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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”(Douglas Adams) γνῶθι σαυτόν | "Know thyself" RCMP (Ret'd)
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Oct 24, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
AS A FMR #RCMP (Ret'd), I will speak forthrightly, if not bluntly. It is needed here.

☞ At the close of this post, I share something of my RCMP background.

WHERE WE NOW KNOW the Force has concluded its SNC-Lavalin criminal investigation - "CH" [Concluded Here], in RCMP parlance ... and appears (very) content with that decision; in my view, as a former accredited Major Case Manager, it should not be concluded, but remain "SUI" [Still Under Investigation], until such time as ALL information has been reviewed. Period. Regardless of the amount of time which may be needed to gather such evidence.

I found the "I'm very comfortable with the end result" statement by the current RCMP Commissioner (see below) to be less reassuring, and more disconcerting. Quite to the contrary, it has the unsettling ring of smugness.

There should be no place for anything remotely approaching self-satisfaction here given the, risking serious understatement, weighty questions that remain unanswered.

This Commissioner has shown himself to be all too ready to throw in the towel 'based on the information that we had' argument, and abandon this matter without any further struggle. Frankly, it's a cop out.

We know the phrase long associated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Policy, namely: "The Mountie always gets their man."

LIKE ALL "Mounties", I will always have an RCMP Regimental Number associated with my name. We used to have a reputation for catching criminals we were after. I would assert that one can substitute 'gathering all information' for 'catching criminals' regardless of the challenges that may be encountered.

When everything is said and done, Cabinet Confidentiality is not an unsurpassable mountain range or unfordable raging river.

Carl Sagan, American astronomer and one of the leading science communicators of the 20th century, said:

Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence.

WITH RESPECT TO the matter of SNCLavalin, I would argue that this (strongly) applies.

⁌ "I wouldn't say justice didn't play out, " RCMP Commissioner Mike DUHEME @CommrRCMPGRC told CBC News Monday.

"But I would say that when you don't have access to all the information, it's sometimes challenging."

⁌ "I'm very comfortable with the end result that we were at, based on the information that we had." RCMP Commissioner Michael DUHEME @CommrRCMPGRC

⁍ RCMP Staff Sgt. Frédéric Pincince, lead investigator on the #SNCLavalin case:

"We always prefer to have as much information as possible for us to make fulsome assessment of the situation," PINCINE said on Monday (October 23, 2023) following adjournment of #ETHI.

"So of course, without some additional information, sometimes we have to come to some conclusion based on the information that's available to us. And this is exactly what happened in this situation." [bold emphasis added]

◎ CBC journalist, Cat TUNNEY, observes "... the force [sic, Force] sought to expand that waiver as part of its investigation but was denied." @cattunneycbc via @CBC @CBCNews.

Previous Post:

* BY WAY OF BACKGROUND, I acted as the Lead Canadian Investigator and Case Manager of a case that has since come to be known as the “Iraqi Helicopter Case” (1997-1999).

Acting as the Lead Canadian Investigator with overall responsibility for the direction of a coordinated undercover operation and major international conspiracy case in conjunction with the former United States Customs Service (USCS)[now U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)], relating to the unlawful attempt to clandestinely broker a sale of surplus Canadian military helicopters to the regime of Saddam Hussein. It represented the first occurrence in Canada of an investigation and prosecution in relation to the United Nations Iraq Regulations (UNIR) / United Nations Act (UNA). The successful outcome of this case purportedly played a part in Canada obtaining a seat on the UN Security Council (1999-2000).


Jan 13, 2023 7 tweets 5 min read
AS FMR RCMP (Ret'd),reading the words attributed to @CommrRCMPGRC:

«the case is too difficult and complex to investigate on Canadian soil» (see 6) causes me to recoil in disgust.

55 CDN citizens were murdered.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki is categorically ⟨WRONG⟩
#PS752 2
AND, her position is ultimately ⟨INDEFENSIBLE⟩.

She is ⟨ACCOUNTABLE⟩, not only for the decision which bears her signature, but also for her failure to uphold her Oath of Office.

FOR THESE REASONS, a formal Public Complaint was submitted to Civilian Review and Complaints
Jan 12, 2023 5 tweets 4 min read
“The entire reason why my client wants a criminal investigation into this is to address that issue of intentionality,” @shahin_mogadam's lawyer @Honickman
“Everyone knows what happened, we want to know why it happened.” @BryanPassifiume via @nationalpost… 2/3
FOR THOSE READERS, who are interested in taking a deeper, 'behind-the-scenes' dive into what's happening in relation to the downing of Flight #PS752.

