#BREAKING: Jeffrey Toobin RETURNS to CNN and will continue as their chief legal analyst despite having masturbated on a Zoom call. Speaking to Alisyn Camerota, he explains that he "wasn't thinking very well or very much, and it was something that was inexplicable to me."
Jeffrey Toobin on whether he's spoken to those who were on the Zoom call: "They were shocked and appalled. I think they realized that this was not intended for them."

Despite NOT losing his job at CNN, he says he's "privileged" that he will be able to "rebuild" his life.
Alisyn Camerota asks Toobin why he didn't "have better judgment" after having covered the stories of Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Donald Trump, and Anthony Weiner and Toobin's reply?

"Because I didn't have better judgment. Because I'm a flawed human being who makes mistakes."
This interview was already weird as ever, but it got weirder when Camerota asked Toobin whether there will be any new "surprises."

With a chuckle, Toobin says "[t]here are no surprises" out there, adding he's "incredibly grateful to CNN for taking me back"
Before moving on and to Toobin's far-left legal analysis on a California judge's gun comments, the pressure for Justice Steven Breyer to retire from Democrats, and the remaining SCOTUS decisions, Camerota brings up the fact that even O.J. Simpson made fun of him.
After a segment on the day's news, Camerota wrapped by telling him: "Many of us have really missed having your legal analysis to guide us on our programs, so let me be the first to welcome you back."

Toobin: "I hope to be a better person off camera as well as on camera." (/END)
P.S. Here's my full @NewsBusters write-up and analysis of this interview from hell. At the bottom, I included the full transcript of the portions that discussed his Zooms scandal. newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curti…

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9 Jun
#BREAKING: I have a HUGE update to this story about a Univision "reporter" telling Vice President Harris she "voted for" her in November. According to top @UnivisionNews personalities and execs tweeting at @MRCLatino's @BonillaJL, they're claiming she's NOT an actual employee. Image
This means either one of two things:
1. @UnivisionNews and @UnivisionPRTeam are lying to us and they have a journalistic scandal on their hands.

2. They broke through the @SecretService and the @VP's press team led by @SymoneDSanders, which would mean this was a security breach.
Either way, @UnivisionNews, @SymoneDSanders, and her team have some explaining to do (and the @SecretService if this person used a fake persona).

Stay tuned to @newsbusters later tonight for a full wrap up of what happened over the last 90 minutes from @MRCLatino's @BonillaJL.
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2 Jun
.@MarthaMacCallum is torching NIH Director Francis Collins over #FauciEmails. She asked about one w/the subject line "conspiracy gains momentum" re: the lab theory, but he lamented this is something he "never thought...would become a topic for Fox News" & they never dismissed it
YIKES: NIH Director Collins insists there needs to be "an evidence-based expert-driven open investigation" on the origins of the virus, but @MarthaMacCallum shot back that many claims were shot down if they were from the right. Collins confirms, saying many were too "outrageous"
.@MarthaMacCallum then asks about the NIH funding projects and gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but Collins gets upset, saying he's "a bit unhappy" and "disturbed" Martha is asking these questions. He adds we should look forward and not look back.
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12 May
Former Bush official Matthew Dowd says Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and Mitt Romney are insufficiently anti-GOP and, without saying it, demands they join the Democratic Party if they truly love America.
You cannot convince me that Nicolle Wallace doesn't hate if you don't think like she does. Here she is saying that Liz Cheney is insufficiently anti-Trump and anti-GOP and demands she prove her bona fides by helping Democrats pass the For the People Act if she cares about America
To the delight of Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace, Matthew Dowd the says that, if you're Republican, you therefore support white supremacy and have been doing so since the 1990s when Newt Gingrich and Fox News destroyed America and made it more divisive and racist.

Such hatred!
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22 Apr
CRAZYTOWN: Joy Reid says you shouldn't believe anything you hear or see from police about the #MakhiaBryant shooting (which would include body camera footage) b/c it could be proven it was all a lie and the office was unjustified.

Besides, Bryant had cute TikTok videos!
NO JOKE...Joy Reid says knife fights happen all the time and people survive!

Reid's guest then condemned the actions of the police officer b/c it was "child here that was involved in an altercation with someone else."

So kids can wield weapons and you should just let them be?
Joy Reid insinuates the Columbus police officers responding to the scene of the #MakhiaBryant shooting had it out for black people because one of them had a Blue Lives Matter mask.

Reid also doubles on how you can't believe what your eyes tell you b/c...police lie all the time?
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21 Apr
So if I have BLM's logic right, they're okay with non-police citizens being able to stab and shoot each other if you're of a certain race because police stopping them would mean....police brutality and racism?
We can't live in any sort of legitimate society where this is possible. It's really hard to even meet someone halfway if they immediately jump to call racism anytime there's a shooting of an armed individual looking to harm others
I mean, when you have threads of takes like these...
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16 Apr
Video thread: Here's @BrookeBaldwin's sign-off from @CNN after almost 11 years at the helm of the weekday afternoon @CNNNewsroom. It started with a really cool look-back at all the big stories she's covered in her career (1/)
After the end of the recap, @BrookeBaldwin reveals that "my show here on CNN was not originally supposed to be mine" and she was only meant to serve as fill-in host for one week. She then went onto list a number of stories she's covered (many of them framed from the left) (2/)
Talking about Biden's press conference, @BrookeBaldwin says in her closing message to viewers: "When I saw all of those women recently one after another after another, these White House correspondents...standing up...I was on my feet cheering them on." (3/)
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