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Salam Maulidur Rasul to all Muslims out there! Yes it’s a Public Holiday but advocacy works are never on pause.

So today for #InformativeTuesday we will be looking at #HIV #Treatment ! How exciting is that?

This is a thread.
Current HIV therapy available in selected government health clinics and hospitals in Malaysia is highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).
HAART therapy consists of at least three antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to suppress the HIV virus and to stop the disease progression.
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Hi guys! Do you know that globally, an estimated 58 million people have chronic #hepatitisC virus infection, with about 1.5 million new infections occurring per year?

Let's learn something about it today shall we? This is after all an #InformativeTuesday! 😄

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus.

The virus can cause both acute and chronic hepatitis, ranging in severity from a mild illness to a serious, lifelong illness including liver cirrhosis and cancer.
The hepatitis C virus is a bloodborne virus and most infection occur through exposure to blood from unsafe injection practices, unsafe health care, unscreened blood transfusions, injection drug use (sharing needles) and unsafe sexual practices that lead to exposure to blood.
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Korang tahu tak cara-cara perlindungan diri korang daripada #HIV kalau korang adalah someone yang aktif secara seksual? Nak tahu? Baca thread ini yaaaa!

Yang paling lazim adalah kondom dan pelincir berasaskan air (water based) secara betul dan konsisten setiap kali melakukan seks dubur (anal sex) atau seks faraj (vaginal sex).
US Centers for Disease Control menganggarkan keberkesanan sebanyak 80% untuk kondom sebagai perlindungan dari HIV.

Ait? 80% je? Kata hebat sangat kondom ni…
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#TuesdayThread #July27th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 1️⃣ of the #January6thCommission; an opportunity to earn our freedom & defend our democracy against domestic terrorists from within.
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#TuesdayThread #June22nd Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 36 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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In our #TuesdayThread we're taking a closer look at what the hell is going on with the DOJ. Confirmation that they will continue to defend Trump in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit is utterly infuriating.

Why would the DOJ defend Trump and what does it mean?
(2) First it's important to be clear what the lawsuit is about. Trump is being held personally liable for defamation in regards to remarks he made about Carroll while president.

The results of this lawsuit do have wider implications.…
(3) DOJ lawyers working under the Trump administration had already argued federal workers are protected from lawsuits while executing the duties of their office. A trial judge rejected that argument and the DOJ appealed.

Enter Biden.…
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#TuesdayThread Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.
#TheMoreYouKnow #June1st

Day 15 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea Image
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In today's thread we're asking what should be done about January 6th?

Republicans want the public to forget about it.
We can't let them gaslight us about what happened that day, but here's why we don't hold enough cards to force their hand.
(2) The resolution to establish the commission passed the Dem-controlled house but it appears doomed in the Senate thanks to the filibuster.

So far Murkowski, Romney, and Collins have indicated they'd support the commmission but 10 GOP votes is doubtful.…
(3) What we can't do however is let an attempted coup and insurrection fade from public memory. Our nation's capitol and our lawmakers faced a domestic terrorist attack incited by Trump.

There must be consequences or democracy will continue to suffer.…
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#TuesdayThread Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies and stories #thread.
#TheMoreYouKnow #May25th

Day 8 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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#TuesdayThread Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies and stories #thread.
#TheMoreYouKnow #May18th

Day 1 After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
Former DHS Officials testify on Intelligence Division's role in #January6th LIVE
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In our #TuesdayThread , we're discussing deplorables Majorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert. The cartoon villianesque evil duo seem to have become the center of every controversy in Washington.

The answer is simple.
Cold hard cash.
(THREAD) Image
(2) Majorie Taylor Greene is a textbook provocateur who perversely enjoys taunting and terrorizing people on camera. This is her entire persona in a nutshell.

If it gleans even a trickle of media attention, she's there to slurp it up. So very thirsty.…
(3) Boebert fits the same provocateur profile except she has a niche to exploit. Gun rights. And she'll go wherever the profits from 2A advocates take her.

She even runs a restaurant based on pissing off people in a state traumatized by gun violence.…
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This morning in our #TuesdayThread , we're asking how the failure of a toxic wastewater reservoir happened and what it means for Florida.

Could this catastrophe have been avoided?
The short answer is absolutely.
This is a tragedy of our own making.
(2) In case you missed it, crews are frantically pumping water out of a leaking reservoir near Tampa Bay in an effort to avert total collapse.

The water is contaminated with high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus from a phosphogypsum stack.…
(3) What's so bad about this wastewater? Well, the level of phosphorus and nitrogen in the water that has already leaked is like dumping 60,000 bags of fertilizer into the bay.

It causes algae blooms, which depletes oxygen in the water and kills the fish…
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I dunno who still needs to hear this but voting rights are vital to democracy.

Republicans have rigged the system so they choose their voters rather than voters choosing them. This has eroded democracy & held progress hostage through the oppression of minority rule.
(2) So how are we going to fight back against a wave of gerrymandering and voter suppression laws that threaten a new era of Jim Crow?

This is a fight that'll be fought on 3 fronts.
In our legislatures. In the courts. And in our communities.…
(3) First, we need national action on voting rights in order to curb voter suppression efforts in GOP-held state legislatures.

Right now, there are 43 states that have introduced over 253 bills to curtail voting rights.…
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This morning we're asking why on earth Lindsay Graham is holding up the nomination of Merrick Garland?

Why is Graham still judiciary chair when Dems effectively won control of the Senate?
(2) The short answer is Dems don't have committee control because an agreement hasn't been reached on power-sharing. I know we like to say Dems have "control" of the Senate but for all intents and purposes, the Senate is split evenly.

(3) It's possible the Senate will pass a rules resolution on how the Senate will work today, but in the meantime, Durbin (the new judiciary chair) has been pushing Graham to schedule Garland's confirmation.

And Lindsey has found all sorts of excuses.…
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As the wheels of justice grind forward and we prepare for Biden to take office, it's worthwhile to get a bird's eye view of the mess we still have to clean up.

Who was responsible for the Capitol Riots and how will we hold them accountable?
Here's what we know so far.
(2) First off, the arrests have really ramped up in the last few days. More than 100 have been arrested for their role in the Capitol Riots, but there are 200 or more open case files.

Prosecutors have been clear they plan to charge many with felonies.…
(3) We're getting a clearer picture of the domestic terrorist groups that led the riot, including:

-Proud Boys
-Three Percenters
-No White Guilt

Prosecutors have already identified about 300 suspects from these groups.…
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#TuesdayThread on B2B Product👇🏽

1/ talking to a friend this morning who went from consumer product gal > enterprise founder about why "consumer-grade product" is a concept
2/ as an enterprise product person, this kind of offends me. but! there is a grain (maybe an entire bag) of truth in this criticism. I've given entire presentations about why is enterprise product overall not as strong on usability (and why that's a huge opportunity)
3/ one reason that must be recognized -- many workflows in the enterprise are simply more complex. the physics of the job-to-be-done. you can't get around this
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