I think about this often, even more-so today
Notice how sexual disorder is our deepest, most primal form of emotional and energetic imbalance

And how it mirrors the current state of mankind
‘If you are overly lustful, overly sexed, or overly preoccupied with wanting to be seen by others as sexually desirable, your energy is stick in your first center’
‘If you experience an overabundance of guilt, sadness, fear, depression, shame, unworthiness, low self-esteem, suffering, and pain, your energy will become stuck in your second center’
‘And if you have problems with anger, aggression, frustration, control issues, judgment, or self-importance, your energy is stuck in your third center’
‘When that happens, there’s not much available energy for growth, repair, healing, creation, or even just returning to balance’

‘This means you no longer have energy available to create a new destiny’

• • •

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11 Jun



Otherwise you’re just dehydrating yourself and flushing out electrolytes, yikes!
Add a pinch of good quality salt or trace mineral drops

I prefer Redmond Real Salt because it's mined in the USA

This is an OG supplement for remineralizing your water!

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8 Jun
My version of raw carrot salad 🥕

- organic rice vinegar
- organic carrots chopped into coins
- organic garlic + ginger
- handful of peppercorns
- pinch of flaky sea salt

Throw in a jar and let sit in the fridge for 24-48 hours

Before eating, add a bit of organic sesame oil
Tastes better than ACV + coconut oil, but I’ll still eat Peat’s recipe depending on my mood
It’s so much easier to throw together, and I just prefer the crunch of the coins over soggy carrot ribbons ImageImage
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4 Jun
If everyone learned how to use their hips more than their spine, there'd be way less low back pain and injuries
This requires strengthening not just the superficial gluteus maximus that looks good on social media, but also the deep glutes that hold your pelvis together, including:

- gluteus medius/minimus
- piriformis
- superior/inferior gemellus
- obturator internus
- quadratus lumborum Image
All of these smaller, stabilizer muscles ensure our ability to generate power from the hips

When they atrophy, the burden shifts to the spine

Step 1 to preventing that is to stop sitting on them 24/7/365
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20 May
To borrow Rubi’s programming analogy

Every step you take, every position you rest in, every movement you make programs your body and reinforces your habits

When accident happen, as they inevitably do, your programming does the ‘thinking’ for you and reacts in split seconds
This is why some athletes are more durable than others and continue to play while other athletes spend years rehabbing
This also explains why some people, no matter how beautiful, look ‘off’ in their movements, whether it’s a funny looking posture or strange running form

While others look naturally confident, strong, and healthy!
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20 May
I don’t know how else to say this but if you cannot walk/run comfortably with ease and perfect form, you are greatly expediting the destruction of your connective tissues and increasing your chances of hip/knee injury or surgery in the near future
This is not fear mongering. This is a fact.

Most knee/hip injuries are non-contact. Meaning they occur from from falling, tripping, sliding on a slippery floor, stepping off a curb the wrong way, etc

Accidents happen.
How healthy and resilient your connective tissues are is the deciding factor between a minor tear that will take a few months to heal vs a major surgery that can take years to recover

I want to help you mitigate the latter
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4 May
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury affects up to 250,000 individuals in the US every year, resulting in an annual health care cost exceeding $2 billion

70% of ACL injuries occur in non-contact situations

Why does this happen?
When we are children, our joints are supple + our mobility is flawless

We can sit, squat, stand, crawl, jump, and even take minor tumbles w/o major pain or injuries

As we learn to navigate the world and our growing bodies, motion lubricates our joints and keeps them safe
Unfortunately, when we get older, we stop exploring as many options

And we get really good at one: sitting

As a result, our knees lose the constant flow that nourishes the joint capsule and maintains its suppleness
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