We all have heard that #JyotiBasu lost the chance of becoming PM & I Thank God For That.
Just after the 1962 war, Jyoti Basu proclaimed publicly at a rally that “China cannot be the aggressor.”
This mean character served as Chief Minister for 23 years 4 months and 17 days from
1977 to 2000.
On his birthday, let me introduce to his killings of industry & people.
Much before they came to power in 1977, the CPI-M started experimenting with murder as a political instrument way back in 1970 when they murdered 2 important Congress workers belonging to the
Sain family of Burdwan. The level of bestiality that they stooped down to was evident by the fact that
they made the mother of the two Sain brothers eat rice drenched with the blood of her dead sons. As a result the mother lost her mental balance from which she could not recover
till her death a decade later.
Devoid of any high ideology and believing in the cult of violence the Basu govt used murder as a political instrument since 1978 in an organised manner.
In early 1979, around 40,000 hungry, starving and desperate Bengalis took shelter on the island
of Marichjhapi in the Sunderbans of West Bengal. They were Hindu refugees who had fled persecution in East Pakistan, which had recently become Bangladesh. The Govt of West Bengal had refused to take any responsibility for them, forcing them to flee into the dense forest of the
Then, at the end of January 1979, they came. The West Bengal Police arrived in launch boats and took control of the network of waterways that made up the Hooghly river delta. The island was now completely surrounded. The 40,000 people on it had no way to access food
or medicine.
On the morning of Jan 31, the police opened fire on the starving Hindu refugees, Indiscriminately. They evacuated the island. Nobody knows how many human beings died that day. Because the Govt of West Bengal never published an official death toll.
Who was the CM
ordered this atrocity? Jyoti Basu.
(Read @deepscribble Blood Island, will make you insane)
On the 30th of April, 1982, 16 monks and a nun of the Hindu organization Ananda Marga were murdered and set on fire in broad daylight near Ballygunge in Kolkata. They were dragged out of
their taxis which was to take them to an educational conference at their headquarters in Kolkata. The killings occurred simultaneously at three different locations and are said to have been witnessed by thousands of people. And yet, not a single arrest has ever been made. Guess
why they are slaughter and burned alive because of a land dispute with the Communists.
Who was the Chief Minister at that time? Guess?

Bantala rape and murder.
NIRBHAYA? Instead of rod, Battery was inserted and the Dr who did postmortem fainted after seeing the brutality.
A senior lady officer of the UNICEF & another senior officer of the Govt of India detected a case of huge embezzlement of UN funds by some CPI-M organisation within the South 24-Parganas district. When they were returning with a lot of incriminating evidence, their vehicle was
waylaid at Bantala by the CPI-M goons. The vehicle was set on fire to destroy all documentary evidence. The driver, who tried to protect the two lady officers, was killed. Then the lady officers were raped and one of them murdered and her body without any cloth left on the open
paddy field. When the then Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu, was informed of the incident, he quipped to the waiting mediamen: “Such incidents do happen, don’t they?” Thereby he put the official sanction to rape in addition to murder as an instrument of political aggression.
Then came the incident of Suchapur murder where 11 Muslims were killed in a gruesome manner because they demanded minimum wage rates.
Basu Govt resorted to political cleansing of territories by murder, rape, arson and loot.

