@adam_tooze @gideonrachman A UH-60 Blackhawk has a radius of action of 368 miles with external stores system fuel tanks.

The Chinese have copied & improved on this helicopter as the Z-20.

It is 130-ish kilometers in the closest Chinese coast to the closest Taiwan coast.

@adam_tooze @gideonrachman The Z-20 has a 5-blade rotor system and more powerful engines as well as auxiliary wing-like hardpoints attached to it, similar to the Lightweight Armament Support Structure (LASS) and External Stores Support System (ESSS) wings on the US Blackhawks.

@adam_tooze @gideonrachman Essentially, a fleet of Z-20's with external stores can do 2 round trips from Mainland China to Taipei loaded with 11 troops per lift.

Or they can trade fuel for weapons and play assault gunship to support infantry air-landings.

A Chinese coup de main vs. Taiwan is now possible

• • •

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9 Jun
Alright, since the Bilge Pumps episode 52 is up, and I really didn't get a chance to go deep with US military 3D printing as is, versus what I see coming.

I'm going to drop a background thread here to do just that.

Note: long thread warning
3D Printing/Additive Mfg has been around for a while.

The four “foundational” patents for 3D/AM processes were issued one each in 1984 and 1986 with the remaining two in 1989.

Two National Science Foundation impacted 3D/AM patents were issued in 1987 and 1995. (See photo)
RAND in 2017 identified seven different 3D/AM Processes for seven material classes.
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8 Jun
This is a thread on Normandy/Overlord airpower, signals & invasion stripes.

There was a neat post by @militaryhistori about D-Day to D+1 airpower talking about how many aircraft sorties the Allies racked & stacked over Normandy 6-7 June 1945.

I replied to it with four photo captures of how the airpower flew during the daylight hours of June 6, 1944.

It was a whole lotta planes!

I wrote a thread dealing with all of the above over on the Chicagoboyz blog on 2019's 75th Anniversary of D-Day here:

How Allied Planes Got Their D-Day Invasion Stripes and other "Retro-High Tech" Secrets of the Normandy Invasion
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5 Jun
Paul Woodage's [@WW2TV] had a very nice video stream today with Kevin Hymel using information from his forthcoming book on Gen Patton.

This thread will expand on a piece of it regards Operation Huskey's friendly fire incident that killed 400 troops
Operation Huskey's 2nd set of air drops resulted in 23 C-47 & C-53 troop carriers, & some gliders, being shot down with 400 US & UK paratroopers plus air crew aboard them. 
amcmuseum.org/history/a-very… Image
The friendly fire incident was due to the lack of a plan for centralized control of fleet and the just landed shore based anti-aircraft weapons.

The Report of Allied Force Airborne Board on Operation “HUSKY” is online (link)
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3 Jun
@TheDEWLine It's not just a matter of interceptors versus rockets.

It is also a matter of Israeli anti-tunnel sensors and sensor fusion from same.

Israeli drones overflying empty fields with magnetic anomaly detectors will pick up Hamas tunnels if they are running a lot of electricity...
@TheDEWLine ...to rocket manufacturing facilities.

This MAD sensor data can cue really powerful ground penetrating radars to determine the size of the underground voids associated with the traced electricity.

Then they can use AI to associate that with Hamas personnel movements in the
@TheDEWLine ...IDF version of Gorgon Stare wide angle video movement sensors to associate people with underground facilities.

This in turn cues Israeli Humint to get close to those people.

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3 Jun
@sfrantzman @Jtruzmah People saying such things are both economically innumerate and historically illiterate.

I've written about that here:

@sfrantzman @Jtruzmah The apples to apples comparison is the 2006 Lebanon War vs the 2021 Gaza war.

In 2006, after taking ~4000 rockets, Israel suffered 43 dead, 101 seriously wounded, ~ 1,300 who received 'light wounds' & the 2,770 who were treated for shock and anxiety.

In 2021 there were 9 KIA...
@sfrantzman @Jtruzmah ...Israeli citizens from Hamas/PIJ rocket attacks.

Over 500 Israelis have been wounded in the 2021 Gaza fighting. However, applying the 1/12 ratio of seriously to lightly wounded in 2006 means ~42 were seriously wounded Israelis compared to 101 in 2006.
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2 Jun
@mercoglianos Sal,
Ammo ships were specialized vessels.

And who "owned" shipping tonnage & ocean going vessels in WW2 is one of those not really looked at hard beyond institutional histories subjects.

The War Dept. used the War Shipping Administration as a beard for "their hulls."
@mercoglianos The War Department pre-war Army Transport Service (ATS) vessels were, under a 1941 reorganization, integrated into the Water Division of the US Army Transportation Corps. The Water Division operated a lot of coastal shipping crewed by the Coast Guard or foreign ships, only some
@mercoglianos of which were War Shipping Administration hulls.

MacArthur's SWPA was primarily operating with the British Admiralty and the Dutch to get hulls up to late 1943/Early 1944.
Read 14 tweets

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