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@LailaMickelwait es la fundadora de Trafficking Hub #traffickinghub, que lucha contra PornHub y la explotación y violación de menores y mujeres en esa página porno.
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MasterCard Stands Against Big Porn Criminal Exploitation…
El viernes pasado, MasterCard aprobó una política global que prohíbe el uso de su tarjeta en todos aquellas páginas de pornografía que no verifican la edad y el consentimiento de los millones de personas en los videos de los que se benefician.
Durante más de una década, los sitios de Big Porn han explotado a víctimas con impunidad para ganar dinero, creando páginas para monetizar el abuso sexual en lugar de combatirlo.
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THREAD: This is a Pornhub child rape survivor’s story. She said “my story needs to be heard. I deserve to be heard.” Let’s listen, share and take action.

“I was drugged and gang raped when I was 16 yrs old, a year after that I found out the video had been shared on Pornhub…1/6
“I didn’t know a video of that was even made. I attempted suicide twice when I first found out & I was really young and I could never even report what happened to me…when the video was still there it had nearly a million views. It has broken me. I tried to kill myself twice…2/6
“Just the thought of knowing that it existed in the first place and was "enjoyed" by men makes my skin crawl and thinking about it too much makes me nauseous. I'm 21 now and in these past few years I've been through a lot and barely slept…3/6
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If you were wondering why new MasterCard regulations feel purposely difficult, and so similar to the recently defeated 2257 regulations, look no further than @NCOSE President Patrick Trueman. 1/
Patrick Trueman, the current President of @NCOSE, was previously the Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section at the Department of Justice in the late 80s. Shortly after the passage of 2257, his department began one of the largest porn crackdowns in US history. 2/
During Operation PostPorn, the FBI prosecuted about half of the largest adult distributors, and worked with LAPD to raid even more. He brags that if it weren't for the Clinton election, DOJ “would have succeeded in completely eliminating the adult industry.” 3/
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The day after Mastercard unveils extensive consent verification for all content, @NCOSE says that verification doesn't actually matter *after all* — because it could be coerced.
Their answer: Criminal prosecution of those who sell adult content.…
After all, according to NCOSE it could be ... Artificial Intelligence, and AI can't consent!
Don't know how many times we have to say this, but @NCOSE and @ExodusCry are not serious about #Traffickinghub. It's a means to an end to get adult content off the internet, and they'll move the goal posts every time. You can not negotiate with the American Taliban.
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THREAD: Listening to the women whose rape videos were hosted by #Pornhub giving testimony before Canadian Parliament is both devastating and enraging.

These women and girls have suffered immeasurably because some men like to jerk off to the rape & abuse of women. #Traffickinghub
In 2018 Victoria Galy found numerous non-consensual pornographic videos of herself, made by her ex, on Pornhub. She was clearly drugged or intoxicated. #Traffickinghub
She flagged them, nothing happened. She tried to report and the process was difficult. She reported 30 vids, only 3 were removed. Pornhub told her she needed to submit a DMCA Takedown notice, she didn't know what that was. #Traffickinghub
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How #Traffickinghub sold the entire world a lie that @Pornhub profited from sexual abuse of children and used the NYTimes to persecute sex workers Thread

Understand that ALL exploitation is wrong. But what has gone unchallenged is the Trauma Mining of Survivors of sexual assault
It has come to my attention that LM is not only guilty of defamation, but purposely endangering the lives of sex workers by inciting a culture of violence, doxing, rape and legal threats to maintain a vacuum of any scrutiny towards her fictitious theory about PH
This comes after a year of researching the extensive links and associations @ExodusCry has and what their intentions are for public "decency".

I will make this a short thread as to point the obvious flaw in LMs conspiracy that @Pornhub is in fact guilty of any

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Thread: 1. Pornhub just conceded to the pressure, admitted their guilt, & made drastic changes to the way they operate. This is a huge win for the movement! However we need reliable implementation, apologies to victims, restitution for victims & more. @NickKristof #Traffickinghub
2. Pornhub has shown that it cannot be trusted to self police. It has spent years knowingly making hundreds of millions of dollars on the bloody, bruised, abused, raped and trafficked bodies of society’s most vulnerable.
3. Pornhub must first delete all user generated amateur videos from the site too many of them are blatantly illegal. Pornhub’s proposal for verified only uploads is insufficient as is because all that is required to be “verified” on Pornhub is a photo and a username.
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'The Children of Pornhub: Why does Canada allow this company to profit off videos of exploitation and assault?'

Pulitzer-Prize-Winning @nytimes journalist @NickKristof exposes Pornhub >>…

#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub
'..Pornhub attracts 3.5 billion visits a month, more than Netflix, Yahoo or Amazon. Pornhub rakes in money from almost three billion ad impressions a day. One ranking lists Pornhub as the 10th-most-visited website in the world.