Jan 11, 2023 5 tweets 4 min read
"In a decision issued Tuesday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Grant Dow sided with the federal government and dismissed the families' motion."@AshleyBurkeCBC via @CBCNews

In actuality, stage is now set for an appeal. (Frame 2)

Link (CBC):…
#PS752 2/4
ZAREI v Iran, 2023 ONSC 221

⟪Press Release⟫

by Mark ARNOLD and Jonah ARNOLD, Plaintiffs' Counsel concerning the decision of Ontario Superior Court Justice Grant DOW (dated January 10, 2023)
Jan 11, 2023 5 tweets 4 min read
DIFFICULT TO COMPREHEND what @queensu is thinking allowing this display on its campus of the capabilities of 3D printing.

IT SHOULDN'T BE NECESSARY to ask this given issues facing our culture with on-campus violence and gang-related violence on Canadian streets.

#cdnpoli #ygk Image 2/5
THIS DISPLAY effectively (and recklessly) 'advertises' the potential dark side of this technology.

[Location: Mitchell Hall, Dunn-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre (SPARQ Studios), and situated adjacent Student Wellness Services] ImageImage
Jan 11, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
🧵Compilation Thread
With this ruling, questions remain.

@AshleyBurkeCBC via @CBC reports: "Ontario Superior Court Justice Grant Dow sided with the federal government and dismissed the families' motion while the judge agreed ...

#PS752 #cdnpoli… 2/7
with Global Affairs Canada's position, he also pointed out a disconnect in the government's position."

The story continues, "'While this decision may be inconsistent with the purpose of the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act ... it would appear to lie with the [federal
Oct 6, 2022 25 tweets 13 min read

ADMITTEDLY, WHAT FOLLOWS is complicated. The downing of Flight #PS752 has many facets.

THAT SAID, Coalition for Criminal Accountability for Flight PS752 in conjunction with Mr. Joubin, lawyer for the complainants, have jointly decided in the interests +

#cdnpoli 2/16
of transparency and public awareness, to release ALL correspondence with National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA-OSSNR) @nsiracanada.

Correspondence contained within this Thread will appear in its entirety, ⟨UNVETTED⟩ - *except, contact information.
Oct 5, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read

LATER TODAY, readers will have an opportunity to read for themselves recent correspondence sent to National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA-OSSNR) @nsiracanada.

IMPORTANT - The communication will be intact and not vetted.

#PS752 #cdnpoli @tleehumphrey @TomTSEC @geoff_buxcey
Oct 5, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
#GerretsenShorts 🎥🍿S2E29

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ... @MarkGerretsen debuts as pious 'Sheriff Holy Willie' who condemns his colleagues who commit the same parliamentary sins. #RulesForTheeButNotForMe

Cc (Courtesy):@dckurek
#cdnpoli #humour #ygk 2
PREVIOUSLY ON #GerretsenShorts 🎥🍿 S2E28

Sep 30, 2022 13 tweets 7 min read
MP @MarkGerretsen CONTINUES TO MAINTAIN HIS SILENCE with respect to his usage of PWGSC maintained - purportedly 'publicly subsidized' - EV charging stations within Parliamentary Precinct.

He has not offered clarification of its relationship with his Member financial information. 2

⁍Gerretsen is entitled to claim 'Travel Status' for travel To/From constituency and Ottawa
⁍Total ❮$3,864.77❯(excl. $814.94 employee-related)
✅ Gerretsen has acknowledged utilizing +
Sep 26, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
#GerretsenShorts S2E25 🎁 Box Set (contains 3 Episodes)

NOT KNOWN FOR BEING soft-spoken, #LPC MP @MarkGerretsen tends to throw tantrums & have meltdowns quite a lot. One should wear a helmet in his presence.

Cc (Courtesy): @MikeBarrettON
#humour #cdnpoli #ygk 2
PREVIOUSLY ON #GerretsenShorts 🎥🍿S2E24

Sep 24, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
#GerrertsenShorts 🎥🍿 S2E24

New Session of Parliament #HoC and ALREADY @MarkGerretsen 'forgets' [italics] about his own Point of Order from the last day of the previous session.🤦‍♂️


Cc (Courtesy): @JohnBrassardCPC
#humour #cdnpoli #ygk With my compliments @MarkHar40004449 (Smiling)
Sep 22, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
* First Quarter/Second Quarter Reports 2022 haven't been posted.

THAT SAID, Detailed Travel Expenditures Reports are clear. @MarkGerretsen ⟨IF⟩ he is benefiting from publicly subsidized fuel (electricity) is also claiming FULL NON-ADJUSTED Kilometre Rate. +

#cdnpoli #ygk 2

HOW WILL MP @MarkGerretsen, in light of these enquiries (AND in keeping with his own personal knowledge of this matter) approach his future claims for reimbursement of travel expenses?

WILL HE SEEK GUIDANCE on the proper adjustments to be made +
Sep 2, 2022 12 tweets 5 min read
The QUESTION is (painfully) straightforward.

