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This thread is into two parts, Part 1 & 2 which covers largely about #PCRay’s works and Life History in brief
#PrafullaChandraRay: The Acharya Who Revealed History Of Hindu Chemistry To World.
In any other country, this legend would’ve gained a cult like status, alas
this is Bharat still reeling under inferior syllabus dictated by Communists & Congress’s
No Chemistry Student reads about P.C Ray who is called as Father of Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Science in India
No Chemistry Student knows about the Two Volume Masterpiece on Ancient Hindu
Ray’s seminal work — A History Of Hindu Chemistry From The Earliest Times To The Middle Of The Sixteenth Century A.D —which revealed to the world the path-breaking advances made by ancient Bharatiya scientists.
Today is the 159th Jayanti of Acharya PrafullaChandraRay
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100 Years back, on this day, a legend joined Krishna's feet.

More than 2,50,000 people came from far places to have a glimpse of this departed soul.

Remembering a journalist whose Pen was mightier than the Sword,whose writings was an inspiration for lakhs.

Very much is written on his life & death, but less on his Journalism and also sedition charges, this thread is to shed some light about these in Tilak's life.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak used to run his two newspapers, Kesari, in Marathi and Mahratta in English from Kesari Wada, Pune.
The newspapers were originally started as a co-operative by Chiplunkar, Agarkar and Tilak, on 04th January 1891.
The editors of Kesari included freedom fighters, social activists, reformers including Agarkar (its first editor), Chiplunkar and Tilak. Agarkar left Kesari in 1887
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The HISTORY of a warrior who waited 21 years to take revenge for JallianwalaBagh Massacre.

Before Reading Further, Let Me 1st Introduce, How Gandhi & Nehru Responded when Udham Singh took revenge...
Although almost all Bharatiyas regarded Singh's actions as
a response to some brutal aspects of British colonial rule, officially, his actions were deplored and condemned in India, with Gandhi referring to Singh's actions as "an act of insanity", stating: "The outrage has caused me deep pain. I regard it as an act of insanity, I hope
this will not be allowed to affect political judgement.".
Nehru wrote in National Herald, "The assassination is regretted but it is earnestly hoped that it will not have far-reaching repercussions on the political future of India."
(Both of their statements appeared on
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The killing of a traitor Narendranath Goswami & subsequent martyrdom of #SatyendranathBosu.

Remembering a freedom fighter on his janma divas who sacrificed his life for Aurobindo Ghose.

Bosu was born on this day in 1882 at Midnapore, Bengal.

He was a distant relative of
Aurobindo & hailed from a well to do family.

Not much is known about his childhood, but Bosu's name finds in a police report for having an unlicenced gun in Midnapur Arms Case & subsequently served 2 months RI.
Two days after an assassination attempt was carried on Kingsford
The police arrested 33 members of Anushilan Samithi & this trial is famously known as Alipore Bomb Case.

The British wanted to hang Aurobindo Ghosh for his involvement, but lacked evidence.

#NarendranathGoswami turned approver & started giving details about plans, hideouts
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Please be reminded @ShashiTharoor , @INCIndia imposed upon Hindus ‘bhaichara & Ganga Jamni’ that Hindu foolishly fell for!
Izlam disagreees, entertains no such principle, & that’s what Badri Raina proved:
“our faith forbids us from bowing to anything other than Allah”! 🤓
For your perusal @ShashiTharoor , how @INCIndia succumbed to mauzie objections to sing #vandemataram in the 1930’s, the impact of which is alive in Badri Raina’s rusted Wire!…
As far as Badri’s crap: “my ashes, far away from Indian shores..claim to exclusive ownership of India” is concerned, if he were a true Hindu, he’d know that everything including us is Panchbhoot!
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The Painful History of

A Smoke Bomb Exploded in Central Legislative Assembly, Delhi.
"It Takes A Loud Sound To Make The Deaf Hear"
Read the pamphlets which were thrown into the gallery following a smoke bomb.
The 2 Freedom Fighters, #BhagathSingh
and Batukeshwar Dutt
stood still.

They never wanted to escape. They readily accepted imprisonment, as they believed that it would inspire the next generation of revolutionaries to fight for the cause of freedom.

Tribute to B K Dutta,
close friend of Bhagath on his Punyatithi.
In the book, " The Jail Note book & Other Writings" Chamanlal who compiled various letters, incidents wrote that
"It was clear from the beginning that these bombs were to be harmless, not designed to kill or injure anyone, but to create an explosion that would make the deaf hear
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When the reader finish reading this tweet, I believe there will be tears in his or her eyes.


