THREAD: Yesterday, @CarnegieEndow, @MilanV released their survey on Indian Americans. As a Hindu American advocacy group, we ask for clarity on a few important points.👇🏾 1/n
First off, the survey contains important on the 4 Million strong Indian American community, including everyday social realities, religious practices, attitudes towards civic and political engagement, social networks, etc. However... 2/n
In an unfortunate display of how colonial categories like “caste” continue to haunt long after the colonizers have departed, the survey attempts to query respondents -but only those self identifying as Hindu-on their “caste”. This defies logic...3/n
If Indian laws are a guide (appears to be the case here), we find hundreds of "castes" among the country’s Christians, Muslims and Sikhs. These categories are well defined in India among said communities, not just among the Hindus. 4/n…
So, why this obsessive need to show Hinduism=Caste? This, even after admitting that OBC category is common among Muslims, while SC category is found among Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims. 5/n
Also footnote 7 - "The term 'Dalit' refers to individuals who occupy the lowermost rungs of the traditional Hindu caste hierarchy." Unfortunately, this smells of bias against Hindus and Hinduism. Dalits also exist among Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, etc
What’s a “traditional Hindu caste hierarchy?" "Caste" is a Portuguese word not found in ANY Hindu text. As Prof. Dirks wrote, British "caste" censuses forced thousands of jatis & groups into a "caste hierarchy" & then blamed Hindus for all problems. 7/n…
What does “identifying with caste” mean? If Carnegie is interested in Hindu beliefs, the question should probe on Jati/ Varna/ Kula/ Gotra/ Shreni. Those are Hindu concepts, not “caste,” a racist, colonial import. A good reading list on our website - 8/n
We then see Figures 27 and 28. While the institute finds it interesting to point out that "caste" discrimination is "an equal opportunity offense," (28), it also urges readers to exercise care in any "subgroup analysis" due to the small sample size (27)...9/n
...This is important, because only 5% of respondents reported experiencing any such discrimination over the past 12 months. So, take "caste discrimination" with a grain of salt. 10/n
And in Figures 19 & 21, we see two key observations - First, a quarter had NO knowledge of "caste" in their networks, while barely 21% of an already tiny group of self-selected respondents even think "caste" is an issue in formation of their social networks. 11/n
Nor is this affinity of like minded folks to cluster together an anomaly. A study in Aug 2020, showed similar results among social networks of different Christian religious groups within the US. See chart below. 12/n…
Finally, Footnote 29 punches a big hole into the false propaganda of Equality Labs' "Caste Survey" & their allies- asserts that it does not fully represent the South Asian American population, likely has skewed data, thus intensity of "caste discrimination" can be contested. 13/n
@CalDFEH and @SCCgov @CalPoly @ucdavis and others should open their eyes and stop the #Hinduphobia and vilification of the Hindu American community. 14/n

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7 Jun
THREAD: What do Audrey Truschke and @AnnCoulter have in common? Hatred for Hindus and #Hinduphobia...and randomness on "caste." And, how do you package Hinduphobia, anti-Asian hatred and anti-immigrant hatred in one tweet? See pic below, followed by our response.👇🏾 1/n
Ms. Khilanani’s remarks are outrageous, but not derived from Hindu philosophy or linked to ANY religion. So why drag in her faith & reference “caste” - that favorite millstone hung around a Hindu American’s neck, no matter which side of the ideological aisle they may be on? 2/n
Firstly, @AnnCoulter is simply ignorant. Ms. Khilanani is NOT an immigrant but born/raised in US. But, she is brown, so that makes her a perpetual "immigrant" +unwelcome. It even makes her unrelated religious background a target. This attitude is un-American & breeds hatred. 3/n
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THREAD: PART 2. Prof Truschke's #WhiteSavior & victim card complex continues. Trying to paint Hindu groups as anti-Muslim, when we never said anything about Islam in our response to her allegations. #RacistTruschke. 1/n
We respect everyone's right to practice their religion, but not the #WhiteSavior's self-proclaimed right to disparage ours or silence us. 2/n
Again, she tries to create #Hinduphobia and a fake narrative by linking our response and legit concerns about Alabama to "Hindu Right." In doing so, she continues to validate our position of how she is the #WhiteSavior and the queen of Hinduphobia. 3/n
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26 May
THREAD: Here's Prof Truschke's #Hinduphobia, #WhiteSavior complex and bigotry. Let's unpack 1/n
As indigenous practitioners, we raised concerns re: Alabama's #yoga law, which strips all references to its Hindu roots. We clearly noted that we welcome ALL to practice but don't want Yoga stripped off its cultural roots. Cultural appreciation, not cultural appropriation. 2/n
Media houses such as @washingtonpost covered our perspective. Quote: "Yes, it has roots in Hinduism, and it’s a Hindu practice, but it’s a gift Hindus have shared with the world." 3/n…
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28 Apr
THREAD: Indian Americans from various backgrounds protest @SCCgov's efforts to include "caste" as a category in their anti-discrimination policies. So, what is the problem and why should the Indian diaspora care about such a legislation or policy? A dozen reasons follow! 1/n
Policy seeks to have taxpayer supported bodies “define” Hinduism and how it is “deemed” to be practiced – a clear violation of the right to freedom of religion. 2/n
Attributes “caste” to Hindus only, ignoring those found among Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, etc.… 3/n
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12 Mar
Thread: @RepJeremyGray. #Namaste! Thank you for being a voice of reason for this bill. Yes, #yoga has its roots and its tied to Hinduism. But, Hindus have never imposed their beliefs on anyone. So...1/n…
...there is no need for people to be "allergic" to yoga, Namaste, mantras, chanting, Sanskrit words, etc. Hindus have shared yoga as a gift to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place - something that is much needed in our society today. 2/n
Stripping "Namaste" away is an unfortunate attempt to de-link an indigenous practice from its roots and an example of #Culturalappropriation. We stand against such attempts and encourage people to acknowledge the roots while sharing in the benefits of this wonderful gift. 3/n
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9 Mar
THREAD: CoHNA is extremely disturbed by the bigotry and Hinduphobia being peddled by Prof Audrey Truschke. Moreover, we are extremely concerned that @RutgersU and @Rutgers_Newark is emphatically defending the professor under the veil of "academic freedom". 1/n
As the following petition shows, Rutgers students (Hindu and non-Hindu) do not support bigotry on campus and are calling upon @RutgersU to take immediate action. We stand with these students in their call. 2/n…
Hindu students are facing vitriol for speaking up, including insults like "dotheads," "Hindu Nazis," etc. Does @RUDiversity consider this type of vitriol resulting from Prof Truschke's supporter a fine example of "diversity and inclusion"? Hindu students are traumatized. 3/n
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