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The fact that white people think the Civil Rights Movement was just Rosa Parks sitting quietly and MLK peacefully protesting is proof that the American education system is rooted in White supremacy. Black history was turned into a Disney version for White consumption and comfort.
As an educator, this is why I have to fight that bullshit narrative EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Even the police have been doing what they are doing to protesters now, for over a century to Black people…

WAKE UP! This was/is not a fairytale. This is the real world! Educate your children
Some people are just now knowing what #Juneteenth was/is about for Black culture. If you watched @watchmen on HBO, then you also probably learned about what happened to #BlackWallStreet in Tulsa. That was not an isolated event, it happened all across the US — Deep South and North
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Read this thread for a summary of our Board Chair @JonesDjon4316's July 2nd Call To Action "Three Little Words", inspired by @thelauracoates.

View the full article at

#July4th #IndependenceDay #Juneteenth #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #BlackVotesMatter
Just Three Words.

“Give me Liberty!”

Just Three Words.

“We the People!”

Just Three Words.

“In The Beginning.”

Just Three Words

#BlackLivesMatter Sometimes three little words can carry a meaning so heavy that the National Guard must be called out to try to quiet them
Today, three little words have awoken a consciousness in America that will forever change the direction of our country...Black Lives Matter! Black Voters Matter! #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVotersMatter #BLM #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor
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I have to tell y’all something.
Last night I had an amazing conversation with my Black brother. He was living with me when Obama was elected the first time and since then we talk politics more openly than I do with most people IRL.

We talk all the time, but last night we had a long conversation...
He is so frustrated and I get it. Watching the righteous movement sparked by the murder of George Floyd get hijacked by people who don’t give a shit about the Black community.
All of this destruction... and for what?

Will a single thing change?

We all want the same answers.
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Had to take a day off for #Juneteenth, but before the day is over I’m posting Day #10
of Jones & Okun’s “Characteristics of #WhiteSupremacyCulture”.

Today’s characteristic is #FearOfOpenConflict.

“❌ people in power are scared of conflict and try to ignore it or run from it”

“❌ when someone raises an issue that causes discomfort, the response is to blame the person for raising the issue rather than to look at the issue which is actually causing the problem”/2


“❌ emphasis on being polite

❌equating the raising of difficult issues with being impolite, rude, or out of line”/3

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1 ) WHAT THEY LEFT OUT! #Juneteenth

“In 1866, one year after the 13 Amendment was ratified (the amendment that ended slavery), Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina began to lease out convicts for labor (peonage).
2 ) This made the business of arresting Blacks very lucrative, which is why hundreds of White men were hired by these states as police officers. Their primary responsibility was to search out and arrest Blacks who were in violation of Black Codes.
3) Once arrested, these men, women and children would be leased to plantations where they would harvest cotton, tobacco, sugar cane. Or they would be leased to work at coal mines, or railroad companies.
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Protestors just took down the only confederate statue in DC, of Albert Pike. History on Juneteenth. #DCProtest #BlackLivesMatter
Albert Pike is burning #DCProtest #Juneteenth #BlackLivesMatter
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This #Juneteenth, I'm taking time to remember my grandpa's grandparents. Mark Gassaway was born into slavery. He and his wife, Carrie Walls Gassaway, became impactful educators. Here's their story, rich with deep research by my uncle, Charles Kellogg, and cousin @kkellogg309. 1/n
Don't miss the part where Mark Gassaway became the first African American college graduate in Anderson County, South Carolina and started being called “Professor Gassaway.” @kkellogg309 2/n
…Or the part where Carrie Walls graduated in one of the first classes from @SpelmanCollege (then known as Spelman Seminary) in the 1880s. @kkellogg309 3/n
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LONG #GaPol THREAD: The #HateCrime bill was just passed out of committee, but sadly not before it was hijacked by GOP members & the LG to include specific protections for police.

For people who are normal & don't like watching committee livestreams like I do... here's a recap:
Sen. Cowsert introduced the new version of the bill, which removed a few things (like a tracking database) and added protections for "first responders."

Included in that is, of course, police officers.
Sen. Jones (a black atty) asked several questions about why this was suddenly so important to Cowsert (a white atty) and other Repubs. Cowsert explained that the #AhmaudArbery case and other recent events have made it clear we need to do something.
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Hey y'all, I'm back for my final session of this #CiteBlackWomen Twitter takeover. Let's start with more resources.
The Okla. Historical Society @okhistory has put together a fantastic collection of resources about African American history in the state. As they state plainly...
"Black History is Oklahoma History." I’m (@melissanstuckey) looking forward to working with them even more in the future. #Juneteenth #CiteBlackWomen
More for your summer reading list can be found at the end of my blog…

Get yourself all the way together with scholarship by Brittney C. Cooper @professorcrunk, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Kellie Carter Jackson, Sarah Haley @sahaley, and Arica L. Coleman @ALCPHD.
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Una proposta semplice: è arrivato il momento di istituire una giornata in memoria delle vittime del colonialismo italiano.

