Man kneels down to propose.

Social media opinion ladies: “awww God when oo? am I not your child ? am i a broom?”

Woman kneels down to serve her husband palm wine on their wedding day.

Social media opinion ladies: “Is she worshiping him?” “Nonsense slave culture Tueh!”
Man works for the whole family.

Social media opinion ladies: “Awww I love me a hardworking & a providing man”, “I stan a real man”

Woman cooks daily at home.

Social media ladies: “Who’s she married to??” may we not marry our own enemy oo”
Man staying on the mainland asks a lady in Ajah out.

Social media opinion ladies: “Wo your love will melt inside traffic “Too much distance”

Man living in Canada asks a lady staying in Ajah out.

Social media ladies: “So far he’s an intentional man, distance isn’t a barrier”
Man wakes up very early in the morning before his wife. He prepares & serve her, her breakfast in the bed.

Social media opinion ladies: “OMG! I love me some romantic man”, “This is soo cuuteee”

A Man spends all day at work, got stuck in traffic all night, & on getting home,..
..he wakes up his sleeping wife up for his food.

Social media opinion ladies: “I’m livid, I can’t believe he woke her from her beauty sleep ?” “Such an unkind man. What’s food that he can’t get for himself”. “I don’t know who cursed Nigeria men with food”
Man keeps issues to himself.

Social media opinion ladies: “Nigeria men should open up more, we can’t help if you don’t talk”

Man opens up about his struggles.

Social media opinion ladies: “He’s going to beg for money” “you better don’t help a Nigeria man with your money”
A man: Even though I know how to cook, I can’t marry a woman that can’t cook.

Social media opinion ladies: “Eh God! but cooking is a surviving skill na” “better cook for yourself or employ a maid for your wife” “arghh! but why are Nigerian men always hungry?”
Lady: At this point in my life I can’t date or marry a poor man.

Social media ladies: “Yass Queen! and that’s on period”, “we don’t date down on this side”

Man: At this point in my life, I can’t date a poor lady.
Social media opinion ladies: “just say you’re a gold digger”
A fat man of Dj Khalid’s size shows off without a top.

Social media opinion ladies: “Naaa. Those boobs are bigger than mine” stomach looks like drum” “Put on a shirt man” Yuck!

A very fat lady show off with a bikini.

Social media ladies: “yess queen”..
..“queen, I love your confidence” body positivity on y’all” how dare you tell a grown woman what to wear”.
An ex bought a girl an iPhone on her birthday.

Social media ladies: “It’s your pension girl”, “If I hear you say you no collect am” “you don’t have to be an enemy with your ex”

An ex cooks for a man.

Social media opinion ladies: “There’s nothing you can say,..
..Nigeria men died of hunger in their first life”, “How would you allow him disrespect you like that?”, “Why is he still talking with his ex for fvck sake?”
Man opens the car door for his wife.

Social media opinion ladies: “My God! What a gentleman”

Wife packs her husband’s plates off the table after dinner.

“Social media opinion ladies: “What happened to his own hands?” “This is a case of master and slave”.

• • •

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20 Jul
“Please, make sure you marry your friend or best friend” is not a mere motivational sweet line from relationship experts and marriage counselors - it’s actually a timeless gem.
Know this today: what friendship is to a relationship or marriage is what passion is to a career.
On a weary day or during the exhaustion phase that’s inevitable in love relationship & people’s chosen career, that the power of a relationship / career runs out, friendship / passion is the alternative power reserve one unconsciously switches to that continues to power the link.
Know that without these two, when relationship & career are tired, they fall flat into a vacuum. A relationship or marriage without friendship is like a staircase without a supportive handrail; like a pretty dress with no underwear underneath & a body of love without a skeleton.
Read 4 tweets
19 Jul
Dear expectant single lady, let start this pep talk with some of the reasons why it’s not a crime to HELP a man find you:

1.Some men are shy & unusually reserved, they need more receptivity from you to make that move.
2.Based on how flourishing & happy you live & appear..
..offline & online, some men ’ve silently concluded that you’re in a relationship.
3.The men that still genuinely believe & desire marriage are getting low by the day. You aren’t as visible to your prospective value-mate as much as think you are. In fairness to yourself, when.. spot a worthy man, move closer.

4.Many men have an exaggerated sense of economic status they believe they should establish before landing a wife but on the contrary, they didn’t know some women are willing to understand their process & help with the economic reality.
Read 20 tweets
5 Mar 20
Let’s talk about something i termed the ‘anti-derailing mechanism’. It’s more like the intimate back watching in relationship / marriage. This is not monitoring, it’s a form of check and balance when you trust, believe & respect each other’s capacity and sense of judgement...
...It’s mutual receptiveness of vetting each other’s boundary especially for men.

Dear Great Guy, what you can’t see even when you use the biggest available binocular, your woman can see while snoring. I know you ain’t no kid & you don’t plan on cheating on your woman but...
...this strange friend of yours got motives. Her major scheme is probably to steal your woman’s place.
What you can’t see, your woman sees already. Everything is not jealousy, learn to be receptive to her ideas, the intuitive intelligence of a woman is unbelievably accurate...
Read 12 tweets
14 Jan 20
PEACE OF MIND: One of the most carelessly used and at the same time one of the most misunderstood phrase in our dating and marital space in Nigeria.
Let’s talk about the SELFISH-TYPE-OF-PEACE-MIND, the rampant one in our society.

Shall we ? Let’s go
FOR SOME OF MY COUNTRY MEN: Peace of mind is their life of non-accountability. Where they can eat their cake & still have it.
Where they can have a girlfriend or a wife that don’t question them for clarity & explanation. Where she doesn’t demand for improvement or hold them...
...accountable to their responsibility especially to their vows and duties.

This crooked habit of demanding for Peace of mind regardless of who they are to their spouse is for the type of men that detest communication, transparency and most especially the ones that lack...
Read 15 tweets

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