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1/ 2021 - Glen Youngkin gets elected Governor of Virginia running on critical race theory. #GlennYoungkin #CRT #Virginia
2/ On his first day in office, Youngkin signs an executive order banning the teaching of #CRT in #Virginia and sets up a hotline for parents to report it. #GovernorVA #Virginia
3/ All this when #CRT was not even being taught and #Virginia schools and the hotline was quietly shut down for lack of tips. #GovernorVA #Virginia…
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Spent a while working on a story about the history of Allensworth and Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park...

Here's a lil 🧵 on the background + images that didn't make it into the final story.

It started with listening to California's #reparations task force #CRTF🛤️
Last October @terrancedean provided expert testimony to the task force. He talked about Allensworth.

"In essence, it was a shining example of Black self-sufficiency and prosperity," he said.

Full testimony here:
Then I kept hearing state Sen. @SteveBradford mention Allensworth. And I was wondering... what is the deal?

I dug into some history.
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When a Republican says "The US is a republic, not a democracy" they are just trying to avoid having to answer for their abandonment of the lawful democratic practices that used to be valued and agreed to by both sides.

Here's how the brainwashing works:
Until relatively recently, the Republican party's position was that the US is a democratic country, as opposed to one ruled by a military junta, absolute monarchy, or an actual communist party.

Direct democracy means that all decisions are made by voters. That's unworkable...
Most of the industrialized countries of the world are representative democracies.

That means that voters elect representatives to represent their general views when decisions need to be made.

A version of the democratic process is used to elect those representatives.
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When will we admit that “clash of civilizations” of Islamophobia narrative is not only false but dangerous. “War on Terror”=waging war vs Muslims but #J6 & #BuffaloMassacre reveal terror is not one religion. When Muslims are “legit” targets…that supremacist hate spreads further. ImageImageImageImage
Who was it “okay” to torture? (assumed is a terrorist?) Whose civil liberties disappeared 20 years ago? Muslims.

“But you all ‘deserve’ it” we’ve heard &: Why didn’t you stop terrorism? Why haven’t you apologized about x & y?

Now: consequences of that…
The “Great Replacement” is an extension of “Clash of Civilizations” that conflict/war is “inevitable” between “different” humans defined by race or religion. It dehumanizes some humans as “less than” or “threat.” Once you label as such, violence follows.…
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I’m going to say this, not to be pedantic, but because I’m seeing and hearing people get it wrong.
#EmancipationDay is a celebration of when the slaves were freed. ❌WRONG

The 13th Amendment made slavery illegal in the U.S (with a caveat). ✅CORRECT
#Juneteenth is the
celebration of when the last REMAINING slaves in the REBEL state of Texas were told they were free. Too many people incorrectly believe Abraham Lincoln’s Executive Order, the Proclamation 95 freed all the slaves. It did not. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in
seceding states. June 19, 1865 - 2.5 years after the Order took effect, the enslaves people in Galveston, TX were told they were free. This is important, because if people get this wrong, they will believe something that’s not correct about our country’s history. Why is that
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As a follow up to yesterday’s #Juneteenth thread, here’s a 🧵about the time Abe Lincoln made a distributist 🐄 argument against slaveholders and secession.
You may have seen these words before. Everybody from conventional progressives to socialists like this quote. We’ve posted it before ourselves.

