I'm about to launch a campaign to get 25 other companies to join @stripe Climate and give 1% of their revenue (or more!) to carbon removal.

Two people have already committed to join:
Francois, @like2have
@danhulton, @nodewood

Anyone else want to be a part of the announcement?
Update: @BrendanOfEarth just enabled it for brightbits.app

█░░░░░░░ 12% towards our goal!
The post is live!

🙏 please share.

Trying to get 25 startups to start contributing to @stripe climate. 🌱

██░░░░░░░░ 20% towards our goal!

Thanks to

@theavigoldman, @useparcel
@uwwgo, namy.ai

for getting us to 20%! 🙌
Update: @tillkruss just joined with @ObjectCachePro! 🙌

███░░░░░░░░░░ 24% towards are goal!
Update: @marvindanig just joined with @bubblinapp and @redgooseapp

███░░░░░░░░ 28% towards our goal!

Thanks to @HighFiveRPG and @SoundsProfNews!

We're now at ████░░░░░░░░░ 32% of our goal!

██████░░░░░░░ 48% towards our goal!

Thanks to these companies who just signed up for @stripe Climate:

- @apideck
- @BurnRate_io
- @abinaya_rl at remoteleaf.com
- @irisdotfm

(I'm going to sleep now, I'll update this again tomorrow)
Actually, one more.

@CarterBryden from @approximatedapp just DM'd me:

"Love this initiative, hadn't even realized @stripe Climate was available out of the US now." 💯

██████░░░░░░ 52% towards our goal!
Wowser. Just got to my desk and tons of people made commitments overnight.

@jmckinven, @yhdesai, @podcastharry, @benediktdeicke, @uibreakfast, @bertwitt, @iamcoreyg (did I miss anybody?)

█████████░░░ 76% to our goal!

Ok. @jonnyplatt and seoscout.com is in!

So now we're at:

████████░░ 80% towards our goal! 🙏
Alright! @SeosHQ just turned @stripe Climate on in their account.

That brings us to...

██████████░░ 84% towards our goal. 🙌
Whoa! We only need two new companies to enable Stripe Climate for us to reach our goal. 🙏

███████████░ 92%

Goal achieved! 🎉

██████████ 100%

25 new companies have enabled @stripe Climate, and are contributing at least 1% of their revenue towards fighting climate change and removing carbon from the atmosphere. 🌱🙏🌎


• • •

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19 Jul
It's been 15 months since @pmarca & @a16z published "it's time to build."

Question: WTF have they done in support of this thesis?

Marc said we should be "solving the climate crisis by building."

From what I can see, @a16z has only made a few meager investments in climate tech.
Andreessen Horowitz seems to think they can help "build" by launching content sites like future.a16z.com.

How about investing real 💵 to *build* real solutions?

(Also, @a16z has tweeted about "climate change" exactly once).
💯 @sethbannon:

“It’s super frustrating to see people that control hundreds of millions of dollars tweeting about the next e-gaming unicorn that they’re chasing, when you have millions of people who are being forced to migrate all because of a crisis that technology can solve."
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18 Jul
🤔 What motivates people to buy your product?

Years ago, @alanklement and I explored this topic on a livestream.

Here are some of the key insights that emerged. 👉
@alanklement Case study: why did I buy @decksetapp?

- I wanted my slides to look as good as @SamuelHulick's
- Spent hours trying to design my own
- Failed; tried to buy PowerPoint theme and customize it
- Got frustrated; wasn't working on my talk!
- Saw DeckSet slides. They look good!
Useful tools take away pain and help people make progress.

Here's how @decksetapp helps customers:

"Take away the frustration of creating attractive slides so that I can focus on delivering an awesome presentation."

Here's how that promise translates on their marketing page:
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16 Jun
If I was at a bigger company, trying to hire incredible "full stack" employees, here's what I'd do:

1. Go to communities like @IndieHackers, @megamaker.

2. Find indie creators earning $5k-12k/month from their projects.

3. Offer them a salary that's 2-3x their current revenue.
Mosts indie creators have an annual revenue goal in mind ($120k, $200k, $300k).

Many of these indie makers would be unbelievable employees, but aren't currently looking at job postings.

Make them an offer that helps them achieve their financial + freedom goals to entice them!
Hiring managers are missing out on incredible people who, by "working in public, have proved what they're capable of.

You don't even need to schedule a call to "get to know them!"

Just DM them & make them an offer: "Hey, if we paid you $200k/year, would you come work for us?"
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9 Jun
The pre-requirement for a successful SaaS is customer demand.

If there’s no existing desire from customers, it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is (or how passionate you are).

Customer demand forms the baseline for your company’s trajectory.
People who built their company purely on passion (and succeeded) got lucky.

Their passion happened to coincide with a market where there was demand.

Beware of false-positives: most passion products fail!

There needs to be underlying customer demand for what you’re building.
Good marketing harnesses existing demand; it directs a customer’s existing momentum towards your product.

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7 May
In my 20s-30s all my followers were my age, but now I’m 40 and most of y’all are still 20-30s?
Folks in their 40s-50s have been making stuff on the internet since the early 90s, but soon we’ll all be working for 22 year-old billionaires who got rich minting NFTs and buying dogecoin. 😅
Like, 80% of you don’t know about Commander Keen.
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4 May
This is a thoughtful take on the whole Basecamp situation:

baldurbjarnason.com/2021/you-are-w… Image
"Basecamp’s new policies, and how they were communicated, are sufficient evidence of poor decision-making on their own.

The policies are openly hostile to the workforce."

"Basecamp went from ostensibly being an open and trusting workplace to lockdown in the space of a few days.

Changes as drastic as these mean there has been a rupture between staff and management."

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