Days before going to London, as per his biography and I quote -

” When the only Bharatiya in
the viceroy’s council made his way back to Madras after his resignation, it was an ovation all the way, the like of which had never been seen before in India. There were feasts and entertainments wherever the train stopped and crackers were fired under the wheels of the railway,
so much so that there was one continuous firing for hours.”

123 Years back, he was the @incindia President and till date, the only Malayali who held the reins of Congress.
Sir C Sankaran Nair was born on this day in 1857, at Mankara, Kerala.

His early education began in the
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#1965Indo_China_War #Nathu_La_Paas #war #Chinese_R_Virus

1965 में सगत सिंह की जिद से नाथू-ला पर चीनियों का कब्जा नहीं हो पाया था, जिसके कारण भारतीय सेना को टैक्टिकल एडवांटेज मिली हुई थी। चीनी चाह कर भी आगे नहीं बढ़ सकते थे। चीनियों ने बंदूक की जगह लाउडस्पीकर का सहारा लिया।
वे लाउडस्पीकर पर हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में भारतीय सैनिकों को 1962 की हार की याद दिलाते, उनके कपड़ों, कम सुविधाओं, कम वेतन को लेकर ताने मारते। कहते कि देखो, तुम्हारे अफसर तो मजे में एसी ऑफिसों में बैठे रहते हैं, और तुम्हें यहां मरने के लिए भेज दिया गया है।

सगत सिंह ने लाउडस्पीकर का जवाब लाउडस्पीकर से दिया। उन्होंने मैंडेरियन चाइनीज में रिकॉर्डेड मैसेज प्रसारित करने शुरू कर दिए। वो भी लगातार, लूप में।

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Tributes to the legend on his martyrdom day.

Award - PARAM VIR CHAKRA (Posthomous)
Year of Award - 1999 (Independence Day)
Service No.IC-57556
Rank at time of Award - CAPT
Unit - 13 JAK RIF

Citation from GOI in Image.
Elder of the twins Vikram & Vishal, his father was a Principal & motherm school teacher.

Vikram was an all-rounder at school, adjudged the best NCC cadet of north, a green belt holder in karate and played TT at national level.

Deeply patriotic from a young age, Vikram was
always keen on joining the Army. In 1996, his dream was fulfilled when he cleared the CDS examination with flying colours and joined the Indian Military Academy where he was commissioned as a lieutenant. His first posting was in the Sapore, J&K.

When Kargil War broke out
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#KanhojiAngre – The Undisputed and Undefeated Sea Hawk.

We have missed an important part of our Naval History of Bharat, for years we were made to believe, Europeans were undefeatable in Naval Warfare.

Remembering #Kanhoji_Angre on his Punyatithi, the Admiral of Maratha Navy.
In the 1700s, one man antagonized the European powers, and insisted on the Maratha Empire’s rights to taxation and sovereignty over Maharashtra’s coast. He was Kanhoji Angre, the head of the Maratha navy.

The first important naval figure in modern Bharat, Angre managed to
maintain an unquestionable hold over a heavily disputed stretch of coastline throughout the early decades of the 18th century. At its peak in 1729, Angre’s Maratha fleet held a mere 80 ships, many of them little more than overgrown fishing boats engineered by the local kolis
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#SwamiVivekananda and his role in
Bharatiya Svatantrya Sangram.

“Bharat is in need of Bomb and Bomb Alone” and the Call “Rise, Awake & Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached” was to kick out British from Bharat.
While most of us see Swami Vivekananda as a Sanyasi who spread
Sanatana Dharma to the world, very few know his contribution for freedom struggle.
UNFORTUNATELY Ramakrishna Matt, Swami Vivekananda websites have fallen into the hands of FAKE SECULARISM & APPEASEMENT of Gandhi Nehru.
There are loads of articles how Gandhi was inspired by
Swami Vivekananda whereas the truth is Swami inspired 1000s of revolutionaries to take Bombs & Guns to fight against British Oppression.


Swami Vivekananda’s youngest brother Bhupendranath Datta was one of the key members of Anushilan Samithi, his book
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After First war Of Indian Independence, the British had relatively calm reign for next 40 years.

But One Word Changed The Course Of History and It Was VANDE MATARAM.

