If you were wondering why new MasterCard regulations feel purposely difficult, and so similar to the recently defeated 2257 regulations, look no further than @NCOSE President Patrick Trueman. 1/
Patrick Trueman, the current President of @NCOSE, was previously the Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section at the Department of Justice in the late 80s. Shortly after the passage of 2257, his department began one of the largest porn crackdowns in US history. 2/
During Operation PostPorn, the FBI prosecuted about half of the largest adult distributors, and worked with LAPD to raid even more. He brags that if it weren't for the Clinton election, DOJ “would have succeeded in completely eliminating the adult industry.” 3/
After he left the DOJ, he served as Executive Director of Americans United for Life, an anti-abortion group. He worked at @AmericanFamAssc and the Family Research Council, both of which are listed as anti-LGBTQ hate groups. 4/
Fun Fact: Trueman does not believe that nudity is covered by the First Amendment.

"Unless it’s just waist-up nudity of a woman’s breasts, it probably can be found obscene somewhere in the country,” Trueman told @TheDailyCaller in 2012. (No one but Trueman believes this.) 5/
In 2020, @NCOSE (formerly Morality in Media) and Exodus Cry launched the #traffickinghub campaign against Pornhub. They'd been pressuring credit cards to cut ties with porn for years — a backdoor for censorship. But nothing really stuck until they said the word "trafficking" 6/
Over a series of months, Exodus Cry and NCOSE worked with @NickKristof to push a moral panic about porn sites and trafficking in his opinion column on @NYTimes. @MasterCard and @Visa immediately suspended payments. 7/
In April, shortly after the government stopped defending 2257 regulations previously used by the FBI to raid businesses, @MasterCard released new, uncompilable regulations for adult creators — regulations which bore a suspicious resemblance to 2257. 8/
Anti-trafficking ministries like @NCOSE have lauded the regulations. Because compliance is so difficult, and the stakes for sites like @onlyfans so high, that people get suspended for even minor recordkeeping issues. 9/endsexualexploitation.org/articles/state…
Barred by the First Amendment, they can't prosecute adult businesses for obscenity. At least not successfully. But they can make recordkeeping so difficult that independent creators get pushed out — creator success is the biggest threat to their message. melrosemichaels.com/post/the-gospe…

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More from @mikestabile

8 Jun
If @ncose and @ExodusCry and the other ‘anti-trafficking’ ministries really wanted to stop exploitation, they’d start with access to banking and financial tools. @PayPal @CashApp @Venmo and @GooglePay routinely close sex worker accounts. As do banks.
This gives sex workers two options (three if you count ‘starve’). Work with a company that takes a high percentage of your revenue for the convince of paying you, or put someone else — a non-SWer — in charge of your money.
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16 Apr
Here we go. @NickKristof calls for Paypal to stop working with adult companies — with no mention of the real ways CSAM is shared online. Because private social media channels and the Dark Web aren't of interest to the evangelicals he works with. nytimes.com/2021/04/16/opi…
His source again is Laila Micklewait, who — again — is not with Exodus Cry, an Evangelical organization that wants to stop sex work, but with "The Justice Defense Fund"
And just for good I-don't-care-about-actual-data measure, he throws in the terrible study from the British Journal of Criminology and *drumroll* entirely misrepresents it. Now it shows *actual* sexual violence.
Read 11 tweets
15 Apr
The day after Mastercard unveils extensive consent verification for all content, @NCOSE says that verification doesn't actually matter *after all* — because it could be coerced.
Their answer: Criminal prosecution of those who sell adult content.

After all, according to NCOSE it could be ... Artificial Intelligence, and AI can't consent!
Don't know how many times we have to say this, but @NCOSE and @ExodusCry are not serious about #Traffickinghub. It's a means to an end to get adult content off the internet, and they'll move the goal posts every time. You can not negotiate with the American Taliban.
Read 5 tweets
14 Apr
If you're a journalist who listen solely to evangelicals, this sort of patrolling of adult content seems reasonable and easy. If you listen to sex workers —the ones most likely to be harmed — you would understand why it's not.
There's nothing in these new rules that limits this to porn sites. Unless Mastercard clarifies, we should assume this applies to every site that home to adult content on the internet — from Wikipedia to Twitter.
Pornhub, which evangelicals used @NickKristof to take down, complies with all the regulations. (They're still going after it.) The Mastercard rules will take care of the rest — the ones that are responsible, that don't take user-generated content, the small performer platforms.
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14 Apr
Mastercard has announced it will require documentation of "clear, unambiguous, and documented consent" on all adult images on any site that processes using its credit cards. It's hard to see this as anything as a disaster for sex workers. 1/

While everyone — especially sex workers — want networks content is legal and consensual, regulations such as these will either mean social media sites like Twitter and Reddit will now have to store performer IDs and model releases or... 2/
...more likely, just stop dealing with adult content entirely. If not, they risk not being able to process payments on their network. It's hard to explain how short-sighted this is, and how devastating it will be to independent performers 3/
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9 Apr
Remember that @NCOSE doesn't believe in the right to sex worker speech. They want it deplatformed and prosecuted. When they say #shutitdown, they're not just talking about Pornhub — they want sex and sex workers off the internet entirely.
The next stated target is @OnlyFans. They say want to save the creators from the "psychological, emotional and physical harm" they are putting on themselves.
They are also targeting Twitch, Twitter, TikTok and Discord and Reddit for a pressure campaign to remove sex and sex worker related content.
Read 8 tweets

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