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(1)…So we go from attacking Trump as soon as he comes down the escalator, throughout his presidency to intentionally comms w/China to release #COVID19 (#FauciEmails); to 15 days to stop it, to threatening door to door gestapo tactics to see if we’re in compliance! …..
(2) They’re not just checking to see if we’re vaccinated however! They’re going to force us to get vaccinated (or else). They WILL create a federal database of those in non compliance! They’re already using us to spy on each other and guilt us when we’re not ….
(3) wearing our compliance muzzles. And if you think it’s really stopping there, they’re checking for guns (and as @RepCawthorn said probably Bibles too) while their at it! This isn’t and never was about #Trump specifically. He’s just in the way and exposing them!…
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Nu genoeg van alle grappen en grollen, @MarionKoopmans

Je beschuldigt mij van laster: goed.

Dat is een uitspraak die je als hoogleraar en hoofd van de vakgroep virologie van de Erasmus Universiteit zou moeten kunnen onderbouwen. Of niet?

#WuhanLabLeak #coronavirus
Het is heel goed mogelijk dat ik uit alle beschikbare publicaties en de #FauciEmails de verkeerde conclusie trek.

Mocht dat zo zijn, corrigeer ik dat onmiddelijk.

Dit is de gedragscode van de Verenigde Samenwerking van Nederlandse Universiteiten.…
Bij mijn weten heeft ook de Erasmus Universiteit deze verklaring ondertekend.
Mocht dat niet zo zijn, ik hoor het graag.

Pagina 10: Reikwijdte van deze Gedragscode:
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The look on ur face when ur wearing a shirt that says Fauci then #FauciEmails come out 🥴 While telling people to vote for a man that wants to Nuke Americans #marriedtomedicine pushing people to get a 💉 for virus with 99.7% survival rate #Married2Medicine
These women say that Trump is a racist and it’s been hell while he was president but it’s ok for Fauci to LIE about a lab created disease? Joe is ruining America. How much do you guys get paid??…
Drs saying you were wrong and killing us!! And our children! #FauciEmails #FreeBritney
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Fauci told in February 2020 by woman that China underreported Wuhan Virus spread and death

She said her source is a Chinese exchange student (name redacted🧐 in the email), who was in contact with a nurse in Harbin, China. via @MailOnline
Harbin is in the province of Heilongjiang, close to the border with Russia.

On Dec 10, 2019, the health commission of Heilongjiang confirmed that 13 students at the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute also had the infection.…
In 2018, China launched its first biosafety level-4 lab in Harbin.

The lab is being operated by the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, under the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science.

The lab's official address is in the Nangang district.
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It's disquieting how the disinformation campaign against Fauci resembles the one against Biden before the election. Tapes of Biden were leaked with nothing damning and yet they were portrayed as a "smoking gun." Same with Fauci. Pic of prominent names in #FauciEmails discussion. Image
1/ Let's examine some of the names. Their names do not necessarily indicated unethical or nefarious behavior. This is merely to provide context.
2/ Raoult Didier is the author of the HCQ study that excluded patients who had poor outcomes or who died, switched endpoints and ended early, and published in a journal where a study author is the editor.…
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Yesterday I published a tweet in which I quickly explained who Dr. Kristian Andersen was and mentioned that he deserved a thread for his great work in supporting the future prisoner #Fauci. He is one more character in this network of lies around a virus like this that we suffer
and that it has murdered more than 40 million people in the world, that is known at least. Kristian G. Andersen is Professor of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the California Campus and at the same time also practices in @scrippsresearch which is a
a private biomedical organization. He is one of the greats in his field, Ph.D. in immunology from
@Cambridge_Uni ,a bachelor's degree in molecular biology @AarhusUni and with numerous awards in his professional activity. This I explain so that we can understand what I am going to
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Ayer publiqué un tweet en el que de modo rápido expliqué quien era el doctor Kristian Andersen y mencioné que merecía un hilo por su gran labor en apoyar al futuro preso #AnthonyFauci .Es un personaje más en este entramado de mentiras alrededor de un virus como este que padecemos
y que ha asesinado a mas de 40 millones de personas en el mundo, que se tenga conocimiento al menos. Kristian G. Andersen es Profesor Departamento de Inmunología y Microbiología del Campus de California y a al mismo tiempo ejerce de igual forma en @scrippsresearch que es una
una organización biomédica privada. Es uno de los grandes en su campo , doctorado en inmunología por @Cambridge_Uni , una licenciatura en biología molecular @AarhusUni y con numerosos premios en su actividad profesional.
Esto lo explico para que podamos entender lo que voy a
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People protest Dr. Fauci as he arrived to NYC Harlem vaccination site today with Mrs Jill Biden.

