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Thread: @RepJeremyGray. #Namaste! Thank you for being a voice of reason for this bill. Yes, #yoga has its roots and its tied to Hinduism. But, Hindus have never imposed their beliefs on anyone. So...1/n…
...there is no need for people to be "allergic" to yoga, Namaste, mantras, chanting, Sanskrit words, etc. Hindus have shared yoga as a gift to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place - something that is much needed in our society today. 2/n
Stripping "Namaste" away is an unfortunate attempt to de-link an indigenous practice from its roots and an example of #Culturalappropriation. We stand against such attempts and encourage people to acknowledge the roots while sharing in the benefits of this wonderful gift. 3/n
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Jaggi Vasudev: Yoga is not Hindu, its cuultuuure..

Christians: “Yoga Faith” with an entire tree with no mention of Patanjali or Hindu. #Appropriation
Christians: Yoga predates Hinduism but they *may* have been the most popular group to do Yoga.

Also we *bust* the myth that Yoga came out of Hinduism.
Christians: Oh and also, we hate you, we don’t like who you worship but Yoga is culture so we will appropriate and its not disrespectful because *Namaste* #CulturalAppropriation
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Localized avatars to be more representative of the end user in each country. So cool @MinaMarkham #clarity2019 #localization #designsystems
. @MinaMarkham on her process for localizing styles for @SlackHQ in Japan:
1. Design research
2. First iteration of designing the webpage
3. Design with cultural elements
4. Hide animation unless you have JavaScript enabled in browser
Note: localize w/ extreme care #clarity2019
It's important to localize styles with extreme care, respect and cultural appreciation (not cultural appropriation).
#clarity2019 #designsystems #localization #culturalappropriation
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Shame on @britishmuseum for plastering @bp_plc logos over its #Iraq exhibition. BP has extracted massive profits from the suffering of people in Basra (info:
Watch this protest in the Museum:…

#CulturalAppropriation #NoWarNoWarming
In 2003, BP denied it had met the UK govt about Iraqi oil.

I obtained govt minutes of 3 meetings they had with ministers and senior officials in 6 months leading up to war. "Iraq is *the* big prospect. BP are desperate to get in there":

More in my book!
Congrats to @ReclaimOurBard for organising the amazing protest at British Museum, and the powerful Iraqi voices…
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Something that really is bothering me as a Moroccan Amazigh is that neither those accusing #Madonna of #culturalappropriation nor those defending her are actually talking about this headpiece and its history.
Read below for a little but real sneakpeek of it 👇
A lot of Berber headpieces are common to different Berber tribes from the same region or even from different regions.
This particular headpiece is only worn by one small confederation of Berbers called Ait Baamrane
They are found in the vicinity of the city of Sidi Ifni and composed by very few tribes and multiple clans. It is impossible for a Berber woman wearing this to be mistaken for a Berber from any other place by a fellow Berber.
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The capitalist argument that there will always be a need for garbage-men and toilet cleaners, is very telling on the issue of racism. Racism is not just affecting the ones living next to us, but effects trans-nationally. #marxism #racism #capitalism #intersectionality
Racism is a cornerstone of outsourcing labor to the lower classes and the lower ethnicities both within the exploiting country, and outside in economically weaker countries. In capitalism, each economic class, ethnicity class, and sex class is assigned labor roles.
Racism serves to keep the people within and ethnicity class in their assigned labor roles. Just the same as misogyny serves to keep women in assigned labor roles (overlapping in ethnicity and the same sex).
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