Tributes to the legend #BankimChandraChatterjee, on his jayanti.
A great Scholar, Who gave us the song and slogan "#VandeMataram ". Who with his novel #AnandaMath described the Sanyasi's Fight against British. (British had buried this history & Role of Saffron questioned). The Inspiration for #AnushilanSamithi.
That Every Freedom Fighter
Who Sacrificed Their Lives For This Country Had #Vandemataram On Their Lips Till Their Last Breath. The Misplaced Secularism of Congress & Left Have Denied Him His Place, Nevertheless #BankimChandra Will Always Be Soul Stirrer For Crores of Patriots
Please read the English
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Experts say #IndiaChinaFaceOff will turn out the following way:-
Clause 7 and it's sub clauses are so very possible and really scary.
A nationalist once said -  
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.....
.....An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself......
...For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly....
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शुभ प्रभात मित्रों..
सुबह की शुरुआत करते हैं एक महान व्यक्तित्व के साथ जिन्होंने करोड़ों भारतीयों के जीवन को प्रभावित किया..
बात करते हैं केशव बलिराम हेडगेवार की..
आज उनकी पुण्यतिथि के अवसर पर..
मई 1921 में हेडगेवार को महाराष्ट्र में राजद्रोह और आपत्तिजनक भाषणों के लिए गिरफ्तार किया गया।
मामले की सुनवाई 14 जून,1921 को आरंभ हुई।

कुछ आरंभिक सुनवाईयों के बाद उन्होंने इस मामले में स्वयं ही पैरवी करने का निर्णय लिया
और 5/8/1921 को लिखित बयान पढ़ा जिसे सुनने के बाद जस्टिस स्मेली ने कहा,"इनका यह वक्तव्य इनके भाषणों से अधिक विद्रोही है।"
19/8 के अपने निर्णय में न्यायधीश ने उन्हें लिखित में वचन देने को कहा कि-
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Remembering a towering personality who changed the lives of Billions of Bharatiyas..


It was May 1921, Hedgewar was arrested on charges of “sedition” for his “objectionable” speeches in Maharashtra. The hearing of the case began on June 14, 1921.
After a few hearings, he decided to plead his own case and read out a written statement on 5/8/1921

After hearing it, Justice Smelly said: “His defense is even more seditious than his original speech!” In his August 19 judgment, the judge ordered Hedgewar to give an
undertaking in writing that he would not deliver seditious speeches for 1 yr, and furnish a bail bond of Rs3,000.

Hedgewar’s response was terse: “My conscience tells me that I am completely innocent. A policy of repression would only add fuel to the fire already raging because
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The Pride & Morale of INDIAN🇮🇳 soldiers are unparllel
-Humara dum humare Muscles mein hai, Dragon 🐉 ke Tattoos wale humse kya ladenge.
-Humari Photos Selfie pe nahi milti bas 4-5 Dushmann ko marne ke baad shaheed hone pe Newspaper mein milti hai
#IndianArmy #IndianArmyZindabad
-Jitna Dushmann ka wieght hota hai, utna toh huamri UNIFORM ka hi wieght hota hai.

-Chahe high altitude pe ho ya Low Altitude pe, humara garav se sirf ek jawab hota hai ki " YA TOH HUM DUTY PE JA RAHE HA, YA HUM DUTY SE AA RAHE HAI" 🇮🇳

#IndianArmy #IndiaWillPunishChina
-Kulu Manali ki Baraf mein toh har koi khada ho sakta hai hai par Siachen ki baraf mein khade hone wale kam hi hote hai,

-Jo Horoscope dekh ke ghar se niklte hai, unse humari Kam hi banti hai.

-Humare raaston mein U-TURN nahu hote, Ja Dushmann Taboot mein hota hai ya hum khud.
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Battle Cry of the Punjab Regiment: "Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal" and "Bol Jwala Ma Ki Jai".

The Battle Cry of the Rajput Regiment : "Bol Bajrang Bali Ki Jai" .
The Battle Cry of the Kumaon Regiment: "Kalika Mata Ki Jai", "Bajrang Bali Ki Jai" and "Dada Kishan Ki Jai".
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#TarakanathDas -
A Krantikari International Scholar in Exile.

Taraknath was born on this day in 1884 at Bengal.

When he was 16, he wrote an essay about Patriotism in a competition and the judge
#Barrister_P_Mitter was highly impressed with the quality..
He ensured Taraknath join #AnushilanSamithi for which he was one of the founder.

Similar to celebrating Shivaji Festival at Maharashtra, Taraknath started to celebrate festival of #RajaSitaramRay, a Hindu King who dared the Michaels for years.
In the year 1906, during festival celebrations, #BhaghaJatin #Taraknath
#ShirishchandraSen #Satyendrasen met and came to an understanding which was kept as a second.
What they discussed in 1906 was finally relieved by Taraknth himself in 1952 when he came back to Free Bharat
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Small but sincere tribute for Man of Many Roles

I remember that day, 18-20 years ago, my father, a big fan of Gandhi Nehru and a closet Communist brought few old books (He read everything & I'm like him) & in that bundle there was #TheMenWhoKilledGandhi.
being a huge admirer of God Sent Godse, I was eager to know what was inside.
And thus I got exposed to the writings of Manohar Malgonkar.