Well that's all I got. Image
Dr. Jill Biden *
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@SenTedCruz .@SenTedCruz (@TedCruz), I couldn't beyond a few seconds into this bit of #propaganda, #Renfield, because this was not #reporting, #news, or #journalism.

This was a #FoxNews #MAGA[t] leading with #Republican/#Trump #talkingpoints and you nodding, stupidly, in agreement...
@SenTedCruz @tedcruz ...and following the script.

In other words, this is just you playing the #MAGA[ts], #Renfield - again.

There were no "emails showing Facebook acting as state agency on behalf of the federal government."

The #FauciEmails is another point of phony #outrage for #Republicans.
@SenTedCruz @tedcruz .@tedcruz (@SenTedCruz), what's especially hysterical about this clip, your tweet, and your claim, #Renfield, is that you hypocritically make this claim about a @FoxNews piece and it's #FoxNews that acts as a #propaganda outlet for the @GOP - and always has.
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In de e-mails van Fauci komen @MarionKoopmans en Ron Fouchier meerdere keren voor.

#FauciLiedPeopleDied #FauciEmails
Deze e-mails werden openbaar gemaakt op basis van een FOIA, hetgeen vergelijkbaar is met een verzoek in het kader van de Wet Openbaar Bestuur.

Net als bij ons zijn grote delen van deze correspondentie weggelakt. Dat is natuurlijk niet verbazen.
In tegenstelling tot de situatie in Nederland is men in de VS verplicht een code toe te kennen, die staat voor de reden waarom dat gedeelte weggelakt is.

Het grootste deel van de correspondentie van Ron Fouchier en @MarionKoopmans is weggelakt onder de code B5.
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Thread 🧵
Science is, quite literally, an evolutionary process. For those who believe in evolution, knowledge that science is ever-changing and evolving is neither new nor a conspiracy. Thus the release of more than 3k of #FauciEmails under FOIA are not that revelatory .
The fixation on Fauci by the anti-science and anti-vaxxer right--the same folks who a week ago were pinning Stars of David to their lapels that declared "not vaccinated" as they nodded in assent to Marjorie Taylor Greene--are not new.
Fauci has been a bete noir for the extremist right for years. But when Fauci's popularity soared above Trump's, the threats began in earnest and Fauci had to hire security for his entire family.
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Here is #Fauci exchange with senator @RandPaul where he says that NIH has not ever and does not now fund "Gain of Function" research (1:51min Mark)

A video from 2015:-
Here is Professor Derek Smith (Cambridge) saying that NIH is his major funder for "Gain of Function" research.

[Please watch first 5 mins.]

It appears #Fauci is not telling the truth. Was he under oath during his hearing with Senator @RandPaul ? If not, put him under oath and grill him.

@arkmedic @My2puppies1 @lafemme_bambina @Fynnderella1 @Paramythia__

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Francis Collins, Fauci, Hillary Marston, Thomas Hudson of AbbVie, and WHO Chief Science Officer Souma Swaminathan starting on March 16th were into something BIG. And can hypothesize to other players. 1/ @RaheemKassam @MLevitt_NP2013 @sanstjohn @DebbieAAldrich @robert_spalding
AbbVie is located in North Chicago. Hudson is Senior VP of R&D. He is getting head of the line service here. Why? Redacted emails in all of this. 2/
The WHO Solidarity Trials hijacked HCQ as an alternative, if I am not mistaken. The @WHO actively dismissed #HCQ while the #MSM was creating all sorts of wild assertions. 3/
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The Five Biggest Bombshells (So Far) From Fauci's Emails…
5. Fauci ignored advice to prevent shutdowns and widespread panic

4. Fauci knew of the NIH’s ties to gain-of-function research abroad

3. Fauci was told COVID-19 may have been engineered

2. Fauci said face masks don’t keep out the virus
1. Fauci said COVID would “decline on its own” without a vaccine
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I guess I am still a little shockable because I am shocked that @nytimes et al would rather ignore the #Fauciemails and their implications than acknowledge that @SenTomCotton @RandPaul and other Republicans might have been correct.
This isn't Hunter Biden's laptop. This isn't the son of a politician trading on his dad's name. That was gross, but okay, it happens.

