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#CambridgeAnalyica’s Brittany Kaiser has disclosed 800 pages of previously unreleased documents

They show:

1) CA started working for Trump in Sept, 2015

2) AIQ was operating as single legal entity with CA - something that had
been denied

3) “LeaveEU project approved” 3/11/15
The documents appear to reveal illegal coordination btw Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign & pro-Trump super PAC

They also appear to reveal that Nix lied to Parliament & to Congress

The companies in charge of our health data in UK & US, #Palantir & #FacultyAI, are linked to CA!
Designed by #CambridgeAnalytica
& used by #Trump in his 2016 campaign & in LeaveUK’s Brexit campaign, this was a social warfare tool - designed to open cracks in societies & hollow out democracies - turned against our own populations.
#Palantir #FacultyAI
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1 - The fact that the govt ignored SAGE's advice on #circuitbreaker lockdown doesn't come as a big surprise as SAGE has been increasingly sidelined since the setting up of the #JointBiosecurityCentre in July

The JBC is part of the "NHS" Test and Trace Service run by @didoharding
2 - The #JointBiosecurityCentre runs the govt's #COVID19 response

Set up in May, it was originally headed by Tom Hurd (MI6)

He was replaced by Clare Gardiner (GCHQ)

This suggests it sits within UK intelligence structures

Over the last 6 months, the JBC has released no minutes ImageImage
3 - Whilst little is known about the staffing & membership of this body, sources suggest that there is no "centre"

Instead, they say, the #JBC is scattered across offices in Whitehall & beyond, including intelligence agencies & research institutes

See:… ImageImage
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"I am not confident - & nor is anybody confident - that the Tier 3 proposals for the highest rates, if we did the absolute base case & nothing more, would be enough to get on top of it.” Whitty

Did the govt just announce a #COVID19 strategy that they are not confident will work?
Whitty goes on: “That’s why there is a lot of flexibility in the tier 3 level for local authorities, guided by the directors of public health, to actually go up that range so they can do significantly more than the base, b/c the base won’t be sufficient…
After months of excluding
local & regional public health experts from outbreak management (centralising data & contracting testing to companies like Serco etc), No.10 now going to get local govts involved in deciding & enforcing restrictions
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1/ Is this the “smoking gun” of the #EducationScandal?

NHS Professionals - the organisation that supplies temporary staff to the NHS - “received some important training updates”

Staff are told they “should not escalate any #COVID19 cases who work or attend educational settings”
2/. This document appears to give clear instructions to Tier 2 (national) contract tracers not to pass on single positive #COVID19 cases in schools, colleges & universities to Local Health Protection Teams.

I’m no expert, but surely this is not good outbreak management advice?
3/ This would presumably mean having to wait for a #COVID19 outbreak before the Local Health Protection Teams even knew there has been a positive test in the school or university

In Scotland, by contrast, there are daily updates in local areas citing individual cases in schools
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1/. Ten days ago, @MattHancock launched "#GenomeUK: the future of healthcare", a major new 10-year genomic healthcare strategy

Happening on a Saturday without much fanfare, it didn't get much news coverage beyond the biomedical press

And yet this is big.
2/. The launch of a new decade-long national health strategy should be big news at anytime, but coming amidst the #COVID19 pandemic & with the potential to shift genome research to the heart of No.10's programme for govt, it is of particular significance.
3/. Genome research has HUGE potential social & cost benefits, not just in medicine

In the right hands & with the appropriate checks & balances it is very important but, when it is being rolled out by this govt in conjunction with companies like #Palantir, scrutiny is needed.
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Deregulated free-market capitalism, combined with antiquated electoral systems, have led the #UK, #USA & many other large western economies to become grotesquely unequal, dangerously polarised & unstable failing states, led by manipulative, sadistic & divisive populist liars.
Steve Bannon's pal Robert Mercer is a US hedge fund billionaire, early AI developer & former main investor in Cambridge Analytica.

He played a key role in Brexit by donating data analytics services to Nigel Farage. He was a major funder of Breitbart News & Trump's 2016 campaign.
In 2016, far-right billionaire & @Facebook board member Peter Thiel met with white nationalist Kevin DeAnna, who has called for "the formation of an ethnostate, the great dream of the White Republic". He's also on the #Palantir board.

Writing in libertarian think-tank Cato:
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#ClintonCrimeFamily #ClintonFoundation #Palantir #CGI
Today, the dataanalytics company Palantir debuts on stock-market! 😁They are in DEEP connection with the Clintons'!
In 2013, Palantir joined Clinton Global Initiative (now shut down!):
CGI was a heavy arm of Clinton Foundation. Following piece, interview with Charles Ortel, reveals quite a bit of the DEEP corruption & crimes:…
Built & structured based on money from c*a (what's new!), Palantir has never really had profits (similar to Crowdstrike!) - how can it go onto the stock-market is an abomination:…
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#BREAKING: Amnesty raise concerns over #Palantir’s human rights record
in advance of the direct listing of #PalantirTechnologies, on the New York Stock Exchange tmw.