On his punya tithi, I try to share some unknown historical incidents and also fictional writings which came out of his pen along with his
life story in brief.
Born on 12 July 1913 for a Royal Family at Karwar, Karnataka, Manohar had his schooling at Belagavi and Dharawad, graduated from Mumbai University.
An Extremely Shy Individual Who Rarely Consented For Photographs, Manohar was once a professional big-game
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On this day in 1879

#GaneshDamodarSavarkar, fondly called Babarao Savarkar was born.

He was the first of 4 children and the others being Veer Savarkar, Narayan Savarkar and Maina Savarkar.

He was the founder of Abhinav Bharath & subsequently 1 of the 5 who founded @RSSorg
you have to know that

#BabaraoSavarkar was punished with #Kaalapani by British as he wrotes books instigating people against British.
Ganesh Damodar also wrote Christ Parichay claiming Jesus was born in Tamil Nadu, maybe to counter missionaries & rapid Christianization.

When Jackson was assassinated by Anant Kalhare in 1909, police found out about Abhinav Bharat.
The Savarkar's successfully kept their org from
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He resigned as Supreme Court Judge as a matter of principle when one of his junior colleagues superseded him for the post of CJI.

On the Jayanti of #KSHegde, a sincere tribute for founder of #NITTE , Ex Speaker of LokSabha, Ex VP of @BJP4India and Ex RS Member from @INCIndia
Kawdoor Sadananda Hegde was born on 11 June 1909 at village Kawdoor of Karkala Taluk, Hegde did his primary at Karkala and moved to Mangalore for Higher education.
He completed his degree and law from Madras.

K S Hegde started his practice in 1933 & helped Farming community
while he worked as Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor during the period 1947-51.
Hegde was elected to the Rajya Sabha as a Congress Party nominee in 1952, served till 1957 He was a member of the Panel of Chairmen and of the Public Accounts Committee & the Rules Committee.
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It took Vajpayee govt to recognise and award Bharataratna for the 1st @INCIndia CM of Assam.

Remembering #GopinathBordoi, the savior of Assam and arguably entire NorthEast from falling into the hands of East Pakistan, on his janmadivas.

Gopinath was born at Assam in 1890 and
after completing his masters from Kolkata returned back to Guwhati & started practicing law in 1917.

In 1921, Congress established @INCAssam (Until then Assamese had to visit Calcutta) Gopinath joined as a member, his active participation in NCM made him spend a year in jail
His years at Calcutta & association with Anushilan Samithi & also Tagore molded him for the greater cause of independence..
He also saw how, the British applied different forms of the age-old policy of divide and rule, at Bengal & much worse in Assam.
The British brought Muslims
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If asked, how a king should be, the British had a role model, they didn't turn towards England but at
#NalwadiKrishnarajaWadiyar, the ruler of Mysore Kingdom.

Belated tributes on 136th Jayanti of Rajarshi Sir Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar Bahadur, the people's king.
Born on 04th June 1884, he was the eldest son of Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar and Maharani Vani Vilas Sannidhana
After the death of his father in Calcutta in 1894, he ascended the Myosre throne when he was 10, and was the 24th king of Mysore.
Maharani Vani ruled the state
as regent until Krishnaraja Wadiyar reached the age of majority on 8 August 1902.
On 6 June 1900, he married Maharani Pratapa Kumari Ammani of Kathiawar, Gujarat.
The couple's painting here was done by Raja Ravi Varma.

The Golden Age of Mysore, that's how people remember his
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On the birth anniversary of "The Creator Of Modern Bangalore"....

Reminding Fake Linguistic & Caste Champions That The Longest Serving Diwan Of Mysore Kingdom Was A Tamil Brahmin Who Came From Kerala.

#DiwanSheshadriIyer shows middle finger for you all.
Born on 01/06/1845 at Palghat, Sheshadri completed his matric at Calicut & Degree from Presidency College, Madras.
From 1881 to 83, he served as an officer in the services of the kingdom of Mysore, first as a district magistrate and later as personal secretary to the first Dewan
of Mysore, Rangacharlu. When Rangacharlu died in 1883, Sheshadri Iyer succeeded him.
He began by commissioning the Shivanasamudra hydroelectric project and focusing on the mining operations at Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). Once the hydroelectric project commenced operations.
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