This is evidence the man who essentially RAN our pandemic response secretly tried to keep investigations into its origins politically impossible.
From the first, Fauci made sure he was at the very center of everything, both the public face and the private heart of the US pandemic response. I assumed that was because he liked the limelight and wanted to be in charge. But the emails suggest he had another motive too.
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1/ The #FauciEmails are the gift that keeps on giving. Remember Peter Daszak? He’s at the heart of all of it - his group funneled NIH money to the Wuhan lab, and he organized a letter to @TheLancet in February 2020 condemning “conspiracy theories” about #SARSCoV2...
2/ That was the first public effort to use a big scientific journal to steer attention from the lab. A week later, Daszak did so again, with an @NEJM paper insisting the virus had to be natural.

Guess who saw the paper in advance and was asked to coauthor it?

Dr. Anthony Fauci.
3/ Fauci ultimately said no, agreeing with a staffer that "it would look weird." But this is yet more evidence of how close he and Daszak were - and his secret efforts from the first to discredit the lab leak theory.

(BTW - the paper is dated April 2, but it came out Feb. 26.)
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Fauci was VERY NERVOUS about the #ChinaVirus leak out of the Wuhan Bio-Lab

The Late January Email from Kristian Andersen set OFF ALARM BELLS

Fauci fully understood the implications and he had to NEUTRALIZE the problem
One of the "Tasks" assigned to his Deputy may have been to organize a Research Team that would work to Neutralize the Lab Origin Narrative Early

Scientific Claims would be made in Trusted Journals and by Reputable People

Divert Attention and Dismiss Lab as NOT Likely
Start Pulling the Threads on the Cover-Up

Fauci's Deputy -->

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Nou, @MarionKoopmans toch...

Duikt jouw naam samen met die van je vriendje @c_drosten zomaar op in een e-mail aan Fauci...

Dat had ik toch nooit kunnen denken.😂🥳👍

#coronavirus #FauciEmails #FauciLiedPeopleDied
Maar je hebt je keurig aan je opdracht gehouden, hoor.

Heel goed gedaan van je:

Je zweeg als het graf over het Gain of Function onderzoek zoals dat ook in het Erasmus plaatsvond en plaatsvindt.…
Ron A. Fouchier. Die ken je vast wel. Hij zit in het kamertje naast je te fröbelen met influenza virussen.

Doen jullie wel netjes je mondkapje op? En rubberen handschoentjes aan? Net als je collega's in Wuhan?…
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3/6/21 - Vandaag begin ik aan: ‘Koopmans - Foucier - Erasmus - Fauci mails’. Mondmaskers zijn onzin, Italië 99% fake CV19 registraties en CV19 is een biowapen. Gaat lekker @wierdduk @EdwinvdBergNOS
cc. Kapiteins @DevliegerErik @yvesgijrath
Meelezen 👉…
2/6/21 - Email Shows Researcher Who Funded Wuhan Lab, Admits Manipulating Coronaviruses, Thanked Fauci For Dismissing Lab-Leak Theory…
3/6/21 - het is 09.00 uur, #Fauci nu ook in Nederland trending. Hoe lang gaat de Nederlandse MSM het expositie dossier nog negeren. Trap jij af @wierdduk? Als je dat doet stem ik voor jou als die tegel er weer uit gaat
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Fauci mail Gate:

Quand la vérité va éclater ils va falloir qu’ils courent vite, ceci-dit il n'y aura nulle part où se cacher, ça va être biblique !

Fauci mail Gate:

Quand la vérité va éclater ils va falloir qu’ils courent vite, ceci-dit il n'y aura nulle part où se cacher, ça va être biblique !

Corona Virus Bio weapon Production Method

Fauci mail Gate:

Quand la vérité va éclater ils va falloir qu’ils courent vite, ceci-dit il n'y aura nulle part où se cacher, ça va être biblique !

The Nine Lives of Hydroxychloroquine
Chloroquine Effective inVitro Aginst COVID19 ❗️❣️❕

3/n #PLANdemie @franzyroy
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.@MarthaMacCallum is torching NIH Director Francis Collins over #FauciEmails. She asked about one w/the subject line "conspiracy gains momentum" re: the lab theory, but he lamented this is something he "never thought...would become a topic for Fox News" & they never dismissed it
YIKES: NIH Director Collins insists there needs to be "an evidence-based expert-driven open investigation" on the origins of the virus, but @MarthaMacCallum shot back that many claims were shot down if they were from the right. Collins confirms, saying many were too "outrageous"
.@MarthaMacCallum then asks about the NIH funding projects and gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but Collins gets upset, saying he's "a bit unhappy" and "disturbed" Martha is asking these questions. He adds we should look forward and not look back.
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Inspired by #FauciLeaks #FauciEmails
Starting a thread "What a #coincidence #IamSorryWhat?!" Please tweet under with similar. RT is always appreciated.
2018, hmmm but why does it look so familiar? Image
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