But there’s more to the context than most people make out, and it still matters to us today.
Lincoln made this statement shortly after the Civil War began. He was responding to arguments that the South–and in particular its slaveholding planters–had the right to form a new government to represent the interests of “capital” that the prosperity of the country depended on.
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#holidaybondcourt from #Juneteenth in #chicago
1st gun case: man stopped for minor traffic infraction, has license and insurance. Still, #CPD searches car. Gun in the car but man has FOID. His CCL expired last month and he didn’t know. Charged with a felony and taken to jail.
2nd gun case: man stopped for minor traffic infraction, has license and insurance. Still, #CPD searches car. Gun in the car but man has FOID. Gun is broken down in the backseat in a bag but weed in the car. Charged with a felony gun offense and taken to jail.
3rd gun case: man stopped for minor traffic infraction, has license and insurance. Still, #CPD searches car. Gun in the car but man has FOID. Applied for his CCL but was denied because of a 10 year old juvenile battery offense. Charged with a gun offense and taken to jail.
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At the #Moechella black music festival yesterday in DC to celebrate #Juneteenth, a mass shooting broke out that resulted in a cop being shot, a teen being killed & 2 others injured. No suspect has been arrested.
Video recorded after the deadly shooting at the #Moechella black music festival to celebrate #juneteenth. Attendees shut down the road and twerked on vehicles they had surrounded. The event was advertised as a “peaceful demonstration.”
A flyer for the “peaceful demonstration” for #juneteenth in DC that became a deadly shooting yesterday. Image
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Imagine how joylessly committed to racism you must be to hate on an extra holiday, an extra long weekend at the literal start of summer. Who exactly is losing what by America deciding to take a day off in honor of #juneteenth?
Even if you don't care about black history or racial justice, what level of bigotry must it take to be bothered by getting an extra long weekend halfway between Memorial Day and July 4?
The Juneteenth Act passed unanimously in the Senate! Unanimously! The Senate these days can't agree on the color of the sky. But even a historical asshole like Ted Cruz didn't oppose it.

There were 14 members of the House who voted no. What a way to lean into racism!
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Today is #Juneteenth. A holiday my family and I have celebrated for decades—but that has only been observed as an official federal holiday as of 2021.

Some may wonder, why does this day matter? Why is national recognition so significant, and so long overdue? 🧵
It matters because, as we celebrate Juneteenth—the day that marks the emancipation of my enslaved ancestors—it is a truth-telling reminder of our nation’s history and founding.
But it is also a reminder of what's possible.

When enslaved Black people and allies began the work of abolition, many considered the goal of freedom an impossible one.
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Police in Louisville, Ky. (@LMPD) are seeking the identity of a black male suspect who assaulted the Democrat mayor on Saturday on Fourth Street Live. Earlier this year, #BLM leader & Antifa supporter Quintez Brown allegedly tried to assassinate a Democrat mayoral candidate. ImageImage
Here is the video showing an unidentified black male sucker punching Louisville Democrat mayor Greg Fischer (@louisvillemayor) to the ground at a #Juneteenth event on Saturday.
Antwon Brown, 30, of Louisville, Ky., has been arrested and charged with assault for allegedly punching Democrat @louisvillemayor to the ground at a #Juneteenth celebration. Image
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It's fitting that today marks both #JuneteenthDay and #FathersDay.

Maybe we should talk a bit about that intersection.

In June of 1865, 3 months after the end of the war and 2 and 1/2 years after the Emancipation proclamation was signed. Finally, on June 19, 1865, #NC08
General Order No. 3 was issued which freed enslaved people in Texas. Finally, free at last.

How many enslaved fathers were there that couldn't be with their children? How many families did that forever impact? #NC08
How many black fathers now are impacted by American governance? The name George Floyd comes to mind. #nc08
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On this day in 1865, slaves in Texas were notified by Union Civil War soldiers about the abolition of slavery. This was 2.5 years after the final Emancipation Proclamation which freed all enslaved Black Americans. #Juneteenth 

But Slavery continued…

In 1866, a year after the amendment was ratified, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina began to lease out convicts for labor.
This made the business of arresting black people very lucrative, thus hundreds of white men were hired by these states as police officers.
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tl;dr - white folk, pay Black people today bc you have more wealth than us bc of things like the reason for Juneteenth.