In 1997, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, in a reply to an
Assembly question, stated that between 1977 & 1996, 28,000 political murders were committed. It meant on an average 125.7 murders were effected in a month.
It meant that the daily rate of murder was four. That is to say that one political murder took place every six hours for
the entire period of 19 years between 1977 and 1996.
Even the official figure of 28,000 murders did not cause a stir. It did not even scratch his legacy. Because the Communist leader had the historians and the intellectuals on his side.
The Industries was Business graveyard
The industrial decline of Bengal under the stewardship of Jyoti Basu
Jyoti Basu once told an industrialist that capitalists were class enemies and he should expect no sympathy.
'Amar naam, tomar naam Vietnam'
'Amar bari, tomar bari, Naxalbari' were resonating across Bengal.
In cities and towns, businessmen were seen as class enemies and the animosity took the form of militant trade unionism. Often, businessmen were the victims.
There was a thin line between the Naxals & the CPI-Marxists, both loved Blood.
It was the time when Bengal's engineering
industry, which was heavily dependent on the Railways, was badly hit as orders were cut down.
This was followed by labour disputes & lock-outs in many of the companies that lasted more than a year, marking their decline.
Indira govt took this as an opportunity for her advantage
& nationalised many industries, 100s of Entrepreneurs moved out of Bengal.
With the economic decline, the problem of unemployment only increased, which added fuel to fire.
Though the United Front government tried to control the Naxal movement, it steered clear of meddling in
labour disputes, in keeping with its electoral promise.
Another promise was to reorganise the police force so as not to interfere in 'democratic movements', another name for labour disputes.
A long list of companies, from tea major Brooke Bond India to ICI India, Shaw Wallace
Bata, Birla's and electronics giant Philips India, which incidentally born in Kolkata, had left for greener pastures.
The Communists had infested the thought process of Middle Class Bengalis, I find no difference between Brainwashed terrorists & these Bhadralok species.
my thread on Mihir Sen?
The only man to swim the oceans of Five continents in a year.
After his swimming career he established a factory for silk exports in Calcutta and transferred it into India’s second largest silk exporter. Then Jyoti Basu take oath as CM. He asked Mihir to
complain for him in 1977 and Mihir refused to do so. But CPI win by killing Opposition and the and the personal vendetta of insane Jyoti Basu started.
His goons sprayed graffiti outside his factory & shops he instigated repeated strikes on his factory bringing his production to
zero. His exports burnt down. Police instead of help filed false cases against Mihir Sen. His house raided multiple times cash seized.

Mihir was pushed into bankruptcy and the ace swimmer, recipient of Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan faced mental turmoil due to state sponsored humiliation. He developed dementia and died in penury.

Luther, the chairman of Damodar River Valley Corporation was attacked brutally and
that was the 1st time a high official of a major industry was assaulted, it was in 1980s..
Chief minister Jyoti Basu clucked his tongue over these incidents but did little to restrain the marauding mobs. With their top managers beaten, intimidated and humiliated, companies that
had established their headquarters in Bengal would have no choice but to scurry out of the state.
This is the most enduring bit of Basu’s chequered legacy: by failing to rein in the belligerent trade union leaders early in his reign, he found that he couldn’t exercise control
over the anarchy that inevitably followed.
Infact till 1960s, Bengal was the 2nd most industrialised state & had surpassed Bombay-Gujarat in number of industries & employment.
Infact Liberal’s Hero Amartya Sen blamed Left for economy decline in Bengal
"The Left has played a
major role in destroying industrialisation in Bengal. We must accept that. Only when they decided that policies must be changed, people decided to change the government instead. I think there is some problem in the way with which the Left party thinks
over an issue," Sen said.
Sen also said that it was during the Left regime that investments abandoned the state, agricultural development declined and Bengal got ruined.
(Source – India Today Interview)
Allow me to introduce you to Chandan Basu.
That’s Jyoti babu’s son. To which country did Jyoti Babu
send his son to continue the struggle for workers rights? Vietnam or Guatemala?
Not exactly. Jyoti Basu’s son actually became an industrialist. He must have been a star in the world of business, recommended by banks for loans from agencies under the WB government and contracts
from top corporates.
This hypocrite refused to provide a good healthcare to the state but used to go to London for his own treatment.
Imagine, if he had become PM, there would’ve been no NE and J&K in our map.
Our country would’ve turned into another
North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba.



• • •

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Do you know who said this?
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The Message,
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UNFORTUNATELY Ramakrishna Matt, Swami Vivekananda websites have fallen into the hands of FAKE SECULARISM & APPEASEMENT of Gandhi Nehru.
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taxation and sovereignty over Maharashtra’s coast. He was Kanhoji Angre, the head of the Maratha navy.
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of the 18th century. At its peak in 1729, Angre’s Maratha fleet held a mere 80 ships, many of them little more than overgrown fishing boats engineered by the local kolis (fisher folk) who populated his domain. Yet with the combination of that modest fleet and an unsurpassed
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