@BOENYC The NYC Board of Elections counted 135,000 test ballots together with real ballots and released “results” without anyone at BOE noticing.

Trump lost the WH by 43,000 votes spread in 3 states and he is corroding democracy if he has concerns about the integrity of those numbers.
@BOENYC You are run off of social media platforms if you raise doubts bout 2020 with margins much smaller than the 135,000 “oops” by the NYC BOE that no one there noticed until after counting and releasing it.
The Rank Choice Vote count that the BOE released was the TENTH count. They kept on redoing the count until all but two candidates remained all while not noticing that 135,000 votes being counted are “tests.” Those numbers were released without anyone at BOE noticing it.
The count released by the BOE was the TENTH count! They kept on redoing it with the test ballots while not noticing the mistake and they released the numbers as preliminary legit! The BOE noticed the issue only after an outcry. What if the outcry were muzzled as done to Trump?
Key point here folks: A public outcry caused the BOE to take a step back and notice their repeated mistake of going 10 rounds in the RCV with 135,000 fake ballots which they released too.

What IF 2020 issues in some places were not noticed due to lack of a public outcry? 🤔
The NYC frontrunner needed to call out the BOE for these clown to notice 135,000 test ballots.

135,000 ballots among less than 1 million real ones.

But if you doubt 10,000 vote margins in states where millions voted, you are a democracy-undermining, conspiracy theorist.
I want to understand the process of how 135,000 test ballots are counted without anyone at BOE noticing and how it will now be removed But alas. Asking this would be me sowing doubt in our democracy and I don’t to do that so ill let it slide in name of country.
Summary: NYC BOE messed up; kept using the mess in 10 RCV counts; released it as preliminarily legit; a candidate raised doubts; candidate was maligned as doing a wrong; BOE looked at it and noticed a HUGE issue. Hence, raising doubts - a thing Trump did - can save democracy!
@imillhiser @DonaldJTrumpJr @SallyGold @derekahunter Libs lament that the NYC mess up can be used as a “talking point” by election integrity advocates.

It’s not a talking point. It’s a fact: A BOE kept using 135,000 test ballots and noticed it only after an outcry. Meaning1) BOEs make huge mistakes and 2) outcries can correct it.
@imillhiser @DonaldJTrumpJr @SallyGold @derekahunter 🚨 NYC BOE released new results after removing what they said yesterday were 135,000 test ballots but... Adams and Garcia are both down around 10,000 each and, get this. the percent margin is exactly the same as yesterday.

How did the percentage not change even by a decimal?

• • •

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27 Jun
Lack of prosecution = exoneration.

Lack of recommending Congress to prosecute = exoneration.

It’s not a 50-50 when a prosecutor does not prosecute and court fails to convict.

It’s 0.

There is nothing.

On paper this is the US where people are innocent except if convicted.
Twitter Moments states as a fact that the Mueller Report did not exonerate Trump despite the above facts because we are being propagandized from tech to media.

And @brithume still thinks Trump narrowly lost 3 states because of his tweets.
@JoyceWhiteVance Get this from The Mueller Report: "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

22 running amok couldn’t establish basic collusion.
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21 Jun
Since the start of 2020, more than 46,000 US children under the age of 18 died of all causes while 315 died with Coronavirus. That’s 0.68% of all children deaths which is a smaller fraction of the 600K Coronavirus deaths.

70% of the population without the kids can B vaccinated. ImageImage
Not going to tag her because it would be nasty to pounce on her nephew’s death the way people did on Herman Cain’s.

Public pressure caused her to lean on her brother to go for it for his young son; an age group that has the low COVID-19 outcome that it has as written above.
Burages echoed @djrothkopf’s tweet in December. Did David see the update (attached)?

More than 46,000 children in the US died of all causes since the start of 2020 and 315 were with Coronavirus.

315 out of 46,000 children deaths.

315 out of 600K Coronavirus deaths nationwide. ImageImage
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18 Jun
Think for a moment that it’s May 2012 and Tea Parties riot outside the White House so wild that POTUS Obama needs to be taken to the bunker and the military brought in to restore order.

Would it be called an insurrection or would it be “haha Obama for running to the bunker”?
People stormed Senate buildings in Sep-Oct of 2018 to try to stop the sacred moment of approving a new SCOTUS Justice. More than 400 were arrested (120 one day in Sep; 293 one day in Oct).

My point? Nothing is but for what it’s called. This was not called an insurrection.
PDs were burned down last year and so was a federal court building. Both those institutions uphold our (on-paper) “democracy.” This means that attacking those is an attack on democracy; the start of a localized insurrection. Is it packaged this way by media/GOP? Sure not!
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18 Jun
Why didn’t Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Schumer make Juneteenth a federal holiday a decade ago?

Oh, because this day came into big focus only when Trump had planned to return campaigning on 6/19/20. Storm ensued so he pushed off by one day.

To own Trump, a federal holiday was born.
Check the Twitter feed of many congressional Dems, TV heads and pundits. They literally never sent a tweet about Juneteenth before it became an issue to own Trump last year.

Now it’s a federal holding.

Ya, if only Trump tweeted less.
You think I am joking? Before Trump tried hosting a rally on #Juneteenth last year, @SpeakerPelosi’s account had tweeted only 4 times abut this day in all her years on Twitter.

Last year, she tweeted another 4 times; more than all years until then combined.

Now it’s a holiday!
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16 Jun
Trump was the victim of a blackmail attempt in 2016 to which he paid money to make it go away. Instead of going after the blackmailers, prosecutors used it as a gateway to turn Trump’s and Trump Org’s papers upside down with the goal and until they find something.

According to NY law you need to keep accurate business records even if it has no tax implications. For example, if you pay $140,000 ransom to blackmailers through your attorney, and you file it as legal fees instead of marketing (or the other way around), it’s a misdemeanor.
You are wondering “is such a payment legal fees or marketing?” Exactly! It can be either which is why “business records” it’s not a felony and is rarely prosecuted.

Trump Org’s classification of the payouts to the blackmailers is where the Manhattan DA started his investigation.
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16 Jun
The rest deaths may have come in large part from the panicked reaction to the virus where lives were turned upside down in name of saving them. Covid-19 was here months earlier than thought. Why weren’t there massive deaths in the weeks before panicked policies were implemented?
.@drsanjaygupta Coronavirus was here 8-10 weeks earlier than the mid-March 2020 moment that deaths started to rise. Why didn’t those early cases spread Covid like crazy due to no masks and no distancing with negative consequences felt within weeks? It took 2.5 months. Why?
.@drsanjaygupta We operated under the thinking that an infected person could spread the virus in a room hours after leaving it and it infect thousands who enter the same room. With this scale of spread and deaths happening within 2 weeks, why didn’t mass deaths start in Dec-Jan?
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