READ REPORT: Failing to Do Right: The Urgent Need for Palantir to Respect Human Rights…
“We could close our eyes & pretend that contrary to all the evidence, #Palantir is a rights-respecting company or we can call this façade what it is: another company placing profit over people, no matter the human cost.” Michael Kleinman, @amnestyusa on #PalantirTechnologies. ImageImageImageImage
This isn't the first time @amnesty have raised concerns.

In May, they warned: “The shadowy data-mining firm #Palantir, whose technology has powered some of the most nefarious immigration abuses, is now collecting troves of health data about all of us.”…
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Earlier this year, the PM promised of a fully operational “world beating” track & trace app by 1 June

It was one of the govt's much touted 5 conditions to easing lockdown

Four months late, comes an app which appears only to be able to process tests that have been done by Serco.
If this “NHS” test & trace app, run by a private firm, doesn’t accept tests done by the NHS only by an outsourced private firm, this need to be changed

Like testing, an app is crucial

Germany introduced their’ on 15 June & it had 12m downloads in a week.
For months, the govt attempted to downplay the importance of the App.

It went from being “an essential component” in tackling #COVID19 to being “a cherry on the top of Dido’s cake”!

This was @MattHancock on 5 June

He doesn’t seem terribly concerned.
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Palantir has shifted it's IPO (Initial Public Offering) from 23 to 29 September.

It will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Palantir run the NHS & HHS digital platforms & provided the data management platform for Cambridge Analytica.…
Disgraced #CambridgeAnalytica CEO, Alexander Nix, has been disqualified as company director for 7 yrs for "shady" & "unethical" business activities

Nix had links to #Palantir & Faculty AI who now have access to all our NHS data

But that's just the start… ImageImageImageImage
“Nix actually did break the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 by unlawfully profiling US voters without their consent or data rights. His regulator, the ICO, said so. This truth never broke through to the press, the FTC, or Her Majesty’s Govt.” @profcarroll…
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#BREAKING: Trump claims even without a vaccine, #COVID19 will go away through “herd mentality”.

What he means is “herd immunity”.

"Sure, with time it goes away you'll develop, you'll develop herd - like a herd mentality. It's going to be herd developed.”
It’s clear that - like UK - America has been following a ‘#HerdImmunity strategy’ whereby #COVID19 is allowed to spread through the population

The UK/US #COVID responses have followed v similar paths

Could this be because of the centrality of #Palantir?
What is #HerdImmunity?

It is an outcome NOT a strategy

Every virologist & epidemiologist will tell you this

To slow down the spread = mitigation = going for herd immunity

To stop the spread = suppression = not going for herd immunity

See my #HerdImmunityScandal investigation Image
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Today's Map:
Mr. PayPal
#Thiel #DeletePayPal Image
I have lots of Thiel Maps.

I thought Thiel sold Palantir to the Saudis,
but now I can't find my notes...
#Palantir Image

The new death star.
#PsychoWarfare Image
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1/. On the 7th of September, Julian Assange is scheduled to appear court for the start of an extradition hearing that could take weeks before concluding.

The UK should not extradite #JulianAssange

The US should drop the changes against #Assange. PETITION…
2/. If extradited to the US, Julian Assange would face detention conditions that could amount to torture as well as the possibility of an unfair trial.

It is vital that the right to freedom of expression & access to information are protected. @wikileaks
3/. Under the Espionage Act, #Assange faces up to 175 years in prison.

This would set a dangerous precedent for all journalists who publish classified information of public interest.

Due to #COVID19 restrictions, Assange has not been able to see his lawyers for over 6 months.
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La sulfureuse #Palantir vient de déposer sa demande d'entrée en bourse, (sur le #NYSE), une entrée dans la cote qui va permettre aux détenteurs de parts de faire leur culbute financière. Quelques infos glanées dans cet document [thread] ⬇️…
1. Le spécialiste du big data pour la défense et la sécurité perd toujours beaucoup d'argent, 580 millions de dollars pour 2019, pour un chiffre d'affaires de 742 millions de dollars.
2. L'introduction sur la cote, en pleine pandémie, peut sembler osée. Mais depuis le pic bas de mars, les valeurs technologiques américaines sont revenues au plus haut, donc pourquoi pas
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@sarahkendzior “To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone— to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone.”

Future generations will thank you, Sarah.

And you never know, maybe this generation too. Image
@sarahkendzior “If a mafia state has taken hold, wouldn’t someone do something about it? The answer is no, they didn’t, but it’s the lack of that expected response that’s led people to believe things are safer than they are, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”…
@sarahkendzior "He covers up crime with scandal & covers up malice with incompetence... They want to project an image of being inept, instead of as having a cruel & well-defined plan.”