#Thread #Juneteenth #Italianibravagente #BlackLivesMatter
19 febbraio 1937. Addis Abeba, #Etiopia. È mattina. Due uomini della resistenza etiope, Abraham Deboch e Mogus Asghedom, durante una celebrazione, tentano di uccidere la massima autorità in città: il viceré, l’italianissimo Rodolfo Graziani.
Facciamo un passo indietro: è il 9 maggio 1936. Il capo del governo italiano, Benito Mussolini, è a Palazzo Venezia. Parla alla folla, parla agli Italiani. C’è una guerra in corso, in Etiopia, la sta combattendo il generale Badoglio.
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Hey y'all, @melissanstuckey is back for another session!
#Juneteenth originated in Texas! But Emancipation meant Black people had the freedom to move and they did. In the 1890s and 1900s Black Texans moved to Oklahoma and brought Juneteenth with them.
Take a look at a piece near and dear to my heart. It's called "The Boley Rodeo: A Juneteenth Like No Other" I wrote it for @newterritorymag. Find it here:
Read it and let's talk about it! T/Y @DrMChatelain for connecting me to @Gasconader! #CiteBlackWomen
@DrMChatelain is a brilliant black historian and author of two books!
Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America
South Side Girls: Growing up in the Great Migration.

Add these to your summer reading list.
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As we celebrate #Juneteenth, it is important to remember that not all slaves were freed on June 19th, 1865. In Indian Territory, Blck slaves continued to be owned by Chickasaw and Choctaw masters. They weren’t freed until 1866. #BlackLivesMatter (thread)
#Juneteenth is supposed to represent the day that all slaves in the United States were freed from bondage.
However, slaves in #IndianTerritory in present day #Oklahoma were exempt from the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments because they were owned by masters of separate sovereign nations. So they remained enslaved event after the 13th Amendment was passed.
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I don't have a good #Juneteenth story, but I did discover some interesting stories from the life of two people who had been enslaved.

They weren't freed until the end of the Civil War, because that's just how Alabama was. They made up for lost time, though. 1/
Francis and Mrs. Wallace, of Montgomery, Alabama. (I haven't been able to find her first name or when they married). Sometime in the second half of 1866 or the first half of 1867 the Wallaces began work as a husband-and-wife pair of detectives-for-hire. 2/
The times being what they were, and Alabama being what it was less than two years after the end of the War, the Wallaces didn't do all or even most of their work in Montgomery. They traveled around the state, working together and then independently.

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Here's a thread of Black owned tea companies you should consider buying from on this day and every day. I'm discovering new ones all the time so please feel free to share more below! #Juneteenth
Ivy's Tea Co.

Run by herbalist Shanae Jones, they're dedicated to the power and benefits of herbal tea. Bonus, once a month they donate portion of proceeds to various Black-forward charities! "Drink tea like an adult."
Just Add Honey

Retail stores in Atlanta but you can also shop online. Adding a sophisticated twist on a southern tea tradition, "Just Add Honey Tea Company wants you to enjoy the best, freshest, and most flavorful teas with every sip."
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As folks around the country celebrate #Juneteenth, did y'all know North Carolina has a career politician who has insisted (repeatedly! 😱) that Abraham Lincoln was worse than Adolf Hitler?

This thread is raising money for his Dem opponent in November

If you read that prior tweet and thought "no f*ckin' way," have some news stories

From @indyweek, quoting him: "And if Hitler had won, should the world just get over it? Lincoln was the same sort if [sic] tyrant"

From @newsobserver, quoting him:

"'Praise God for such a great patriot and Christian gentleman as Robert E. Lee,' Pittman wrote. He added: 'This great man hated slavery, and freed the slaves he inherited well before Lincoln's War Against Statehood'"

