेखना क्या है ?

१. अच्छे प्रकार से काय और कषाय का लेखन करना अर्थात् कृश करना सल्लेखना है।

२. बाहरी शरीर को और भीतरी कषायों के उत्तरोत्तर पुष्ट करने वाले कारणों को घटाते हुए भले प्रकार से लेखन करना अर्थात् कृश करना सल्लेखना है। (स.सि., 7/22/705)
मरण किसी को इष्ट नहीं है। प्रधानमंत्री भी चाहता है कि हमारी सीट पाँच वर्ष तक सुरक्षित रहे, सर्विस करने वाला भी यही चाहता है मेरी सर्विस 60 वर्ष तक चलती रहे। उसी प्रकार संयमी भी चाहता है कि मेरा रत्नत्रय सुरक्षित रहे
किन्तु रत्नत्रय भावों के साथ शरीर का भी साथ चाहता है।
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“Ahimsa is the highest duty.”

The primary rule in #Hinduism, #Jainism and #Buddhism is “dharma”

And the first of all dharma is “ahiṃsā” (non-violence) - this starts with food.

The idea that human being don’t kill any life-forms for food.

@TIinExile @Aabhas24 @truejainology
करुणा✨means more than just being nice.

Being kind to all living entities, not just to humans, but also to animals, birds, insects, etc..

This is because the living entity, depending on its consciousness, can take a material body in any one of the 8,400,000 species of life.
Therefore, to develop and maintain the quality of mercy, one must follow the principle of no meat eating.

This includes no eating of meat, fish, eggs, or insects.

In this way, Spiritual path remain free from so many unnecessary karmic reactions.
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T 247


Tirthankar : 01
Name : Rishabhdev Ji
Birth : Ayodhya
Father Name : King Nabhi
Mother Name : Queen Marudevi
Nirvana : Ashtapad
Lanchan : Bull

#Jainism @truejainology

Tirthankar : 02
Name : Ajitnath Ji
Birth : Ayodhya
Father Name : King Jitshatru
Mother Name : Queen Vijayadevi
Nirvana : Sammed Shikhar Ji
Lanchan : Elephant

#Jainism @nikilshyamsukha

Tirthankar : 03
Name : Sambhavnath Ji
Father Name : King Jitari
Mother Name : Queen Senadevi
Birth : Sharavasti
Nirvana : Sammed Shikhar Ji
Lanchan : Horse

#Jainism @Rishabpatiyat
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Those who think Hinduism and jainism are very alike, with no differences and is a part of it,
plz read this.
Jainism is Not a branch of Hinduism.
In Jainism, one definite path to attain liberation (moksha) is prescribed. The prescribed threefold path consists of the three jewels
of Jainism
 (Right belief, Right knowledge, Right conduct).
In Hinduism, no one definite path to salvation is prescribed.
#JAINS #Jain #Jainism
According to Jain cosmology, the universe is eternal, it is neither created nor it can be destroyed.
In Hinduism, it is believed to by a creator, and destroyed by God, to be created again.
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Read it once 🙌
If there is a diamond hidden in some drawer of ur home.
Perhaps you won't notice until next diwali cleaning.
If it's in hotel room u,ll find it immediately after check in.
U r in a illusion that ur body,family, home,office etc are yours.
Cont.. Image
Cuz of this illusion of ownership
U r missing so many diamonds that god has given you.
See everything from the eyes of a guest, not owner.
@vinayak_jain @WeekendInvestng
#jain #Jainism #immortaltalks
Picture clicked by @arpitjain__
Cheyur - vandawasi , tamilnadu .
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A worthwhile read:-
Suppose u are guarding the gates of a city
Far away u spot a enemy approaching towards you
If you close the gates immediately, they,ll stop wherever they are and go away. If you close gates slowly they,ll start running towards you faster,@vinayak_jain
Cont.. Image
even if they fail enter they will reach too close to go back peacefully.
Same way :-
The thing you are trying to avoid will come to you faster , if u want to get rid of something do it fast and abruptly.
Let it be anything a bad habit or bad experience.
#Jainism #immortaltalks
Picture clicked by myself ,
Melsithamur jinkanchi Temple, Tamilnadu 🙌
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#जय_जिनेन्द्र #जिनवाणी #Jainism
पूज्य पुरुषों की वंदना-स्तुति हमें पूज्य बनने की प्रेरणा देती है। इतना ही नहीं उनके मार्ग पर चलकर हम उन जैसा भी बन सकते हैं। हमारे आराध्य पूज्य नवदेवता हैं-
अरिहन्त जी
सिद्ध जी
आचार्य जी
उपाध्याय जी
साधु जी
जिन धर्म
जिन अागम
जिन चेत्य
जिन चैत्यालय
धर्म स्थान में जिनका पद महान होता है, जो गुणों में सर्वश्रेष्ठ होते हैं उन्हें परमेष्ठी कहते हैं।

जीव जिस पद में स्थित होकर आत्म - साधना करते हुए अन्तत: मोक्ष-सुख को प्राप्त करते हैं उस पद को परम पद कहा जाता है।

