I worked at a marketing firm that was one of the Utah’s “best places” to work. 95% of upper leadership were men. Most of the creatives were women. This wasn’t the 1960s. It was 2015.

I only filed one sexual harassment complaint but the microaggressions were constant.

(2) I watched brilliant women bust their butts working crazy hours only to be told that some young dude had edged them out of a promotion. Again.

Coming from the education world, it was eerily reminiscent of those environments where men make the decisions and women do the work.
(3) My first month, I got pulled aside by my male manager after I had offered some suggestions about content planning in a meeting.

I was told he didn’t appreciate me “questioning” his authority and that I needed to stop being so aggressive.
(4) He noticed I’d been talking to other women on the team and encouraging them to speak up. And he told me to stop and that he and his boss would be “watching” me.

It was a very thinly veiled threat.
But fortunately this was not my first corporate rodeo.

So I leaned in.
(5) I looked this young dude 10-15 years my junior dead in the eye and asked him if I was a man if he’d be saying the same thing to me. He got suddenly super flustered.

He suddenly felt like a story about how his wife had been sexually harassed at work was appropriate to share.
(6) I didn’t say a word as he fumbled through the rest of the convo and I walked out of the room and went directly to HR.

But I’m certain 15-20 years earlier in my career, that convo would have gone very differently.

He was formally reprimanded and resigned a few weeks later.
(7) Watching Mad Men today is startling not because there is so much misogyny in the show but because if you have worked in marketing, you’ll realize how very little has actually changed.

The advertising industry’s #metoo movement is long overdue.

• • •

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In today's thread, it seems like pundits who push anti-vaccination propaganda have often been vaccinated themselves.

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Fortunately, Biden's goal is just adults (18+)
And that makes a big difference. We're at 65%.
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In today's thread we're tackling a complicated question. Why are Dems even trying to negotiate with Republicans at this point?

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This is disingenous because it entirely discounts the political reality of a split Senate. We don't have the votes.

(3) We can't even corral our current caucus into ditching the fillibuster to supporting voting rights, nevermind garnering Republican votes.

The Senate is designed to support minority rule. And that's a problem we can't fix right now.

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The results of this lawsuit do have wider implications.

(3) DOJ lawyers working under the Trump administration had already argued federal workers are protected from lawsuits while executing the duties of their office. A trial judge rejected that argument and the DOJ appealed.

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In today's thread we're asking what should be done about January 6th?

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(2) The resolution to establish the commission passed the Dem-controlled house but it appears doomed in the Senate thanks to the filibuster.

So far Murkowski, Romney, and Collins have indicated they'd support the commmission but 10 GOP votes is doubtful.
(3) What we can't do however is let an attempted coup and insurrection fade from public memory. Our nation's capitol and our lawmakers faced a domestic terrorist attack incited by Trump.

There must be consequences or democracy will continue to suffer.

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