@sarahkendzior on #Trump’s admin, could have been writing about #BorisJohnson’s govt.
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Gestern erschien in der Berliner Zeitung im Feuilleton ein ganzseitiger "Debattenbeitrag" von rechts, Thema #CancelCulture. Vorgestellt werden z.B. Bret Weinstein, & sein Bruder, Erfinder des "Intellectual Dark Web", Business-Partner von Peter Thiel (u.a. #Palantir-Gründer).

Was ist das 'Intellectual Dark Web'? Grob zusammengefasst: Rechte mehr oder weniger Intellektuelle, die dagegen vorgehen, dass marginalisierte Gruppen gleichberechtigt zu Wort kommen.…

Ein Pamphlet als Plattform für libertäre - rechten - Free-Speech-Dogmatiker*innen, darunter auch Jordan Peterson (…) und Ayaan Hirsi Ali u.a., mit Verweis auf den vom Autor geplanten Appell zur #CancelCulture. Debattenbeitrag oder doch schlicht Werbung?

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Pestfix are trying to block the @GoodLawProject finding out about their £109m PPE contract.

In May, @Under_Covid started looking at the #ContractScandal but others doing a fine job without us.

The only contracts we're interested in are the ones between #Palantir & #FacultyAI.
The govt has awarded a £240 million contract for PPE to Unispace Global Health, a firm founded & run by leading members of a hardline, conservative religious sect which preaches that the outside world is morally corrupting.
@WritesBright in @BylineTimes.…
The govt spent £364 million on coveralls, but has delivered just 432,000

"The companies awarded the coverall contracts have interesting backgrounds".

Exclusive report by @WritesBright @BylineTimes #coronavirus #ContractScandal #COVID19 #COVID…
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January: US v Iran
WHO calls global #COVID19 alert

February: Australia fires

March: #Coronavirus hits Europe & US

April: #Palantir sign UK & US contracts

May: George Floyd

June: 10 million #COVID cases

July: UK & US highest COVID deaths rates in the world

August: #Beirut Image
"It’s as if the Age of Reason - the era of evidential argument - is ending & knowledge is delegitimized & scientific consensus dismissed. Democracy, which depends on shared truths, is in retreat, & autocracy, which depends on shared lies, is on the march."
“We’ve arranged a society based on science & technology, in which nobody understands anything about science & technology. This combustible mixture of ignorance & power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces.” (Carl Sagan)

This combustible mixture is blowing up now.
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#PinkRainbow Clissold Park, London
Some people have suggested that last night’s sky was a sign or a portend of doom.

Personally, I don’t believe in bad omens although I did feel an icy shiver when I found out that this #PinkRainbow had one end in Westminster & the other end in County #BarnardCastle! Image
“Still boiling!”

Watching Matt Hancock’s desperate defence of #DominicCummings, the architect of govt’s #COVID19 strategy.
#BarnardCastle #BarnardCastleGate #borisjohnson #dominiccummnings #Palantir #FacultyAI #RIPtiktok #cambridgeanalytica #coronavirus
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1). The Head of Tech at @amnesty warns in @Newsweek:

“As companies scramble to create an even more intimate marketplace of our data - one that trades in insights about our biological selves - you don't need to strain hard to imagine the endgame”. #COVID…
2). The article by @TanyaOCarroll of @AmnestyTech, warns how some companies want to “to capture more data about your body than has even before been possible - combining genetic sequencing, data from frequent blood tests, microbiome insights.” #COVID19…
3). The piece points out that "while tech companies are renowned for moving fast, they also famously break things. One of the things that could be left broken [after the #coronavirus pandemic] is our right to privacy if bio-invasive surveillance creeps in as a new norm." #COVID19
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1. Hours before recess, PM quietly announced that Downing St had taken control of the govt’s use of data.

Trump did EXACT same thing in the US last week.

This is not a coincidence!

It is part of a single, coordinated US-UK strategy. #Palantir #COVID
2. Now I know this may sound counter intuitive, but I ask you read to the end of the thread & ideally the thread embedded above☝️

I don't pretend to have a single clear explanation, but I believe I have part of it.

Everything is fact-based.

Only v occasionally do I speculate. Image
3. In May, Amnesty warned: “The shadowy data-mining firm Palantir, whose technology has powered some of the most nefarious immigration abuses, is now collecting troves of health data about all of us.”

Palantir is running US & UK govt's #COVID platforms.…
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42/. Amid concerns, US procurement records reveal #Palantir was awarded govt contracts worth +$42m on pandemic response.

Although the HHS has said the data will remain anonymous, @FaizaPatelBCJ of @BrennanCenter warns said data can be de-anonymized, too.…
43/. In a letter, more than 30 members of Congress, including @ewarren & @JulianCastro have called greater transparency on how Palantir will use HHS data & guarantees that it will be kept anonymised. In 2017/18 Palantir’s data helped aid ICE deportations.… ImageImageImageImage
44/. As with the NHS, #Palantir was awarded the #COVID19 contracts without tendering.

Palantir is rprtdly aiding national #COVID response efforts of over a dozen countries, including Greece, Austria, Spain & Canada & is in talks with “several dozen” countries around the world. Image
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