परमेष्ठी ५ हैं  - अरिहंत, सिद्ध, आचार्य उपाध्याय और साधु परमेष्ठी।
अरिहन्त परमेष्ठी का स्वरूप -

जिन्होंने चार घातिया कर्मों को नष्ट कर दिया हैं तथा जो अनंत ज्ञान, अनंत दर्शन, अनंत वीर्य, अनंत सुख रूप अनंत चतुष्टय से युक्त हैं। समवशरण में विराजमान होकर दिव्यध्वनि के द्वारा सब जीवों को कल्याणकारी उपदेश देते हैं, वे अरिहंत परमेष्ठी कहलाते हैं।
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Premchand Roychand a Jain .
Founder of @BSEIndia bombay stock exchange.
Bullion king
Speculator by instinct
Master manipulator of market.
Donor of iconic rajabai tower
A Big gun in those early days of Bombay.
Thread cont ...
#Jainism #jainGem
The Roychand family moved Mumbai from surat, when premchand was a young boy
(probably on a Bullock cart) ,
He was educated at Elphinstone College. Recorded as the first Indian broker able to speak, read and write English, he entered the lists as a stock broker in 1849.
RP With his fingers dug deep in several markets – commodities, bullion, stocks, real estate, and banking – his rise and fall over a decade marked the commercial rise of Bombay.
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Today, on the occasion of Janma Kalyanak of Lord Neminath, I am extremely saddened to witness that no one remembers the land where the Lord was born ~ Shri Shouripuri Tirth.

Read more about this tirth in the thread
#jain #jainism #neminath #research
Situated near Agra in UP, this tirth is mentioned in various Agams like Samavayang Sutra, Uttaradhyayan Sutra, Avashyak Niryukti, Kalpasutra etc. Shri Bhagvati Sutra mentions that even Lord Mahavir visited this place where he gave a sermon about the past life of a fisherman.
Even the famous traveler Megasthenes visited this place. The original mulnayak parmatma of this tirth was installed by Akbar Pratibodhak Acharya Heervijaysurishwarji Maharaja. Many ancient Jain relics were excavated from this town by Sir Alexander Cunningham.
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Thread | #BEEF it OR not
Man used to eat meat, before 10000 BCE, however, as Man started Grains cultivation in Indian History, their preference on meat as food decreased. And virtually it was NIL till ~1500 AD
Let us see how it evolved through antiquity

TEETH are first indicators of whether an animal is #HERBIVOROUS or #CARNIVOROUS
Look at the teeth sets of a human dating BCE 7000, They were NOT meat-eaters.
A study conducted on Jaws from Upper Palaeolithic to Bronze Age shows that dental (crown) dimensions and mandibular dimensions between HUNTERS & FARMERS shifted to sedentism & agricultural subsistence thousands yrs ago.…
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Nandisvara Island, as per Jain Cosmography, is one of the Island Continents
It is referred to as Nandisvara-Dvipa meaning continent of rejoicing.
“The gods go there to celebrate eight-day festivals sacred to the worship of Jinas.
#Jainism #jain #52jinalay
Thread Cont... ImageImage
Jinas who are honoured with fifty-two bejewelled ‘eternal temples’ (Sasvata-Daivalaya)” –
As commonly referred as 52 jinalaya .(बावन जिनालय).
Nandisvara Island is worshipped by both the sects, Svetembara and Digambara, of Jainism. Svetembara sect represents it as fifty-two shrines, four groups of thirteen each. The Digambara sect represents it fifty-two figures of Jina.
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T 200

It is said that the mothers of would-be Tirthankaras witness 14 auspicious objects in their dreams. Mata Trishala also had these dreams, which filled her with wonder. She told King Sidharth about the dreams. He told her that these dreams seemed very auspicious.

The 1st dream Queen Trishala had was of an Elephant.
This dream indicated that Queen would give birth to a child with exceptionally good character. The four tusk signified that he would guide the spiritual chariot with its four components: monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen.
The 2nd dream Queen Trishala had was of a Bull. The bull was noble, grand and had a majestic hump. Its horns were superb and sharply­ pointed.
This dream indicated that her son would be highly religious and spiritual teacher. He would help cultivate religion.

#JaiJinendra #Jain
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Wonders of india.

Wonder (1/n) Kumbhariyaji Temples.

A cluster of 5 temples made from white marble, the beauty of the temples here is comparable to that of the delwara Temples.
The original name of the town was 'Arasana' taken frm guj word Arasa-meaning 'Marble'(1/6) Image
The 5 temples are currently dedicated to
Bhagwan Neminathji
Bhagwan Parshwanathji
Bhagwan Sambhavnathji
Bhagwan Shantinathji
Bhagwan Mahavirswamiji

The original Pratimaji are lost. The current were installed in the 17th Cen.

The Domes. (2/6) ImageImageImageImage
The town had once a very prosperous #Jain Community. Epigraphical record here show atleast one temple to have been built by the Jain Sangh collectively, and the Neminathji temple by Trader Pasila.

The Ceilings (3/6) ImageImageImageImage
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