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In 1865, Black people all over the South were saying this Union officials: Do not abolish slavery and leave us landless and disenfranchised. Do not force us to
work for our former masters and call that freedom. Do not allow the law replace the master. 1/3
Do not call us free if we are still enslaved by racism. They distinguished between abolishing slavery and freeing people. In offering postwar policy, Black people were rewriting what it meant to be free. 2/3
On this #Juneteenth, 155 years later, Americans are celebrating the abolition of slavery. But Black people are not celebrating as if we are free.
Chattel slavery is no more. But the descendants of enslaved people are still not free. 3/3
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Today, #Juneteenth, is a celebration of liberation through struggle. A reminder that even the hardest-won policy victories for Black Americans don't change lives overnight—and that pursuing a more perfect union where #BlackLivesMatter is the work of a lifetime, for all of us.
Wisconsin is no stranger to justice deferred. In 1849, a majority of Wisconsin voters supported a referendum for Black male suffrage—but an even larger number of voters abstained, and the state Board of Canvassers wrongfully decided that the abstentions counted as "no" votes.
For 17 subsequent years, as Professor Christy @ClarkPujara has documented, Black Wisconsinites were denied the ballot. Debate raged, and white voters rejected extending suffrage in two more referenda. But in 1866, a court case changed our state's history.…
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THREAD: On this weekend of #fathersday and #JUNETEENTH2020 I have thoughts about George Floyd's horrific lynching and #blackromance (something that people have also been discussing, that is a romance between 2 Black people) 1/?
Many of you know that I have been engaged in research regarding the African American hero in romance in these past few years. One of the things that doesn't get discussed enough how much economics has to do with romance and that I believe that the decline of the AA hero 2/?
has everything to do with economics. It's no small thing that George Floyd lost his life over a so called counterfeit $20 bill. Statistics for Black male unemployment, incarceration and opportunity all converge to create a difficulty for fans of romance to be able to see 3/?
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Let’s start by thinking about a little bit about #Juneteenth and Houston! #CiteBlackWomen
Emancipation Park in Houston was purchased by Freedmen in 1872. It has hosted #Juneteenth celebrations like the one these lovely ladies participated in ever since. #CiteBlackWomen
The women in the photograph are Martha and Pinkie Yates. Their buggy, decorated with fresh flowers, is #Juneteenth parade ready!
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Happy #JuneteenthDay2020 !!

After talking with a couple neighbors, it became apparent that this holiday is new to many non-Black citizens.

Some info via @8645ASAP for anyone interested on this important, fun holiday!

#JuneteenthDay #JUNETEENTH2020 #June19th #freedom

An annual #holiday, #juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. It has been celebrated by African-Americans since the late 1800s.

Some (very general) common traditions include:

❤️ Dressing in your ‘Sunday Best’ and/or wearing the color red; also common in some areas is wearing all white clothing.

❤️ Rodeos, block parties, cook-outs, parades, concerts, singing and dancing.

#celebratefreedom #JuneteenthDay #JUNETEENTH2020

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On #Juneteenth, today, America marks the emancipation of Black people over 150 years ago—a hard-fought liberation that was historic and transformative, but also delayed, concealed, and ultimately incomplete.
Its uncompleted nature also makes this a day to grow in awareness and action, as the national urgency over systemic racism highlights what Black Americans have known and expressed at every turn: that full equality and freedom are still withheld.
White Americans in particular must act in the recognition that racism is a system, not just an attitude or action, and this Juneteenth recommit to our responsibility as allies to dismantle systems constructed for our benefit at the expense of Black people.
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As we celebrate #Juneteenth, the country is in the midst of what many have termed a national reckoning with racism.

Demonstrations against police brutality and systematic racism have continued, and the Trump administration's response has been both harmful and insufficient.
The executive order on policing Trump signed this week has been widely viewed as falling far short of the transformational change needed.

The Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice created by Bill Barr in January is also insufficient.
The Commission is composed of only current or former law enforcement officials — no civil rights groups, reform advocates, or others who stray from the administration's standard "law and order" line.
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I'm glad to know about Juneteenth, but sad that my 52 years of being white and embedded in more whiteness meant that I'm too damn old to just now be knowing about it.

Some thoughts:
1) I can observe Juneteenth by OBSERVING. Listen. Watch. Try to understand. Banish a bit of my own ignorance.
2) I can celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation without making that celebration all about me. Or even the tiniest bit about me.
3) As I understand it (still banishing my ignorance, one tiny whitewashed patch at a time), Juneteenth is a sacred day for an oppressed people.
4) Hey, I already have a model for how to (and how NOT to) observe days that are sacred to other people!
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There are so many stories made invisible: too-often-violent histories hidden beneath the surfaces of our cities, our institutions, our music. It’s our job to make them visible. I’m honored to mark #Juneteenth with a new song by @RhiannonGiddens. #blacklivesmatter #songsofchange
Watch the full video of "Build A House," a new song by the incomparable @RhiannonGiddens
Lyrics to "Build a House"
@RhiannonGiddens featuring Yo-Yo Ma

You brought me here to build your house, build your house, build your house
You brought me here to build your house and grow your garden fine
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