It really feels like we're in the grip of #NHSdataFEVER...
What's going on?

In last few weeks:

#GPDPR - a huge change in how data that your GP saves in your personal GP record gets shared with the Government. The #DPIA (Data Privacy Impact Assessment) still awaited
#TIGRR - a bonkers, breathless AI-centric libertarian wish-list of data deregulation including abolition of some Articles from our own #GDPR laws (NOT EU law, it's UK law)
Tomorrow there will be a new NHS Data Strategy - which conflates many different uses of data to try to send a ALL DATA GOOD MOAR PLEASE message without any real clarity of thought.
Don't worry though because the #HealthSecretary is telling you that "Patients own their health data" - but he seems to be selling it. Selling something that someone else owns is generally difficult to get away with.
"Data Saves Lives" was the catchphrase of a recent parilamentary exchange about the #GPDPR delay - and it turns out that is the title of this new Data Strategy…

(embargoed till 0001 22.06.21)
At the same time there is another Data Strategy being produced - the #GoldacreReview

Two data strategies?

And a new Health Bill.
It really feels tone deaf of Gov't to push ahead with all this reform while GPs are completely inundated, and we aren't yet out of the pandemic by a long way.

Now is EXACTLY the 'time to slow down or pause for breath'
The rush to deregulate and assume the right to have patient data is unseemly and antithetical to the foundations of the medical profession.

Hippocrates would be spinning in his grave.

Imagine being the first country to completely break the most foundational rule of Medicine.

• • •

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16 Jun
@NHSEngland today ran a webinar in which it was claimed that the @PalantirTech #Palantir #Foundry data platform used for the COVID-19 Data Store was "a contract awarded in open competition".

This contract had to be obtained by @openDemocracy through legal action.
If the contract itself was kept secret, it is hard to see how the contract could have been awarded in "open competition using normal procurement rules"…
When the contract was published it turned out that the original contract cost was £1. One pound.…

How exactly does an organisation like @NHSEngland think this fits with "normal procurement"?
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15 Jun
RFC: Baw's Unofficial DRAFT standards for "NHS Prescribable Apps":

(I was asked for an opinion by email but thought worth sharing here)

1) App code must be released as open source (and thereby low cost and openly auditable for clinical safety and what data is stored
2) Apps must be developed by the NHS, for the NHS, using in-house technical talent.

3) Apps should gather the absolute minimum of data, and have an absolute ban on 'surprising' T&Cs or unexpected data gathering.
4) App must be fully owned and operated by NHS organisations on a non-profit basis (eg cost recovery only) These need to be seen like the 'generic drugs' of the NHS clinical app world. Safe, understood, cheap, and reliably available.
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28 May
OK, I'm sorry. (I'm not) but BULL SHIT.

I'm calling 'bullshit' on the whole Consultancy scam. @NHSX have commissioned @kscopehealth to help them produce a Digital Clinical Safety Strategy.

Consultancy takes cash, then go and ask dozens of actual (unpaid) experts.
So the Strategy will actually have been written by unpaid NHS safety and other clinical experts, but a private company pockets a wedge of cash for organising a few Teams calls.

On today's call they had us writing our responses in the Teams chat to make their job even easier.
@NHSX seems to be a machine for recruiting for highly paid Director of <NOUN> posts, and then outsourcing the thing that Director is supposed to have expertise in to an outside company.
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26 Mar
NHS tectonic/vulcanology update:

Just when NHSX was all settled in and progress was starting to happen... No eruptions for years... New NHSE Transformation Directorate pops up like a shiny new Icelandic archipelago
...clouds of ash will obscure a clear view of anything for years. Progress will be impeded while locals move their goats away from the lava flows consultancies line up to bathe in the fresh and copious hot springs created by the eruption...
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24 Sep 20
Aha! I think I've finally worked out how the NHS Brand Police decide on who to pursue legally for use of the NHS brand....

If they're profiting hugely from your association with the NHS: Don't Pursue

If they're acting in good faith to provide a free good for the NHS: ATTACK!!!
@robdykedotcom @carebuntu What happens if you are trying to fix a systemic problem in the NHS for free as volunteers:…
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17 Feb 20
Follow the #Rewired20 hashtag for updates on the Digital Health Rewired Conference, where we're running what we think is the first (or one of the first) Developer Conferences specifically aimed at Health Tech…
Among our great line-up we have the #NHSLogin team, demoing how you can integrate NHS Login into your patient-facing apps, for verified patient identity. Real APIs, demoed and taught to you by the team that made them.
Senior @NHSDigital developer @b_seven_e will be talking about her experiences of running an apprenticeship scheme for health developers within NHS Digital, the lessons learned and the benefits of the scheme.
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