ONE DOESN'T HAVE to be trained in linguistic text analysis to be able to see any anomalies indicative of deception.

THIS LETTER contains a number of (glaring) anomalies.

AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice (Ret'd), I received specialized training in forensic interviewing.

First of the anomalies is actually a 'Biggie'

HERE @CommrRCMPGRC purports to answer a specific (but carefully-crafted and unasked) question. [Yellow]

LIKE THOSE fabricating a story,the Commissioner's (supposed) answer is simple and brief.[Green]
LIKE ANY DECEPTIVE PERSON, she is minimizing the risk of exposure. Essentially, the fewer the facts that might be proved false, the better.

IN FACT, it doesn't answer the only question of any importance at this juncture, what I'll refer to as the 'actual' question, namely:
🔳 « WHETHER THE DECISION to ❮NOT❯ open a domestic Canadian criminal investigation was ❮ACTUALLY❯ made by @CommrRCMPGRC @rcmpgrcpolice, OR if she (the Force) was acting under (other) direction? »

IN FACT, it flies in the face of provisions of Criminal Code, for example:
INSTEAD, THE QUESTION Commissioner chooses to answer is set up, intended for her to state a safe known fact related to general jurisdiction, and having no bearing beyond a simple statement of fact.

HER ('SOI-DISANT') RESPONSE merely answers what is known and not in dispute.
WHAT IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS can best be described as extraneous and adds little, if any, real value. [Purple]

THIS IS FOLLOWED with a lengthy 'misdirection' (a form of deception) intended to draw the attention of the families to Ukraine and away from the question. [Blue]
The narrative balance of Ukraine portion is significantly longer than the preceding portions and the imbalance of its proportional weight (relative to what precedes) indicates a serious effort is being made to have families focus on this aspect and away from the question.
THE PIVOT, while it precedes the Ukraine portion, is meant to facilitate the misdirection and like a shell game, the attention of the families is being drawn away from the pea (actual question).

WHILE the preceding portion contains extraneous and arguably, befogging detail
it also contains two references to 'other influences', which are not specified.

EVEN LIARS prefer not to lie. Outright lies carry the risk of detection. The bigger the lie, the greater the enormity of the perceived risk of exposure. Even 'clever' people cannot completely
conceal their deception.

THE INCLUSION of "other advisors" and "consider related issues" in juxtaposition (and perfectly alligned syntax) is significant. It is not unlike the arsonist who remains/returns to watch the fire he/she has set.
IN CLOSING - AND IN MY OPINION - with this letter @Commissioner has opted for an elaborate shell game in an attempt to mislead (deceive) the families. She gives the appearance of addressing the question, but sidesteps it entirely. The pea, the actual question (Frame 4)
is not to be found under any of these figurative YELLOW PURPLE BLUE 🟨🟪🟦 SHELLS.

IN MY OPINION, the 'other influences' are the telltale fingerprints of someone « OTHER THAN » the Commissioner on this decision.

IF CORRECT, the Commissioner has been rendered to a
signature and that for presentability only.

THIS RAISES THE QUESTION: WHO are the other unnamed 'advisors' and WHAT are the 'other related issues' that they are included but remain veiled.
LET NONE OF US FORGET that 55 Canadian citizens, members of our Canadian family, were murdered aboard Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

FOR REASONS NOT KNOWN, this government is prepared to walk away from pursuing real justice for the victims and their families.
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15 Jul

AND WITH THEM, @CommrRCMPGRC may well have sealed her legacy in ignominy.

WHEN THE PUBLIC OUTCRY COMES, Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau @CanadianPM has positioned yet another woman to take the fall.

@ps752justice #PS752 #cdnpoli
Previous Thread

"AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and as a Canadian, I am outraged."

I will NOT sit idly and I will NOT remain silent. 55 Canadian citizens (and their families) deserve nothing less than knowing THAT we, too, feel anguish.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Spoken recently by @Daniel_Ghods to the families of the victims of Flight #PS752.
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6 Jul

The decision by @CommrRCMPGRC has been made in what can only be described as a «CLEAR DISREGARD» for the provisions of the Criminal Code

... AND THERE is none more serious than the innocent lives of 55 Canadian citizens, murdered.

THIS DECISION, which for appearances, will be (grimly) portrayed as having originated solely with RCMP Commissioner ...

What is the likelihood that the Commissioner made a decision « AS CONSEQUENTIAL AS » whether 'to launch or not open a Canadian criminal
investigation' herself (and herself alone)?

TO BE CLEAR, and supposedly without the 'input' [italics] and without any direction from PM @JustinTrudeau (and very probably @BillBlair @DavidLametti @MarcGarneau @OmarAlghabra).
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5 Jul
AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and as a Canadian, I am outraged.

WHAT FOLLOWS is my opinion.

@CommrRCMPGRC has recently conveyed her decision NOT to open a Canadian criminal investigation into the murder of 55 Canadian citizens aboard Ukraine

@ps752justice #cdnpoli
International Airlines Flight 752.

WHEAREAS,the attack upon Flight #PS752 has been ruled as "intentional" and "act of terrorism" in a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling.

AS SUCH, it's the second deadliest terrorist attack against Canadian citizens in Canada's history.
THIS ATROCITY is second only to the bombing of Air India Flight 182 (1985).

IN MY OPINION, this decision by RCMP Commissioner is clearly unreasonable as it has been made with a clear disregard for the provisions of Criminal Code of Canada.
#CrimesAgainstHumanity #terrorism
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4 Jul

An RCMP Commissioner who decides not to investigate the mass murder of 55 Canadian citizens HAS NEGLECTED HER DUTY.

Former @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd)

Previous Thread

THE DECISION by the @CommrRCMPGRC @rcmpgrcpolice departs from and flies in the face of the provisions of Criminal Code of Canada.

It is indefensible.

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3 Jul
SHORTCOMINGS of the CDN Forensic Team's 'Factual Analysis' are numerous.

SIMPLY SAID, it's a (seriously) flawed report. Let's turn a spotlight onto «WHAT IS OMITTED»

☒ Ontario Superior Court Decision
☒ Canadian Criminal Investigation

Ontario Superior Court Decision

Justice Belobaba in his civil decision (unequivocally) finds that the attack was "intentional" and an "act of terrorism".

OMISSION: The forensic report makes NO MENTION of this critical judicial decision.

Canadian Criminal Investigation

There is NO Canadian criminal investigation. @CommrRCMPGRC has decided not to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for second deadliest terrorist attack against Canadian citizens in Canada's history.…
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30 Jun
DON'T TRUST EVERYTHING YOU SEE it is said 'even salt can look like sugar.'

📚GUIDE to Liberal Phraseology:
(What Their Choice Of Words Really Means)

Justice ☞ Reparations
Accountability ☞ Reparations
Transparency ☞ Reparations

MAKE NOT MISTAKE - For this government, it is about displays of chest-thumping, whitewashing, soft-peddling and appeasement ... AND ULTIMATELY, making amends with the Iranian regime.

IT'S NEVER BEEN ABOUT real justice and actual accountability.

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