#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub
'Its site is infested with rape videos. It monetizes child rapes, revenge pornography, spycam videos of women showering, racist and misogynist content, and footage of women being asphyxiated in plastic bags.

#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub
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Here’s what is happening with #Traffickinghub & why the “movement” is a #FundraisingPloy for what I call #HypocrisyCry.

There’s a group of people who oppose any porn, any media depicting nudity & sexual situations. (Thread...)
They don’t want anybody to be able to make, sell, or view porn or erotica.

A few opportunists take advantage of this & tell this group that they’re going to ban porn. Some opportunists have been able to make a living saying they’re going to ban porn.
That’s been true at least since the 1970s. Opportunists have collected donations & sold books based on this. Meanwhile, porn has become much more accepted, popular, & available.

Technology now allows anyone to create pics & videos & upload them to a worldwide audience.
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Man subjects ex to ‘18 mths of porn humiliation’

The Brisbane Magistrates Court heard that in 2019 Hassan uploaded a video of his ex-partner engaging in sexual activity to #Pornhub

#imagebasedabuse #traffickinghub #pornharms @esafety @LailaMickelwait…
“The victim asked Hassan, who was previously convicted of burning down his family home, to remove the video.

He did so but a few months later reposted it to #Pornhub.

The distraught woman again asked him to remove the video which he did, only to upload it on another occasion.”
“The repeated uploading and repeated requests to take down the video shows a persistent disregard for the complainant,” Sgt Williams said.

“A year and a half of humiliation at the hands of the defendant.” #pornhub #traffickinghub
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Hi @AnitaAnabel_ I just read your article.… Are you aware that @pornhub routinely features rape footage of women and underage girls? Please visit for more info @LailaMickelwait
.@AnitaAnabel_ the truth about @pornhub can be found in channels like “Asian Street Meat.”

White men prey on impoverished underage girls and degrade them on film. Here they film this (likely underage) girl walking into a hotel room. They call her a “slum bird.” 1.5M views.
They film her walking in to a hotel room and make her clean in a “little girl” style dress. They film her enduring painful penetration, they film her leaving the hotel room naked, collar around neck, shackles around feet, semen dripping from her mouth, shell shocked. 1.5M views.
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@Pornhub helps men ruin women’s lives. Read on.
#traffickinghub #imagebasedabuse so called “#revengeporn…
“A Perth married father of two who sent his lover's family sexually explicit photos and videos of her and uploaded them onto a pornographic website has been sentenced to 20 months' jail.”
“Armandeep Singh, 36, pleaded guilty to the "revenge porn" charge and today became the first person in WA to be dealt with by the District Court for the offence.”
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Pornhub verified a 15 yr old who was missing for a year. She was found in 58 videos on the site. The child was part of the ModelHub program where Pornhub takes a 35% cut of sales. Pornhub directly profited from that abuse. This piece was inspired by her story. #Traffickinghub
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“Yes. Watching pornography is bad for people’s relationships, their sex lives, and their treatment of others. Sex is great, but porn is not.” -@MichaelGLFlood

Read Michael Flood’s detailed response here.

#pornharms #GenderBasedViolence…
Hi @ConversationEDU you might be interested in this campaign re @Pornhub & owners @mindgeek for hosting footage of trafficking, rape and child sexual abuse. Former porn actress @jennajameson has shared a video about the campaign. Check it out here.

The campaign concerning @Pornhub can be found here

Great to see articles on @ConversationEDU about this important issue.
#pornharms #traffickinghub
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It appears @Pornhub has quietly removed their channel “Black Patrol” after we exposed them just last week.

This channel featured videos of police officers targeting black men.
#BlackLivesMatter #blacklivesmatteraustralia #racism #pornharms ImageImage
How was this ever allowed on @Pornhub?

Videos from “Black Patrol” are still there.

Men are masturbating to parodies of police brutality against black men. Where is the outrage?
#blacklivesmatteraustralia Image
It looks like “African F**k Tour” has also disappeared from @Pornhub after we exposed them.

These are channels that were on #Pornhub for years. Pornhub will always host #racism

#Traffickinghub Image
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Pornhub is complicit in the sex trafficking and rape of women and children. It’s time for Pornhub to be shut down and it’s executives held accountable.

