Listening to the hearing with Christopher Wray, my 9-year-old daughter asked, "What's the point?"

Meaning, what's the point of pretending this is oversight hearing when he doesn't ever answer a question.

A 9-year-old spots a charade, folks.
Going a bit deeper, notice during Wray's exchange with @Jim_Jordan how he would imply something in general, but when pinned down on it — such as whether he signed off on the raid on @RudyGiuliani — he refuses and hides behind constantly-ignored department policy.

For example...
For example...

@Jim_Jordan: Did you sign off on the raid on Mayor @RudyGiuliani.

Wray: I can't comment on ongoing investigations. But I don't typically sign off on raids.

Jordan: Not what I asked. Did you sign off on this one?

Wray: I can't comment on ongoing investigations.
Wray's answers are acceptable under normal circumstances, in a normal environment in which @FBI actually has the trust of the public and doesn't constantly break laws and department policy, arbitrarily.

Feds can't just use them to hide from oversight and accountability.
It is in fact against department policy to NOT lie to the FISC when obtaining a secret warrant to spy on U.S. citizens.

It was against department policy for @RodRosenstein to appoint his fired predecessor's friend and mentor to conduct a revenge investigation.

So, whatevs.

• • •

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10 Jun
Yes, at 3:10am YouTube informed us that the video was removed for “claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus”.

What I actually did was read from a new study on vaccination immunity vs. infection immunity, in the context of survey results.

The study suggested that infected/recovered individuals have a greater immunity than vaccinated individuals, thus I raised the question of why anyone recovered would be pressured into vaccination.

Message: Best not think for yourselves, folks. It’s dangerous these days.
The only other possible “violation of scientific consensus” would’ve been my comments over the lab leak vs. wet market.

If so, then I was unaware with nearly 70% of the country in agreement that, that lie was still the “scientific consensus”.
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27 May
Here’s a suggestion: stop virtue signaling and recognize the well-documented role of the media as a contagion for mass shootings.

That’s right, you cause them.

And you do it with reckless disregard for human life because you’re all ideologues who oppose the Bill of Rights.
The media role as a contagion in mass shooting events is well-documented.

Worse still, they know and have been told by academia and law enforcement for years.

They just don’t care because, to ideologues, human life takes a back seat to ideology.…
“Reducing Media-Induced Mass Killings” published in 2018, even more conclusive.

“Generalized imitation requires the presence of some model to prompt imitation, and we suggest media reporting methods as a prominent model inspiring future mass killings.”…
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26 May
Both Robert and Nick brought A Games and did a good job, but I have to say this...

It's crazy to think the U.S. would be safer if Palestinians became a majority in Israel and controlled its nuclear arsenal. Especially if you think the Jewish lobby is a bigger threat.

It's nuts.
Few misnomers about the history of the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

British (uranium-235 in 59) and Norwegian (plutonium in 66, as well as Argentina selling them yellow-cake, fueled it.

Kennedy opposed it before their first operational nuclear weapon built in 1966.

And after Israel ramped up their nuclear weapons program following the Six Day War in 1966, Richard Nixon told Prime Minister Golda Meir to "make no visible introduction of nuclear weapons or undertake a nuclear test program".

Sure, we just stepped aside, but didn't push it.
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26 May
Most Trump supporters are not anti-immigration. That's a leftwing media talking point.

They are anti-illegal immigration, overwhelming immigration, and anti-family based immigration.

They're pro-legal immigration, manageable immigration and merit-based immigration.
No doubt there are some who want immigration moratoriums and that support probably will rise during times of complete lawlessness as we see now under @JoeBiden.

It's not unreasonable during city-sized waves.

But in normal conditions the prior tweet is a polling-supported fact.
That being said, under conditions that are NOT normal, such as these under @JoeBiden, it's not remotely a Trump-supporter only positions.

66.6% do not want any illegal immigration during a pandemic, and 59.9% oppose pathway in times of high unemployment.

It's broad.
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23 May
I told you Frank Luntz’s focus groups are a scam, nothing but manipulation to push the views of his clients by passing them off as legitimate research.

But I thank the @DailyMail for confirming that via a former employe, for me.
And I apologize, I should’ve credited @Salon for the real beef of the story.…
Keep turning the dials! Keep turning the dials!
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14 May
Virginia Voter File Analysis Machine-Learning Model via @Peoples_Pundit @OnLocals Community…
Might as well drop this in a thread because more on coming.
We're running mid-month vote file analysis models.

Initial findings:

FL: GOP might lose registrations to NPAs (as was actually anticipated), but DEMS haven't stopped the hemorrhaging.

OH: DEMS really need the GOP to follow @RepLizCheney & @AdamKinzinger off a cliff to compete.
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