The publication of Nazi-like ideas in respectable academic publication is a necessary but not sufficient condition for actual genocide.

Still worth nothing the former when it happens....
Ideally neither condition is ever met. The meeting of the necessary condition should be regarded with due alarm and should raise questions about the antecedent moral and intellectual failures that enabled it
The attitude of indulgence toward dehumanizing rhetoric toward some categories of person, and the hesitancy to condemn such rhetoric forthrightly for fear of being seen to be on the “wrong side” of what is in fact a clear cut question both expose deep pathologies
This unbalanced approach is actual policy on many platforms — but with regard to academic speech, where the relevant standard is actual merit rather than mere avoidance of harm, the indulgence of dehumanization and the hesitancy to call it out is perhaps even stronger
"A malignant, parasite-like condition" "Parasitic Whiteness readers its hosts' appetites, voracious, insatiable and perverse..." "these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate..." "There is not yet a permanent cure..."…
There does seem to be a jauntiness to its invocation of Nazi-like tropes; you'll also note that the condition is one which "white" people have a particular susceptibility" -- meaning its not a biologically grounded condition, which serves as his rhetorical escape hatch
And also leaves open the possibility of accusing non-white people who disagreeing with him of exhibiting the condition.
The right response to this is not "lol another Sokal Hoax"; nor is it "this won't make things better for the fight against racism"; nor is it "this is a gift to the far right."

No indulgence of Nazi-like rhetoric in academic journals; it is intellectually and morally unworthy
"Permanent cure" is for sure deliberately, self-consciously a reference to a predecessor term that could in fact be another way of rendering the original German into English
It's not so much that there's one (white, male) loon out there who thinks its clever and funny to traffic in Nazi-like ideas about whites. It's that the article survived peer review and the whole complex of assumptions that enable to it appear.
Hitlerian rhetoric: not even once, not for any reason, no matter whom it targets, or who is doing the target, is an easy rule that all institutions should be able to follow
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Imposing ideological conformity onto large institutions does not happen without fully elaborated materials, a cadre of evangelists and true believers, the support of the foundations that fund curricular change, and a willingness to apply coercive power…
What happed in 2017-2018 -- ideological succession -- was the culmination of the patient work of many decades
It happened in thousands of seminar rooms and symposia of obscure, little regarded academic departments.

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Land acknowledgments now sweeping through nonprofit sector; Canada was a few years ahead of the US on this but expect the apparatus to go into overdrive from here on out…
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A succinct statement of what I call “the Successor Ideology”, which is the coalescence of every strand of academic radicalism into a single synoptic account of the oppression inherent in what Kelley calls “liberal multiculturalism.”
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“It’s some of the most shoddy, methodologically flawed research we’ve ever seen published in these journals,” the doctor in the Zoom meeting said, “with sensational conclusions that seem totally unjustified from the results of the study.”…
Recall debates I had in 2019 with folx smugly assuring me that the scope of wokeness would remain confined to universities and cultural bureaucracies.

It was always going to infect critical disciplines like medicine.
Many new forms of activism will as a certainty inflict "total disaster", help no one, and accrue a large body count of those who might otherwise have lived as those pushing for them congratulate themselves on pursuing justice…
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