☞ Q: Is there a cost associated with publicly supplied charging infrastructure within the Parliamentary Precinct?

The ANSWER is simple: EITHER 'Yes' OR 'No". 2
AND YET, Two Hundred and Forty-seven (247) words later, OF WHICH only Eighteen (18) approach the question, BUT end up sidestepping it.

MP @MarkGerretsen doesn't respond. BUT, he knows the answer.

Why absolute silence, refusal/reticence to communicate? Why 'crickets'?
Sep 1, 2022 10 tweets 5 min read

READER SENDS email to MP @MarkGerretsen (LEFT), and reply from "Office of MP Gerretsen" (RIGHT).

Gerretsen (adroitly) sidesteps the question asked (Frame 2) and of course, before closing, includes the obligatory and boilerplate disclaimer.

#cdnpoli ImageImage 2
WHAT WAS ASKED & WHAT THE 'MAS' (Members Allowances and Services Manual) STATES

◉ It couldn't be more clear: "Members may not seek the reimbursement of expenses ... provided to them at no additional cost".

◉ "Other items" (substitute, 'publicly subsidized fuel') ImageImage
Aug 30, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
You miss the point.

You have also (adroitly) stepped around MAS, Chapter 6-3 (Red Highlight).

✅MAS does not distinguish between Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) and gasoline-powered vehicles.

✅Any MP who travels to/from constituency and +

Image 2
Ottawa using his/her privately owned EV is eligible to claim reimbursement at the approved kilometre rate (MAS, Chapter 6-2, 6-12)

◉ THAT SAID, Financial Management Operations (FMO) cannot be expected to know what has not been disclosed by the Member. Simply 'signing off' + ImageImage
Aug 30, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
"When a respected academic and grandson of Holocaust survivors publicly asked a question about this grant, he was smeared as a racist by a Liberal MP. @Chris_Bittle later apologized but only after a public outcry." @brianlilley


#cdnpoli… 2
.@brianlilley continues: "He, as other Liberal MPs, take their cues from the guy at the top and it isn’t good."

The expression, 'a fish rots from the head down' comes to mind.

SO, FOR AS LONG AS MPs can smear or disregard others ⟨WITH IMPUNITY⟩ +
Aug 2, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
🚨IS IT UNREALISTIC to expect one's MP to answer a straightforward & reasonable question?

APPARENTLY for @MarkGerretsen it may be too much of an imposition.

He has NEITHER acknowledged NOR replied to essentially two (2) questions asked on 20 July 2022.(Frame 4)
#cdnpoli #ygk 2
Mr. Gerretsen has ⟨IGNORED⟩ ten (10) polite reminders/nudges to reply. Plainly, he has decided not to respond.

SO the questions remain unanswered - at least not by himself.

AND YET as recently as yesterday, he finds time to post nonsense like 'Honey Badger' tweet. (Below)
Jul 12, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read

▪︎ LETTER to Families of UIA Flight #PS752
(7 July 2021)
▪︎ STATEMENT, NS Mass Casualty Commission
(21 June 2022)

⁍MOST RECENTLY, testimony during @NSMassCasualty Commission has raised spectre of political interference.

#cdnpoli Image 2
⁍SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS of political interference have been asserted in formal Public Complaint against Commissioner LUCKI @CommrRCMPGRC for her decision NOT to open Canadian criminal investigation into downing of Flight PS752 (20210827).

Code of Conduct investigation underway. Image
Jul 8, 2022 8 tweets 11 min read
IF THE PENALTY FOR LYING to Parliament is resignation ...

@JustinTrudeau brazenly misleading a grieving family member of Flight PS752?

🧵 5-Part Thread

LINK @nytimes:…
#BorisJohnson #BorisJohnsonResign #cdnpoli #PS752 2
WHEN CONFRONTED during #Elxn44 (2021) campaign by a grieving family member of Flight PS752, Mehrzad ZAREI - who asks why no Canadian criminal investigation, @JustinTrudeau answers: "Because the crime happened in Iran."

SIMPLY SAID, the response by TRUDEAU is ⟨NOT⟩ truthful.
Jun 28, 2022 12 tweets 4 min read
Is Commissioner Brenda Lucki being truthful?
(avoiding use of the L-word)


IN A SHORT ANALYSIS of the language, grammar and syntax, we'll evaluate @CommrRCMPGRC's 'own' words. We'll look closer at her written statement for signs of deception. +

#cdnpoli Image It's reasonable to presume that this was prepared by (unidentified) others for Commissioner and likely is not exclusively her 'own' words. Irrespective, she has adopted it.

@CommrRCMPGRC fails to directly deny the allegation of political interference. The omission is glaring. + Image