V*nmo: @blackqueeriroh
C@shApp: $BlackQueerIroh
PayP@l: BlackDumbledore

This #Juneteenth, I encourage all Black folks in America, especially those descended from enslaved peoples, to rest. Rest and celebrate the freedoms and opportunities you do have today, knowing that many of them were not available to those before us.
Celebrate the justice you are now able to receive, overdue though it most certainly has been, is, and will continue to be, because joy is such a necessary component of organizing and struggle.
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Happy #Juneteenth to our followers! We’ve compiled a few links below explaining the importance and history of this very important holiday. We will also provide links to Black-owned businesses and charities you should support as well.
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Juneteenth is a day of power—a chance to celebrate our history and our triumphs, our resilience and our struggle.
Today is about coming together and honoring those before us who reached for progress, who helped build this country with their bare hands, who marched, fought, and protested—who did everything they could so that we might have a voice and a vote. #Juneteenth
As we remember them, let's commit to protecting those rights in our time and for the generations yet to come. Go to to learn more.
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In 1732—133 years before #Juneteenth—my ancestor Joseph Pettifer killed his slavemaster, John Pettifer, with the help of John’s wife, Anne. They fled but were both caught, tried, and executed. This is a transcript from the Governor of North Carolina’s records: Image
Decades later, 3 of Joseph Pettifer’s grandchildren—William, George, and Phillip—fought during the American Revolution in exchange for their freedom. #Juneteenth
Nearly a century later, and only a few months before #Juneteenth:
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#Juneteenth celebration in Austin, Texas on this date June 19 in 1900. Photo by Grace Murray. 1/19 #OTD
Emancipation Day Celebration Band in Austin, Texas on this date June 19 in 1900. Photo by Grace Murray. 2/19 #OTD #Juneteenth
Martha Yates Jones (left) and Pinkie Yates (right), daughters of Rev. Jack Yates, in a decorated carriage parked in front of the Antioch Baptist Church located in Houston's Fourth Ward on this date June 19 in 1900. Photo source:…. 3/19 #OTD #Juneteenth
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Happy #PrideMonth! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

🧵To show my #Pride this June I want to highlight some of my favorite and most important openly queer artists! These people mean a lot to me and I hope to share a bit about each one everyday this month so follow along and enjoy!

#Pride2022 #LGBTQIA
June 1st: Chuck Panozzo
A founding member of @STYXtheBand, Chuck, came out as gay in 2001 and revealed that he had been living with HIV. Chuck is instrumental to Styx and their iconic sound. His strength to still tour is remarkable!
Listen here:

📷in 2021 Image
June 2nd: @outsidechild13 is changing music. Her debut is so powerful. A queer black woman, this album is a journey from pain and trauma to resilience, hope, joy. Her work w/ Birds of Chicago + Our Native Daughters is also great!

Listen here:
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Reparations are owed.
#Sharecropping #JimCrow
Reparations are owed.
#UrbanRenewal #NegroRemoval
Reparations are owed.
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Happy #BlackHistoryMonth!

In February, we are highlighting Black voices to be heard, people to be seen, and stories to know.

Keep an eye on this thread for Wikipedia articles all month long 🧵👇🏽
Freedom Riders were civil rights activists who rode buses into the segregated Southern US in 1961 to challenge the non-enforcement of Supreme Court rulings that segregated public buses were unconstitutional.

📷 Adam Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0 Image
During their medal ceremony in the 200-meter running event of the 1968 Summer Olympics, athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised a black-gloved fist during the US national anthem, while turning to face the US flag.

#BlackHistoryMonth Image
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Why did 🇺🇸 have a civil war?

And why is one unlikely today?

[THREAD] Image
This 🧵is motivated by the #January6thAnniversary-inspired takes on whether the US is on the verge of ANOTHER civil war.
The short answer is "NO".

The longer answer is "No, but the potential for lower-level political violence is real."
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Thread: This clip re the #VAgov race has an interview w/ a white woman claims "there's not a lot of racism" in Loudon County & (unironically) that "if you talk about it less you're gonna notice [it] less."

I'm a white woman who disagrees with her take.

I know there's a damaging and unacceptable level of racist behavior in every county of the US (and FWIW in every part of my own country, NZ.) Logically, the level of it in the state of VA would be above average for the US.

Rs are being blatantly obvious in their racism now.
My understanding of the level of racism in the GOP has changed over the past 5 years. It was more well hidden.

Yes, racism from one group to another can be found among Rs and Ds. This thread is about racism toward African Americans, as the largest group affected.
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(1) I'm terrible. I can't resist commenting on this viral Lake Lanier video in historical and political context. It's also not particularly hard on the eyes.😉

(2) People enjoy videos like this because of the schadenfreude, especially when college-age kids are involved. A further subset of the schadenfreuders are those who enjoy the misfortune of white people, esp. in GA. Now, hear me out...
(3) I'm just a commentator. I have no axe to grind on behalf of white or black people, or for / against GA. I'm not on the Democrat or Republican side in these things. My focus is always on saving lives. And I don't mean any drownings were likely. It's broader than that.
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