#Afghanistan: IS K released a new video, 4th in the ISIS release series ("Makers of Epic Battles"). Here's a hopefully decent breakdown.

Much of the video focuses on two main themes. First, the urban/semi-urban attacks against the ANA, ANP and others in Jalalabad and Kabul. To this end we see a lot of close in attacks with small arms, IEDs, 107mm etc. They're pretty operationally effective, but nothing new.

Needless to say, IS K is rather operationally capable in said areas, as well as more broadly across Afghanistan (Kunar, etc). Quite interesting to see attacks carried out from Tuktuks, which I have read of being used by urban cells. Standard small arms (AKs, handguns etc)

Video then moves onto the massive ISIS jailbreak ("breaking the walls") attack against the Jalalabad Prison in August 2020. This freed "100s" of ISIS fighters. Full weapon IDs are from my tweets at the time, but the section is explicit on IS' promises.

This section is interesting; it refers back to the "Breaking of the Walls" campaigns back in Iraq, and shows footage of said breakouts. Some of it I don't recognise- not sure if any is new.

Several foreigners speak, such as a Tajik in this section (Pic 3). They're heavily armed, as I originally wrote about. Couple of PKs w/ a Makarov shown here from a new angle & location. Pre attack prep and recon is also shown. This attack was indicative of serious capability.

To put the proverbial (and rhetorical) cherry on the cake, the video then shows multiple ISIS fighters who were released during the attack, and who are now back with the group. (Oh, and another part shows 107mm fire against Bagram- had to fit that in...)

Conclusions: Tho video wasn't anything like as complex or revealing as it could have been (and indeed avoided showing much, it's a very clear signalling of intent. Regional countries are threatened, capabilities are made clear & IS wants you to know that they aren't gone.


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19 Jul
#Idlib: Ansar al Tawhid released a new video about their use of artillery, repurposed tank guns, mortars, IRAMs and more against the SAA.

The video is pretty large and combines a lot of different systems, so I will go over them part by part.

The group is heavily leaning into it's role as artillery specialists. First sup, we get a really good view at their use of truck-mounted 115m U-5TS main guns, which have been extracted from T-62 tanks. They only have a few of these trucks, and only 2 different ones are seen.

They show multiple strikes on target, usually with HE-FRAG projectiles. The "Ansar-1" usually seem to be used in direct fire mode- although they do appear to be used like a conventional howitzer occasionally.

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26 Jun
#Nigeria IS West Africa released new video, covering JAS (Jamā'at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da'wah wa'l-Jihād) fighters pledging allegience (bay'ah) to IS & the Caliph, joining ISWA, making statements to local+wider communities, & lastly fighting with ISWA against NA near Firgi, Bama.
Whilst most of my followers aren't here for the intra-jihadi drama, this video is actually very significant because it shows JAS fighters, previously loyal to the infamous Abubakar Shekau (Split frm ISWA in 2016) who despite his crazy appearance was quite effective.

(Old pic)
Full details of Shekau's demise & "death" are fairly unclear; 1 thing is clear; quantities of his fighters have joined ISWA & have started operations under WA banner (SE. Borno); given they never regarded themselves as leaving IS this gets interesting.
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24 Jun
#Nigeria: Another photoset from an ISWA attack against police and NGO in Gujba, S. of Damaturu, #Yobe.

I will note some aspects of value below 👇

(In this image we see AKM & RPG-7 with Bulgarian OG-7V/OGi-7MA captured from the Nigerian army; standard weapons)

ISIS fighters burned construction equipment and facilities, a continuation of their campaign. They also killed at least 2 police officers, I won't show their bodies of course.

They captured 4 AKs and their magazines; to be precise 3x Type 56-2 and 1x AKM pattern rifle with FAB Defense parts.

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23 Jun
#Nigeria: ISWA images from a rather large attack in Chobol, just NW of Maiduguri, against the NA.

Attackers can be seen with standard weapons (RPG-7 w/ OG-7V, AKM/S, Type 56 variants, Type 88 HMG, etc. Many are young.

However, it's the capture that's more notable...

1/ ImageImageImageImage
This includes the capture and burning of at least 1 DICON Ezugwu MRAP (After the HMG in the turret was stripped), looking rather new.

2/ ImageImageImage
We also see at least three (perhaps four) NA vehicles, which were also stripped of their mounted HMG. As you can see, once again one of the vehicles is so new it has it's emissions sheet still attached to the window.

3/ ImageImageImage
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19 Jun
#Idlib: HTS released a new video called "Strong Will" (إرادةٌ صلبَة) covering various military aspects from heavy armour to planning to small arms.

Generally as we expect from Syria but I'll note some interesting things below. Apologies for the delay, had to get 1080p.

The weapons we see are standard for HTS- AK-74, PK/M, AKM, with one glimpse at a Fortuna One 3L/6L TWS. Normal small arms drills. Helmets, plate carriers, etc are common.

We've seen the Chinese NP-20 a lot, but not generally with a modified (threaded/extended) barrel to accept a suppressor, which are made locally. Suppressors aren't seen.

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22 Apr
#Idlib: Ansar Al Islam released a video mostly from Idlib & Latakia. It seems that they have taken a similar route to Ansar al Tawheed, specialising in the use of certain weapons- in this case HMG/cannon, RCL, Thicc Grads, AGS-17, and mortars.Interesting developments spotted.
Video starts with the use of SPG-9 RCL at range against various targets. A fighter (Armed with an AK-74) explains the use of this weapon, and a loading and firing sequence is shown. A PG-9 (Probably Bulgarian) can be seen being loaded.
We then see the SPG-9 (Plus SPG-9DM with wheels removed) used. Seems to be fairly accurate, although of course the video is very selective. Some more shots of the use of SPG-9- seems that they are fairly experienced in this. PG-9 has a ~1.3km effective range.
Read 13 tweets

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