**Share this video** and tell the world the truth about Pornhub. #Traffickinghub
Learn more and sign the petition at
Here is the Facebook link to the Traffickinghub video exposing Pornhub for enabling and profiting from rape and sex trafficking…
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Why these anti-first amendment hate speech policies are complete bullsh*t. When men are deciding what constitutes hate, it's women's voices. Nearly every major platform is banning women from speaking about the conflicts between women's rights & transgenderism. /1
It's no accident that 'misgendering' is considered 'hate speech' while 'revenge porn' and misogyny -- even violent hatred & threats -- are not. #RedditHatesWomen & so does Medium, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, CrowdJustice, Care2 & Change petitions, Wikipedia, Amazon & others. /2
Can we come together & build our own platforms? If you have skills or money, even if you can't put your name out there, we need you. This #censorship cannot stand. It's how fascism starts & democracy dies. We need #FreeSpeech & for-profit platforms have NO incentive to ensure. /3
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'While the rest of the country grapples with race and racism, @Pornhub enables, monetizes and promotes content involving racism in its most extreme forms.' @LailaMickelwait

Read the full article here>…

Recently, we exposed @Pornhub for hosting abhorrent racist porn, denigrating to women of different ethnicities. (Read more about this here ➡️…).

There's no question - #PornhubIsAHateGroup.

Help shut it down!

Sign and share the petition ➡️

#ShutDownPornhub #TraffickingHub #Hatehub
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‘30 Rock’ Blackface episodes pulled at #TinaFey and NBCU’s Request

How many people reading this watch #Pornhub or took up the porn streaming giant’s offer of a ‘free’ “Premium Account?”

Does your anti racist conviction end when you log on to #Pornhub ?

Thread #30Rock
“How to treat n*****”

“Another Toilet”

“Black Breeding Bitch”

“Black Slave Woman Mouths up White Mans Urine”

Why does violent, hateful, racist, misogynist footage get a pass on #Pornhub?

#BlackWomensLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterAustralia Image
#Pornhub is one of the most popular porn sites in the world. Why can it eroticise violent racism with impunity?

#30Rock #TinaFey #BlacklivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterAustralia #Traffickinghub Image
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“.@Pornhub stands in solidarity against racism...”

Here’s Pornhub making money off racism:

“Black Asses matter”

Don’t let the vultures at #Pornhub exploit women and #BlackLivesMatter

#GeorgeFloydProtests #GeorgeFloyd Image
If @Pornhub wants to “stand in solidarity against racism” they could start by not referring to a black women as a “hood bitch”

#ShutDownPornhub #Traffickinghub #Pornhub #GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydProtests Image
.@Pornhub could stop referring to black men as “bulls” if they suddenly want to “stand in solidarity against racism”

#ShutDownPornhub #Traffickinghub #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydProtests Image
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THREAD of public evidence that Pornhub profits from & enables the trafficking & rape of women and minors:

1) 15 yr old girl from Florida was trafficked, missing for a year, & found after 58 videos of her rape and abuse were discovered on #Traffickinghub—Pornhub verified her. ImageImageImageImage
2) 14 yr old girl from Palo Alto, California was raped by a relative and the videos of her assault were uploaded to Pornhub. Her abuser was sent to prison. Image
3) 14 yr old Rose Kalemba was taken at knifepoint, raped for 12 hours & videos of her torture & rape were uploaded to Pornhub. She begged Pornhub for months to remove the videos but they didn’t respond until she posed as a lawyer & threatened legal action.…
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#ShutDownPornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking

Almost 800,000 have signed the petition.

In addition to aiding trafficking, #PornhubIsAHateGroup hosting and distributing racist, hateful content.

We must expose them.…
Pornhub uses racial slurs with impunity.

#Racism is eroticised and reinforced by the content #Pornhub hosts and distributes.

Content warning - the following tweets may be distressing.


#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub Image
“Pornhub premium is now free”

Here’s what’s “free.”

“Skanky n***** gives a blowjob”

Video tagged with “porch monkey” “coon” “negro” “n*****”

#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub ImageImageImage
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.@Pornhub responded to the 800,000+ strong petition by accusing the petition starters of being a “hate group.”

A mind blowing accusation from a website littered with swastikas and racial slurs.

“Nazi f**k camp” ... “Nazi fetish”
#PornhubIsAHateGroup Image
“My Jewish ghetto whore wife”

#ShutDownPornhub ImageImage
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#ShutDownPornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking

Almost 800,000 have signed the petition.

In addition to aiding trafficking, #PornhubIsAHateGroup hosting and distributing racist, hateful content.

We must expose them.…
Pornhub uses racial slurs with impunity.

#Racism is eroticised and reinforced by the content #Pornhub hosts and distributes.

Content warning - the following tweets may be distressing.


#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub Image
“Pornhub premium is now free”

Here’s what’s “free.”

“Skanky n***** gives a blowjob”

Video tagged with “porch monkey” “coon” “negro” “n*****”

#Traffickinghub #ShutDownPornhub ImageImageImage
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